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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 29, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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later, nicole austin hillary of the brennan center for justice talked about a possible executive order that would open an investigation into the potential voter fraud in the u.s. host: good morning. bloomberg news reporting today that two federal judges temporary blocked president trump's administration from enforcing parts of his order to halt immigration from seven middle eastern countries. students,avit where refugees, and dual citizens were detained or stuck overseas. some businesses warning employees from those countries not to risk leaving the united states. "washington post" headline says that band has caused a worldwide situation.
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jfk in new york, washington dulles, and san francisco. the ban resulting in chaos. national review says not so fast, calling it the right approach. 29, sunday morning, january we begin with your calls and comments on the weekend events. 0, that is our line for democrats. 202-748-8001 four republicans. if you are an independent, 202-748-8002. send us atweet -- tweet. good sunday morning. thank you very much for being with us. this is the headline this morning from a number of newspapers, including the "washington post." the piece rights the following following.he
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that this morning from
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the "washington post." the president yesterday spoke to reporters from the oval office. you., let's hear from rosemary is beginning the conversation, republican line from michigan. sad thates, it is very people are over exaggerating and blowing this out of proportion like they do every time mr. trump does something, president trump, whether he does something good or bad. they will criticize him. this is a big mess he did not create. he has advisers that have been advising him. he is following the constitution. it is very sad for our country. host: rosemary from michigan, thank you for the call. this map giving you the indication of the seven entries of all. libya, sudan, somalia, iraq,
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iran, syria. not on the list, egypt, turkey, saudi arabia. let's go to ted from rhode island joining us on the line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. i am married to a former refugee from cambodia. she has blessed my life. news from jfk the airport yesterday. the crowd was chanting "no hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here." i began crying. if my wife had been prohibited from coming here, i would have never know the joy of my life. i think if donald trump is not impeached by the republicans, he will be taken out of the white house in a straitjacket. thank you for your time, steve. host: judge blocking trump on the order involving refugees.
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aboutr thealking crowd at jfk airport. on the democrats line, linda is next from mississippi. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. it is a country in chaos. actions he took are unconstitutional. they complained and moaned about barack obama's executive orders. two or three every day since the nine days he has written office and has caused nothing but confusion with this -filled, hate statements, is sitting there looking like he is a big important man.he is an
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important, but he has to realize is constitutional or unconstitutional. they cannot do what he wants to do. he is not a dictator. he asks no one. he goes from his gut. before he is through, this country will be in turmoil. afraid because the republicans let him do this. they can do whatever he wants to do. they say nothing. we all should be afraid. host: thanks for the call. us ar as a send tweet. the president yesterday from the "washington post" in the oval office conferring with world leaders, including german chancellor angela merkel and russian president barrier puti r
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putin. york post." details available online at ny richard next from new york also on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i think mr. trump made a tactical error in not issuing an executive order defining who should be entitled to the protections of our laws and constitutions. he should simply state that if you are a citizen or here on certain visas, you are entitled to the protections of our laws. ,s not, you are not -- if not
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you are not entitled to our protections. we would eliminate a lot of problems with the judiciary trying to outdo what he is trying to do. host: thank you for the call. mark is next from florida, independent line. your reaction to all of this over the last 48 hours. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: good morning. caller: i think it is disgraceful what trump is doing. on the news last letter, it has been settled for 60 years that the refugees who are here legally or foreigners who come here cannot be banned. this man is doing this. the terrorists are winning when he does this, when he closes the borders to legal immigration. it is disgraceful. have a nice day. host: thank you.
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andrew says a plan to defeat , how about you start by not inflaming the entire middle east with your worthless, inhumane immigration ban. also on the republican line, bill, pittsburgh. good morning. your next. caller: good morning. i am calling on the republican line. this is exactly what we heard we were going to get. now we are getting it. chaotic andtely with theay of dealing concerns about immigration. it is not simply a tactical error. -- it iste disaster absolute disaster. this is not the way to deal with our problems. our nomination of mr.
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was an invitation to chaos. hope that the republicans in congress and in are there toation speak sanity. i am sorry. i am being very general here. i wish i could be more specific because frankly, i am foaming at the mouth a little bit. this is the kind of thing that put in immediately, everything stops in an instant, and the train wrecks pileup behind it. host: thank you. david has another point of view. you can get it online at national review.
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this is the headline. trump's executive order on refugees, separating fact from hysteria. this hysterical rhetoric about president trump's executive order is out of control. his order is not a betrayal of american values. now is not the time for complacency. now is the time to take a fresh look at our border control and immigration policies. david french has 4 specific points. let's go to jacksonville, florida, our line for independents. caller: good morning. i want to say i support president trump because it would be like one of our leaders 20 years ago in france.
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a said if you do not have boundary around her country, you do not have a country. plus, the people that are coming in, we are only after the illegal ones, the ones that want to cut our heads up. we need to stop them. the people protesting outside against the president trump would say, why has all this happened? blacks, the african-american people calling in saying trump is a racist, 94% of them voted for obama. have a good day. host: from jacksonville, florida. on our facebook page, there is this from joseph. there is this from kurt.
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mark on the democrats line from philadelphia, good morning. caller: morning, steve. i grew up in west philadelphia after world war ii. a good chunk of my neighborhood, they were refugees, jewish refugees from the holocaust, polish refugees, ukrainians, white russians. they kept coming to the country even into the mid-1960's. we welcomed the. -- them. ideal a lot of these families very well and used to talk to them and hear their stories. they are the same stories you are hearing from the syrian refugees. what has happened in my
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lifetime? what has happened? i don't even recognize my country anymore. we have gone from a country where we welcome these people, and now we tell them don't even bother coming. host: thank you very much for the call. let's go to leo in lafayette, louisiana. welcome to the conversation. caller: yes. good morning to c-span. host: you are on the air. caller: good morning. thatd it very very odd when it comes to america and issues like this, we had issues with kosovo, poland, and the only time that there is a ban on people coming to america is when it is dark skinned people. i find it odd. tweet with senator
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bob casey. you can send us a tweet. join us on facebook. here is more from the president yesterday as he spoke briefly with reporters in the oval office. [video clip] >> not a muslim ban. it is working out nicely. you see at the airports and all over. we will have a very strict ban, and we will have extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many years. host: the president yesterday in the oval office spending time speaking to world leaders, including a call that lasted about one hour in the afternoon with putin of russia.
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back to your calls on this refugee ban. cbs news calling it confusion and chaos. nnie on the republican line, good morning. caller: good morning how was the. -- good morning, steve. happy new year. looks like we have pennsylvania day today. the third caller out of issued. -- the chute. host: we love pennsylvania. i amr: my friend mark, five minutes away from him and grew up in the same neighborhood. the people who came over assimilated right in. they did not set up barriers or cause trouble. for the liberals, i want you to get a pencil out. i want to give you something to look up. 12. code title eight chapter subchapter two, line f.
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that allows the president to ban , i am paraphrasing now, ban anybody from coming to america for destructive reasons. if they are perceived or not. that is the loss. laws. the president is not doing anything illegal. the law is there. we are not on a suicide mission. he is only doing this temporarily until we get a grasp on what is going on and who is coming over. it just makes sense. we are not on a suicide pact. we just have to check these people out. we bring them in. we are not against refugees, but we cannot have a proof fo free r all. enjoy the show. that it is a temporary ban
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will last between 90 to 120 days. a lot of you waiting in on our facebook -- weighing in on our facebook page. a statement yesterday from the house democratic leader, nancy pelosi. it reads as follows.
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that is from the house democratic leader nancy pelosi. on the line is deborah. good morning. caller: hi. ahave been imocrat-independent, but always tell people to vote for someone who is the most confident. i am a retired teacher. there are a lot of things going on in education that i do not agree with. everybody my age who has been a teacher for ever is still in there, but when they start retiring, if they do not get
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good people in education, but there a put trump in talk about the constitution and see what is going on and how divide this country is, my republican friends said give the man a chance. ok. in the first two weeks, what has he done? we have had protests in the streets for two weeks. now we have this going on in the airport. people are vetted for a long time. i am starting to wonder, who are these people that voted for trump? talk about education. people came to this country for religious freedom. that is why they left. i don't understand why everyone is so up in arms about what religion people are. there are bad people everywhere. life, iteacher all my was more afraid of being killed in my classroom by some crazy guy with a gun. i think we need to rethink what is going on and really start
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protecting the people that need protecting, which is people with little children that have no place to go. thank you. host: thanks for the call. center elizabeth warren went to boston's logan airport. this is what she tweeted on her page. [video clip] >> make our voices heard all around this world. we have all heard about this order that president trump has given. >> we have all heard about this order that president trump has given. >> it is illegal. >> it is illegal. >> it is unconstitutional. >> it is unconstitutional. >> it will be overturned. >> it will be overturned. host: from senator elizabeth moran. she tweeted that out yesterday. the heritage foundation has taken a look at exactly what has happened as a result of refugees
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coming from those countries, including the seven targeted by the trump administration. it is called an interactive timeline of islamist terror plots since 9/11. also the situation with the al qaeda conspiracy and the boston bombing at the marathon. back to your calls. lou, independent line, connecticut. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i agree with donald trump's reset. that is what he has to do. i agree with the caller from pennsylvania. he knows his facts. these other media outlets are twisting the truth. where were all these people when the twin towers were destroyed? my family name is down at the memorial etched in stone. host: house so? -- how so?
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who passed away. caller: there was a family member who passed away in a plane crash. all the people that were killed by terrorists, wherever the protesters then? elizabeth warren, what credibility does she have? nancy pelosi needs to retire. if there was not such an open door policy, we would not be in this situation we are in now. my family were immigrants after world war ii, coming from italy. host: ok. caller: we needed family members to vet for them, to prove who they were, to set them up in an apartment, and help find a job and get them situated here. it was not like you come to our country, taxpayers are giving them thousands of dollars to start a newtion eight housi -- a
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life, section eight housing. my family came in with the shirts on their backs and made a from nothing. -- a new life from nothing. host: jfk airport one of a number of airports where the demonstrations lasted throughout the day. there was a newlywed blocked from bringing her husband to florida. legal u.s. residents barred from returning to their homes. and line passengers booted from .lights worldwide -- airline passengers booted from flights worldwide. brett is joining us from lafayette, louisiana. good morning, sir. callergood morning. good morning to
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you from chicago. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am sitting here listening to all the other callers, and i am listening to the hypocrisy. this last caller you had, this man talked about how his family immigrated here. they were immigrants. lots of people in this country are immigrants. my next thought is, how dare they talk about banning other immigrants from coming here. secondly, you look at who donald trump has surrounded himself with. stephen bannon, a white nationalist, has his ear. with that, i suppose the next thing that we are going to see our book burnings? he is following the playbook of hitler, lie i own my line item
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-- line item by line item. i am not surprised, but i am thoroughly outraged. thank you for taking my call. host: thanks for weighing in. trump on the phone with world leaders joined by steve bannon, vice president pence, his press secretary. charlie is a republican from pennsylvania. he tweeted out the following. that reaction to the recent developments. house speaker brian called it ryanight thing to do -- called it the right thing to do. chaos and confusion in airports. in a crowd ofut demonstrators outside a brooklyn courthouse as the decision was
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effectively announced. u.s. agentsrring from -- the countries involved iraq, syria, iran, sudan, libya, somalia, yemen, and it covered anyone with an approved refugee application. this morning from cbs let's go to glenn in new york. good morning, independent line. caller: good morning, steve. how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. caller: there is so much that i can say. i do not want to get excited and start screaming at my tv. to as one, the law trump an executive order is already in place. that was already signed by bush and obama. both of them used that law. we have kept out refugees in the past for a host of different reasons.
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there is nothing racist about it. the guys in the airport, they would have been cleared anyway. all he is saying is they have to be properly vetted. you cannot properly vet them from the country's they are coming from because there is no way to do it properly. when it comes to immigration, i get so upset about it because it is not immigration they are trying to keep out. it is illegal immigration when it comes to the wall and our southern border. fought this battle a long time ago when reagan was in power. the thing about it is the government promised us when they give amnesty, it was supposed to be around 3 million people that came across our southern borders, and it turned out to be 5 million people. , and he saided us
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we will keep the borders safe. it was the same argument. we got to get them out of the shadows and all that. he said we will keep the borders shut down. toad will have to give papers to cross the border. you see how that worked out. now i am fighting the same battle but it is 12 or 13 million and probably close to 30 million. host: also reporting on what president obama has done available on washington barred,ident has huge groupsbama, h of immigrants several times. obama first ban, instituted a ban on immigrants
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or nonimmigrant covered by a larger you and travel -- u.n. travel ban, in most countries were muslim. -- and most countries were muslim. linebeth on the republican , welcome to the conversation from savannah, georgia. good morning. caller: good morning. first thing i would like to say is elizabeth warren needs to take a self-righteous megaphone of hers and start telling people about a $1.3 million line of credit she has on her mansion. where was she when all of these victims in san bernardino, for, boston, orlando, and now fort lauderdale, where was she when these victims were crying out? you did not hear her voice then.
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i support what president trump is doing. his number one job is to keep us safe. this is a temporary ban. all we ask is these people furnish their papers and tell us who they are. we asked the countries they are from to validate who they are. they are not turning over records, and that is why they are being detained. the buck stops here. i am tired of seeing american slaughter. their ideology is to kill the americans, the infidels. right now in georgia under a bridge is more than 100 disabled veterans living home is under a bridge. i say charity starts at home. we need to take our money and start taking care of the people that have fought and given their lives for us who stood up in defense of our constitution so all of us can call you on the phone and tell you what we think. we need to start taking care of
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our people, our refugees and our veterans before we start taking in other people that refuse, will not tell us who they are, cannot validate who they are. i am in total support of this. tv, tired of turning on the and this is what president trump said. these people are cutting heads up on tv. they are doing things we have not seen since medieval times. as many people have died in syria as in the jewish holocaust. you need to stop and take a real good look in the mirror and face reality. these people have an ideology. they have been fighting and killing one another in civil wars for thousands of years. until they can show us they have a love for our country, for our constitution, and they are willing to come in and contribute, i say keep them out. prove who you are. host: we will stop you there. "washington post" has a different point of view, calling
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it an affront on american values. the editorial on the "washington post." british prime minister theresa may, who met with the president on friday before traveling to istanbul, turkey, her spokesperson issuing a statement yesterday that reads in part as follows. again, the spokesperson for theresa may, who was at the white house on friday, issuing a statement over the weekend. if you are just joining us or are listening on c-span radio app or serious xm, the potus
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channel, or watching on the bbc parliament channel in great britain, we are talking about being calledan something that is chaos and confusion according to a number of news outlets. what do you think about what the president did on friday and the reaction over the weekend? on the democrats line, paul is joining us from tuscaloosa, alabama. good morning. caller: i disagree with the ban. called earlier, and you immediately cut him off. what trump is doing -- host: i did not cut anyone off. , ther: he said trump immigration laws need to be keeping out people of color. host: you immediately hit that button. --caller: you immediately hit that button.
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he is keeping out syria people. this country has kept out all haitian people. they have immigration laws, and they seem to apply to people who are cof color. this is how trump wants to make america great again. when some of these callers are calling it about -- i heard one guy talking about somebody in his family was on a plane or something with 9/11. that was president bush. he ignored all other warnings the cia gave him. trump is going to do the same thing. trump is an idiot. he does not know what he is doing. they will keep these airports closed. that is the only reason this ban will be stopped. when these airports are closing, international crisis takes place all over the world. they will stop this ban. host: thing for the call from tuscaloosa, alabama.
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share your comments on our facebook page. maria from westville, new jersey, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i think you are wonderful, and c-span is wonderful. i have four points. nancy pelosi has tears in her eyes on the statue of liberty. it is a follow on, not immigration policy on the statue of liberty. i wish you would have tears on american citizens and sovereignty. for the people who say it is against people from darts -- of dark skin, senator kennedy was
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involved, in was in our immigration has come from non-european countries. the third point is i wish you would have betsy, the former lieutenant governor of new york. host: we have had her on. caller: she wrote an excellent article six months ago about all of the failures of the vetting system. she went into details about that. could you have somebody seriously talk about sedition act for the mayors and other officials who are not taking care of federal law? is correct and we know about what we have in this country, which is 26 million illegals, if you would have her on and this program he proposes these to be tweet, so be it, but that does not mean his idea is wrong. actually, it is globalists
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versus nationalists. we better wake up, america. we better have boundaries and a sovereign nation. host: thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. from the "new york times," drawing deep anger and muted praise. this editorial reads as follows. extremist groups will trumpet this order. they will say america is at war with islam rather than terrorists. willything, this ban heighten their hearts to strike at americans, to provoke further overreaction from a volatile and inexperienced president.
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that editorial from the "new york times" this morning. fort myers, florida, republican line. joe, your reaction to this. caller: thanks for taking my call. i think the fact that you frame it republican, democrat, independents line is showing the divine. host: how would you frame it? caller: whether or not you support it or oppose it. andyou have people calling you know what they are going to say or talk about. i just want to say that listening to some of the calle : s, i believe most people would agree if they did not have the democrats or republicans are. who opposes the idea of a temporary ban? people who say they are democrats and oppose it need to go back and read their history. it happened in world war i. it happened in the 1960's.
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we vetted some of the russians out. fdr, the hero to the democrat party, and president obama was real strong in deportation with immigration issues. host: i read the article from the washington examiner on that very point. exactly. caller: it is unfortunate and dishonest. amecially as a black man, i getting tired of black callers calling in and being the racial voice for a political party. number one, it has not done anything for our race. number two, that is not our job. that is the job of the immigrants to make that case. while i respect immigration, we are a nation of immigrants. there is a lot order that needs to be follow. we do not know who is coming in and who is not coming in. before we say trump is an idiot and all this stuff, it is time for americans -- and president
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obama did a heck of a job dividing us. americans need to have an honest conversation. we will never be able to have that if we have the d or r. callers, i challenge them to see whether or not this happened before. take care. thanks for taking my call. host: absolutely. thank you. the judge blocking donald trump's order on refugees amid the outcry worldwide. developing at airports across the country. the aclu issuing a statement saying it joined other legal organizations filing the lawsuit on behalf of individuals who were subject to the ban. plaintiffs have been detained and threatened with deportation even though they have valid visas to enter the u.s.
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more details from the aclu website, which was behind the effort by two federal judges to block the ban. deputy from gainesville, florida, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call again. i think it is afforded for your listeners to understand that president trump is really not a republican. he is an independent. because we have this two-party system that has failed us, he ran as a republican. we are in this situation because our elected officials went around the world for the last four or five decades propping up dictators, creating this problem. ross perot said it with nafta. as soon as you do this, you will take all the jobs out of our country. now we have this situation where our salaries, middle-class salaries, have remained the same for 40 years, but we are paying so much more for power, housing,
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food, and you have these globalists that have come in and taken over washington. now, we basically have a poor house. there is no difference between a republican and democrat. the world bank in wall street have american people fighting against each other. they are all the same. they are trying to divide us while they rob us blind. it is not comparing apples to apples when you talk about immigration back then and immigration now when you have groups goingst all of the world and having the problem we have here. i don't have the solution.term limits would be a place to start. let's look in the mirror and be honest. our representatives go to washington with maybe a few hundred thousand dollars. within a few years, they have millions.
7:44 am
they would not sell their soul to the devil. they would make decisions that would help american people if they were not being bought. that is why we have to have term limits. otherwise, they will continue the cycle of being bought out. it has to be stopped because our country is eroding. i do not know what the solution is other than start with term limits. bans on procurement officers. thanks for taking my call. host: this is from the weekly standard, writing about country first. "there are worse things to be removed before than a party that the country first." from hawaii, valerie is next. good morning. caller: good morning. first of all, i wish more people in this country would watch c-span because you get the whole
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story without bias, without spin. i think we would have a more educated america if more people would watch you guys. i feel like compared to the mainstream media, all of them, it is so biased both ways. c-span is the only place to go to see, to watch these hearings, and to watch everything you can see exactly what is going on. protestingthat are are reading headlines, not understanding the whole story. they go out there. i agree with elizabeth totally. i don't want to repeat everything she said. but in my opinion, obama, for the last eight years, we have had no one on the wall for us.
7:46 am
military come aboard a patrol, and police stood down. we have had no one on the wall. we would not be in this mess today if it were not for that. although is trying to do -- all donald trump is trying to do is fix the mess and i am sorry we are so divided now. obama did so much to divide this country. we are in big trouble here. he is going to get blamed for everything, but he is trying to restore law and order, which is important. i want to say it is spooky because there is so much chaos. i blame almost everything on the media. not you guys, but on the media because they refused to tell the truth. they refused to tell the truth about all the crowd going on with obama for the last -- crap going on with obama for the last eight years.
7:47 am
i think the media is responsible for so much of the chaos just because they refused to tell the truth. keep up the good work. host: thank you. what time is it there? 2:30 a.m.? isler: you know what, it c-span's fault i say obsolete because i start watching congressional hearings or "washington journal" comes on and i stay up too late. i oversleep and i am late for work. i blame you for all my problems. [laughter] host: thank you, valerie. caller: thank you. it is pretty late here. it is almost 3:00. host: we will send a note to your boss. caller: imi plus. boss.m my host: there you go. the only way we can fight back is to excel. the dawn of the trump
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administration. i want to read from this morning's "washington post" just an excerpt of what all of this means and the reaction we saw yesterday. it is available online. amongion and concern immigrant advocates mounting throughout the day as travelers from the middle east were detained at u.s. airports were sent home.
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the headline this morning from the "washington post" says the refugee van causing a furor worldwide. michael from connecticut, good morning. your take on all this. caller: hi, steve. the interesting thing for me is all of the calls we have gone to gotten toissed -- this point have missed the point. the president issued an executive order and gave no one any instruction on how to implement it. second of all, he wrote this executive order i guess by himself because no one from homeland security, from the national security organization
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in this country had any input. thirdly, people who have legitimate visas to enter this country, legitimate green cards issued by this country had handcuffs put on them when they try to enter the country. he is not initiating a law that exists. he has created new law. out of new law comes confusion. that is what we should expect now and going forward because we know because of our history when you get republicans full power, they overstep. they have already overst epped, and they will continue to overstep, and they will step on their own. in four years, they will be gone and we will have another crew come in here that will have to fix it because that is what they will do, create a situation that has to be fixed. last situation cost us $7
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trillion. host: michael from connecticut, thanks for the call. cbs reporting that the british prime minister -- canadian prime minister trudeau would accept the refugees. we want to bring your attention first from bloomberg news. tothe gop grapples with how craft a better version of obamacare. in the national review, a risky strategy.nal lisa from pennsylvania, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for letting me speak. i just wanted to respond to some of the callers. first of all, it was republican president bush who was responsible for 9/11 because he did not listen to what his advisers were telling him, especially the intelligence community, which trump is
7:52 am
following in the same footsteps. secondly, he started a war based on lies with iraq. the congress to not approve additional support for vets that was submitted by the democratic folks. fourth, refugees have valid visas so this should be a nonstarter, and this whole issue should not exist. fifth, it is just trump right from the get-go that half of america does not fact check. endless lies.-- along with his attacks on the media, health care with no replacement, women's rights, anorities, and now with motion in the house against social security and medicare, it is just appalling. whoink half of the callers
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seem to be upset with democrats are not looking at their own self interest and what this country is about and what these issues are and what the facts are behind them and why so many people are up in arms across america. host: we only have a few more minutes. appreciate you weighing in on this. looking at the dreamers. you can see a photograph of one of those immigrants. hear from her parents. this poster, no human being is illegal. david french writes the following. the hysterical rhetoric about out of control.
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this is the headline this morning with the judge blocking the ban. list go to karen in lakeview, oregon. good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say i think there are two things driving the immigration and refugee foreign policy. democrats --s the normally, the hispanic population any middle eastern population, many of them vote democrat. i believe they are bringing in a lot of them for votes to make up for the votes they lost because of their liberal policies over the last eight years. the second one is this, and this is very important. i hope you will cover this topic later. they opened up american investing in syria, iran, and
7:55 am
other middle eastern countries. i am wondering if both parties are not walking on eggshells around the refugees because they do not want to upset the upper part and have american investors in the middle east. i wonder how much of our foreign policy is due to the american investors over there. we are trying to disconnect with the oil. trump wants to make america energy independent. yet we are tying ourselves to those countries again through american investors.i am hoping you guys will cover this topic in the future. host: thanks for the call. the ethics and public policy center, a veteran of the bush white house, will be joining us in a couple minutes to get his reaction to the legacy of barack obama and the start of the trump administration. good morning. welcome to the program. caller: thank you very much. i found it interesting the
7:56 am
caller set give us your tired, your poor, your hungry. it is just a problem on the statue of liberty, not the constitution. what is happening right now is they have to realize when obama reported a lot of people, it is because you deport them as soon as you catch them in these border states. they get deported the same day they get found over the line. it is not like he went into the country and was dragging people out of their homes. the high numbers, they just count the people they catch over the line that day. it is a turnaround deportation. as far as illegals go, my competition in business hires illegals. i could not keep in business until i started hiring them myself. i want to apologize to americans that were trying to do their best to get jobs that i did
7:57 am
this. i do feel ashamed of myself, but that is the situation i am in right now. i just cannot compete with my competitors unless i hire, too. is a terrible mess we are in. goodnk trump is doing a thing by putting the brakes on this before it is too late. i feel really sorry for immigrants and people that do not have it really good where they are from. sorry it is like that, but it is not a sin to be poor. we should be grateful for what god gave us and not want more and more. host: thank you for the call. let's go to terry from california. democrats line. two headlines from the bay area. good morning. quick comments? caller: yes. i am extremely nervous. i apologize. basically, what i want to say is that this would not be happening if it was not for two reasons.
7:58 am
there is a lot more reasons, but basically, the way that has had this war where there is no boots on the ground because americans don't right?hat, but at the same time, that means we do not feel it, what is actually happening in these countries that we are bombing nonstop. i think it is seven countries. the republicans on the other side, they will not approve any assistance, any money, spending. hello, sometimes that is important. for the veterans. they will not do it. that is based on their ideology, extreme ideology. host: final point. caller: that is it.
7:59 am
ok. bye-bye. host: thank you for the call. this is the story from "the new york times." we will take a short break. when we come back, peter will be joining us. he is a senior fellow of the ethics and policy center. advisor to mitt romney in the 2012 campaign. he wrote an opinion piece, "why i cannot fall in line behind donald trump." later, the director of media analysis of the media research center looking at his organization as it monitors the left wing bias in the news media. "ollowing "washington journal, the "newsmakers" program. lawmakers on capitol hill continue to debate how to replace and repair the obamacare, what it will mean for democrats and republicans moving ahead.
8:00 am
our conversation that airs at 10:00 eastern. aboutm curious to talk any conversations you have had with democratic senators and whether you expect the town to change. >> several things because you asked several things. i have spoken to five or six or seven different democratic senators. i have other appointments. we are actively reaching out. this is not a republican plan. it is not a democratic plan. about woman who is economically vulnerable cannot afford her obamacare premium. chuck schumer criticized the same things that were not true before he read the bill. we had not yet introduced it. i think he as a partisan is trying to crack the wi


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