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tv   President Trump Meets with Business Leaders  CSPAN  January 23, 2017 2:53pm-3:04pm EST

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teiv and suppo chairn alanr's decision give us an additiol ekoerse iortion tt aiv last weefr o.g.e. [ctis pyrighnational blsalle rp20] ck nick -- captioningerrm bth national ctiininstite, which rponsible for its ptn contt d cucy visit ncicap.o >> psintru m wh siss leade athwhe us kicking off t fstee of h aintration. the presidt offed tme th the executis ce a quteand vedo t tes an regulatio a l the press in for the first 10 minutes of t mti. here's aoo
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prident ump: good morng everybody. ni teeou >>ood moing, mr. preside. odoeeou. pridt um s dow ase. rkas so nice wi tla and to t xt to him. [laughter] thank u ryuc everydy. ths reay r fst ofci mti a andrew, nice to have you set everyin s wl d i he yr mpy dng wl. appreatwe wl get no each other. will have theseeetings evy arr. you could y mthly butllf sudden, monthlyeces
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repetitive sounds gd and tn u ve to i b gs repetitive. bu pbably oa arterly si yoargrt peopl d d aamazin job and the biggt t wld and ts is a worldwid mti. d whate nto ibrg mafaurg back to our cotr vice prede pce gd rning, is veryucnvve with men at one of my mostmptant subjects. it wt eeoe wanted and e t rso i sti here ite osobodyls siiner d think'moodt d i thk mk d ford. i think mil is goingo rrific weilfind o soon. that ioceed martin and thk we areoi tha emdo amount of siss cong back. ifoueaod's papers, y
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llee wt happening wh four, five ffen ipes athefe much diffent. fo i goingo b a msi plan sohas what we want. we wt ople -we wt ar minou pdus. wt to me them he. d doesn'teawe don't trade weo tde, but we wt to me r puthere. if youoo aso oth orin gre pple th are inhiountrytheeve stngly aut tt. and a gngo ar min our produc ainnd vaag t companies thado make tir pdus he. weav sn . it's gngo t gngo a y - d i aays said, whenouut them onhe massive sps or rpnes and fly tm,t'oi tbe
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chper. we are going we e going toe ttg taxes massively r both theiddle asan for cpaes anthat'sassively. areryg to gt wno anhere from5%o0% andow % trobably more a8% than it is5% th ia g thing a bigger thg d tha surprid s the facthat we lleutngegulation massel we are gng tha regulio an jt sonan otecti oth peoe t guti wha rhtow. probabheegulationig now,ouan't d anyin have people that te mhe ha me op working o regulation than theyavdoing pruct anit's out of control itotn tf ntl. i'a ry b psowh i comes to th envonnt
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i haveecve awards t envinment but some tt uff mas iimssle tge but. it tes yearsndea. u n ok at me examples. read o recently a maha be ting to bui a facto r nyanyears d his vo w going toe fair soon andasn't going to w t te anspt mlis d mlis dolla and ruined hiif omne wantso be putting up aacry, its into be exdid d take care of th enviroenantake ce of safetyndllf the other thgs. yoar gngo t sh eat service. the will ncotr tt is faster btemore fair and e me time pteinthe ople of the count, etr 'safy or sma other
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reasons. we think wcacu rulio by5%mae mor but by5% haven ceai w bette protections, bheyoan toxpd urla or wn ma wantso men and bui a gasve pla oel ntto domhi monsstrouse andpealyoar gointo have yr aprovals ally ft. the one tngha sprede ing arndnd mting wh op at this table an mti wi the sll businesswns, if i ge em choic oth sse t decree thate are vi f busins, f erody, b f business the cutting dn of regulion, if took vote, ihihe regulaonin10. inne cas it's hard dollars and thother case, it'
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gulati. you ulthk at t regutionsou he n chce i ver se anything like it. rtuall is haiewi rulation than evenutngheax. the gulations are ing toe cumaivy. and the taxes are going to be cuwado. you are ing toavno ceiv ientive to buil the onthg doavto warn you about, when you ve coanhe, u ve plant here, it's gng to be i diana,r it's in ohioor 'sn chanor it's in rtcali, or pesyan, ywhere in this cotr when it decid - when y did iyodede, to clo i and you no loer will have a realean becae yo tes areoi to be we-- by e y, if you go anoth ste, that's ea y c gfr oo inanorroinanto oh, that's fe. y he gat wonderful
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gornors notte with. it's not le 'rtaking away coetion. t y gtonother cotranyodecide that yoreoi to close d t rid of,000 pplor,000 op, te y ute tenologies w aexpl with carrier, and got inlved two yrs after th aoued in allaies ute tenologies w tric. eyrohtack many othe bs but if thahappen wre going to be opposing vy mar bord tax on the oduct wh icomes in which ihink is fai whicis fai a mpany at wan tfire all its peoplen e united at and bld some faors someacel a tnks th that product wl stlow across the borr intohe it ste that's nogog happe th a gngo have a tax, boerax. sutaiaborder tax. now,ompele would say that'sot free trade, we n' veretre now.
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we're e lyne thamas easy ce into the uny. ifou look at chi, y look ama other countries, ma otherouries - d't ha to mehe- eycan' beeve wh we do. weakinhis eeanye if you wanto taka anor setngyou wa tsell sothing to china a oer counies, it's very, ve ha. and so ces it' impossib. eyon en take your pruc but when they te ur odt,hechgeou lot t. don't call thafr tre. ate nt is ir tra. ir tra. wee intore cntes falybut th he tat us fairly. ty e gointo charge x o cntesas an ame,e ll car io pa a ty tngto us th make iosbltoel ca ijan, andethe se cs uanth ce in by thhure of thsas the bge sps he
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ev sn, we haveo l lk abouth. 'sotai it n fr. never s. i just can bie ito so lo f somebody tt'th only thing i wl tellou esseiay i'm lking out noax because ifou stahe, ere wi b no tax sobo said trumwill tax. there ntax. ne wtsoever. ani st wt tell u, all u have to do ist, dot re the pplinhe unitedtas. weavthgrte pele anma otherouries he great op. we all have eat pele . this isn that ndf mpitn. erodhagreat peop. buife' going to fire op a bld pduct outse,otoi t haen ank yo soitthat we'llakso qutis. marilyn,ou wt t srt iudible] >> cveatne


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