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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2017 12:56pm-1:01pm EST

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>> as mentally defective from owning a gun. the n.r.a. would argue that the process that the social security administration uses for etermining that someone is required -- requires a representative to manage their financial affairs, that's not an adjudication. host: the democrats say that democrats are saying obviously in response to sandy hook, this rule was promulgated. as of effect in january 18, why did they say this rule needs to stay on the books? guest: they are saying it's for safety. and they said there is a lot of support for background checks, and to repeal the rule would be to undermine the law requiring background checks. host: tell us about the broader process here. as we mentioned this is part of the republican efforts this week to overturn obama administration rule -- rules, i should say, under the congressional review
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act. what gives them the authority or the legality to overturn these prior rules? guest: they are allowed to go back, i believe it's 60 legislative days. and they are able to bring up those rules that were issued late in the administration for review. host: the senate's already taking up one of the measures that the house passed this week. one of the repeal resolutions. so is it likely if this measure on overturning this gun check rule on the obama administration, this passes the house, is action likely in the senate? guest: i would think action would be likely. they don't need to pass the 60-vote threshold for a congressional review afpblgt these measures can pass with a simple majority. host: nicole is with the d.c. bureau of "usa today."
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read more at and follow her on twitter. thanks for the update. guest: thank you. >> by the way, debate on that overturning that regulation should come up later this afternoon. the house is in recess briefly. we expect them back in shortly. we will have live coverage. when we do we expect them to vote on the rule for a couple of other measures. a regulation that requires contractors, government contractors to notify about state or federal labor law violations, and another that would repeal a regulation on oil and gas drillers controlling methane releases from their drilling. that rule vote coming up shortly. we'll have live coverage of the house when they gavel back in. we heard earlier today from house speaker paul d. ryan about the progress of the republican agenda.


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