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tv   Neil Gorsuch Sworn In as Supreme Court Justice  CSPAN  April 10, 2017 8:00pm-8:21pm EDT

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he enjoys the council that they all bring to this table. thank you guys very much. i will see you tomorrow. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, >> tonight on c-span, supreme court justice neil gorsuch is sworn in at the white house. then two panels from the national review ideas summit. at how conservatism is per trade in film and pop culture. -- ofent segments of kill society view conservatism. is sworn inorsuch as the 113th supreme court justice in a white house ceremony. justice anthony kennedy administered the judicial oath of a marking the first time a sitting justice and his former law clerk will serve on the supreme court together. all eight justices and the widow and son of justice antonin scalia attended the ceremony. this is 20 minutes.
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president trump: thank you very much. friends and distinguished guests welcome to the white house. , we are gathered for a truly momentous occasion in our democracy -- the swearing-in of a united states supreme court justice. in particular, i am honored to welcome to these grounds every sitting justice of the united states supreme court. welcome. thank you. [applause] president trump: mr. chief justice and fellow justices, it
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is a privilege to have you here to join in this historic moment on this very beautiful spring day in the rose garden. spring is really the perfect backdrop joyful gathering of friends, because together we are in a process of reviewing and renewing and also rebuilding our country. a new optimism is sweeping across our land, and a new faith in america's filling our hearts and lifting our sights. i would like to recognize senators cory gardner, mike lee -- where's mike? and mike crapo. thank you very much and for all your work. thank you. and although he could not be here today, i especially want to express our gratitude to senator mitch mcconnell for all that he
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did to make this achievement possible, so thank you, mitch. [applause] president trump: i would like to give my appreciation to chairman grassley for conducting such a fair and professional confirmation. senator grassley -- where is senator grassley? thank you. thank you. finally, a profound thank-you to louise gorsuch and to all the gorsuch family. thank you. [applause] president trump: louise, i have heard it first hand, i know what a total inspiration you are to your husband into your entire family, so thank you very much. fantastic. thank you very much. [applause]
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president trump: we're here to celebrate history, the taking of the judicial oath by the newest member of the united states supreme court, neil gorsuch. justice gorsuch, i just want to congratulate you and your entire family. it is something so special. in fact, i have always heard that the most important thing that a president of the united states does is appoint people, hopefully great people like this appointment. to the united states supreme court, and i can say this is a great honor. [applause] president trump: and i got it done in the first 100 days. that is even nice. [laughter] president trump: you think that is easy? this ceremony has special meaning, as justice gorsuch is filling the seats of one of the
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greatest supreme court justices in american history, and that is antonin scalia, who was a terrific judge and a terrific person. justice scalia was a patriot who revered our constitution. he was beloved by many, very many who are here today, and he is deeply missed by all of us. i want to at this time recognize his incredible wife, maureen, who i got to know very well over the last short period of time, and, maureen, these stand up. thank you very much. thank you and your family. thank you. [applause] president trump: americans are blessed to have in neil gorsuch a man who will likewise be a devoted servant of the law. over the past two months, the
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american people have gotten to know, respect, and truly admire our newest member of the united states supreme court. in justice gorsuch, they see a man of great and unquestioned integrity. they see a man of unmatched qualifications, and most of all, and most importantly, they see a man who is deeply faithful to the constitution of the united states. he will decide cases based not on his personal preferences, and based on a fair and objective reading of the law. today we have all three branches of government represented at this event. it is a very special thing and a very special happening, and it is worth taking just a minute to remember what it all means. in our founders' incredible
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wisdom, they gave each branch of government a different role in our great republic. we have a congress to write the laws on behalf of the people. we have a president to enforce those laws and defend our nation. and we had a supreme court to apply and interpret the law in a fair and impartial manner when disagreements arise. the founders separated power because they knew it was the best way to protect our citizens and keep our constitution secure. justice gorsuch, you are now entrusted with the sacred duty of defending our constitution. our country is counting on you
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our country is counting on you to be wise, impartial, and fair, to serve under our laws, not over them, and to safeguard the rights of the people to govern their own affairs. i have no doubt you will rise to the occasion and that the decisions you will make will not only protect our constitution today, but for many generations of americans to come. in just a moment, justice gorsuch will be sworn in by justice kennedy, a great man of outstanding accomplishments. throughout his nearly three years on the supreme court, justice kennedy has been praised by all for his dedicated and dignified service. we owe him an and or set of -- an enormous debt of gratitude , and i am honored he is with us today. [applause] president trump: this is a very,
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very special moment, because very special moment, because many years ago, a young neil gorsuch started his legal career as a law clerk to justice kennedy. you will remember that, right? it is a fitting testament to justice kennedy's impact that upon giving the oath to justice gorsuch he will become the first ever supreme court justice to serve with one of his former law clerks. that is sort of a big deal. i like that. that is sort of good. [applause] president trump: it has never happened before. it is pretty good. also, it shows you have a lot of respect for this man. it is very good. we are thrilled to share this historic moment with justice kennedy with all of you here today, and with all americans
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watching us at home. justice gorsuch, i again congratulate you and your entire family, and i wish god's blessings on your amazing journey ahead. i have no doubt you will go down as one of the truly great justices in the history of the united states supreme court. i now invite justice kennedy to say a few words. thank you very much. [applause] justice kennedy: thank you, mr. president. mr. chief justice, justice gorsuch, and my fellow adherents to the idea and reality of the rule of law, as many of you know, there are two posts that a
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-- oaths that a member of the judiciary must take. the first is the constitutional oath that applies to all three branches of the government. the second oath is one that applies just to federal judges. both of the oaths date from the founding of the republic. the judicial oath dates from 1789. both remind us that we as a people are bound together, we as a people find ourselves-definition, our respect, our heritage, and our destiny in the constitution. and so, justice gorsuch, there is one both remaining for you to take them a the judicial oath, before you may receive and accept your commission from the president of the united states. are you ready to take the oath?
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[indiscernible] justice kennedy: are you ready? please raise your right hand and repeat after me i, neil gorsuch, do solemnly swear that i will administer justice without respect to persons and equal right to the poor and the rich and that i will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states,
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under the constitution and laws of the united states, so help me god. justice gorsuch: so help me god. justice kennedy: congratulations. [applause] justice gorsuch: i see before me
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so many to whom i owe so much. i know i would not be here today without your friendship and support. thank you, all, from the bottom of my heart. i want to thank the president for nominating me and for the great confidence and trust he has imposed in me. i want to thank the vice president for his constant encouragement and frenchman -- and friendship. it is not possible to mention here everyone i should mention, but i would be remiss if i did not thank don mcgann and every person in the white house counsel's office for their tremendous and tireless support. i want to thank kelly ayotte and my day-to-day team for their humor, for their sage advice, for their faith, as we spent
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months and so many miles trooping together through the senate complex. i want to thank every single person -- and there are so many -- in the white house and the department of justice who worked so many late nights and long weeks on my behalf. i want to thank senators mcconnell and grassley for their teams and their support and leadership, and i'm -- i must thank my former law clerks and my dear friends who gave so much of themselves so selflessly through these last three months. you are dear to me. this is truly your doing, and this is your day. i wish i could mention each of you by name, you know who you are and you note your names are etched in my heart forever.
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this process reminded me how outrageously blessed i am in my law clerks, in my family, in my friends, and i hope i may continue to rely on each of you as i face this new challenge. to my former colleagues in the wonderful staff of the 10th circuit, i thank you for your service and friendship over so many years. to my new colleagues and staff of the supreme court, thank you for the very warm welcome. i look forward to many happy years together. and i cannot tell you how honored i am to have here today my mentor, justice kennedy, who administered the judicial oath, a beautiful oath, as he did for me 11 years ago when i became a circuit judge. to the scalia family, i will not ever forget that the seat i inherit today is out of a very, very great man. to my wife, louise, and my
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daughters, and the and 80 -- bindi, thank you for your perseverance and patience, your courage and your love. i could not have attempted this without you. and the american people -- i am humbled by the trust placed in me today. i will never forget that to whom much is given much will be expected. and i promise you that i will do all my powers permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws of this great nation. thank you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated until the justices of the supreme court depart the garden. ♪
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