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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 13, 2017 7:00am-8:07am EDT

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terry johnson on fbi director or nominee christopher wray and the future of the fbi. on congressman gregory meeks investigation into russian interference in u.s. election. announcer: ♪ host: good morning. it is thursday, july 13. president trump has left washington for paris. today, he will meet with emmanuel macron. they will hold a joint news conference later this morning. look for our coverage on more in today's papers about the president's son meeting with that russian lawyer last summer. the males revealed by donald trump jr. have triggered a closer look at surveillance of russian medications. the emails revealed by donald
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trump jr. have triggered a closer look at surveillance of russian communications. 202-748-8000 if you think they interfered. if you do not think they interfered, call 202-748-8001. to know why you think yes or no to this question of russia's interference in our campaign. this was a line of questioning for christopher wray, who the president nominated to replace james comey is fbi director. yesterdaycapitol hill for his confirmation hearing before the senate judiciary committee. here is senator lindsey graham. [video clip] >> i think russia is a foreign nation we have to deal with very warily. >> you think they are an adversary of united states? >> yes.
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you believe the russians did it when it came to the hacking into the dnc and possesdesta's emails? >> i have no reason to doubt the conclusions of the intelligence. >> would that make you a candidate to be an enemy of united states? >> it is an adversarial act from act, asaid before -- you said before. 17 intelligence agencies looked into it and all concurred that this happened. we want to know from you, whether you believe it or not. if you do, why do you think it is? what would be the motivation? ohio maligned for those who believe the russians interfered.
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-- ohio, line for those who believe the russians interfered. the intelligence response and our investigation, it seems like there's enough evidence, especially with what's coming out and what's going on the state of to the republican party and all the evidence that's coming out. those are the things that make me think they were involved. host: what do you think should be done about it? caller: what is being done now with the fbi continuing with their investigation. we just have to wait and see what happens from that point. host: carlton, georgia. yes as well. good morning. go ahead. you are on the air. caller: hello? host: good morning. go ahead.
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caller: good morning. host: do you believe the russians interfered? caller: yes, i certainly do. host: why? caller: i think that's why all of trump's people, including his son-in-law, have had to lawyer up. host: this is evidence that you've been hearing about, reading about related to the trump organization and russians? that's where you believe they interfered, because of the stories you are hearing? caller: yes, ma'am. host: tim says no in arkansas. tell us why. caller: good morning. i'm still waiting to see the concrete proof. they said no ballot boxes were changed.
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all we have is a bunch of smoke. the dnc claims they were hacked but they have not turned over their server to prove they were hacked. this russian investigation happened after she lost the election. it was an issue, why did in -- didn'tresident previous president obama say something about it? he thought hillary was going to win. the only leaker to go to jail recently is the one who leaked theyvidence that somewhere thought the russians were hacking them. leaked that our own agencies can hack and make it look like russians. who do you trust? the interference of the previous administration colluding against donald trump or this so-called collusion of donald trump with russia? where is the evidence? it is all innuendo. -- will you please
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name for me all 17? host: i will go through what "the washington post" together. -- put together. the democratic national the computerk -- network have been hacked, allowing access to email transcripts and files on gop presidential candidate donald trump. ,hortly before the dnc began the firm identified two separate hackers, both working for the russian government, who had infiltrated the network. group dubbed cozy bear was monitoring the dnc's email and chat communications. by -- theot proven
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likely culprits have been by cloudd as russians strike. fancy bear broke into the network in april. it was this breach that set off the alarm. the hacker stole two files. report was bolstered by other evidence. the registration of a domain intended to trick dnc employees that pointed back to an internet address that had been used in previous tax, the accidental inclusion of russian language metadata in some of the leaked files.
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the department of him at security issued an unusual public statement. -- the department of homeland security issued in any public statement. -- issued an unusual public statement. the report did not address the hacks of john podesta.
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this is "the washington post." a report they put together after the president was asked last week in poland about russian meddling. the headline is "here's the public evidence that supports the idea that russia interfered in the 2016 election." you can read it yourself. let's go to david in texas. david says no as well. tell us why, david. caller: i have a question for your viewers. , has thet to question united states ever interfered in
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a foreign election? is infamousd states for interfering in foreign elections, the washington post, -- everyage organization under the sun puts together these conspiracy from supposedly neutral or unbiased newspapers. they don't even exist anymore. journalism in this country has become a joke. yourself about the 17 until agencies. we have heard that 1000 times. that was debunked months ago because i watch a lot of the stuff on tv and i saw james say no.come out and he did that months ago. watchingr sitting here him say it on tv.
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and then you continue with that lie. those things matter. journalists in this country need to clean up their act. nobody trusts you anymore. host: is that why you don't believe this question about whether russia interfered? because of the media? you question the intelligence in this country as well? caller: i think the intelligence in this country is tried to overthrow the president of united states. they will get you. look what's happened. fbi going to a friend and leaking information to the newspaper -- what kind of integrity does somebody like that have? that is a disgrace.
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he's a disgrace to the fbi and the disgraced himself -- a disgrace to himself. if the intel agencies are going to take over the united states, that is a problem. . clapper told congress and united states people that the nsa was in collecting data on u.s. citizens -- wasn't collecting data on u.s. citizens. was that correct? no. we interfere in everybody's elections. the united states has gotten people killed by interfering in outside elections. the russians didn't even affect the selection. -- this election. this is all political garbage and those newspapers you sit there and read in the morning, they are garbage. people need to report facts.
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act put together olitifact put together this report. there are 17 intelligence agencies. four of the 17 were involved in the january assessment of russia. that 17 number probably comes from that. the director of national intelligence oversees all 17 this doesn't mean the remaining 13 agencies disagree with the january assessment. the 17 organizations differ on their missions and scope.
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17 intelligence organizations or four from either way, they say russian collusion is still valid. east orange, new jersey. lynn says yes to this question. good morning to you. you are on the air. caller: good morning. the question about why russia would want trump to be president is really quite obvious that you would want the least qualified -- the onehe most you can manipulate the most in the presidency. it is really a no-brainer. they got what they wanted. host: pat in georgia says no. it is your turn. caller: how are you doing this morning? if you look back in the history,
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talks negative -- first, it was -- who is checking these 17 intelligence agencies? everybody knows lobbyists are running this country. how could russia interfere with all the rich men? this idea of the military -- look how they destroy in the last 10 years. we've been watching the military. nobody cares about this country. they sit back and have all these problems. we go against the spanish, we go against the blacks -- where's the positives? it's negative and negative. the last 10 years. who checks the intelligence people?
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they've been in office for so long, they have cliques. everybody gets together and what happens? they run the program. you never see one intelligence saying another intelligence agency is wrong. nominated byector president trump is a former congressman, mike pompeo. he was at an event in washington this week. this is his take on whether or not russia meddled in the 2016 election. [video clip] >> the threat of our adversaries is very real. the russians clearly did it in the 2016 election, they did it in the 2012 election and in the 1970's as well.
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there are those who seemed shocked that the russians were trying to affect the outcome they preferred. they have been at it for a long time. we've been tasked to make sure we defend against it. we have seen packing from the chinese -- hacking from the chinese. we have seen the iranians do it. the list of those in seeking the demise of western democracy is long. many of them will use the tools that are the typical ones that get talked about. some will use active measures in cyber security. all of us being prepared to do this well defensively and think about how to respond to those attacks as well. host: mike pompeo sat down with the conversation -- for a conversation this week at a dinner.
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if you want to watch the whole thing, go to we are asking all of you whether or not you believe russia interfered in the 2016 election. "the wall street journal" has this story. a move prompted by revelations that the president's eldest son met with the russian lawyer last year.
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now, the fbi and a special counsel is investigating. louisiana. you say yes, the russians and appeared. tell us why. -- the russians interfered. tell us why. views: these fear-based that some of these poor people in these red states are making, , ite lies they've proposed is based on their entitlements. and donald trump has ties with russia. allies,ving all of our he has ties with russia. --y interview with election
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they interfered with the election because trump has his own interests and his own motives and they are all based on his own personal financial gain. states, allse red these people who support trump are either poor white people who think they will regain entitlement or they will be a withity who has a problem accepting rejection. that's about the only thought on that. host: "usa today" has this headline. in trumpesn't rate country. in november, wayne county overwhelmingly voted trump. the people there do not care about this issue of russia.
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health care, not campaign collusion, is what gets their motors running in wayne county, tennessee. on twitter, here's some reaction. rebecca says russians definitely tried to interfere in election. rick says we have learned not only did russia metal, but the trump campaign aided, maybe even directed in conjunction with the kremlin. also on twitter this morning -- jamestown, north carolina. you say yes to this question. you're on the air. go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you for extensively quoting the wall street article
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by shane harris on page five. the frontusa today," page, i wanted to refer to following the russian money into mr. trump's campaign. unraveling just like watergate. for the newporters york times and washington post, the truth is certainly going to be revealed. unlike president obama, carter and ford, who have a moral compass, it appears mr. trump's moral compass is certainly bankrupt. his defense lawyer may resign in the next couple of days. following mr. mueller's special investigations, if there are indictment's, the most
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outlandish thing and most outrageous comment mr. trump has made is that he has never asked for forgiveness for anything. i know you and all of your colleagues who are married know that in order to make a marriage strong and last, you have to ask for forgiveness. the greatest hypocrisy with a capital h assigned to mr. trump is that when he said he's never asked for forgiveness, if page andls like carter jared kushner and don jr. are indicted and convicted him of the greatest operas he will convicted, all -- the greatest hypocrisy will be that he will pardon them all. apologists foro
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mr. trump will say he should be impeached. host: the president set out for an interview with pat robertson. [video clip] >> they are the most powerful country in the world and we are getting more and more powerful. because i'm a big military person. my militaryad won would be decimated. our energy would be much more expensive it that's what putin doesn't like about me. from day one, i wanted a strong military. i want fracking and everything else to get energy prices low. we will be self-supporting. we will be exporting energy. he doesn't want that. he would like hillary, where she wants to have windmills. energy prices will go up.
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russia relies on energy. there are many things that i do that are the exact opposite of what he would want. she wouldn't have spent the money on the military. i want tremendous energy. we are opening up: natural gas. coal and natural gas. host: that airs today on the 700 club. the previous caller referred to this front-page article on "usa today." that tycoon at the center of this email offering dirt on hillary clinton -- they report that as recently as may 2014, trump bragged on russian tv about a big building in russia he was working on with the son,n and his popstar
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emin. that is in "usa today. oh jason in oregon. you say no. good morning to you. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i do believe that maybe russia tries to interfere, but i don't think their attempts amounted to much. people voted against the other candidate than voting for the one they voted for. . of not really as big of an issue at some of the other issues facing us.
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we have climate change. be planet warms, russia will -- we need to look at that. could cultivate them better as an ally from the gorbachev era. the united states has been interfering in other elections around the world since this we can -- we can look at iran in the 1950's. iran is a problem because of our interference. russia is trying to show the rest of the world that they are a big power. they're not doing it as well as we do. host: do you think these house and senate intelligence committees should be interference?the they say their goal is to investigate russia's interference and then take measures or propose recommendations so that it doesn't happen again.
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you have the special counsel doing a criminal investigation to look to see if there was collusion by those in the trump organization with russia to interfere. do you think those investigations should be happening? >> absolutely. if there were laws broken, they need to do their job. it seems like if you are powerful and rich enough, you can do whatever you want. state of people, once you get to a certain level of affluence, you can do whatever you want. maybe there will be an investigation and maybe they will find something. will anything come of it? i don't know. how did you vote? caller: i voted for senator sanders. in the universe next door, he probably is.
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host: he doesn't believe russia affected the outcome. first, we want to get an update on health care -- version of ther republican health care bill in available? is it going to be made available to senators? what are the broad outlines of this? guest: the revised version will be presented to the senate republican conference at a 11:30. this morning at the pillow looks pretty similar to what republican leaders outlined on june 22. looks pretty similar to what republican leaders outlined on june 22. there have been significant changes. there is a long-term stabilization innovation fund
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that is $62 billion in the initial bill -- that has been increased substantially. look for big increases there to help states lower the cost of insurance. there are two big tax cuts that have been illuminated. -- eliminated. rate8.3% capital gains tax which covers dividends, that is staying in the bill. in the initial version, that would be lowered to 20%. earnis for individuals who over $200,000 and couples who earn over $250,000. another is the medicare surcharge on wealthy earners, .9%. people earning above those
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thresholds, those taxes are eliminated. now commit that is being cap along with a 3.8% capital gains surtax because of moderates saying is wrong to be giving wealthy taxpayers a break at the same time you are reducing premium support for low income americans. host: does that mean mitch mcconnell has the 50 votes he needs? guest: that is unclear. senator rand paul said in an that conference call last night and an op-ed for breitbart that he is likely to oppose the legislation unless it changes. left --acare texas are taxes are left in. he doesn't like it. that means mcconnell can only afford one more defection. they need 50 republicans voting for this.
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paul is out the door. susan collins is tough to get. she is a moderate from maine. that means you have to get everyone else. host: if those regulatory reforms are not included, do you think senator ted cruz is a no? guest: that is a good question. it is a bit of a gamble, a game of chicken. year ifd earlier this repeal is not passed, it would be "catastrophic." will he be the guy who takes it down? the gop leadership is counting on that cannot happen -- on that
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to not happen. he's always said his goal is to lower premiums and this argument here is the legislation doesn't relieve lower -- doesn't really lower premiums as drafted. it will be a big pill for him to swallow if it does not. host: thank you very much. guest: thank you for having me. host: back to our conversation with all of you. woodbridge, virginia. you say yes. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i don't understand their thinking with this current president. of course there was collusion with russia. there's so much evidence that points in that direction.
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whatever donald trump, they would rather believe that than our own intelligence. to have a president who goes --eign soil and disgraced discredits our intelligence and previous president. this is a guy they look at as a leader. we are only as strong as our weakest link. i reported donald trump as the modern-day jim jones -- referred to donald trump as the modern-day jim jones. he's not doing anything for this country other than making it worse than it already is. host: nancy says no in georgia. good morning. caller: good morning. -- back inlly funny dccc and two and
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states had to their voter gotstration -- hillary shawn henry to look at this private i.t.. this server that was hacked was never taken into evidence. we tried and convicted a russian hacker in atlanta last fall. during watergate, we had burglars that broke into the dnc. everyone is forgetting the judiciary. there is no court date. i hope our new fbi director will investigate who hacked the dnc computer because those can be switched around. we are basing all of this on the word of one person. clapper went along with this -- thisthey didn't like
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is really ridiculous. it is stunning come of the things that people say about trump. i really think it is sad that people don't consider that there is no court case here. host: it turns out that there is. "the new york times" reporting this morning that the trump campaign is sued over league emails -- leaked emails.
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so now, there is a court case if a judge permits the case to reach that stage. you can read more in "the new york times." john in pennsylvania. you say yes. you're on the air. caller: good morning. let me say this first. cornell and the university of maryland did a study on people who listen to fox news or watch -- news no less than people know less than people who don't read any -- host: we've lost you there. sorry, you were breaking up. we didn't hear you. we heard the part about fox news. caller: fox news and info wars and michael savage, it's all junk. it's been junk for the last 20
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years. the majority of the colors on callers on the, ask where they get their information from. trump is a lifelong criminal. he's been bankrupted, he's been cited for perjury 30 times. he lies like we breathe. we are supposed to believe trump as opposed to the u.s. and all the people great journalism that has been done by all the different newspapers? it is staggering the stupidity or willful ignorance of the people who don't think trump is up to no good. host: what do you think should be done? caller: mueller should proceed as he is proceeding.
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he will invite a whole raft of people. there's nothing to do about the people who listen to fox news and the lies they pump out. they for some reason want to believe that trump is going to be some sort of a savior. he's not. he is a con man. romney called him a con man. half the republican party was never trump and then they caved once he got the nomination. it is mind blowing. this is how congress would like to act in the meantime. sanctions to punish russia for russian meddling. it won a near unanimous vote in the senate. it is now before a house republicans majority that has long placed the hawkish approach to russia at the center of foreign policy.
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so, why is it taking so long for congress to clear legislation? hassett, says senator john mccain. it," says senator john mccain. the white house continues to press republican lawmakers to hold off for changes. that is in the papers today on action that is pending by congress to punish russia for
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election meddling. fairfax, virginia. you say yes. you're on the air. go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you very much to c-span. i am an independent who voted for bernie sanders and then did vote for president trump. regarding the russian hacking, i tend to believe it because i know putin's history. he was in the kgb for a long time. this is just what he does. having said that, more evidence needs to be shown. for our listeners, i would like a lot of thethat reason why people are having a problem with these hearings is it's been going on for six months. have also interfered in our political process because
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they gave hillary clinton $15-25 million. our is also interfering in political process. but, you don't hear anything about that. it doesn't seem that these hearings are objective, even though i personally believe that more than likely the russians did make a concerted effort to make some mischief just because that's what putin does. forbes magazine came out with an interesting article that stated that in the soviet archives, there's information that ted former recruited his
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roommate and former senator to go to russia and meet with -- to see if they could collude in defeating ronald reagan. when i was reading that, i was shocked. again, this was by forbes magazine. it came out in the past few days. there's a history of this. when people get to these positions of power, they think they can do anything. callerto commend another who mentioned overthrowing elections in other countries. he mentioned iran, but he didn't mention the specifics. in 1953, the cia overthrew a democratically elected leader because they wanted to back up the british control of oil. what many americans don't understand, that led to us cuddling up to the saudi's which led directly to 9/11, the iraq
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, which hashanistan cost us $7 trillion. host: dan in arizona. you say yes as well. caller: yes. the reason why i say yes is russia is going to benefit by having trump in office instead of hillary clinton since trump just ran off doug us out of the save the planet program there with the rest of the world -- us out of the save the planet program there with the rest of the world. russia got him to go there and pull us out of the accord with rest of the ies, that will open
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northern waterways to transport their oil in and out of their country for their economic benefit. hillary would have been in gore's friend, she would have left us in there with the rest of the world hoping to keep this planet from just dying. that's what russia doesn't really care -- they would just as soon the whole planet -- nu the whole the whole planet.
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host: the headline in "washington post" about the hesident's visit to paris -- heads to paris for bastille day. emmanuel macron has not given up on the paris climate deal and u.s. withdrawal. will be part of the conversation window to sit down for a bilateral meeting this morning. we will try to bring you coverage of that. they will hold a joint news conference. two americans and two french reporters get to ask questions of the two of them. will be there for 27 hours. he left last night. embassygo to the u.s. and meet with diplomats there. he will sit down for those some prominentur areas in the french capital and then have the joint news conference.
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and tomorrow, participate in the best deal they parade. -- bastille day parade. president trump was not expected to attend bastille day, which will commemorate the united states' entry into world war i, but then he learned there would be a parade. that restaurant, a six course tasting menu costs $262 per
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person. don in south carolina. good morning to you. you agree that russia interfered. caller: yes, absolutely. there is no doubt. i wanted to ask why you are producers -- you are producers -- your producers return calls the way they did. you have a yes and no. democrats will say yes and independent's will say yes and hard right republicans will say no. to have it set up like you do is kind of like deceptive pulling. lling.eptive po i don't want the bernie people to get crazy, but i'm wondering -- i don't accuse bernie sanders of accepting russian money, but
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it would seem to me that the russians had to realize that by maybe funding -- i was amazed at the men of money that bernie raised. -- amount of money that bernie raised. maybe they figured out if they dumped money in the ready campaign to split the democratic -- i've never heard any talk about any money possibly being thrown at bernie. host: let me talk about the phone lines. it is not a poll. we are not trying to get results. we divide the line to ask people directly if you believe it or not. today"d in "usa that some don't believe it. intelligence agencies have looked into this. four, including the one that oversees all 17, they concluded that they did
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interfere. we just want to ask directly this morning. that is the rationale. in other news, yesterday on capitol hill, janet yellen was testifying about the federal reserve's annual report. she was asked about all sorts of issues related to the economy. the headline in "the wall street " yellen expects gradual rate hikes. she will be before the senate banking committee at 9:30 eastern time. c-span3have coverage on and c-span and the c-span -- and and the c-span radio app. the national governors association is having their summer 2017 meeting in rhode island.
7:53 am
the headline is that foreign leaders are arriving and talking with governors at their meeting. the meeting, which begins today, will feature an appearance by and president pence canadian prime minster justin trudeau and other officials from canada, mexico, india, china and japan. this underscores concerns that economictions' interests are at risk.
7:54 am
we will have coverage of the national governors association today, friday and saturday. today is a discussion on opioid addiction with the governors. that is at 4:00 p.m. eastern time on c-span3 and and the c-span radio app. jimmy in west virginia. you say yes. good morning to you. caller: absolutely. host: why? caller: i've watched all the hearings on c-span. i read the papers. i don't watch any kind of fox news. absolutely, i do believe they played a role in our election to the wonder seeed
7:55 am
that -- trump elected. stevie wonder could see that. of have a better chance eat and hold palin il of hay.le ba host: you also say yes. interferedy have from that time in 1959 until. it is the angle it has taken. there is collusion on both sides. you don't have to go to fox news. you can go to the hill this morning and understand that the was allowed over
7:56 am
here on a special visa by loretta lynch. that is all coming out. it's not covered by collusion with trump. like collusion with --mpet everybody uses russia it's not covered like collusion with trump. everybody uses russia and russia uses us. defense comeith puts more money toward defense. all of that should be discussed as well as the one sidedness. host: the article you are doj letg to, exclusive russian lawyer into u.s. before she met with the trump team. it is a lengthy piece and it also talks about a picture in the washington post yesterday showing this lawyer sitting behind michael mccaul, the
7:57 am
former russian ambassador -- ambassador to russia when he was testifying last summer. caller: five days after the meeting with donald jr. host: this article talks about that and how she was able to get the seat. .he question is not answered mcfall saying he didn't know who she was until this news broke about her meeting with don jr. an interesting and lengthy piece in the hill. if you go to, you can read it there. jim in franklin, tennessee. we are listening. caller: well, let me just say that i think the russians
7:58 am
probably tapped a lot of computers and probably got some emails and probably get a lot of things. i don't think they affected the outcome of the vote. that's not exactly the question you're asking. yes, the say interview, but they didn't affect the election. -- they interfere, but they didn't affect election. does it matter? caller: it matters to the sense that the reason that those of us who voted for donald trump did is because we had certain issues we were concerned about and those issues are now being addressed. degree thato the all the attention is going towards the russians tapping some phones and getting some emails and things and we are not addressing the issues that we are concerned about. if the election were held again today, i would still vote for trump. there's nobody else to vote for.
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host: the president yesterday saying he will be very angry if health care bill fails. he put the onus on house republicans -- well the senate majority leader is trying to get it done and have a deal that 50 republicans can support, there is a bipartisan effort that is starting to get more attention, led by senator lindsey graham and john mccain to reach out to democrats to repair the affordable care act. the senator hopes to unveil the aasure today with buy in from
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contra of other gop lawmakers and possibly some democrats did re of other gop lawmakers and possibly some democrats. it'sarter writing important that americans should be cheering the recapturing of muscle. mosul. there is also this story in "the
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new york times" this morning. x-ally of chris christie said i willingly drink the kool-aid. since he cooperated, he should not get jail time. he did not get jail time. instead, he got community service.
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500 hours of committee service and two years of probation and $20,000 in fines. one last phone call on this conversation. jeff in ohio. you say yes. good morning to you. caller: i'm always last. it is great, though. i want to go back to the interview with hannity and junior. talking andat he's , what happenedim in the interview? and he goes and says what he did and then he says he left. but then he goes on and tells everything that went on after he said he left. no one has brought that up. host: i think you said jared kushner left. -- i think he said jared kushner left. left a he says kushner
8:03 am
little bit later. then he said manafort was playing with his phone. how does he know these things if he wasn't even in the room? likeis something i would for the news people to look into. it looks to me that this is just a big story that they are telling. host: i think you have another call waiting for you. we will leave the conversation there. up next, we will talk with an arizona congressman about his proposal for raising the debt ceiling. later, we will take a look at testimony by the fbi director christopher wray. ♪
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>> sunday night, naomi klein on her boo openk, "no is not enough -- naomi klein on her book, "no is not enough." >> i see this as a bipartisan process, the table that was set for trump. it isn't just about politics. it's about media comments about news coverage. the table is set for him in so many ways. he just has to show up. we were already treating elections like reality tv shows, we already had a media landscape that was much more interested in interpersonal drama between candidates than in-depth coverage of the issues. had a democrat using
8:05 am
the tools of corporate branding themselves. president obama was a fantastic brand. used cutting edge marketing techniques. a lot of us felt that behind the plane -- claims that he was leaving this deep change and transformation, there wasn't enough change. >> sunday on q&a. >> speaking about the this division of wealth and -- just region of wealth -- >> talking about her time in prison after challenging the saudi government's ban on women drivers.
8:06 am
>> "washington journal" continues. host: congressman david stryker of arizona here to talk about raising the debt ceiling. what is the debt limit? why


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