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tv   President Trump Meets with Business Leaders  CSPAN  January 23, 2017 1:47pm-1:58pm EST

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country's rgt corpations to the whi hse this morning. prisg cutax and recet least 75% o veme rulionsha hierheir binses. e presenal threaned tompose border taon coans that move productn ouofhe cony. re the president followed by tesnse from bins leaders. > goomoin everybody. presentrp:itown, ase. ming back i wanted to sit nexto m.
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thanyovery much, evebo. th ieally our first initia meeting. and andrew, niceo veou set everything up soell. m re your compa idog well. i really d appreciatwel get kw ch other vy well. 'lha the meetisve -- wner u ed tm. i would sayve qrt, peap yocould say mth, t en allf a suddemohl becomes retiveas we kno un gd en tha dt. angets ltle repetitive. i wou s pbayn quarterlyasis. u e eat people. u have done an amazing j. and t bge ithwod. and this aorwide meing. -- what we want too is bng manufactinback tou countr vice president pcego morning,s ryucinlv wi mon that. onof my most impta suecs at theeople wanted. it o othreason'm sitting here ite o somebody else sti he.
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thk 'something i'm gd . we have already had a big imct i want t tnkarbeuse u ve bn ea ln.thateryl 'lfi o soon. that lockhd mart. an i thinke' he emendo amount ofusines miack. ifou reatheewapers, yolleehasapni thouorivdierent coanies that announc ty el much differely xc wl nd tremendou amntf money on blding a massivela. d problyor than e. that'shawe want. wt ople -- weanto start making oupruc ai weon't want tbrg themn, we wt me em here. thatoe'tean we don't ad becsee do trade. t we want to make r pructs here. ifou loot me of e origin gre pplth ran th cnt, u will see that ey felt very songly about
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that. kingrocts. we'll start makg r prodts agn. erwi b aangeto coans tt make ei pruc he. we have seeit. itoi to get -it's gng toe wa. u wch it wilbe wave. ha alwaysa by the me youut them inheassive ships aplanes and fly th, ihink it's going toe cheaper. wh we're doi iwee gng o be cutti taxesassively for thheidela a r companie d atasvely. we'rrying to get itown to anhero15%o %. it now 35%. buitrobably mo 3han its %. wouldn y s? at's a bighi. bger thg, and that rprisemeis t fact we'r goingo cutting regulio massively. wh wha rulioitill be jt sonanju as
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go a jts proteivof thpele a t ruliowe ha rht n. the obm we haveit regulation right now you c't donythin ou peoplte mweave me op wki o rulions anoi pdu. 's out of ntl. 'sotn out ctr. ayer-- a aery bi peonhe it metohe enroen i have receivewas on the vironmt. but some of thattu mest poib to get anythi but. tesea and years cayoooatom emps, i adne reny era n has en trying to bui a factory fomany, my ar d s te was gng to be irly soon d gave up becae wn' gngo n th vot spent miio a millis of lls. actuly ruid s le. anwean't have at whomodwas put ua factort lle peted. yohave to go throughhe
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proces b it'gog b peted. and wee into tak carof thenvironmen we'reoi to kearofafety, and all the otr in whave t take ce . u are gngo t chreat servic there wilbeo untry at goi to be faster, bette more fair, and at the samtirotectg e op of the cory. whether it'safetyr -- uny. whetr it's fe o so many heeasons wehinke can tegulations by 7. ybmo. t by 75 ha in a certaiwa better precon b when you wa eand your pntorhe rkants to co and build a g massive plant, or whede wants ce ndo meinonro a specl,ou're goi thave ur approlseay fast. d ene thing that rpsemehat i wanto arhayoha to saybu the e ing that rprise , gng arod d etg with aotf e op,
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eting with l of the al buness owners,f gave them a choice of this sse tax deea wreiving r siness, forverybo, t for busines or the cutting down o regulio ii took a vo, think theegatn ns00 in one ce it's ha dollars and th other case it's gution. you ulthk at the gutis uld he n chce i have ner seen ytng like t virtual everybodys ppier with regulation than even cutnghe taxes. the relation are goingo cut massively. d e xearoi tbe cu way dn. yoar going to have now incentive, ienve to bld. the onthg dhave twa you ou wnouava coan her y have plant re, it's gointo be in india,r it's in ohi o it'sn michiga or it'n north carolina,r
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pesyania,nywherin this country, whent cis -- wh you decide, ifou dece, tolose it, and you no long ll have aeareasonecse your taxesre going tbe lower bthwa if you go tonoertate,has eat. ifouan go frohio to inanor fm indiao oh,hasin so you hav0 gat wondeul gorns to negotiate wh. 'sotik we'reaking ay compitn. t if you go to anoer country d you deci tha you're going to clo a g d of,000 pplor 5,000 peop, teounited chloes wasn example and i got iold two years ter th announced a fairns, united techloesaserfic. they broughtack ma of those jobs. t if tt happens, 'r intoe opposg aery marorder -- iosg vy joboer tax on e product
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when it cos in. which is fair. a companth wants to fire all its peoplen the unit at andui someacri someaclsand thks that th pduct wl st flow acsshe border into the unedtas, thas t goin to happe th are going tha a tax boer t. bsntlorr tax now, some people would say that's not free-throw -- free trade, we don't have free trade now. we're the only one that makes it easy to come into the country. if you look at china, if you look at many other countries, many other contry, they can't believe what we do. we take in things free, and yet if you want to take a plant or do something, you wanto sell somethg intohina andth untriet'very,er hard anso cest' iosble. eyon evenakyour odt. theth dta yr pruct, ty char y aot of tax i don't ca tt eera.
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at wwa ifa tde. ir tde. wee in ttrt counie falybuth heo ea fre if they are intohae t to oouri, an expl w sl ca into pa andhedohis u th me iosbl tse ca iap, a y ty ll cs s d ey ce bthhure of thsas t bge sps iav ev sn, wha talta outh. 'sotai it nai ner s. jt n'beevit tk lo f seby -th'she on tng wl llou esntlly i'alngbo sck- nta if y sy re, erwi b t. medyairu wl x. the oax altoavdos aydon't reeoe. he e easteoe. d nythouri he ea ppl a he gateoe,k. thsn tt ndf mpifgtevybyas
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grteoe. buife'oi tfi op, a bld pdu outse,otoi thaen thk u. h at wllakso estion maly --aran yantota? >>onrsioon ion ta rulory, ara. ltedercafuy ernerod he ei scic iue hodo auayetom ti aunixg mef th iuethrembde i crti muftungob e esidenwaergero wi h te. tulyowdsheide eeeng otheauthe d te ea f cl d coen t mti ith ov oic toesndueiohesk oaseen inheffe, seraofsefe,ui a feadot


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