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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 3, 2017 9:34am-10:01am EDT

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know, could sign his name, maybe could read, because there was a the house, the only book. worked hard everyday. on.m childhood and -- but because he got a scholarship to this little in cambridge called harvard and he said discovered forever, he ad became the john adams who helped change the world. complete american history go to >> "washington journal" continues. again, open phones until 10:00 today. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. independents, 202-748-8002. twitter as on c-span wj, and post on the facebook page at
9:35 am, we get from the museum in washington, d.c. election of headlines from around the world and across the nati nation. the ersey journal, by governor chris cristie , due to ongoing, the government shutdown today, this cristie vernor today. that is just some of the headlines including from the tweet released by trump trump, or president regarding wrestling cnn yesterday in a tweet, a video of places we a lot talked about in the first hour, that is the reaction, there is reaction coming from that. also, the president sending out tweets, when it comes to the of news and particularly how he sees news organizations, as we go on u that in the morning.
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you can let us know your hinking on the lines and on twitter. the president sending out these saying,things via tweet fake news will be forced to job numbers, eat success with isis, border and so much else, that is president this morning. first up on this open phone, new hester field, hampshire, ron. ron, go ahead, you're o. caller: hey, good morning. thank you, c-span, i love this show, it's a great show. prisons and the jail and stuff. as i'm concerned, the prisons in the justice system in a joke.ntry is if basically how much you're not rich, if you're poor and there are a lot of poor peep country, you can't afford much justice. ou will not find many rich people in prison, they can buy
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their way out. that is why we have so many we didn't risons f. have all the jails and prisons, we wouldn't need all that staffing. jails three times more and prisons than the next three countries put together, even ridiculous. on that,having touched quick comment on that, but i comment on is not now ump, he nor will he ever be legitimate president it me. is as much president to me as obama was to him and the epublicans f. that makes me unamerican, then that makes donald trump and the republicans unamerican. host: okay. let's go to arthur in virginia., democrats line. caller: yes, a comment about the just spoke the truth. would like to add on to that, how president trump, i don't
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even want to refer to him as president, but how he can stand to the veterans -- can you hear me? go ahead., you're on, caller: okay. stand up to the veterans and to ratulate them for going lives and-- risk their talk about the mad dog -- like mattis or somebody, you shouldn't be giving him prudence that because he is a draft dodger. war when it o to was his time. so big and -- i have no for him as a president. just like the man said, i have he uch respect for him as had for president obama and that was zip. ost: that is chesapeake, virginia. arthur, the dealings of new jersey with state budgeets. the focus bys into
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the "wall street journal," reakthrough in that state's fiscal stalemate came sunday, house lawmakers approved measure sending to the senate the first budge net two budget would d spending plan.n record-breaking fiscal impass, illinois racked up and credit rating companies were warning the state's debt could be downgraded junk status. log jam is result of political between the republican november elected in and michael madigan, who has for three next to beverly, washington, d.c. hect beverly in washington, d.c., good morning. caller: yes, good morning. morning. thanks.
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i'm calling because i want you to know to tell the president be a witness for the lord and to also carry the holy to follow him and god's commandments. okay. coatesville -- go ahead, hi. good morning. comment to direct my the folks that called in about outletake news," the news necessary my estimation are simply reporting what mr. trump is doing. fake or mean, i don't know because the man is a little unhinged and what is scarier than him, people going along ith his agenda to silence the fourth estate, the press, which is vital to a democracy. the what did you get from
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tweet he sent out yesterday of him wrestle something just that his childish knows knows -- the office he's found himself in. doing it to himself and the press is merely reporting what he's doing. so how that's mean or fake, i don't know. news, he said himself, from fox news. courts was by the ; so that is the. news and it is worrisome american citizen guess along with this agenda. host: that is pat in virginia turn downwers, if you your television while you wait, getss uts down on delay,
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you in faster, we can get comments and move on to others waiting. you can do that, we appreciate it. from the watchung post this orning, department by the homeland security, barring or emirite airline from ban on laptops. t had been exempted from u.s. ban on laptops and other airports.s from change to the policy affecting united states from art muslim majority countries. the the -- verified department of ome land security measure announced last week have been implemented correctly at the airline. we recommend working swiftly to additional measures, that is department of homeland their y spokesman said, efforts are a model for foreign
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and domestic airlines looking to new measures. here is karen from pennsylvania. go ahead. caller: yes. i disagree with your last caller. from the a.p. t to the "new york times" to the washington post," we've had fake news for years. a pure witch n respectively and the the um is lacking among press corps for politics. t's been fake for years and most are left leaning lawyers, corps.y, among the press and particularly, on t.v., i katie in the clinton year clinton, who shing was trailing in the polls, couldn't stand bush, this has for decades.
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the left controls media generally with the exception of -- some talk radio and fox news. for those organizations and thank -- i hank god, i prayed for trump's victory. i was for him from day one, he outsider and tells it like it is. cally t playing plate correct game that republicans play, as well. just as guilty down in d.c., as are the democrats or hey would be investigating hillary clinton right now who obscured law and justice. host: al is next, silver spring, maryland. al, go ahead. caller: hi. i want c-span can sometimes talk of precisely in terms numbers. i have been listening to you for a long time, i don't on exactly what they spend healthcare and in terms of
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numbers. how do you collect that 3 dollars? now i know from medicare numbers 240 billion, 55 million people. to know how -- you know, if people want to talk about they don't know numbers, i think you'll have a imprecise discussion. you know -- ost: the topic has generally produced a lot in the terms of i don't have total recall, i don't know if viewer website at o c-span, if you go to that website, type in the topic of in the number e
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of topic of finances when it we'll give yound everything we've taken in as far costs.ers and -- chronicle of higher education look at number and made by university presidents. they are finding pay up 5.3% ith eight presidents earning more than a million dollars. they said the average pay 2016 ase in fiscal year in to $501,000 topping the salary ranking was arizona state university president michael crowe who 1.6 million last year along with base salary of bonus ofeceived annual $150,000 and 10-year retention $550,000 paid by university private foundation the university of texas system, william mcraven, texas tamari
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university system john sharp. presidents receive base salary of million or more last chief hreshhold no previously had crossed in the study's history. hugh in inwood, florida. republican line. america.ood morning, i have figured out a way to keep letting any of this twitter stuff bother you. pay attention 't o it, things are great, that's pretty much it. host: how did you come to that conclusion? caller: i don't read it. host: how come it doesn't bother you? caller: because i don't pay attention to to it. fairly simple, sir. host: okay, jonathan, inneapolis, minnesota, democrats line. caller: good morning. good morning, america. good morning, world. okay. first off, with the fake news
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garbage, i think he calls them news because it makes him feel insignificant when people him on the news media on social media, and i wouldbut what could we all he know the system is broken, we are basically left with nothing left being an is president in four years, thank god, it is only four years, going to e world is change, we need a strong president, we need the world to together and be happy and be healthy and be kind to one another. world, this world we live in today, the society needs to up and this man is not healthy emotionally, he needs an section iv, and god
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bless america, we're all going to freaking need it. thanks for your time. have a great day. host: independent line, tennessee, julie tte. caller: hi, good morning. would like to comment on some things i've analyze body our president. our president, from the time he ade his announcement, until that -- has indicated gahead.liet we got what you said before, go ahead with your thought. our r: my thought is that president, who from my analyzing everything he said, indicating hat he will be the last president of this united states. he will be the first dictat -- hello?
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ost: how did you come to that conclusion? caller: the things he'sed over the time he's been speaking on it. to run, re he began t's just he has indicated that he would have dynasty and there will be nobody else after him. host: what did he say that reflects his viewpoint? aller: last year on the campaign trail, he spoke several being the -- m i listenelected and as to him, the re-election is not 2020, but forever. salvadore in to burbank, california. good morning. good morning. host: you're on, go ahead. this.r: my comment is his --nt clinton declare
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host: hello, go ahead. caller: okay. my comment -- my comment is this, okay. said, mr. clinton declare t -- african american. -- declares himself the the mexicans. ow the american people, the orkers, this president, mr. 67 p is our business, million don't understand it. continue, we've had to with mr. trump as a president. thank you. adios. georgia, here o, is chris, democrats line. hi, chris. morning.good how are you? host: well, thanks. caller: thank you to c-span, trade trump's candidacy, a joke.y thought it was
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anyone who voted against him joke.t he was a with the latest a ies of tweets, proven he's joke. he ridiculous, he's shown is childish and he's not even job.y of dignity of the that's all i have to say. host: one thing the president youe about on sunday night, can see that event on c-span, by the way, he talked about his thoughts when it came to the media, that report on him, here thoughts from sunday night. > the fake media is trying to silence us, but we will not let them. because the people know the tru fake media tried to stop us from going to the white president and
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they're not. [applause] and they trump: we won lo lost. has act is the press destroyed themselves because too far. instead of being subtle and the hatchet and
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the people saw it right from the beginning. the dishonest media will never eep us from accomplishing our objectives on behalf of our people.erican it will never happen. host: those comments from saturday night, talks about his view on the media, especially in light of the tweet people. it will never he sent out esterday, concerning his wrestling moves, which you probably saw elsewhere and so we that to you earlier recent statements he made about want nbc show, but if you to see that in whole event in at rety go to our website from new york, republican line, this is john, hello. good morning. host: you're on, go ahead. first-time nk you, caller on c-span, i really enjoy the program. i just have a comment about the of the president. the office of the president. first w, my -- i'm
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generation born here, my parents literally on a boat. my father explained to me, before trump, when he was a boy sitting in a fourth grade class in greece, they all the american president was. they didn't even know who the greek prime minister was and is the prestige of the office of the president of the united states and since donald been elected, i'm actually ashameded to call myself an american. that is my comment. thank you for taking my call. host: democrats call. evelyn, fort fort lauderdale, florida. caller: good morning, i watched the video from president trump, 70-year-old man he has no moral standard than what he did. just a sad day in america, in the world, in the whole country. is my thought on that. thank you. host: "wall street journal" akes a look at recent
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developments in the catholic church, this is about the decision by pope france essaying fired what is known as the doctrinal office chief opponent to ading liberalize the catholic church much weak h a body headnder his pontifficate, much the doctrine of the faith, vatican body responsible near defending catholic doctrine. modernizing over the changes introduced by the council. reaffirming church teaching on topics including sexual and and other church relati relations. informal e frances, approach to doctrine, the congregation role has been issued just one such document in more than four years. illinois, hello, you're on the air. go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you very much for taking call.
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first time calling to c-span. would just like to say that i don't necessarily agree with everything that the president but i do think that the media should be a nicer and attack his policies and not the person. thank you very much. is a storyfer, there about illinois, possibly resolving budget issues under governor, have you been following that? if so, what do you snng aller: yes, i have, and illinois is a big mess and it for the past 30 years, i don't want to see washington end up like illinois. host: jennifer in woodstock, illinois. in new mexico, albuquerque on the republican line. caller: hello. hi, you're on. caller: yes, i'd like to know give president trump a chance.
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they give everybody else a chance. know why ats, i don't trump don't go after hillary for all the things that she has done in the past. say.'s all i got to host: gary, he's been in office six months, how long of a chance needs?think he caller: well, everybody keeps beating him up, if they would have a better world. host: one more call this will be dewey from dobson, north carolina. go ahead, you're on. hi, thank you for taking my call. first-time caller calling in. dc with a group of 70 america m across north from different churches, here in dc talking about political division. of such division across the country is great to perspective of our youth talking about how to resolve some differences or even allow differences to exist and
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maintain our civility. we've lost on many civility, i'm inspired the way our youth are taking about issue of race and and how to be n better people regardless of today.on in the climate it is bothering our youth and i continuing is great to turn to hem in times like these for inspiration and hope moving forward. host: what is a good first step divides that you see? we need to sit around and talk face-to-face and meet people we're talking about there out there, talking we don't know what their faces look like. e don't know what their story is. so our kids are from all backgrounds and they're meeting each other for the first time, some people from ifferent ethnic groups that they have never met before. and just seeing them form
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relationships even though there are obvious and clear ifferences, it's been inspirational in a time such as this. host: that is dewew, the last this topic. it is july 4, holiday across the nation, we'll have a problem for you. three hours, so you can call in, hear information on topics and to us re to tune tomorrow, 7:00 tomorrow morning, we'll see you then. >> president trump


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