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tv   Washington Journal Seung Min Kim Previews Senate Judiciary Vote on Neil...  CSPAN  April 3, 2017 7:25am-7:31am EDT

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we are slowly but surely a like the russian federation. host: do you think any businessman could be president f this country or do you think president trump -- caller: a businessman can the country. but he's got to totally get rid of the business. himself. the trump signs have got to come down from the trump hotel. totally divest, themselves from those business where they have connection no whatever. host: all right, that's jay in virginia. more of your calls on this topic just a minute. but as we noted earlier, a key place in the senate udiciary committee on judge neil gorsuch nomination.
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sun bin kim joins us from to talk about that vote. and the outcome of this vote doubt, is t really in it? >> no, not at all. there are 11 republicans who sit committee and y there are nine democrats. so as long as all republicans in favor of the -- favorable report judge gorsuch out of the committee, he should make his there's the floor and no sign that any republican will defect. the question is what happens when the nomination goes to the floor. about 37 senate democrats who have declared they will vote to filibuster the nomination for the supreme court. obviously, you would need 41 to block, and that's very close to getting there. to be seen remains what happens the rest of the eek, but i think we're all
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expecting judge gorsuch will get confirmed by the end of the week. and that the senate majority to use s fully prepared the so-called nuclear option to get there. ost: and explain what the nuclear option is. >> it's basically a very tool. tive procedural it's not used very often. t's changing the rules by just 51 votes. a lot of times, the change of rules of the senate usually 67, 2/3 of the chamber, usedhis is a tool that was by then senate majority leader arry reed to change how the filibusters work on all nominations of the supreme court. that includes nominees and lower judges. basically any judge except for the supreme court. fewuriated ove that time. republicans at the they say democrats are being stubborn with their refusal to judge gorsuch to an up
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or down vote. mcconnell, it would be, you know, almost all of his ranks of his 52-member stick together to use this nuclear option, is that he will get judge gorsuch confirmed by the end of the week. host: what happened to the talk week of a deal on gorsuch to preserve the filibuster for nominees? >> i think that's talk that it too much anywhere. i think always -- especially in these circumstances, there's group of democrats and republicans who are genuinely concerned about the direction going, in enate is terms of careening towards the nuclear option. people like john mccain talking with democrats, reporters all week how concerned he is about the senate. of the we know chris kunz has been involved and talks well. so-called eeing a
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we saw in gz like 2005. the gang of 14 was a group of republicans and seven democrats that was brought together under the repeated nominees s of bush back under the george w. bush republicans n, and in the majority had threatened to invoke the nuclear option at that time. 14 senators came together and said they would not judges unless there were extraordinary circumstances so that pact kind of held advance a lot of these bush nominees over the threshold. a situation like that today, first of all, it's a different senate. there's only three members left gang of 14. hey're all republicans, collins, lindsey grammy, john mccain. i example, lindy graham, talked to him a lot about this issue last week. twice,ok, i've done this
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been burned twice. he feels this is not a chamber kind enate that can make of these deals like that. nuclear optionhe seems all but inevitable. we have to wait to see if there 41 democratic votes to block there are h and if enough republican votes to go nuclear. but it is really a reflection on of the senatetion just in the last several years. to : certainly a webbing watch. seun gmin kim, thank you for us, with hat down for pol politco. that if you want to watch enate judiciary vote today, it happens after this program ends at 10:00, on c-span 2. o to the c-span radio app and as well. about a half hour left in this segment of the "washington thisal" where we're asking question. tell us what you think about the role and influence ofva


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