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tv   Rex Tillerson Sworn In as Secretary of State  CSPAN  February 2, 2017 4:58am-5:08am EST

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to open this spring in philadelphia. see a preview of the artifacts discovered during its construction. success tot says, the tri-feign a. what is the tri-feign a? you have to go to the newspapers. the urban archaeology is this interweaving of the written record, primary record, secondary record, the artifacts. we weeded altogether. >> for our complete schedule, go to --. may: >> rex tillerson was sworn in at a white house ceremony. let's watch.
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>> welcome to the white house. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. pres. trump: thank you very much. i just returned from an amazing visit with a great family. something very sad, very beautiful. ryan, a great man. secretary tillerson, i first want to congratulate you and your entire family on this incredible honor, and it is that, an incredible honor. you bring the unique skills and deep insights, and i've gotten to see it firsthand, into .oreign diplomacy
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our nation needs to foster stability and security in a world too often trapped, and right now it's trapped, in violence and in war. you understand that the job of our diplomats and the mission of the state department is to serve the interest of the united states of america, to make our nation safer, our country more prosperous, and our and that mission, you also understand, the importance of strengthening our alliances and forming alliances to enhance our strategic interests and the safety of our people. your whole life has. you for this moment -- life has prepared you for this moment. magnificently.
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i can say this is a man that is respected all over the world, before he even begins. now he is beginning his big and most important journey. this is where you were meant to be today at this crossroads in history. it is time to bring a clear eye focus to foreign affairs to take a fresh look at the world around us and to seek new solutions grounded in very ancient truths. these truths include the fact that nations have a right to protect their interest, that all people have a right to freely pursue their own destiny and that all of us are better off when we act in concert and not in conflict. conflict really been like we have in the world today. very sad.
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i am excited for you. i'm excited for your family. most importantly, i am excited for our great country. arm's you inherit an challenges in the middle east and around the world, i do believe -- indoor miss challenge rmous challenges in the middle east and around the world, i do believe we can make change in these times. -- god bless this country you, and may god bless our special and great country. the keeper and much. mike, you can do the honors -- thank you very much. mike, you can do the honors. [indiscernible] vice pres. pence: place your right hand on the bible, and repeat after me.
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i, rex tillerson, do solemnly swear. >> i, rex tillerson, do solemnly swear. [inaudible] i will support and defend the constitution of the united days -- states. vice pres. pence: against all enemies foreign and domestic -- >> against all enemies foreign and domestic -- vice pres. pence: without any mental reservation or purpose of --sion >> without any mental the information or purpose of orsion -- reservation purpose of evasion. vice pres. pence: and i will well and faithfully serve the office of which i am about to --e
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>> and i will well and faithfully serve the office of which i'm about to take -- vice pres. pence: so help me god. so help me god. [applause] pres. trump: would you like to say a few words? first, i would like to express my profound thanks to president trump for giving nine -- me this extraordinary opportunity for serving my country. i would also like to thank vice president's -- vice president pence were swearing into this office today. i have a few folks in the office who have helped me over the past few months. they represent a larger cabinet of people that worked enormously long hours helping me and
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guiding me through the confirmation process, and to them i will be eternally grateful for the sacrifice they have made it their time and effort the past weeks. i've also received over the last month, so many messages, letters, phone calls, a best wishes, encouragement, and prayers from family, friends, and colleagues who know me well. i have also received an enormous outpouring of wonderful messages from people all over the country who i do not know. words of encouragement and their prayers. it is their messages that will really stand instead faster miter to me -- in steadfast reminder to me. when i served as president, i served as their interests and i represented the american people at all times. mr. president, thank you for this extraordinary opportunity. [applause]
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pres. trump: you have a very big job to do. thank you. [laughter] [applause] job id everybody, thank you very much.
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-- pres. trump: thank you everybody, thank you very much. >> trump travel to dover air force base to witness the arrival of a navy seal killed in yemen. later they joined the family of chief special operator who died in the raid on the compound used by al qaeda. andident trump, ivanka governor christie attended a ceremony with the family.


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