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tv   Washington Journal Ira Boudway Discusses Concussion Technology and the NFL  CSPAN  April 8, 2017 9:05am-9:39am EDT

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hethdeof there begomhi clefa new hat bos i think lp us cebtehe wayha in dacts a gund styelngndisry >>weomba. tay spotlightn alngbo a rentie about ergg tenogies designed dec cousonsnd c a wt that meansorhe n. how arconugstns otllently dettein gut:hey are sjeiv
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meaning you have cliciansraedo othe mpms. cckst us.ndardneshaar utey're prettyooatt it's problematicecse sometimes you don't s t event. i think when we in autt cte, you see t hit and you kindf owhat guilt or innocenceotitn y tk about emergency roomocrseoe ome in that lk ke maybe a concussion b ty n' remember what ppedr e not reliablen eiacunt of at happened. ty t eir headnd
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maybe not a is metimes hard to distinguishetenea th obmsand so cnianbo for sports f are really oective testor the conditiooreatrma o: and it c ldo ogressiveegerivbrain disease clect te us about that gut:has diase that happens over me we're just reayeainabt it. iriaos ia footballlar me wst oyiaos 's after death bau you have to autopsy basically ey take slivers of t binnd look foth sns of e disease and t's a disease thatoo a lot likelzheimer's ites of symptoms. ers meia it gets worse er te.t's progressive. 's there aontime before it shows up. so eventuallytaneato suicide.
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it's a terriblisse thats epitiveeadit
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trauma. fused ois a company calledanri a ava way ttest blood for ptes in small qnties to detect things le ad trauma they also uset r ccer research, foalzheimer' research. h we variety of us. te you're e of lookg for particularroin art of theak up of o brain. way that assage neurons take aour brain cells ne sendingessages to another. whenouavtetal off its on w that it andhachokeshe brain in
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essence. makes it hard for t nrons to thways.the and so what tyreoong for s tt gting into blood and seeing if th c late iin thelo. the problem tt we have a and this is e usefecause it keeps infectionsut of our bin but really hard s o tests for neurological conditions, braiproblems. it's hard to know what's going brn.n the they've develop a blood tes
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much, measure miopneenti tn the adiol th allowing them see correlations between people who have and ssionor hea trauma incread levels of this tao in thblood. for coussions, they're already along toward the idea of a finger prick blood test th cldayhi person a concussion. for cte it's a little tricky. you inosothg er saw the hi and you test hours teor a day later. condition thais stab in the brain and it's deterioratg inside the brain. it's uncle h much getting ro t barrier. at to look for and whether w the blood. approa.the
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i did my st to lea aut b ian onl g deep wi ibuit hacay pcef ce isor osh fm b
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at gat abo iisha ce yowhe it om so if youind itn e oo yocagus ce from t ceaiyore not wheaif you find i itas inrmioin it abouthath soceell was. ra asath was a cell anthe'a taoeledne a t they have ilad they'retaintoin fmer nfplers and tti tm and sath he evad leve o th cpad the ger oongon and they're toxpand thosein otests. e adg eert in ts b srn whos neolisat bosn uversit cte cter is anth'r embarkeon eyear sdy to y guutf theyaniaose ctinivg op. tng a othe toee if maybehere's baerofeshaifhank you put themogheanstt ay alo seeit shs eved leland yo moven ara scan. kn, a p sn.
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ybouanige t way fd e disease ith ling o othe cpaes wi he the answerr ybit aunaomnaonf ofhem or en meod tha we n'noabtet >>e're tkingbo a rect wte abo the ofsial pts particurl e l d ccussion tenogy o hearroyou. wee sittinghehos up reon
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lguer safy and e los them awas them onra a tn they've ow the falts sot s hundred tusd this froitilnf yndheha ao the autas tald pubcl e possibili oa ncsi bld stndha bak thugth wld . league is unuicay excit aut the bodes concuio ju bau it would lva t controvers concuio the protoc. a playe rea ono isou biclylinate a lot ofha questio wld sayhi pyer's omkehoth'r n safe
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to play or they a. ia.excit aut tha thk the eson oct is a t trickier fothnfifou historyf i stti wh ke webster, if mov o en e ncsi wchs a good ok tondstand e checker othe nfwh icos hd traum the s a period erof at asfi yrshe t smeto be trying to t the wate, queson erging science to deny e
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oblem. my basic esons why does rnen ari have p gh premium for hltare to eop w te on extremely i rk behaviors and tt is my bicquestion. guest: i tnk the nfl hlt inrae mes thug the nfl hasotten tter in terms of providing not just urrent plays t former plays throh negotiated deals with the uni health insurance of er tse kinds coitions the nfl is an extremeas a lot about head trauma thfl players but there are noth many of them. is in the bigger question en you talk about you have a wholbuh military repeated suffer ad trauma.
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world whoople in the ve taken bs from an accident something elsand who maybe protecthas ing on with them. the research into this llave and its outsidef the nfl the pee being spentow to arabt e disee and vance e science around rebound to e benefit of not justfl players. talk about it there bau 'serpuic and everybody knows the nfl but it's a problem stretchescrs much oader populations. on e ne rews cainin from massachusts go morning. call: odorng ve alws had question. and hree grachdren tw are dd ght now. had repted else, anevything aldiffert times of his life
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fter he plad pop warner foball. eyonstany were clanking running dowthfid. alofth. brotrsall two are dead. and people stss go ahead. ahead. ba yr head. ts. do tha my grandson i high scho, e e at still alive,he coach had to keepim said he had concsi. hed him say it. gndson was -- he out the thing was delayed ater on the high schl field. is is awful. thk you. bye. es i sry forour loss. u know, think that enou andbo concuio foball, really whe i
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strgt ght n is wi ildren. question abou whheki should be doing th a all. etr eyhod putting on helmets. whether theyhod playing fullonct football d w on hoeay do y aow it. put onads. attudes k the was that ve shifted conserlyn e stiv to ars ashe cte has bece somethg at l oeople veea. tre are gd ass hold back. know. everodi spoke with difre neurolodge c - they ha ks and would u let your kids pl otball. a t of people sai thestill ulbeus we don't kn erhibo t dea y the wouldavrell ia fundamtally unsafplace. ring t concussn a bicycle. d ey didn't wantheir ks tootavthoprtit to pos thathahelo.
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thk ers e idea that a lo of people w reseah andteate ns foba and want tend. encountered. there's a t pplwh love learni, ughnes scline, comradery. theyanted eichdr to .y ty re ambivalt about ttg ilen play e or i thinonofhehis that esav to get bett is detection. incides like ersomebody ts a concuion and it bk becau they want tor bo noticed. th'sangerous. as y organizatioi in a pare, grandparent, you wan toe asking them wt are e protocols. on the dene watching. hoare th trained. e sure that these decisions are t inma b coaches and parent but by traine clinicians. the bele r leinkids participate. and th i think we'll sees we lrn more about t diseas
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both the ll chan wathe decisions a me and how pares elbo it. think th'snef e obms with the leag. overim i parts basically port is too daers for my kithen you n't ha a pipelinof players nfl or u have a pipeline ats nrow to a of parents d not others. trying very hard ave -- rea o to parents d he iniatives that tackling and things ke thabu it's ill a eson of whether even if you heads up tackling, is the a safe way tola 12.ame enoue i n'thk yby n answe th definitivelright w. stwe inve you all tweh this. any of have a tweet re
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is any o this new technolo contact do other sptsike hockey. kn fm reading your artie gut:ea dot ow spefillwh's being done but certainly the advancing thiscicere- want to applit broadly and a l of at cience h bn looking for stcehe's a researcher jessicailat the research center dow looked nd and she university of rochester college athles and fou 46 who had concussednd studied their blood okg for this tao th quanterics technology d levels in your blood x hours after the impact edtewhheyou wod be on the field th ten days or not andha wafo a lot osports. researchers ung qutecs for theonst ard th boxers. researcr in sweden.
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he srted with boxers. to hockey players. er are studies that are mility personne sohereefity thinking use this ut how to chlogy. i dot know, for instan, how and is approaching it etr theyre welcomi the science in the way thathe nfl be now. haven't spentim reporting onhabu there definitely question foa t sports, hockeyyo know, soccer with and head impact there. martial ts. e're reyeeing what's happeng w with football happen decades ago with boxing. discovered the disease an realized gti hit in the head er and over ain was really damaging. theselayers long after the they were old. stod is calling in from
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california. odrning, rod. is there -- sort of llowing onha lt question. done obeenery src onneconad toifferences betweethsuon cussive bls? r or leoccer where generally no head trauma long dution and then there' sort ofne sharp impac versus, you know, the experience nffensive lineman in where theyave 40 or c cscussseb -- who have been diagnosed
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even that e but is -- not the best data beusit oy e players pretty early had the see by the symptoms attend ofhe life who are geing time so ost oth it's secve group of people. it dsn tell us how wro pread the dease i l ays and we don't know h some people g the disease d hers d't it smslear that to wind up need repeated hea trmaheer that's sub or concussions. buthe are people who have don't get cte. and th's an unknown. whthat hpe.
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and, yh, i tnk there's a l of research to be done about what t dfencbeee it abouthe intervals betweehi that you get cte if conant low lel ow and thers time to repete whereas maybeou gettefou have a sptala concuion blow oe orwi wh a wi scen tween. dot know. nobo knows. th'rstting t try to out mbef h to do th genes or nutritn but this aldend on being ableo the disea i living op a to agse it wi fen and relbity and enhecastt s these op g it. the peop dn't. wh a the differenceseten th. ybhocawe make the people ttg e see functn kehe peoe who aret thas t drug or so kind other treatment or prenon nsr ion know of y resrch that i specificlyn that queio lot of nitely there's a attentiobeg paid to sorof over time, pact homa impact and how at
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reteo the dama thawe're tfi in people. we ha gerard callin inro wiscoin goodorng ood mornin i'actual pgy backing off commeerecause i meer i spped watchg nfl about few years a when of the thin e eyer talking about is the -- has the changed? sech chaed on determining th recovery time after a soon somebody shldeoi out? that's 'thi and t atas changed sendege the alition. e leae has gotten more the s abo pplon deline who can make that
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indendence. thbac battery of questions spts that you lo f has been et llet i inth continue to rin that really h not chand. 'see more about making sure the right motive. that i i think the tip of the he league because i
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dot inthe'be a huge knof chge in what we about conssnsroth outsid symptomanbyt hangma clinicians there to do these examinations. pretty good att now atpoin concuio. peal if they knothe' be a head imct. >>nd the lasca f this segmt mefr michael in from ami, florida. good morng, michael gat to here. contrutby to owpeonalxpience at ocrr aut5 years ag 16 or 17 and ias the uaerckn high thirdn he qutean- 's har he tails.
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we losmiaethe. is etr n there's a fedalole here. ttioger goode inro of congressegdi professionalpos. i t re of cones the oo covecte an cousondi
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there'th role at kd of ut thaishyn thleuensrs tthpuic oundhe tngani in eayt preure habe usul it'seepa owh'said aress and ihi congrs ihathoprtit t grl op underatange ndavonhe record everyone see it anseheer thleague is bngor rht or not. menmah lasteawh jfilr o thexeti athnfwh he o playe safy s edbout t cneio twneulocadiasan e d otllndn e past r years a yearsheeae' aneraslws the sen n'out ye
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asa scntist. d'tno irtlldt swer anhe saithe's oioly clrla lk. on stilliglyaye ow lot and there's a lotf eson to awered butt ackwlgi re e esonndic that's t su opressure that's come ndroth government. ha y s much r ng with us est:hank y. host: cing upmo oou phe calls on o qstn the day. it washudaig's.s missiletre on sian e naonal interest. owarcallinin youeeheumrshere on your scree to the nation's highest court.
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in case yo missed it on c-span, okho cgrsm sve 100th anniverry ery into world war
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eaine itself trump officials fe sia air is saying eyerin vital tialtest. russihoh at ansya slamm t


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