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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 2, 2017 9:34am-10:01am EDT

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the big strategic question that it u.s. faced, should support britain against rising nationalist or create a new order by mediating between the nationalists and the british? .> michael d. vance on his book 1956 u.s.ut the crisis and the aftermath. >> what it is trying to present is the soviet union coming in and aligning with the nationalists and undermining the british and taking control of the oil. in line with the united states but at least to keep the soviet union out. q&a.night on c-span's "washington journal" continues. host: welcome back on this sunday morning. -- ivanka trump is
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now a staff at the white house. you can bidding -- you can begin dialing at (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8002, independent colors. what do you think about the insolence of ivanka trump and the administration? a new tweet by the way, from donald trump. "anybody who thinks the repeal and replace of obamacare is dead does not know the love and strength of the republican party ." that was from just a moment ago from donald trump. again, our phone lines are (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans.
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(202) 748-8002, independent colors. there are you calling from? hello? you are on the air. caller: i would like to provide the democratic response to ivanka trump and jared kushner being in the white house? host: please go ahead. caller: i am calling from ohio. have aould like to question answered about how they have not been properly vetted, in terms of the financial issues? they still make money off the trump property that is in washington, d.c.. i do not see how that is not a conflict of interest? we go to maine next on the republican line. good morning. hello? steve?
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i am actually from nebraska. i am republican. trumpam calling against bringing his family into the administration. our primary concern is that they are not qualified to be members of the administration. and i really think it is a disservice to us to have all of these folks who are not qualified to run the government and are not qualified in foreign policy to be at that level of government and be that close to the president. i also think it is a bad idea to have your family that close. that's all. sam is next from georgia. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. this is ahinking that king and queen thing. heiressdoes not have an to the throne. and america needs to wake up.
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host: this is the story this morning on the front page of the new york times. "conflicts arise in big fortune for the trump duo. a look at ivanka trump and jared kushner. both are now senior government officials. the white house has hosted dozens of chief executives and a handful of world leaders in recent weeks and it is a rare fried crowd, one that has included the top executives of some of the world's most large automobile, pharmaceutical, tech companies. jared kushner has helped create a new office that trump is calling "the white house office of administration." and his wife still benefit financially from the real estate and investment thate and it makes clear the most powerful washington couple is walking on perilous legal and ethical ground,
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according to several prominent experts on the subject. that story is available online. we go to houston, texas. caller: thank you for c-span. as a mother myself, i would like to say that if one could trump, i'm sure she is a nice woman and a good mother. her kids look happy. my problem is that i don't think she is relatable to the average american woman. we have the have nothings and the have every things and we don't have a middle class. so the trumps are polished and they look like they have all had plastic surgery. they may look like reality stars, which they are and god bless them. i make aoblem is that $720 a month and i keep grandbabies and it is hard to relate to her as a working woman because i don't see that they are struggling or that they
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don't know what their health care is or any of that. , the newsred kushner is so crazy but i saw something on fox news that said his his fatheraw -- wanted to buy the florida marlins and the man who owned the marlins was going to get an ambassadorship somewhere and i think we need to understand that we have never had a president and family that benefited personal gain at the expense of so many in need. that is all i want to say. i'm not against trump. i'm not vote him but against him. i am for america. host: thank you. washington post is available online. two related tweets saying "we should be grateful to have ivanka trump in the white house." if she tellsway --
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her dad to take a deep breath then america should pay her whatever she wants. the white house staff is now on now-- yvonne could trump is on the white house staff, unpaid. >> it is like a coup. mark on the democrats line from maryland. good morning. caller: hello? are you doing? i wanted to comment on jared kushner and ivanka trump. ast i don't understand is far as the republican party is concerned, they have lost all credibility. the implicitly and hypocrisy of being the public and party is staggering. for a candidate such as donald trump to now be in the white daughter to have his and his son-in-law -- this is
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nepotism at its highest. and it is happening in real time. and right in front of us. it is like a slow-moving car crash happening. and it is staggering to think of calledlican party who themselves on the constitution and they tout themselves as being patriotic with america first and all of that nonsense but the man that they have as their spearhead in the white house, this guy is going to ruin the country and he is going to make nixon look like child's play. with what he is doing. i am just watching this and i am stunned. if barack obama had done 1/10 of what this guy has done in 60 days? i mean, it is just hypocrisy. it is mind blowing. host: thank you. the white house gave a statement announcing that ivanka trump is now moving into the west wing
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and will be part of what the white house said. they said, we are pleased that evocative trump is pleased to take this step in the m president of all of first daughter to support the president. her service as an unplayed increasedffords her opportunities to lead initiatives driving real policy benefits for the american public that would not have been available to her previously. on the republican line is jennifer. good morning, the role of ivanka trump and jared kushner? good morning. no, i don't think ivanka trump should be in the white house. donald trump is playing games. his wife should be in there doing that. and i think trump has a messing around with his daughter since she was a child. go to california on the democrats line. good morning. sayer: i don't know what to
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about the republicans. might just take us in turn this whole country into russia and we have all the republicans and i can't understand what is wrong with these people. to supportalling in this man but they see he is taking us down this path and i can understand what it is about. it is the great white hope. jesusey think this man is and he is going to do all of this good stuff. but he is lying and lying and lying, every day and everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. just believeple it? i can't believe it. america, we are going to be destroyed because of this man. believe it. the bible prophecy. trump is the end of the world. i hope you hear me.
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that is it. host: the washington post -- "ivanka trump, the rising profile comes with backlash." this tweet from jim, "unless she is being paid, it is not nepotism." good morning, maria. is that thisought family is complicit. they are only in this to make money for themselves. america.t care about he wants to create chaos. my hope is that eventually these people will be gone. whether he selects to resign or he is impeached, based on all of the things going on. host: the managing director of the conservative independent women's network with this statement -- "a lot of the about her -- she is a pretty accomplished woman in her own right."
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from baltimore, good morning. caller: i just wanted to counter a statement made by a previous caller about how they are the first ones who have profited from the presidency which is a lot of nonsense. the clintons are flat broke and they are probably multi billionaires. all due to the fact of them exploiting the united states government and getting stuff into the clinton foundation. and getting fantastic income for their daughter, who is completely incompetent. competente have people in competent places and money is the last thing in their mind. they want to save the country. i'm independent. i had great hopes for obama. that i'm afraid he let us down. host: this is a letter sent to the government on six cowritten
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by senator elizabeth warren. and tom harper. toy wrote "we write today request information about the ethics rule that president trump's daughter, ivanka trump, will be required to comply with or has indicated to will voluntarily comply with in her role. we also request your assistance in understanding the role that your office will play in ensuring compliance with these rules. " we go to joe, good morning. caller: thank you for c-span. i would like to comment that c-span is often very short with conservative callers who call in and get off-topic. thatler wanted to say donald trump was the devil and that isn't the topic.
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people whohosen to have ivy league degrees. and who are successful and you will be subject to ethics. nothing is wrong with that. compare that to clinton's appointment of his wife to be heading up the health-care initiative that failed. compare that to clinton's choice of vernon jordan who wikipedia describes as a close personal advisor to clinton. employee and was never subject to disclosures or ethic rules. jordan was the man that clinton turned to to keep secretive for his affair of monica lewinsky. he obtained a job for her in new york before that was derailed.
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press and investigative reporting. i would like c-span to be more fair. being savage. mostly by the left-wing press but also by c-span. host: we are being fair to trump and all others. this is a reflection of what others are saying and we are fair and that -- and you are a part of this. your thoughts about jared kushner and ivanka trump and their role inside the west wing? caller: good morning. i think with the rhetoric going on, i think his daughter and son-in-law are the only people that he can trust. and as far as his wife going to the white house? to have her son
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finish out his school year, which i think is fair. ivanka trump is not being paid. and complaining about the money trump'sy are spending, wife, what about hillary clinton? she built and annex on her property and charged u.s. citizens rent for these agents sue stay there. why don't these things come out? host: -- said "jared kushner is a visionary with inventive solutions that will improve the quality of life for all americans." again, our question is the role that jared kushner and ivanka linda is on the democrats
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line. good morning. -- : caller: we have plenty of ivy league people who are not .ualified theynk they're fine people are not qualified to be the assistant to the president. and i disapprove all of the and they's choices for -- i don't have anything against donald trump except he doesn't seem able to stick to a subject ended reflects on his advisers. him on what advise
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to talk about or when to talk about it or anything like that. so that is what i think. thank you. host: thank you for the call. we go to amy from south carolina on the republican line. good morning. reply. i just want to the whole situation happening -- we have a president who is able to choose his advisers and the people around him. and if you look at the history of presidents, they have chosen since john kennedy. he chose his own brother. have been allowed to choose who they want and to they think would be best suited. and donald trump has chosen qualified, smart people. and he is making decisions to help change the projection of
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the country. that we cannot stand have conservatives. we haven't even had 100 days of this president yet. it is appalling. host: robert has been tweeting on this. an activist and he explains there are two different things when trump asked to jared kushner to advise him on how to turn government into more of a business -- more details, follow robert on twitter. we go to matt from new york on the line for independence. good morning. taking myank you for call. i want to take two statements
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that were said previously. one caller brought up the fact that the clintons used the white house to go from broke to rich and i think that is semi-accurate. and then there was a tweet that this couldn't be nepotism because they are not getting exactly as. donald trump is a savvy businessman. he will put his daughter and son-in-law where they are not being paid for the time. clearly he thinks they can benefit from this beyond what their prowess in the white house may be. seasoning --ou for thank you for listening on c-span radio. we are asking you about donald trump and his daughter and his son-in-law. our viewers -- nepotism is as wrong as the news media that is biased. fromver hear about this the mainstream media.
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good morning. from massachusetts. caller: trump is doing a proper job. well knowledge people around him. he isn't breaking any rules. he is trying to avoid those kinds of things. the whole world has been put on about whatrack global warming is. it goes all the way back to lightning 64 with rachel carson. she had cancer. everything got derailed. cancer and global warming -- the same solution. .other nature made it so when you burn fuel, carbon dioxide goes up and sulfur goes up.
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host: we go to gina joining us from massachusetts on the independent line. it this coverage is disingenuous and clearly, the callers seem misinformed in terms of history. what trump is doing by putting his daughter and son-in-law in these positions is not a president. go back to the kennedys. that was a dynasty. as jack had his brother attorney general -- he appoints him attorney general. there has been nepotism and government from the beginning of time. we have problems in terms of bureaucracy for that reason. it is wrong. it is a fact that we live in. so to not point out the other side of what trump may be doing, this is not something that is unusual.
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the coverage is disingenuous. i think it would have been prudent for c-span point out the fact that the kennedys have done this and the clintons have done this. obama to some extent but he had such a barrel over his government, who knows what he did? host: thank you for weighing in and putting that issue on the table. sam says "the real issue here is how happy the american company seems to not be living in a constitutional republic." carol said -- didn't they put the money in their own pocket? we go to bernice. good morning. good morning. i'm calling in regards to what -- when i was growing up, with cushion are being recruited by these ambassadors to spy on the u.s..
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that a communist sympathizer. host: one more call from the republican line in florida. good morning. the last word. caller: i am an immigrant from syria. the deep state is responsible for the well-being of this country. the trump have their roles to play. --y want to make sure certain minorities, -- for example, bright now, they cannot trust a lot of the black people that go to jury deities. they are all in the good spirits. and certain things with the progressive swear they are actually doing really wild things. and they can't be trusted in the society. so they say things to upset certain groups. so they can push them into a narrative. islam as of course,
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the catholic emperor had these scholars create islam to create and control the working class. -- the us arose -- you can tell that it is actually christian scholars that wrote them. catholicwere actually and jewish holy men. host: we believe it at that. thank you all for your calls and comments on this sunday morning. a reminder that we are back every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. our topic tomorrow includes the debate over the president's budget. we also focus on sanctuary cities and the size of the federal workforce. 7:00 a.m. eastern time and a reminder to check out our programming on c-span 2, book tv . all day on c-span-three,
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american history tv. "newsmakers" is ahead. spring is here, baseball begins this week. which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ >> with ben lujango , and resonating in the i-16 elections. after that, senators ben cardin and marco rubio discussed human rights abuses in russia. our guest on c-span's "newsmakers," is congressman ben lujan. he is president of the democratic campaign to


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