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tv   Congressional Democrats Call Presidents Budget a Tally of Broken Promises  CSPAN  May 28, 2017 1:37pm-2:00pm EDT

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[crowd noise] >> that same day, democratic leaders joined the ranking numbers of the house and senate budget committees to get their reaction to the trump administration's 2018 budget proposal. this conference is 20 minutes. senator sanders: thank you all very much for being here to discuss an issue of enormous consequence for the american people. the trump budget introduced today constitutes a massive transfer of wealth for working families, the elderly, the
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children, the sick and the poor to the top 1%. it follows in the footsteps of the trump orion health care bill which gives huge tax breaks to the wealthiest few while 24 million americans off of their health insurance and dramatically raise premiums. this is a budget that says if you are the richest family in america, the walton family you , can get up to a $53 billion tax break for the repeal. break.lion tax at the same time it says if you are a lower income senior citizen, you will not be able to get one nutritious meal a day. you now receive it through the meals on wheels program or the help you just really need if you are disabled. this is a budget that says if
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you are the second wealthiest family in america, the koch brothers family, a family that is introverted hundreds that contributed many hundreds of millions of dollars into the republican party you may get up to a $34 billion tax break but at the same time if you are working-class student trying to figure out how you could possibly afford college, your dream of a college education will evaporate because of major cuts to student financial assistance programs. this is a budget which says if you are a member of the trump family, you may receive a tax break of up to $4 billion, but if you are a child of a working-class family, who could well lose the health insurance you currently have through the children's health insurance program and massive cuts to medicaid. a time when we remain the only major country on earth not to
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guarantee healthcare to all this budget makes a bad situation worse in terms of health care. in other words, this is a budget that provides massive tax breaks for billionaires and corporate ceo's and massive cuts to programs to tens of millions of struggling americans depend upon. when donald trump campaigned for president he told the american people that he would be a different type of republican. that he would take on the political and economic establishment, that he would stand up for working people, that he understood the pain that families all across the country were going through. sadly, this budget exposes all of that verbiage for what it really was, just cheap and dishonest campaign rhetoric that was meant to get votes and nothing more than that. a time when the very rich are already getting much richer while the middle class continues , to shrink, this is a budget
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for the billionaire class, for wall street, for corporate ceos and for the wealthiest people in this country. this is a budget which will make it harder for our children to get a decent education, harder for working families to get the health care they desperately need, harder for families to put food on the table, harder to protect our environment, harder for the elderly to live out their retirement years in dignity. this is a budget that is immoral and will cause an enormous amount of pain for the most vulnerable people in our nation. this is a budget that will be rejected by the american people and must not see the light of day. this is a budget that will be john yarmuth is the ranking member of the budget committee. john, thank you for being with us. >> the budget released by the
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trump administration is shocking extreme and the antithesis of what the american people have said they want from their government. the president's budget leaves no question about what his administration values. special interest at the expense of american families economic progress and our national security. it is a total embrace of the robin hood in reverse mentality we saw the republican health care repeal bill and the administration's tax proposal both of which have been over and , -- overwhelmingly rejected by the american people. this budget actually targets assistance for people with disabilities, cutting social security disability insurance despite the president's pledge to not touch social security at all. yes, the president's budget is a betrayal, a line by line tally of broken promises you made to the american people but above all it's a trail of broken dreams and the loss of hope and opportunity for millions of families. this budget starts by taking
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away healthcare, then food and housing than education and job opportunities where nearly every american family struggling to get ahead this budget makes it that much harder if not impossible. the level of cuts to investments that the american people need is astonishing and the consequences of these cuts is very sad and frankly immoral. the trump administration makes all these harmful cuts for one simple disgraceful reason, to , try to hide the fact that their huge tax breaks for millionaires corporations and , special interests will explode the debt and they do this in a dishonest way. this budget relies on absurd economic pretensions that projections and it provides no real information on tax reform other than to claim its revenue-neutral. i guess this is the president's 'believe me' part of his budget. if donald trump used these
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budgeting techniques in this business, not even the russians would invest in his projects. with all due respect to the president, we aren't going to take his word for particularly when no one else will. we have been down this road before more than once. all the evidence proves it tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest americans do not pay for themselves. instead they explode our deficit , rob our country of needed investments and make those at the top even richer. this is not what the american people want or deserve. the american people do not want us pitting teachers against soldiers, or choosing to update tanks over textbooks. we want to ensure that american families and the military have a tools needed for success. in fact, that's the response ability. it's also responsibility to invest in their future and help grow our economy. education, health care, job training, innovation and infrastructure investments that , help individuals with nowhere left to turn. and a tax code that helps families get ahead. these are american priorities and they should be priorities of
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the congress. now i have the pleasure of introducing -- >> i have a trick question. after hearing each of them speak which one is from brooklyn and , which one is from kentucky? anyway, it's great to be here . i want to thank our leaders on the budget committee senator sanders and congressman yarmuth and thanks to leader pelosi who will be joining us shortly. now in case you haven't had time , to review the president's budget, let me sum it up for you. the trump budget takes a sledgehammer to the middle class and to working-class americans , lavishes tax breaks on the wealthy, and imagines all of the deficit problems away with fantasy math. this budget exists somewhere over the rainbow where the dreams of mick mulvaney, paul ryan and the koch brothers really do come. -- come true. but of course these dreams are a
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nightmare for the average working american. the trump budget cuts transportation funding, education funding, and helping students repay their student debt. one of the greatest burden on middle-class kids and something that's closing the housing recovery. the trump budget which seeks more than $1 trillion in cuts to medicaid and health care would decimate health care options for rural american,s children, seniors and pull the rug on many of our rural hospitals throughout the country. now earlier our colleague from texas stated this budget was quote, "a proposal of the president's priorities. it's clear the president has prioritize breaking his promises to the working people of america. for example on the campaign trail he promised over and over again he wouldn't cut social security, medicare and medicaid. with this budget he cuts two out of three. he cut social security
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disability benefits, cut medicaid by $1 trillion. the great irony of the trump agenda is it hurts many of the people who supported him in the campaign. there is no clear example of this irony in his budget. when you add it all up, the trump budget is comic book villain bad, and it relies on fantasy to make all the numbers work. it's the kind of budget you might expect from someone who is rooting for a government shutdown. i'm optimistic it will be roundly rejected by both parties here in the congress. the way we can reach a binding agreement in september is to do what we did last month, work together on a bipartisan basis, reject this extreme budget have tell president trump and mick mulvaney to stay out of the
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negotiations, and come up with a plan that will help the american people and create jobs here at home. leader pelosi. >> thank you very much leader schumer. i'm glad to be here within the -- with you and the distinguished ranking member of the senate budget committee as well as the distinguished ranking member of the house budget committee. i associate myself with remarks that i heard on the way over. every are. we president trump's budget is a stark showcase at present trumps broke and promises to america's hard-working families. jobs. in his own words, the president promised he would be the greatest job producer that god ever created. instead his budget steals hundreds of billions of dollars from critical job creating investments and infrastructure , education and clean energy. health care. the president promised he would
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quote, "free the earth from miseries of disease." instead in addition to the devastation of trumpcare he wants to chop more than $7 billion and the national institute of health, one fifth of its budget. the national institute -- the biblical power take here. we have scientific opportunities and a cuts one fifth of the budget. social security and medicare have been mentioned by the leader and others. the president promised he would not cut medicare and medicaid or social security. slashesrs repeating, it social security disability insurance. when asked about it, director mulvaney says we will not cut social security. no, we cut social security disability insurance. that is cutting social security. $110 billion from medicaid on top of the already staggering
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$840 billion medicaid cut in trumpcare. so we are talking about 1.4, almost $1.5 trillion, trillion dollars in cuts to medicaid. the president promised in terms of clean air and clean water to make sure we have clean air and clean water. instead he is ransacking the epa and slashing funding for cleaning up hazardous substances and enforcing clean air and clean water laws. the president's budget is short-sighted based on loss -- false assumptions and a plan that perfectly reflects what the republicans in congress have been trying to inflict on america for years. it's important to note this. some members are saying it's dead on arrival. well in the house this budget is , a step down the same road and mr. yarmuth can attest to this the same road to ruin advance by
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, years of house republicans budgets under speaker ryan and chairman price. budgets which ransack their investment jobs education and for hard-working families. budgets thought the hand hand massive tax breaks to the rich by stealing from food stamps and slashing medicaid. all of this to give a tax break to the wealthiest people in our country. the national budget is a statement of our national values. it's important we reflect that and how we allocate our resources. this budget fails to recognize that education is the greatest investment we can make and people reaching their aspirations in keeping america number one. he also fails to recognize that nothing brings more to the treasury than the education of the american people. early childhood, k-12, higher education, lifetime learning. nothing brings more money to reduce the deficit.
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it's a false economy. it's one of the dumbest budget moves, with stiff competition mind you, but one of the dumbest budget moves they can make. president trump's budget shows he does not value the future of our seniors, children and our working families and it should be rejected. thank you. >> can we talk for a moment about you and i spoke yesterday. , he didn't think his same republican would vote for this but you feel that there is any chance republicans will do this . they talk about well this is . they talk about well this is going to make it hard to pass the appropriations bill and the rhetoric for them is this is dead on arrival. senator sanders if i'm a : republican member of the house, do you really think i'm looking forward to going home to whatever state i came from and
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from and say, yeah, i just voted for an incredibly large tax break for billionaires, and by the way we are going to cut head start in childcare and after-school programs and health care and education. i certainly don't know very many republicans who want to go home under that dynamic. >> a perfect example, he is slashing s.n.a.p. proposes we buy $193 billion. we have 800,000 families in kentucky who utilize food stamps and great numbers of people are kids. i can imagine anything that senator mcconnell and senator paula my other five republican colleagues want to say we are going to cut off these people. >> when it comes to the appropriations time, your side will probably prevail. >> let me say this.
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some republicans are saying this is dead on arrival. they voted for the ryan budget. the ryan budget contains many of the same things. in fact that the ryan budget also voucherizes medicare. medicare is a guarantee. the ryan budget says it's a no longer guaranteed you'll get a voucher. it prescribes to their philosophy. wither on the vine. we are trying to add social security and medicare and medicaid paid this is a killer for the american people , literally a killer. as long as the public is aware of what is in these budgets, and that the important point they , have to know there's a price to pay in terms of public opinion if they vote for this but they did already vote for , the ryan budget so they have gone down this path. they are deconstructionists. they don't believe in governance and they don't believe in science. they don't feel compelled to do any of these things.
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>> is there anything in here that you see the can work with the white house on? >> i think what is a good start but totally inadequate in terms of its funding is moving towards paid family and medical leave. the united states of america remains today the only major country on earth that does not guarantee paid family and medical leave. the funding for this proposal is miniscule compared to what the needs are, but i'm glad mr. thompson administration toognizes to need for us enjoy not only major countries around the world of many poor countries as well. ends likesly proposed to bring up the obama budgets just to show there was some support for it. if this budget is as bad as you say it is, to you plan to try that tactic this time? >> that may well be a possibility. thank you all very much.
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[crowd noise] pictures looking at from a few months ago for the annual rolling thunder bike ride taking place today in washington. it is a way to recognize service members and raise awareness on various veterans issues. this earmarking the 30th anniversary. this demonstration and ride first began as a demonstration after the vietnam war for prisoners of war and those missing in action. let's watch a bit.
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>> video from a short while ago from the ride taking place on this memorial day weekend in washington. raining today off and on ndc incident with pictures we are showing you from short while ago. participants starting at the pentagon. they arrived around the national mall and end up back over at the lincoln memorial for a ceremony. one of the participants this year is the representative claudia tenney, the mother of a u.s. marine serving in iraq and
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a longtime harley davidson owner. the company loaning her a motorcycle for today's event, which she showed off at the u.s. capitol. representative tenney says she sign up for the ride because he thought it would be a nice way to honor veterans. ♪ >> c-span's washington journal, with every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up monday morning, dan caldwell of concerns veterans for america. about public policy issues affecting veterans. michael beckel will look at how congressional fund-raising has evolved through the years. then executive director for the john f. kennedy library foundation will reflect on the political legacy of jfk as the country commemorates his 100th birthday. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern monday morning. join the discussion. education secretary betsy


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