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tv   [untitled]    July 9, 2017 1:18pm-1:36pm EDT

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, expect a vote this week? guest: no. the congressional budget office is not back with scores on some of these proposals. i think the republican leaders wanted a vote this week. i think maybe the week after is a possibility, but i think we will be driven for the august recess starts maybe talking about a health care bill. host: we will follow your reporting at jennifer haberkorn, thank you. guest: thank you, steve. >> possible action by the senate on health care law replacement was a topic on the sunday news shows. they will show you are mark sanford republican senators about the future of the legislation. ted cruz, bill cassidy and john mccain. after that, we open up the phone lines and take your calls live about what you think of the future of the health care law. you, the consumer, should be able to choose what health care you want to buy. if you want to buy a plan with
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all the bells and whistles, with all the mandate under title i, you can buy that planned. they will be on the market and they will have significant federal taxpayer money behind them. on the other hand, if you can't afford a full cadillac plan, you should be able to buy another plan that meets your needs. consumer freedom option gives you the consumer choice whether to go with the full cadillac or a skinnier plant that's a lot more affordable and for a lot of consumers that may be much better than having no coverage whatsoever. >> what happens if it does not? we see two different paths. senator mcconnell saying you have to work with democrats to shore up the insurance market. you president trump saying we should move to the repeal and replace option. what is your answer? senator cruz: i agree with the president. that is something like lee and i both urged back in january. congress has voted 40, 50, 60 times to repeal obamacare.
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we have said let's start with the language in 2015 that just about every republican voted for. let's pass that, have a go into effect in a year or two years from now, and spend that time debating the replacement. toi am for people able choose their insurance plan that fits their needs. pool, heer on risk just re-created the obamacare exchanges when the federal taxpayers putting billions into subsidize the expense of a few. we need to have a common risk pool where everyone chips and a little bit for the young person who gets in a car wreck. if we do it, the cruise amendment is get a minute -- cruz amendment. plans --turns out two that is ok. with two risk pools, that is that. >> that is what he described. >> no, is not designated a
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single risk or a double risk pool. if it is two, that is obamacare re-created. >> if republican senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal and replace at a later date. what do you think of that? >> a nonstarter. it will be uncertainty. premiums will rise for middle-class families. to gets all the power to people who actually don't believe in president trump's campaign pledges, who don't want to continue to cover and care for pre-existing conditions and the lower premiums to give them the stronger hand. i think it is wrong and betrays president trump's campaign pledges. >> what do we need to do now? go back to the beginning. introduce a bill. bring it to the floor. vote on it. that is the normal process. adversary orut the the opposite party, you will end up the same way obamacare did when they ran to through with 60
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votes. guess what? we don't have 60 votes, john. >> what happens next week? senator mccain: my view is it will probably be dead, but i have been wrong. i thought i would be president of the united states. i fear it is going to fail and then we should convene a republican conference and say, what are we going to do? here is a bill. it does not mean they control it. it means they can have it be considered. even when they lose, they are part of the process. that is what democracy is supposed to be all about. >> there is the capital of the united states on a beautiful sunday afternoon. tomorrow afternoon, the senate only back in work. we of the subjects this week expect to come up at some point is the health care law. we want to know what you think. what should the senate do when they returned to washington
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about health care? we thought we would throw up to you this afternoon. do you see the numbers right there on your screen. we will start it with a call from birmingham, alabama on the line for democrats. it is pollack. you are on -- paula. you are on c-span. what should the senate do about health care? are you there? caller: yes, i am here. host: what should the senate do in congress to? caller: i am originally from germany. i was over there. people did not pay anything for medicine or going to the hospital. raised they have taxes 5%-7%. medicine,have to get they have to put dollars or six dollars of the medicine. when they get to the hospital, they don't have to pay anything because they take it from the
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taxes they raise. i was republicans would do something like this where people don't have to worry about paying a much when they go to the hospital or to the emergency room or anything. that is what i would like for them to do. i am kind of nervous. host: we appreciate your call. thank you very much. let's move on to rebecca on the line for republicans from massachusetts. go ahead and welcome to c-span. caller: this is my first time. i'm very happy to get through. one of the things that has come up so many times is about social security. i am on social security. but what very little, most people i don't think anyone ever brings up is they think social security is free. monthsenior pays $105 a
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for their health care. they really don't get anything. they have to go to a next her plan. also being from massachusetts, i as a senior from a low income -- we were on mass health medicare, which is what supposed to have been what obamacare was done. massachusetts did it. maybe all states should be doing it at a state level. in ion as obamacare came was kicked off mass health. i have a disability. disability,major but i was on it because of that. and because i am low income. why not kicked off mass health, i also got kicked off my drug plan.
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i think people should take a look. i was listening this morning. and theenator cassidy counterpart for his -- his counterpart from maine, the woman. host: susan collins? caller: yes. their plan is putting it to the state and i like that. land host: thank you, rebecca for that call. ron from mount pleasant, texas. your thoughts about health care and specifically what you think congress should do with anything at all? caller: well, i think congress should go ahead and do it president trump is suggesting because i'm a aca social worker here in texas. people thatnds of
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are looking for doctors that have medicaid through obamacare. there is no doctor within a 500 mile radius that will see these patients. host: you were talking about the same idea that senator ben sass of nebraska -- repeal the replace later? is that what you are talking about? caller: yes, but i have a way that he could be fixed. washington could fix the problem and it would be i just legislative activity. it could be passing two or three laws in congress. one that insurance companies would have to cover pre-existing conditions, and pass another law that children can stay on the health care plans until they are 26. and open up the markets across state lines or you can buy from any insurance company in any
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state so there would be healthy competition. i believe rates would go drastically down. just for appeal the aca, pass three laws, which washington is hesitant to do because of the lobbyist for the insurance companies. they never pass laws against the insurance companies for fear they will harm their profit margin, but i don't see that happening at all. host: we appreciate your call. we want to remind folks are coming up this evening on newsmakers we will learn more because we will have richard pollock. he mentioned some of the lobbyist. richard is the president and ceo of the american hospital association. he will be joining us to talk about republican efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act. at 6:00 eastern right here on c-span. newsmakers tonight with richard pollock of the american hospital association. let's go over to ames, iowa. gail, you are on c-span on a
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sunday afternoon. with the you think? caller: i think it should not be repealed. onhink that -- because i'm -- a lot of us are on social security disability. we cannot afford as it is my medication. there is a lot of times where i almost cannot afford my medication. elderly, i think they need to vote to keep because i forlace it has been better off for me. myself, personally. host: we appreciate your call. let's go to robert in dundee, illinois on the line for others. what you think about the health care law and what should be done? democrats andk
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togetherns should get and replace obamacare or add to it. a lot of senior people that are wayixed incomes, and the they are going about it is wrong. in augustd not recess and work this thing out. host: they should stay here in host: you are saying they should stay here in washington until they work something out. line from -- for democrats in michigan. actually, i know all of you guys are educated.
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you understand economics just like i do. don't replace the bill. fix it. what is wrong with fixing obamacare? go and fix what needs fixing. nothing should happen to social security. been --ecurity has forever. but government of the u.s. has borrowed that money. don't change that. you are going to hurt a lot of elderly people that are disabled. we appreciate that call. let's go over to mike in berlin, maryland, calling on the line
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for republicans. go ahead, mike. your on see their -- on c-span. caller: i appreciate your service. you are doing a great thing for america. the should retell, repel, act. the plan at the republicans have is a disgrace to the poor people in the country. it has just been handed over to the insurance cover -- companies. wish that control of the insurance companies. they have to cooperate also. they have all the power and the company dominates all of society. -- leavingading out a medicaid which hurts the poor people. they cannot do that and it is a disgrace to humanity. republicans have really let us down. the republican congress, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, they are weak leaders and not good statesman. host: you called on our line for
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republicans. if republicans don't do something between now and the midterm elections in 2018, what do you think happens to the republican majority in the house? there is no republican party as you know. those hotshots including ted cruz and that bunch, there were 40 of them who fracture the four -- the party. this is a joke. the country is being run by a very good president, donald trump. leading america right now and the republican congress is dead. thank you for your call. we have a minute or so left. last word, samuel from california.
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go ahead. what do you think about health care? you get the last word. caller: i think congress should repeal obama and give every american from birth to death medicare and medicaid and i'm a physician. we have the money in this country to do that. the pentagon budget alone could take care of all of that. eliminate the insurance companies -- i have worked in county health care taking care of the poor all my medical career. this could be done if the people have any gumption whatsoever, any kerch whatsoever and they are concerned about the american people, eliminate the insurance companies and give toryone including -- birth death, medicare and medicaid and that will solve the problem. host: thank you for your call. this is a conversation we will continue here on c-span. part of that conversation tonight, 6:00 eastern with richard pollock on newsmakers.
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he is the president and ceo and repealing andt replacing the affordable care act and democrat effort to keep the health care law and he will talk about hospital costs. 6:00 eastern tonight on c-span. next chance for you to get in on the phone conversation as tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. eastern on washington journal. time now for journalist and author mollie hemingway talking about the relationship between the trump administration and the media. editor at ther online magazine "the federalist." the hour-long forum was hosted hillsdale college's kirby center in washington, d.c. >> good morning. i am matthew spalding. this is our local campus, as you well know. the main campus is in michigan.


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