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tv   Washington Journal Representative Jim Himes D-CT  CSPAN  January 24, 2017 8:11am-8:44am EST

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instead, more generouseah insurance covera wh thei hethavgsccnt employers d xpayerwould be alweto contribute further to those alth savings accous, and e al sinccnts whh ey- uld phe out at rtn co levels. they wld avoid the cffth .rso prele -- es we e there to doit
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thconstitutionays we have to , icis act as a chk d a balance onrederu a t of us are waiting toee whatapnsa t of usre waitinto see if theris a replacement for thafrdle carect ghnow, we are kind of in andby me. wereoncern bwh wha seen ithe rst fedays, s we a in stdby mode wait to sewh t rubcans argog to offer up. st we hed from prentive cassidy a san lls fore you ce o abt their version oa ano replace e foab care act. at do you thinabt , its face? esir of all, iis a plan. i n'thk it is a plan that isoio make for markup more coverage arou tountry bui have to tip h t them. years, we have heard the republicans y eyava plan andheju haven't. e cthat they pufoar an idegis sometng to lkbo.
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e nversation canapn. th tk ouhi ductible hsa's. an hsa, you are iom taayer, whicis autal iddle-class an above,hat mit keen for you. ifoureot an inco taay, at doenot ma see for you. they'veotome ids and the y amhinking aboutt,he groui a memberf - t rically posbltoo the affordleare acwa neveerfect esent oba said if uan makehi better,e wille paicanin the project of .n so
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a list ofou had ncerns about t aorbl care a, atou they be? we argetting ouofhe phase where the repuic party is jt inabout the affordab care act. you never noticehementio the or 30 millionmeca th a cer f the first timelas americans takg advantagofheacth chdr utohe age of 26 and st othe pn, that there are no letime limits. they neral about thago stuff cae ats inconsistent witthnaative. to have moved beyond at and now we edo is i will take presidt umup on h pmi. said his plan would cer erybody. i hed that wor everybody. he can put rwd pl th ds at, i am all years. host:e heard about costnd w bor-- afford ility
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issues a well, are there concns about the curre pn for you? guest: the afforble ca act sto nameworoblems, the exchanges in thetates in some stat ansble. some pplare leaving the exan a wshldry to get a robust competitive mke inhose ehaes. the second, d thisaslways true. thaffordable care act wa a good step forward onnsan reform insurance cann tn ur life away because she h breast cancer 10 years ago. in asot strong enoh really imptant area wchs how do we keep ctsn this industwhich fo t affordable care act were going up 12% a year, how dwe keep costs in thiindust under ntl? that, eveuay
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health insurance becomes heah care on e 4 -- unaffordable for all ofheost wethy americans. host: if you want to k h questis, (202)-7-80 for democrats, (202)-7-81 for republicans a independents, (202)-748-80. guest: wch end oa younger, overlooking,here are a lotf democrats who have eernc inorng in the private sector, we are democts viously, b we tend to b for, we are interested in invaonin the future of educatio t furof health care, so it is really vian grp pic oend, forward-lookg legislators. host: cleyovice chair, but you are chair, apologies.
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in j, go aad of i had the pleasure etg with you one time in your office to dissshe affordable care arir 2 -- prior to it even being introdedn congress. amelf-employed and cered under the affordab ce act thaffordle care act is rkg in can't -- i coecticut and the only comme i wantoak ith i president tmpad hel that wanowoing propey,e uld not tear down the ti hol, he would improve the eathat need improment. that is what needso ppen with the afforble ca act. are aotf areas that ne irovement and i think it democrats and puics work -- ther o this,
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you are righani have been -- hathe is ty do that, it would la wae to the lives of tens of llions of ameranwhlis are better. think e collins cassidy plan the first-eveth direio ty will never say itut what they will do hopefully, unless theyren it, pyisono r alone amicans, but they will do is sit thdeas that will in fact make it betr,hi i wt jim was suggesting. aula.eris caller: yes.
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i uld like to know iyoar going to fighdonaldrumpn . immiation efforts i kn tt most docrats wouldn't coid m -wod nsider pplli mracist and that kinoftuff, i will just tell you that ts infl o iignts is really hurtina t of arins our untry is not desngll of these wkers. woedn the rse racing induryor0 years a cnot get a job while illals, and i am tki illegs e rking. i don'sehow th ia good thg for ameca. most of the time, i get the swer,elyoare capable of gettg a betterob
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you are educedyoare amic. at sounds pretty racist toe. i ullike to he your mmtsn tt. guest: thankouorhe question. as with a lot t tng that ump hasa. yosa wl iuprt himn s miatn things? we don'rely know where he is iigtion. t give you an emp. e ll. the llasheenterpiece of s campaig i listened to that over and over ain and i ow jusengho know tt autalthpeople whco he lell the peleou are talking about, abouhalf oth don't sneak acro the bder. th orsy someind of vis and theytourist stay arfr the ft that i'no quite su tt the conxt of going deficits weeeto spend biio odoars on someugbeautifulalnd kn the psint says mexico willayort.
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i would keo e thatagic ick. amkeical becau hf e op herilgay e not crosng a border. wiot be rty to anything that singles out cta gups. the esent has sa hwill pua mptetop on muim coming her there are thousas offics in t n yk lice departnthore muslim. we a not gng to pick on ng gups. qstion, if the president habeerde o how to reduc t orall population of documented ople, how to iro o visa stecauseoy can the st bmpved. i sueyo't derstand all thdeilof it. 50 president puts forwd consuctive ideas that will makeor me forward-loong siler pic tt safer and reduces e mber of people here that e undocumented, and keit harder for businses an ctracto thi ppl
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that are n eitd work re, i am in boa -i o board withha toppineas le immigration ofertain religus oups a blding wa, he should not expect sport on th. host: he u arany contact wi the vice predent over what the andis has he reacheduto democrats gut: n yet. there s ennteraction tween theice president, the prident and the repuics because eyrehe majity. i inthe republicanarju as confused as we are. st yesterday, at'll trump at his inaural secand evywreas been sayingat has nobe payin their fair share. sdrary of defenseat a mattis said we hav unshakable obligion to nato.
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i thinkheeason we have not arfrom pence or the president ithe real -- reblans are working ou exactly where he stands. ho: next, democrats line om virginia. hycian and also an employernd d't ow that people reaze thi but long beforbaca, the sunccoanies were raising te up to 25% ye, whicis why people kept cnging tir doctor because everyone had to chge their insurance polics. accountabilitye at the lev o the -- i wod like to see accountability the insurance companies. as a society, when each d more tma insurancevailable fo everybody ife are going to ntue to have an insurance system.
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higheductibles will hu ler coeople,nd i think that has been theri of obamacare, ort ofheroganda on why itoenot work is becaus people chose to have hh premium, and a we not unrsndg at if u $000 a programith deductible, yoare basically into get frustrad because thing is cover. that really has toe ok at and people have uerstandt and we areblated to take the insurae companies to tas h's woulbe great ith work le iras we you stut some money away d u can e direcy. it isemployer, found chor cerage for my lor-vempyeesecse they do not have theon to pu awaanthilstte process of ansa is bad as geinhealth insance.
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that is my two cents guest: that is a rl licy diuson about health care, and you will know tt we are serious about making thheth care indtranthe affordable rectetr when we e havi those conversations. peop say they nt to have a catastrophic high deductib plan. people need to understandhat you wilhave a low premi, but when her daughter has a serious issue, you are othe ho f that gheductible. it could b$20,000 out of your pocket. people suld ma the decisn sed on the run circumstances, but i apprecia the conversationecause you know we e ving an honest nversaon about health ce if people arusing e wds complete failure, th are not having a seriousonversation. you are serious, you'll hr ings like the wndes and upsides hlth sangs acun. if we are finally serious about
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tainabt spiralingost, you will hr lk about how we caake thamericanopulatn d certain segmentsf the erican populatn heahi. if you look at where we spd our alth care dollar and if we ven insunce pn that somethg that sprdsos amongst a g grouof people, d course mecare ith way, micaid and prive insurance isllhaway. wellay and andraw out. h can we take o type one dbes type 2 diabeswhh is creating a gebetypidemiinhis untry and probmsith chronillss? w can we du the aunof smoking, themount of alholismn is country? arouooat the health system, yoeehaceain chronidiseas consume a hug amountf healthardoars. thatoesotake for a good mp sticker or a good way for to explain my sele
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democrats rath tn publicans, but you wl know a serio a we are having thos conversatns ho: j hesthe chair of the new democricoalition and also svi on thinlligence commite. i wanto k ur thoughts abt ke pompeo becoming a director. guest:ike is a good friend. i wi tloui sagree wit a lot whami pompeo has said in the past h been pret aggressivon ings like rte. i wi tl you, and know him ry well, thahes ve smart, veryomtted g, committed to doi h j wl. i think he is going to da od job at getti o othe moat he wn,nd conesnds potician to be what t cia director needs to b, ndso a good mag.
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hi mikes into make thchgeo a ro where he s get ridf y lica overlahe hasn favor of odinthe best intelgee. host:in y brought i up, the esenis goi tthe a and talkg ouwh h wathe. that a means rui lationship gut: iwas the oosite. i know enoh op at the agcyo ow that it was a big step bkward. itasad becse the psint on h ttt fd had compared e inteigce commutyo e nazis. he made fun of tm r tting the aqar wrong. and heso the cia an in front hios sacred ggrhy alale those starth symboli o reesteople that are giv their lives anertaing about inauraonros and w terrlehe media i heris aigreofis
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people tchr d applaud. thcia is stfed by people o rk hard tosctaru a toeay tside tir bias. they don'tlways succeed,ut theyre prouny seris d the ee t presintave s one of the mt seou thgs he see my friend mikeas hk a challengbeusnothe cia is feing denigred. theyreoturwhetheth pridt goingo st t thr advice. mikeas hk aanagement problem. nt:e's hear froard minnesota, rubcali. ller: wheweta tking about the gornntunng health ce, ju wh at op wld looat the v.a. syem. i am now imyouh e system --.aysm. this is the vement tt is ruinhis damn thi.
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where i comfr in iveeccu t.a. pola and treavbeen hi-pfile emps of failure , paicarly in th southst. programs, and let's be car, thprra f theovernment quote, runs alth car y could include dire inha some 60 milln senior citizens to the insurance hlt care. dire is very popular with senioriten thats gornnt single-payerysm. i v.a. has some problems some lalies. despe ateplins have be saying,t not- amare isot government nng alth care. u stilgo to doctors who work for tmsves. theovernment just says if you areoing to ha an insurae plan, itil
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have minimumtaardso u don't get cahty surprise. if you getanr oil your child nes hearin aid, that ithe to help you. e eahat obamaces government r hlth ca is a fantasy. amarishamitt romney, the puicanovernor o massachusetts,mplement it i massachusetts. camouofheerald found 8 -- t hite unti as anltnative to e health ce anhat bill anhillary clinton wanted to implement. ounds n to say i you are a tea party are, but it is not true. host: let's hear from maryland, independent line. caller: i am calling to make a comment about medicare and how doctors absolutely take advantage of it. my husband recently was given a
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medication for sleep, and as soon as he was leaving, the doctor said by don't you make another follow-up appointment so we can see how the medicine is working? need to make these following -- if the medicine is working, it's working, if it is not, then you need to see him or change it, and that can be done over the phone, but they try to extract as many visits is possible. that must be putting a lot of strain on medicare. mary put her finger on one of these things i said he will see if we are talking seriously about health care. think about what she said, which is the whole health care industry, 17% of the economy, trillions of dollars, is based on a model where a doctor, a
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drug company, hospital, all the providers do better when they do more, not when they produce good results, not all of us are healthy, but they do well when they do more. when they sell more drugs, take more x-rays, have longer hospital stays. you don't need to be a business school student to understand that with a system for -- rewards the providers doing more, they will do more. one of the interesting things we will talk about is how can we migrate the system to one where like a lot of us, i run for reelection every two years and if the -- if at the end of two years mica situates don't think i did a good job, i'm finding a new job. what if we told the health care system we paid well for producing good results. a system like that would be a huge step forward. host: we asked our previous guest about plans to change or make changes to. frank -- two
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dod -- to dodd frank. we will like to know what you think about these possible attempts. guest: i will say about that what i did about before the cataract, there was no question it was a big step forward and sometimes our republican friends forget where we were exactly eight years ago. we were sort of stepping out of a bomb crater of destruction. almost one million jobs being lost every month. banks really at risk of going bankrupt. the necessity for a republican president a few months before, to put for the biggest bailout the country is ever seen. it was not that long ago that the world was ruined by misbehavior of the banks and wall street. it was a response to that and it said in the future, you will not be able to go into a neighborhood and sell a mortgage to somebody that you know, they cannot pay.
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was it perfect? was it scrolls attended by god? no of course not -- handed down by god? no, of course not. a lot of us in greater could be improvements. the large banks are no longer taking big proprietary bets that the taxpayers are no longer backing those bets. it is clear that it was tough on our smaller and community banks. a lot of us would love to see some of these regulations for the smaller banks that could be deemed one way or the other, operating safely because we need them to compete against the big banks. tore is lots of room for us have a conversation about making it better, but the republicans in to realize that it was a reaction to an apocalyptic moment in our history and that a lot of what is there just makes sense to continue. host: ben from pennsylvania,
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democrat line. caller: so many things to talk about. i want to keep it to the affordable care act as something that affects me. let me briefly explain that before obamacare, i had a good health care plan with a $500 deductible. you democrats talk about how republicans are going to raise these premiums and deductibles. my deductible right now is $13,000 thanks to obamacare. the cost of that is $600 a month. i only make you much money to get any subsidies. i have three daughters and a son. do you really think that is affordable for me? i like to know what the democrats plan was about that. i like to talk about the bank bailouts. obama continued the bank andouts when he took office all this appointing of goldman
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sachs executives to the secretary of treasury is absurd. it is the same thing trump is doing, oil executives, bankers. neither party has done what they said they would do. i have a whole bunch of great ideas for obamacare that i think would work. i don't know how you guys can't come up with any. will pass hisben ideas onto his representative. bailout,pic of the first of all, if you are criticizing president obama for appointing goldman sachs executives to positions of high power, when into you look at the trump cabinet. is a little unfair, and people are to be judged on their ideas and their performance, not necessarily what is on the resume. back to the bailout. this was a george w. bush program.
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i was not in congress at the time, but it was put in place to keep the banks from complete the disappearing with all of the implications that would've happened. obama took a piece of that and if you lived in michigan, you know how important this was, if he said that bailout was taken to see the auto industry and millions of jobs that are directly or indirectly related to the auto industry. talk to anyone from michigan or where we produce automobiles and we don't want to see that happen again. government bailouts are no way to run an economy, but i think the president took a bad situation and help a lot of people -- helped a lot of people. host: representative jim himes joining us. you can continue the conversation. how can people best reach you? guest: they can show up in my office or call in. i am very active on facebook and twitter and using social media as a way of getting input. you, i don't represent
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what if you have some good thoughts, put them up and i will take a look. host: thank you. pictures of sean spicer, the white house press secretary on the front page of the washington times. this from his first official press conference, yesterday. while the topics was his relationship with the media or the trauma ministrations relationship with the media. defended the a ministrations compatible start with the media, saying president trump and his aides have a right to correct what they see as a journalistic mistake. we want to ask you what you think of the role of media in covering the white house and washington as well. (202)-748-8000 for democrats, (202)-748-8001 for republicans. (202)-748-8002 for independents. if you are a member of the media, (202)-748-8003. >> the congressman was just talking about donald trump's cabinet.
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we want to remind our viewers of the status of several of those nominees. the usual process for these nominees includes a committee hearing, a committee vote and then a senate floor vote. some updates on where the nominees are. rex tillerson, nominee for secretary of state got his vote in committee, yesterday according to several new sources . one of the toughest votes to get in that hearing was marco rubio. marco rubio sharply questioning rex tillerson in his committee hearing. so his 11 to 10 nomination now goes to a floor 11 to 10, sossed his nomination goes to a float -- a floor vote. the congress committee will be taking up the nomination of
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elaine chao for secretary of education, holding a vote on her nomination and wilbur ross for secretary of the commerce department. the energyotes in committee on rick perry's nomination for the energy department and ryan's inky for department of the interior -- ryan zinke for department of the interior. nikki haley has been nominated to be the u.s. representative to the u.n. also the vote to the -- vote on the nomination for housing and urban development, dr. ben carson. once all these nominees pastor committee votes, then they face floor votes. also committee hearings taking place and you can watch some of those on c-span. those will include the senate finance committee hearing for tom price, the head of health and human services. you can see that at 10:00 on
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c-span3. mulvaneyation for mike to head the white house office of management and budget. some news on those nominees from politico. this story noting that mike theaney, who is part of conservative freedom caucus is likely to face tough questions at his confirmation hearing, on his payment -- admission he did not pay for the $15,000 in taxes for his triplets' nannies. he learned of the failure to pay taxes during the confirmation review process and then paid what he owed in federal taxes, state taxes and any penalties. it will certainly be a topic that will come up. according to politico, committee staff released a memo to lawmakers raising some red flags according to politico that
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came up during the review of tom price's tax returns. price had been under fire for investing in health care stocks while also working on legislation that would impact those companies. look for those questions during another busy day in the u.s. senate. host: the role of the media, we want to get your thoughts on it. (202)-748-8000 for democrats, republicans,1 for and independencts -- independents, (202)-748-8002. if you are in the media, (202)-748-8003. caller: part of my frustration is the way the mass media -- details are left out and i am constantly left frustrated. my question is for every time mitt romney's affordable care act in his state was brought up, it is never mentioned whether it includes an employer mandate and also


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