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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  July 10, 2017 9:34am-10:01am EDT

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we've got to and get this infrastructure right. need to l forward, we build 300,000 small cell sites few years. what a small cell looks like is aybe a pizza box, it's small and it is going to be attached to everything. these are much more dense going to be on traffic lights and street lights, the so what buildings and we really need and this is eally important, we need infrastructure that rethinks how site. >> communicators tonight on c-span 2. >> "washington journal" continues. host: again, if you want to on the story on "new york times" website concerning hat meeting that took place with donald trump jr. and other last s back in june of year, 202-748-8000 is the line for democrats.
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202-748-8001 for republicans and independents, 202-748-8002. the "new york times" story goes on to say this morning that the in june id take place of last year and it goes on to say that the accounts of this represent the first public indication at least some campaign were willing to suspect help.n more to this, we'll continue with is this story through the morning. with carolyn in louisiana, democrat's line. caller: hi. host: you're on. say that just like to article demonstrates collusion. clear-cut campaign involvement. meet with someone and as a ampaign result, that information come ut on your opponent and they are claiming it came out because of russian hacking and they met
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intent to find out what this information was, so collusion. to me, without a our current president knew about it. people in position as advisors, at least two of the advisors operating as in this new administration. trump jr., himself put out statements. under his nt was account saying obviously i'm the first person on a campaign that here, ake a meeting information about an opponent ent nowhere, but had to listen what he said. he put out a formal statement on this meeting. said, i was asked to have a me meeting with an individual who i told might have information helpful to the campaign. i was not told her name prior to the meeting. i asked jared and paul to attend, told them nothing of the
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substance, the meeting was june of 2016. the woman stated she had that individuals connected to russia were funding the democratic national supporting mrs. clinton. her statements were vague, no sense, no made details or supporting nformation was provided or offered, quickly became clear she had no meaningful information, she changed subjects and began to discuss russian children and to me, this was the true claims of the information was pretext of the meeting. he meeting was 20 to 30 minutes, my father knew nothing of the meeting or events. the e is next on independent line. caller: yes, sir. don't understand why -- by what they do and nobody don't try to do anything about it.
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years old and i've never se -- as trump and the people him. defend and then they want people, if ou don't agree, there is something wrong with you. i s is really something that never would hope that we have to. nobody doing anything about it. california, republican line. caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. host: uh-huh. caller: i think that donald businessman, 's a he's got to do business. the media is doing and i bomboozleieve how they all of us doing what they are doing now. hillary ened to clinton's investigation, what happened to everything with obama? this is incredible.
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wasting time to all american people. they need to start working under report, right now there is number. dixon, o to terry illinois. hi, go ahead. caller: hi, how are you doing? yeah, i've been follow two sgiving story and lied on a kushner security form fwe would have done that, each one would have five-year imprisonment, his meeting was on june 9 of last year, 4:00 that afternoon ust so happen the president, mr. trump, was tweeting about the 3000 e-mails. think the american people need to ask what did donald trump when did he know it. i think donald trump knew about his meeting and i think this
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our s to collusion between government and a foreign basically which is our income. and i'm sorry, i stand for the flag of the united regardless ofica, what party you are, we need to get to the bottom of this. involved, he was needs to be held accountable. no man is above the law. you. host: "new york times" story goes on to say two people briefed on the meeting intermediary, a journalist and he president of a company called we too entertainment that orked with the miss america pageant. mark carello, said on sunday the was not aware of and did not attend the meeting. refer to mr. kushner the statement made earlier confirming he voluntarily meeting, but deferred questions to donald
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trump jr. donald trump jr. said he asked kushner tord and mr. attend, about the didn't tell was about.he meeting juliet. caller: i'm calling because we re not -- most of america is confused about this situation within, one thing about it, last had two people running, liars and because they lied about it, one of the liars the winner and the other liar became the loser. it is. is just the way that is just how it is. goes well.ything next up from rutmond, virginia. caller: yeah, i just called a gentleman brought up a point i've been wondering. we're talking about this russia
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media is causing this frenzy, what about all the before?that happened obama, the scandals, i mean, obama and his rampant, the ran visit on the plane, nobody minutes and that 45 the resident, going down tube. nobody is talking about those meanwhile america is going on the troops. i think our media and i'm media from all the fox to cnn, needs to start telling the truth instead of lying. so thank you for your time. host: one people reacting to the house intelligence committee ranking member on cnn union, talked about this meeting that took place etween donald trump, jr., and
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others, here is what he had to say. >> it certainly raises questions the variety of reasons, president's son denied having any kind of meeting like this, had claim the meeting nothing to do with the campaign and yet the trump campaign invited to come to the meeting and there is no russian r this government advocate to be manafortor mr.aul kushner or the president's son if it wasn't about the campaign russia policy. trying to --y were suggesting this was contrived maybe by hillary clinton, also we n't make sense, so yes, need to get to the bottom of it. that mean calling donald trump, jr. before your committee investigating this?
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think we will want to question everyone at that meeting about what was by trying to frame it about adoption ignore what is it may haveke the meeting been around, the act which is with powerful sanction legislation that goes gainst russian human rights abusers, if this was effort to do away with that sanctions policy, that is obviously very significant, if they are talking to the president's team, andidate trump's team contradicts what the president and his people have said about meeting with ere any representative of the russian government. host: "new york times" report is unclear if the russian awyer actually produced the promised compromising information about mrs. clinton. the people interviewed by the about the meeting said expectation is that she would do so. lone in red springs,
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north carolina. yes, sir. to cnn, and ng all the time news -- all n't know why democrat s for the party president trump go ahead his job and so we could get our country on the way. your mind, lone, this is not a situation worth covering then? exactly. you know, we got so much false news. cnn, sometime and watch msnbc and every time, every time turn the television on, it it is trump, why
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thank you is not an issue? caller: well, i mean, it has for the last several months and just add more more to it. i don't think it would have meeting to do with him someone about adoption. i don't see where that could our country. ost: go to hattie in texas, democrats line. caller: hello. on.: hello, you're caller: yes, sir, the reason why wonder why is i it that, he's president of the he, youtates and why is know, they let him get away with everything? is tied to this. t could be fake, like the gentleman said, fake news just a few minutes ago. be fake news when so many, with the russian thing do with the thing
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and now saying he was fraud overse hillary clinton got three million votes more than he i just don't understand if the united states, you know, some of the republicans that call in, they back get our country again. look like me, he is carrying our russia and to everything like that. the united states was very critical. now i don't know what to do here. this is so terrible here. let's be honest, there is with everybody that he's, you know, his know, law, his son, you he's gone and everything, what is going on. wayne, independent from nebraska. wayne. yeah, this is
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[indiscernible] -- shot for treason. host: okay. nebraska.yne from couple other stories to show you. rex is the hill about tillerson, secretary of state, receiving lifetime achievement award from the oil industry. accepted the award in istanbul from the world called m congress and the industry "marvelous," i miss all of you, according to abc i miss you as colleagues, competitors, he found out he award before the being chosen by the president to lead the president. he thought he would be accepting in the middle of retirement, it didn't work out that way," secretary tillerson said, according to abc. illinois.n chicago, democrats line. caller: good morning. good morning. a shame, i'm 58 years old, been voting in every
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i've never seen anything like this in my life. the republicans should ashamed of themselves, they are drunk with power and going on.verything trump and his family, they have in things i've never seen my entire life. host: what do you think is significant about this story? well, i think it's would go heard of he to russia and have a private meeting during the campaign election season. host: it was actually done at tower. caller: okay. but still, that in itself, you it is something unheard of. president had done something like that, then it would be all over the newspapers
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is now, but i mean, is like -- host: derrick in illinois. e's calling about the latest news about the meeting that took place between the president n. year, with lawyer reportedly tied to the kremlin, showing this morning, the meeting about informationdamaging about hillary clinton. aying that didn't take place and they said a discussion about adoption took place. the president's chief of staff meetingd about the very on fox news sunday yesterday. reince priebus giving response to chris wallace, here is the exchange. i don't of all, chris, know much about it other than what i communicated with various members there on the screen. it was a very short meeting, a adoption.out russian and after about 20 minutes, the meeting ended and that was the
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it.of as far as nondisclosure, jared in disclosure prematurely and since amended t, that is disclosed, it was a nothing meeting. what is developing from the meeting, if you look at the circa put out, the individual that set up the meeting may have been affiliateed with fusion gps, opposition research firm that is talked to enaed and by the senate judiciary committee about their role in that phony ther dociatthis, is a developing story, this seems to be on the individual, big nothing burger, but may spin out of control for the d.n.c. and democrats. >> two aspects of that, in terms f the d.n.c., are you suggesting this was somehow a setup by democrats to try to them hem or compromise with the russians and this was russian ere was any
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interference in the election, why would they have done that? why was fusion gps involved in put thanksgiving together? i don't now, chris, think too many people know why or how this meeting came about. tell you, at i can from my communication with our team, on this subject, there was nothing to it, there was a meeting, it ended after everyone was say thering is nothing happening here, they on and i think in the end, what you will find in the story, column, more a questions on the democrats side than anywhere else. last question about the meeting. why would donald trump, jr., kushner and the campaign chairman want to meet with a russian awyer about adoption? >> i have no idea, chris, you will have to talk to them. talking about issues of foreign policy, issues relating to our
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lace in the world, issues important to the american people like adoption, something not unusual. campaign, o through a the united states talking to not just one particular group of eople in this case about adoption in russia, you have policy teams talking about trade asia and china. unusual?was >> apparently so. host: next to brenda in illinois. independent line. hi, brenda, good morning. caller: hello. go on, caller: oh, yes, i just wanted respected every president, whether i voted for them or not. -- host: brenda, you're still on, go ahead. you.r: oh, thank okay. president.d every host: brenda, what we'll do, put youon hold and that way, if wouldn't mind turning down your television, we can have less
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you.i'll get back to doug first. doug is in ohio, democrat's line. go ahead. usually edro, like you do. you asked the question of what was significant about what donald trump, jr. said, what was admittednt was he you asked the question of there was collusion. taking ted that he was the meeting with the russian the russian e awyer said that she had information that was detrimental campaign and it was for the trump campaign. trump, jr., admitted that statement. that's collusion, plain and simple. he's on his way to jail. host: lawrence is next, from new
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democrat's line. caller: yes, i'm listening to your program and all these are making comments about your article in the "new york one " and i'm thinking thing, why is everybody always thinking about -- wait a minute, got to report about something that somebody has to be thinking of t there is no evidence anything and when it was put somebody in jail, for thinking something. this is a crazy situation where thinking has everybody about when make a thought that is a crime. last caller he president'sthat the son put out a comment of why he took the meeting and that is reported today. caller: if i had a meeting with russian lawyer, would i be guilty of collusion with the russian? no. title people put necessary front of lawyer? maybe they are lawyers because same laws all the
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over the world, but they don't work the same way in the news media. people make ay, comments about things they know comments out or make about people they have never met or talked to like citizens of saying trump tes is a liar and this and that. hey never talked to him, how would they know anything about him? south ext to nadine, carolina, independent line. me.ler: thank you for having in listening this morning, i don't call in often, this is just my second time. am so tired of people not believing press. and that the press when they say you, you're not addressing what fake news. the collusion with the white
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house house, the security documents people have hese pplied for clearances, so many lies, these are facts. this is not fake news. proud of our media and even not, the miss opened up who summations for us, we need to that don't those wish to know shouldn't read, shouldn't listen because they're not anyway. lies and collusion and fake with president trump before and during the campaign, from the burger issue, the how big the crowd was the ward and twisting truth. host: okay, nadine from south carolina, want to show you this
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washington times looking at iraq when it comes to osul, the prime minister celebrated with iraqi troops after they drove islamic militants from the last stronghold in nearly nine-month campaign. partsfighting continue in of the old city, the loss of mosul would march major defeat islamic state, suffered series of setbacks over the year. militants control less than a -- andn shield suicide bombers snipers to fight until the death. herndon, next, virginia. democrats line. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. that when you put chief of staff, talking to laughing been yourself, i really felt shame that the chief of the staff coming to the television telling that they talking about abduction, how you call when you talk about campaign manager, the
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him to aw, you bring talk about adoption, this is insane. that, thisfigure out administration, they really intelligence, i really believe that. we got what we deserve. people, they elect this man and his family as president and this going to get, we've been telling the media been telling he's not qualified be president of the united states. and guess what, this is what for next four get years, whether we like it or not, that is what we'll deal worried about anything. i'm just saying it is a shame that this man coming on talking n say they about adoption, you don't call a campaign manager for adoption, it is crazy. you, yourself, you been laughing laughing razy, i'm myself. host: that is john in virginia. don't forget on c-span this of the senate as they take a look at healthcare and what they'll debate as far
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concerned, on is several issues taking place in the house this week, as well. last use was on vacation week, you'll remember, they are coming in shortly for the session, not a full session, they will come in, gavel out, we'll take you to the pro forma session right now. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the hou a communication from the spiker. the clerk: the spoom, washington, d.c. july 10, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable michael k. simpson to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, reverend gary studniewski, st. peter's catholic church in washington, d.c. the chaplain: let us pray. almighty god, we give you praise and thanksgiving for the united states of america


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