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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 3, 2017 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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gerald connolly on the future of health care. the senior white house willspondent for bloomberg be talking about president trump's approach to wall street regulation. journal" is live now. ♪ host: it is the washington journal from may 3. the house is expecting to vote on a bill to keep the government open for september. republican leadership searching for support for their bill that would change the affordable care act. james comey will be before the senate. you can see that hearing at 10:00 and watch for it at c-span3. for information. a response to a spending bill that didn't give the trump
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administration what it was looking for. drop suggested a government shutdown would be in order to achieve his goals. we want to get your idea on thoughts thatp's a good shutdown is what the country needs. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents. if you want to reach us by tweet .o so at @cspanwj you can also go to our facebook .age at looking at the spending bill that was just approved by congress. many of the administration and whenthey are looking for it comes to money for border wall didn't make it. it was because of that the president took to twitter. the posts saying in part when it came to the idea for a government shut down, part of
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his argument is the reason is in the need 60 votes senate, which are there. he went on to say that we, as part of his argument, could elect more republican senators in 2016 or change the rule to 50%. our country needs a good "shutdown" in september to fix mess. those are some of the president's tweets on the matter. the washington post adding this in context to the tweets, saying the president wants congress to overhaul the tax code, approve a spending package, and raise the debt season before the government falls behind on its obligations. he has made little progress, and is on the verge of another defeat as republican splinter on health care bill. mr. trump's threats suggest he would jettison attempts to
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compromise. the threats come after white house officials say they were furious at what they viewed as gloating by democrats over terms of the short term spending bill that funded government operations through september 30. that bill being voted on the house today. that is expected this afternoon. as far as the presidents thought as far as a good government shutdown is good for the country and could help achieve his goals, i want to get your thoughts. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents. mulvaney whoba mick talked about the border wall. he was also asked specifically whether the president thinks might be achieved through eight shutdown. here is his response. [video clip] >> sooner or later will have to
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do something different. i think i can make the argument, and i just did, we have made something dramatically different by getting rid of parity. that may help us change a little bit. if we get to september and it is still business as usual and nothing changes, and it takes a shutdown to change it, i have no problem with that. host: you can call the line and post on twitter and facebook. brandon, line for democrats. go ahead with your comment. caller: i believe shutting down the government so trump can get his way is ridiculous. he is trying to run a dictatorship by forcing his will. if he doesn't get his way, he will shut it down until he gets his way. that is not the way the government should be ran. host: why do you think it is a bad idea? caller: it shows that he is not
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willing to work with the other side. it is either my way or nothing. wrong way to run a country, especially at the time we are facing with north korea and the middle east, at the same time, as well as our own infrastructure. be a problem if he shuts down the government for one problem. host: since you live in arlington, virginia are you a government worker and would be directly affected? caller: no. i have not a government worker and would not be directly affected. as far as the country itself, it would be affected by it. that is scary in itself. host: bob in nevada. you are next. caller: hi, pedro. how are you? host: fine. how about yourself? caller: ok.
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i am calling from nevada, by the way. the need for a shutdown is there, but it needs to be a controlled shutdown. there are a lot of programs that could be much use that successfully shut down without creating chaos among those who are not as privileged as those aid,et to receive foreign to buy enough gas to go to the national park services. things lieke that. the mynatt, mostly unused stuff is one thing.
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, mostly unused stuff is one thing it when you talk about shutting down social security, medicaid, in kind benefits to the states, then you have a problem. host: if you're thinking is a shutdown might be able to give a chance for the administration to rethink spending, what about the achievehutdown could some of the administration goals they were looking for in the last spending package? i don't have enough familiarity with the goals you are talking about to be able to comment. if you could elaborate, that would be great. host: some republicans were looking to cut spending to planned parenthood. some looking for more money for border wall. those kinds of specifics. is an: the border wall
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absolutely needless expense. all that is is a general contractor's shared employment act type of proposal. as far as shutting down planned parenthood, that is not what i'm talking about. a lot of people use that. same with pbs. host: stanley from florida on the independent line. it seems like he likes dictators. that is what it would be. he wants to take over the senate. that is not the way it works. it is a country where people have the right to do 2 things. that is why you need a democratic and republican party, so they get together and no one gets all they want. host: since the president thinks he did not get a lot of what he
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wanted, what do you think about that as far as he goes about in the future achieving these goals? caller: he has to have thicker skin. nobody gets all they will want -- all they want. you have different representatives, and some people like planned parenthood. some people don't like planned parenthood. you have the democrats calling for certain things, republicans going for a certain thing. that is why you have three branches of the president. we don't have a dictator. he wants to be a dictator. that is not the way the country is run. everyone has a voice, not just the president. host: it was the president said aay via tweet that shutdown might begin for the country, especially on the administration not achieving their goals. we want to get your thoughts. (202) 748-8000 for democrats.
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(202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents. you can post on twitter if you want to do that. you can go to our facebook page. you can post at for that. a pieceillips wrote yesterday looking at the idea of the president's tweets and what is behind it. the headline is the real reason trump is so frustrated with congress is because he keeps taking bullets for republicans. the president did not put all his political capital on the line to sell it, this is about the health care bill, trump trump thought it was congress' fault. called on house speaker paul ryan to step down. after that he targeted conservative republicans in the house freedom caucus that
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opposed the bill. when you go to amber phillips' column, she says mr. trump came into this job knowing zilch about the way washington worked. why else would he promised to get obamacare repealed, a bill," in theax first 100 days. if not decades. the president has shown little desire to learn. next on our democrats line, go ahead iris. caller: i am concerned about the government shutdown. for myself and millions of seniors. if we lose our social security, which is small, i can see our landlords taking us out on the street is a lot of them are like , "we want our money now."
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we won't be able to afford food or anything. n't taxt time they did us, but this time i feel they will be aggressive. personally, i think his attitude "why will belike, done" or else. he is too aggressive. too aggressive. he wants what he wants regardless of the consequences for anyone else. that is extremely frightening for our economy. host: fairfax, virginia on the line for republicans. caller: good morning, pedro. host: good morning. caller: i am concerned about this budget. it is $1.1 trillion, from my understanding. hello? host: you are on, go ahead.
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caller: this is for a five-month period. that is going to be $2.64 trillion per year. is 21.1 years, that trillion. we can't spend that kind of money anymore. i think we need a shutdown right now. i can't believe they passed a budget that far out of the realm. it is ridiculous. host: you think a shutdown would achieve the goals the president wants in spending? you think it would ultimately help him get his way as for what the administration wants? caller: i really thought trump was going to pull back on these people and fight them. he is giving the democrats everything they want. i don't know if he is involved in it, or if it is just the
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republican congress, but i am very surprised they passed a budget of $1.1 trillion for five months. that is crazy. host: can i ask if you voted for donald trump? caller: yes. i did vote for mr. trump. i believe he has the possibility of being the greatest president we ever had. if these things keep going on, that won't happen. host: a sparse fixing that, is this more work -- as far as fixing that, is it more work in the administration, in the congress, what do you think? caller: if i was president trump , when this bill passed my desk, i would veto it. host: the governmentneeds a good shutdown is the president's thinking.
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randy in alabama. good morning. good morning, pedro. i found understand how anyone could think shutting down the government is a good idea. republicans really want the federal government. thank you, very much. host: if you want to give us your thoughts on the president's tweet suggesting the country needs a good shutdown, (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents. on, work by goes republican leadership on capitol hill is taking place to get support for the american health care act, the replacement to the affordable care act. representative upton saying he would not support the bill. one more no vote from republicans would mean this effort would be halted. newspaper keeps a
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running tally of those who said they would not vote, those that would, and some undecided. when it comes to the undecided category, 53 numbers of congress, including just in a the representative for michigan, rob blunt of iowa, the list goes on. not only does it list the unclear ones, it is who will vote yes and no. some of those on the no list right now are the representative arizona, virginia, reinke stella pennsylvania, and others. to keep a running list for those who look yes, and no, and undecided. the idea of the government needing a shut down, or the
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president saying the government needs a good shutdown. regina, hi there. caller: i think the president is absolutely right. we need to shut down the government so they can see, and the people can see, the government is an intrusion. it steals our money. i like that he wants to defund planned parenthood. with thebuild the wall money that goes to planned parenthood. for what? you can get the same services from your doctor, from an ob/gyn. they can take the same insurance, or the same noninsurance, that the federal government seems to be thinking they are handing out. host: were you surprised that some of the things that made it into this spending package? caller: yes. i voted for republicans.
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republican,mmitted or i was uncommitted. they said they were going to support israel, defund planned wall.hood, and build the those three things we need. aside from a shutdown, what does the president need to do, the republican leadership in congress need to do, what do they need to do to achieve those goals? caller: the president needs to stand firm. congress needs a wake-up call. there is no more flip lopping to get the next pro-life vote, were next budgetary vote. we have to get out of debt. we are not going to have a country. we will be like greece if we don't get out of debt. host: the president's tweets
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prompted responses from many members on the house and senate. on the floor, chuck schumer talked about the president's tweet and what he thinks would happen if a shutdown did happen. here is chuck schumer from yesterday. [video clip] >> we saw democrats and republicans working together in the best editions of the senate. the president disparages it in a way that is destructive, saying "that's have a shutdown." president has been complaining about a lack of bipartisanship in washington. this is exactly how washington should work when it is bipartisan. both parties negotiated and came to an agreement on a piece of legislation we can each support. it is a shame that the president is degrading it because he did not get 100% of what he wanted. a story in "the washington
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post" looks at some reactions to the spending agreement. this is john, the headline republican vote is that they won plenty in the republican agreement. some on the defense argued the parity between defense and military spending was not achieved. $50 billion came from and off for fund. it would not be able to be renewed in congress the sides extending spending levels in upcoming budget fights. the funds would not be included in calculating the starting urent for fut negotiations. bob corker believes the war fund has been infused and plans the vote against the measure as a result. buffalo, new york. caller: good morning. that i thinkay people don't understand what we need is to have something in place to keep us afloat until the negotiations can happen for
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a more comprehensive budget to go through. host: so you are saying, ok now, let's say the fight for later? caller: yes. i think there are things in the works to get funding for the wall. the bill that ted cruz proposed to fund the wall through the funds appropriated from el chapo. that is still technically mexico paying for the wall and trump upholding a promise. we need to defund planned parenthood. i don't know if many know this, but the final report that came back from the investigative panel in congress found planned parenthood did violate the law. they were misappropriating funds meant for non-abortion services for abortion services, and changing billing codes when they were not appropriating the funds. they violated the hyde amendment
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. they were negligent in their record-keeping as how they were procuring funds for exchange of tissues. there were recommendations put in place against them for criminal and test a geisha. .- criminal investigations the cia could still file criminal charges. host: as far as president trump's idea -- she is gone. let's go to mike. caller: good morning. ludicrous. idea is we saw what happened in the previous shut down. republicans know they will lose a lot of seats because they will be playing. sb blamed. i'mead of a compromise, sure not everyone got what they wanted, but there was a compromise and a solution. the idea that right-wing people think they should get their way
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all the time or they will hold their breath until they pass out -- let them hold their breath and pass out. to shut down the government in the greatest country in the world is a ridiculous idea. host: some would argue that even in the last shutdown republicans maintained control. caller: that is true. if you look at the way districts are gerrymandered, where you one republicans shoved into districts, and that is democrats ' fault for letting this get away from them. they were asleep at the wheel. the democrats will wake up and say we need to start at the autumn and work our way -- at the bottom and work our way up instead of worrying about the presidency. they willhink compromise on issues to keep things happening in the house and senate? caller: i believe compromise is
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the true way that our government works. you cannot get everything you want. for trump to say the democrats are happy so we will have a good shutdown, what is a good shutdown. you are keeping people out of work, not allowing tourists to visit national parks which generates income -- i thought trump was about generating income. that would devastate so many people. you're not taking about the social security clerk, the mailman, no one but yourself. wake up, be americans, instead of being a republican or a democrat, and we will fight and get nowhere. host: some republicans responding by tweet. "no we don't need a government we shouldn't change rules on the legislative filibuster."
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that is talking about changing the rules to make it easier for the senate to make legislation happen. republican line. hi there. caller: how are you? host: time well. good morning. caller: i am all for a government shutdown. i believe it is not just the democrats or republicans at fault. let's look at the republicans hiding donald trump. what needs to happen is everybody works for us, the people, not just the government. they have to understand that and get it through their heads that we put them in office. not themselves. if they don't start doing the right job, when it comes time to vote them out, we need to vote them out and get people in that will work for the people. host: do you think that effort
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is happening now, as far as looking at the republicans you talked about? caller: yes. look at congress and the senators, all that, that are fighting this. -- it goes right down the line. host: off of twitter saying no one lost anything in the last shutdown. they all got paid. the story in the paper looking at hillary clinton in an interview she did yesterday in new york. she talked about the 2016 election campaign, pointing the wikileaks and james comey as factors in defeat. as far as james comey is concerned, the fbi director, he appears before thie senate judiciary committee. as far as ms. clinton's
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comments, those issues could well.p as you can see that here with the fbi director. watch for it on c-span three, go to for more information here you can also see it courtesy of the c-span radio app app. wisconsin, democrat's line. caller: sorry, not the democrat line, independent. i agree with the shutdown. i heard a gentleman talking about, let's look at the details of what they shut down. take the priorities, things we don't need, and look at the details in the bill. i heard there were portions that want to fund $100 million for a counter russian influence in europe, and funding for puerto rico's medicaid program. what are we funding those things for? let's get to basics.
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cut what should be cut, shut them down so we can force these special interest groups from spending my taxpayer money on their crap. host: from tennessee, on the line for democrats. hi, patsy. caller: i'm calling to speak of a shutdown of the country. we don't need a shutdown. we just need people to be vote forature, and we you to take care of business, not be ignorant. we we don't need a president like trump. shut harriet caldwell said down, shut down, shut down. one more event with the lead up to the french presidential election. the debate that will take place between the two leading the pen you can and le
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see at 2:55. also go to our website for more information. we will talk about other things as the morning goes on. tension with north korea and the latest regarding the budget. joined by gerry connolly on the republican's effort to make changes to the affordable care act and reaction by congress. if you missed the passenger treatment on airlines, they heard directly from the ceo of united airlines about the passenger dragged off of an airplane. here is a bit of that testimony from yesterday. [video clip] >> the reason i'm sitting here is because on april 9, we had a serious breach of public trust. i would like to apologize to dr. ao, his family, every person
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on flight 3411, and customers and employees worldwide. i am personally sorry my immediate response and the response of the airline was inadequate. no customer or individual should ever be treated the way mr. dao was. ever. we understand that. for the last three weeks i've spent every day thinking about how we got to this point. what chain of events culminated in the injury of a customer and loss of trust in so many more. 27, week, on april released an analysis of what , where we fell short, and actions to change the customer experience at united, which you have wonderfully articulated. there were 4 main failures. first, we called law enforcement when


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