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tv   U.S. House Meets for Legislative Business  CSPAN  January 23, 2017 1:59pm-2:17pm EST

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at i ulakthprident hiwo he. 'sotoingo anythg hm cpetiness. he'soi tma ualmo compite. regning there is a ansiti here. uan ghis overnht markwod u ke tad coen? uld you lio d mmts e autondustrin paicar >>arfidsord mor coan i think wainouf e meinod, kn i ce out wi aot ocoidce thatheresident i vy, ve sious oaking re thhenid at eno lle ro a he policies t, guto or ad tdriveha at encrages l of us a e. a aweake desis infoar it vy,er pite mein i think very posiv mti for the it stes o era d manufactinin gera thanyo
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aponcorit national cae teitco. 17 apong rformed by the tional captiong stut which respoib for its caiocoenand accura. visit ncicaprg >> le now to the.shoe for giateusesth afrnn. 11 blsma dli with the c. a tecmunicaon ises. cnr. chaplainony: let u pray thnk y god foring us anh da ths ay i offery a hig scool clsn weshte ohio. ea d,e k you to bles our country duri ts timof adrship transition. ask tt you guide theeople f tsanandll nations to hor e anher, serve the coon gd andromote the dignit d freedom of ve person. we py that everyone who rul thisountry miture ace anusce
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weray forismhuly and mey to in t hearts of our leaderas they make decisions for theweare ofll peoe. wes thatou allw r worls learsndho w veheurdenf any pow o auotyo etehe acons fhe jtis t orld and inarmony wit your rd plaselp to guide the preside ahakn his ro, ease his md his leo h j, helpimo epn ndhe tugtsf otrshoa a lteng heart andpen mi a remr ahes rrentive o leoe tsoury lpimo thwi ofha is besofhe naton or the y, g, fety peace and tranqli. let he be gdg lighor pce a waro d l rs
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an violen. ur ne, wray, en. e ear o tempe:he cir hasxanethjona ofthe la d'sroedings and aoucetohe hseis apovhereo puua to re 1, clae, thjourna snd arod. thpdg o aegiancwi b ofrey mr. biliraki r. bilak: iledge lean t fg t unit stateofmecand to eepublic for whh ands, e ti uerod iivible wh liberty and juicfoall. e peerroemre: th chaiwi enterineqst for eine speees f what rpe oethe gtlan frogegia sk cogniton >>namo consento are e house r nemit hepeerroempore withouobeconthe ntleman fr georg i recogzefoonmite >>ha y, . ear. ha t greatrile o reesting aeautiful pt of tsouryma o u ha sent ot news tey. coouy grounze f the stormshat h ts st
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ween weha, no seve sh inco cnty, to bok, outsid m distrt,e ve fo lives lost i msiip awe. sak toou t forery cmiion is srchingor ivwhar uccount f with cadvedogs. wld a at yopr f thfalies tt ve loss ch, a iould a tt- we ao ay thathefi o who a uccnt f. . ott: want to s one thk u,s wel m ear. he fir sponders,he vonter tsero oer cnts o havprid mualidthe crchesho ha onethr ors tte ref oswh lt eir me tnko al wt hank gerr alndredt um bh ofhoere avlae sterda ofethir spt and pdgo lp o cmunities rui. wi tt, mr. ear, yld th wl. hepeerrteore: for aturseoeth
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gtladfr fra ek regnio > acto addssheou ornmite reseanextendy remarks. e speerro temre: witht bjti, the geledyr fri is coiz for o mut >>hank u,mr. sak. mr. ear, te e o ct hanger micneas retne ms. frkel: m be a new year, aewcoress, ne aintti, t puics artinuacto dangou pt onhe weneraid d lledy ck aeyboio. da oewrede sned nxecutive orr rtctg safe artions for womrond t wld. tomorrow, puics llot bockmic wen fm acssoul rroucve ca. our ovnmnts abo t ente oedomnda the ve and ler o o wom
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duramlies th eve bea, st fit ck. epeerroemrefo aturseoe te ntleman frm india ek recnition >> i ask unanimous consent to adesthhseor one minute vise a exte memks. e ear o mpe: tut objti, e gelen om indianas cnized fo o minu. m sear,a wek mt ta grou omyonituent toisusthrxrice ththafforblce t. hee' wtea. dductib ntro2,0 to6,000. a'tvewoh i e rsye wn't toba until ou o i ned a kneeepacen sd nstut,hoouuter suerwodn't bcore ecseerhicn s exud from heran-- asetr a shon: iado get sendobnd semea trdobnma i vy diilt aoc smalbuness oer sml reumonisgrp plan iree mch as ,50 ntfofaly
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coverae,nd $5 aon f single eloe vege yckin premms afrdleedties reriedccs phycians,ndosof vag mrspeake thesear rl oriesr real people in my stcthoanreef fro heffdaearact. we're wkig seaen o ts disaro w d buld bteealthar sysmth lowersosts, pandacssan eows paties. i yie bk. thspker prteor:or whaturose do t gentleman fr mhin ekecnion . kilde:r. spke iee unniusonnt to ades the usfoonmite the sak p tpo: withouobction, the getlman from mhin cnized r e nu. . ile:ha y, mr. spke i s real dsaointedn hiirt y iofic psintrump tkctn hrghxecuti oero mak imo ffulor hawoinfamies to owa m with thiexute de tt the pse sned, ain o dayneheanle a
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hele f.adicte at wouldave sad erican homeowners hunddsf lls a year. unr psenoba,illion of amerans we st ceve hdrs olrin reduction in thoe es sang theirmoga paynt saven tir monlyaynt under thiexutiverr, not on ll ameca wh mortgages y reh ty would he,utt llls event manymecarom begble town he. inac, accoring to th naon aocti eal stores, ,0 amerin mies tt uld ha puhased aome wi n he acsstoha rt of the mecadrmeusf hi executive rd brede trump. ths ise iac rhe anbssi about e ze ofrodstnaurions, we gh to foc on this.
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is is realew the speaker pro tpore:or what purosdoes the gentleman fr frida sk recognio . liki: asknanims conse tadesthhoe foonmite vi a extenmy remarks. t sak p tpo: wiouobjection,he getlanroflid i recognizef o mut. . ilirakis: thank y, mr. eaer. mr saker, i ri tdato dcu iortant legislation i ll soobenoducing in this cones. the fodnsanentri ac fldi and flood insurce armaaj suor flidanmy strict ou cmuty alg e as isro xpici hurricas d tpil srms on aregular basis. oo insurce is amust wre we le. butig n t nional fld iurceroamas s fod iurce reson ps th c b50 yearsr olr. ny aolely outf date and ofennaurate. it also o oth ass that np or23biio debt. thelo insurce iteit til que pea rapant analevwof
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fod maps. sndgood, arinshoee flood insurance should be able tort atheir ood nsan preiu acutey reflecthrloodis 's th lsweano. that'hyth bl ses th. d id ck thankou the speerroemre f atpuo ds e gentleman from texas seek rogti? m sak, as uniou consent to address thhoe for onmite t speaker p tpo: wiouobctn,he enlen omexas i rogzed for one minut mr. burge: todaiist nothmeryfettive jeyalrf tt elm tes deecve wke w lt theine of duty laswe wn hrespondon emeen llhanvvean acte shter. isre lsasas a shadowf sness or o cle.i. mmit thisahfirst tme -- close nicommuny. this s t firsti i the city history we stn officein thelinef ty. was husba, fher, ntor,nd arid my.
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i dhprilege of etg detecve walr wheh w o du o omy town ha meetings in t smer o 24. hiedatn proteing the resen oltlelm was eviden ialth hei allasowboys wide receir coeaselsup is los preciselyayg, weosa goodne o tnf littlel continues to mou t lsf onofur hoes. hi svice our cmunity willobe fortten. exen m dpestyat t decvealr'faly a ll continutoee h imy prer. yid ck e ear o mpe: f aturseoe e ntlema fr tneeeee recognition? >> request pmiioto address te usfor one mut revise and eenmyemks e ear proemporedo e ntmase unius coen mr. dunca s,i e ear o mpe:he gtlans coiz f o ne. . duanmrspke bet ar ofone h w bk ll "r ds aar " iisririlybout
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esen eenwer's rning authe cees of he mitay mpx. todaye ve mity instrial seri compl ats rebo meyha anealisc tea thinkrident eisenhower u be sck h f w aledo the rd ait wch he warn us. r new presidenha sken t agaithexcsiosts se of rewt uipmen and weonsyem thonly waye llve brig thescos unde contl i op t roindo a the peaghe t den coractor he llhe rir adma a gera. av hlp us he a esenwh dsn kw ucabtheilar a we id weha nor leade w he thguts t s noy e ceivpeinofhe mitary idustri cpl. i yldacthbancofy te. thspkeprteore: f at purse does the gentlen from gegia seek rogti? >> m sak, qut unimous nn to drs th house forneine. revisendxtend rar. hepeerroemre thout jeio t enem fm oras recognedor oneine.
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>>r.peeratheea of oumecan vaess e li atacofs, no atr our rmstance, can puueurwnucsshrgh hard rk at's w al towbolike e unp businsm i auguand now a member of ngss eal oducati nn uerstated othpa aie e eran dam. mraln:h iwhi proudlsupport schoo chce. suo f soochce is rong evdenceho at0% o amerca e for gratucssto is i duineoialoted iny diri. rents n oo a entychl theain trks basedn udt' invialee a intest osras ntuehrough eichdodduti. i'm ve pudo yha bl hh hoas 96% gruaonat goreedve cld tbe unqu ac wh peal gtsnd ideas oy oshma he. milies shodave th
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pounities t sec a k roh2 educioinn enrome tt e suited for tir childn. i elba. thspak p tpo: for wh prpseo e enely fr frida sk regnio >>nims nst are e ou r e mine. thspeak p mpe: witutbjti, e geledyrom frida i coiz for o minute. . ros-lehtnen:ha y s uch, .peer 'm proud tri tdayo recognzel ra fnire a fmi-oedusesin my ngressional distri leating ts0t nirsy. edodo w fnd bma wellnd h to ns wth a year aivngo e ute ats after fleang -lin cu eoheisofhe ev ctr ge thy deed oyppprte to naheir ore, el dora, amedfr the albo un icth sletoreomo rovlyoury today the e 1lotis rougho flora dits regnized ahearges
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spicwndurniture retai sissn hecot. t onloethomny prvi hdrs jo, t aso parnei numeus organitis inrder tiv ctothcounyndo then nd i k clgu t jn e inelebrinl ra'sir tun' 50thnnerry ad natatth filand wi tm l t best d coieduesinheea ahead tnk y, . ear. e ear o mpe: fo atuose does e ntma from pnsvaa ek reogti? >>r.spke rqut unims nst to address theouse for o minut revise d tend y remarks. e ear pro tempe: who oecio t ntlem fm nylania cnid r e nu. . thomonha you,r ear. re toda hhlighthe goodo othongreiol gean amican ccu a ue w mbers toe nsider jni. mo-hamaof theaus with reestativbill beatin fm massausts the -- kti fom massausts t it ses toigight t iedsp ndllianc bwe
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e nid ates aerny weoohugn k toccer fest nwo event, d exangesroa. e uc ao dcusse tily topicssu atre, ecit a renffairs, d w ey relateo r gean countpas. . spear,germaneta ha bome weseain meca acrdg tu. ns re, rmsrehearst sile ethnicro ithe ited at. a german immigrant anlutheran paorropnsylvaa, falyal foudea lle, was thfistpeer of this usfoowg e signing of thnecotiti. irg tseinreein joini t do so today. yidac e speaker pro temrefor whappe oes t gtlad frasngn -- the gelen o georgia seek recognition?
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mr. cte iiod honomriley aerson tson juor fomavnah, oria, who passedwa aedah his 80thirthday. ov tsanh after gduating frm high sooin 19 a bantuest e nirsy of grg whee joed fteni agned s nterest inovnnt throughouhi lfehe ntinuethis interest in ovnmentnd used itoake e ta ogegia a bte ace to li servi a chaianofheeoiata rebcapty and geoi atsetor. ouid ogoeren, m wt n wkeha for his mmuni. as wl resctedoc alr derd cirman of th board f savanna countrda school iecogne s


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