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Paul Ryan
  House Republican Leaders Defend Affordable Care Act Replacement Legislation  CSPAN  March 7, 2017 10:07pm-10:21pm EST

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of robert rosenstein for attempt -- deputy attorney general. in 2016, republicans from the -- running called for the appeal of the a portable -- affordable care act trade we saw specifics yesterday on the legislation that may take its place. healthldup, the american care act, would allow people under the age of 26 to stay on their parents concerns plants, to would require insurers work -- give coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, key points of the affordable care act. you can read the bill online at paul ryan announced he had the votes necessary to pass the legislation through the house. let's watch. >> hey everybody.
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afternoon. is the american health care act. it has been a long time coming. keeps our promise to repeal and replace obamacare. delivers relief to americans fed skyrocketing premiums and fewer choices. it moves us away from the broken status quo toward a better patient centered system. that means lower cost for hard-working families, more choices and competition so you can buy the plan that you need and can afford. it means greater control of your health care. yearss a culmination of long, an inclusive process we have been doing here for years. last june, as part of our better way agenda, we put forward our vision for health care.
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after the election, we began to work with our counterparts in the senate and with the trumpet administration. i want to thank president trump. i want to think twice president pence, and secretary price for their support and hard work and getting us to this repeal and replace point. i also want to think chairman brady and chairman walden for their leadership. this bill will go through the regular order process in the house. i encourage all americans to read this bill online and read the bill -- at read the bill. gop. -- readthe bill at gop the bill job --. gop. we have made a promise and will keep that promise. we made a promise to repeal and a -- replace obamacare with conservative solutions and reforms. that is what this bill does and that is why we are here. thank you. i want to echo a couple
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things. i want to thank the president, vice president, our new secretary tom price. i just listened to the president meet with the deputy whip team, he said he would support this new bill. why? the years of work. we know why we are here today, because obamacare did three one, creatednts: exchange, but we know the history of what has happened to that, the failures, companies pulling out, now you have one third of the entire country, only oneties, with health-care provider. it created 23 co-ops, provided more than $2 billion, 18 of those have collapsed. , and no it medicaid cannot it's that sustain itself so we have to put -- we have to make it sustain itself, and that is why i want to thank chairman gregalden. third, government controlled health care, regulations it
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imposed on everybody. today is a new day, and we stand proud with our president that he supports this bill to move forward to keep the promise we made that we would repeal obamacare and replace it puts the power back with individuals. afternoon. i want to thank my colleagues, especially the president, vice president, secretary price, as to brady, and members of our energy and commerce committee, especially dr. burgess, who put in incredible amounts of time and work. this went public last night. it is available online for everyone to see. this is the conservative alternative to obamacare, how we will reform american health care and give choice back to people, rescued a failing individual market. we are proud of this legislation and look forward to marking it up tomorrow. we made a promise to the american people that we are going -- and we will keep it right now by repealing and
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replacing obamacare with something that will work. this is just the first step, this begins the process of transforming the health insurance market. it also amounts to the biggest entitlement reforms bill clinton signed welfare reform into law because we will restore authority that has been taken away from states, make them have to not come to washington and sq bureaucrat for permission to do everything, and instead allow them to innovate and be creative , and to best use those dollars. per medicaid, it amounts to capita, allotment, so they will know what to expect. it works for them. weorrow at 11:00 or 10:30 will begin this process in a transparent way. let me say again, look. we will make sure those with pre-existing conditions continue to get health care and health
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insurance. we'll make sure there are no lifetime caps, we will not kick your kids off of their plans until after they turn 26. we will help you kick them out of the basement but not off of health insurance. [laughter] we look forward to moving forward on this and providing rescue for the individual market and relief to the states and help to the people that sent us here. >> think mr. brady is still at the white house. we'll just go to questions. when democrats implented a longare it was process. i'm prepared to lead our congress to do what we said we would do. we ran on a repeal and replace plan. that is what this is. now i am intent on making sure we fill our promises. i believe in going through the
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process the way it was meant to go through. we did not write this bill in my office on christmas eve like they did in harry reid's office .ench him and through these committees are reading this legislation, will be marking it up tomorrow, then it goes to the budget committee then goes to regular order. i'm excited we are doing this the right way, out in plain sight. go to the nightmare of obamacare will end. we are doing what we said we would do in the campaign, which is repeal and replace this awful lot that is court -- crashing. let me say one more thing. let's not forget, obamacare is collapsing. obamacare is not staying. if we did nothing, the law would collapse and leave everybody without affordable health care. mercyn byng a act of replacing this law with health
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care reforms that we as conservatives have been fighting for for years. conservative groups -- [inaudible] >> let me give you a list of what is in here that conservatives should be excited about. one, it reveals obamacare. two, it feels the obamacare taxes, a massive tax relief for families. the obamacare spending, medicaid expansion, and obamacare subsidies. onreveals obamacare mandates individuals and businesses and ends of funding for planned parenthood and sense that funding to community health centers. it is a medicaid per capital block grants, the biggest entitlement reform for decades. " amount of money people can contribute to health savings account, a fundamental part in a crucial part of conservative health care policy.
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equalizes the tax treatment of health care. i have been doing conservative health care reform for 20 years. for 20 years, we have conservatives have been arguing for equalizing the tax treatment of health care for all americans so we can have a vibrant, individual market so we have choice and competition. there are two ways of fixing health care. have the government run it and ration it and put prices -- and put president controls, that is what obamacare does and what the left wants -- or, do it conservatives have been arguing for, have a vibrant, free-market where people can buy what they want. equalize tax treatment, stop discrimination of tax code against people. this does that. it lowers costs, free -- creates competition and less choices. the most important thing, it ,akes power out of washington out of the bureaucracy and puts it back to doctors and patients where blogs.
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what matters is that we are lowering the cost of health care and giving people access to affordable health care plans. the government will -- if we mandate what everybody says we have to buy, the government will always estimate they will buy. that is bogus, the entire premise of that comparison does not work. we will not have the government tell you what you must do what you must buy. we will all of the market to do that, we will let people decide what they want to do. we want to lower cost by adding more competition and equalizing the text treatment of health care, have health savings accounts trade that gives the freedom to buy the planet want. yes. we will have 218 votes. this is the beginning of the legislative process. we have a few weeks, we will have 218 when this comes aboard, guarantee you that. read the bill, go to readthebi
10:18 pm yeah. [inaudible] question] we envision three phases according here. number one is this bill which we use as reconciliation. you cannot filibuster a reconciliation bill. this repeal and replace bill is what we passed to reconciliation. phase two, all the regulatory flexibility that the secretary of hhs has to deregulate the marketplace and lower the cost and stabilize the market, that is what tom price will do. there are 1400 instances in this law that gives the secretary discretion, unlike the obama administration, he will use that to bring more market freedom and stabilization. that is phase two. billsthree is to pass the that we want to pass that we cannot put in reconciliation because of those budget rules.
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an example of that is interstate stopping -- chopping across state lines. we think that is critical. as you know, you cannot put that in a budget reconciliation bill, otherwise it would be filibustered. we believe in association health plans. with people through their save -- trade associations, restaurateurs for the national restaurant association, small businesses through the nfib plan , by their health insurance and nationwide line pools. we know the rules do not allow us to put that in reconciliation. medical liability reform, the practice of defense and medicine is cranking up health care costs practicing the defense and medicine which makes health care more expensive for everybody. that inwe can't put reconciliation. three bills we will move at the same time and push those to the finish line. those will take and 60 votes in the senate. phase one is this repeal and replace bill. phase two, tom price regulates the market and brings certainty so we can have more choices and plans to get the states back in to regulateng able
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health care. phase three, passed those reforms we believe will make it put in but no we cannot reconciliation because of the 60th vote threshold. thank you but -- very much everybody, appreciate it. >> oregon congressman rick walton and kevin brady from texas, to chairman of the committee's responsible for the bill, discussed some of the details. >> good morning. yesterday, the house energy and commerce committee released the american health care act. it is the budget reconciliation legislation that is part of the house republicans efforts to repeal and place obamacare. after years of obamacare's broken promisee