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tv   Speaker Paul Ryan Says Changes Coming on House Dress Code  CSPAN  July 13, 2017 11:37am-11:51am EDT

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, i listen to fellow democrats and ,very time we try to do it every time there is trying to be a tax cut introduced, there is always a reason why we need more instead of less. guest: >> today's "washington journal" online at live now to the capitol to hear from house speaker, paul ryan. speaker ryan: heavy rain has led to extensive flooding throughout our community. i spoke with governor walker. he's declared a state of emergency in kenosha county. there's already been extensive property damage to the homes and businesses which so far thankfully no loss of life. i want to commend all the state and local officials who are working around the clock to address this emergency, particularly the people in
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burlington. i intend to return home today to see firsthand and respond to recovery efforts on the ground and assess the damage. second, the house continues to take action on issues that affect people in their everyday lives. yesterday the house passed three more bipartisan initiatives to combat human trafficking. today the ways and means committee is holding another hearing on tax reform. this one focuses on the struggles that small businesses are facing under the current tax code. under this crazy system we have, successful small businesses pay a top marginal tax rate as high as 44.6%. they cannot compete like that. this is one of the reasons it is so important that we reform our tax code. to level the playing field for more jobs and more growth. this is essential if we're ever going to get our economy growing . then tomorrow, the house is set to take action on our annual national defense bill.
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this is the next step in keeping our promise to rebuild our military for the first 21st century. and this will give our troops a well deserved, fully funded pay raise. so these are just a few big issues we're making progress on this week. finally, quickly over the break, it came to my attention that there was an issue about dress code. i'll be honest, this is not something that was covered in my new speakership orientation ceremony. the sergeant at arms was simply enforcing the same interpretation of the rules as under my predecessors. this is nothing new. and certainly not something that i devised. at the same time, that doesn't mean that enforcement couldn't stand to be a bit modernized. that is why we'll be working with the sergeants at arms to ensure the enforcement of appropriate business attire is updated. decorum is important, especially for this institution, and a dress code in the chamber, lobby makes sense. we also don't need to bar otherwise contemporary business
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attire. look for a change on that soon. questions? reporter: you were chief negotiator for republicans a few years ago on a big budget deal, the ryan-murray deal. with the number of financial deadlines piling up and the august recess, there is some thought a similar deal might be necessary. is that something you are opened to? speaker ryan: it is. reporter: washington blade, chris johnson. the amendment to the defense authorization bill the first time ever they vote on an amendment on the transgender bill. speaker ryan: as you probably know second mattis is under review on this right now. i want to make sure what we do is in close coordination with them. reporter: how can you -- speaker ryan: we'll see what happens with that amendment. i think it's important we coordinate closely with d.o.d. reporter: my question is if you
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are -- why are you passing an amendment? speaker ryan: she can bring an amendment to the floor if she wants to. reporter: question about obamacare taxes. last month if the senate bill failed or doesn't repeal bamacare taxes, but you are -- speaker ryan: you want to know what happens with the baseline? reporter: you said before that you were just going to put this to the side and wouldn't be addressed on tax reform. i'm wondering if that's the case or if you would consider address this in tax reform? speaker ryan: one of the taxes that affect tax and capital income is something that is a critical part of tax reform itself. other tax that is affect health care, like the hit tax and those taxes, those we see as part of obamacare. reporter: on the budget deal, why push harder now? what guarantee do constituents have that the appropriations
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process means anything when the spending levels violate current federal spending? speaker ryan: we believe the house should make its position. this is why dianne black has done a tremendous job getting all of the house on the same page, the house republicans, to agree on what we think the right numbers are. you see the ndaa being marked up at the number the appropriations committee is working on, the budget committee is working on. this is the classic legislative process. the house moves with its position. senate post office with theirs. then we negotiate a compromise at the end of the day. we believe it's in our interest to move forward with our plan with what we think is the right thing to do. at the end of the day we'll find a solution. reporter: is time running out? speaker ryan: we're well aheffed schedule. i think i said this the other day. a new presidency you have a delayed budget process. so that's the case. it was the case with clinton and bush and obama. this is the first year of a new presidency. but with a delayed budget process, i'm very impressed that the appropriators are all but
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done with their work. so they moved so quickly in the month of july with their deadline being two months from now that we're getting their work done. now we're talking with members how to process that. reporter: senate leadership supposed to come out with their health care bill today. apparently lindsey graham and bill cassidy are introducing their own health care bill. and the president's still saying if republicans can't get a deal on a bill they should do repeal and replace separately. my question is, could the house go back and look at any other options? now you pass something as you have done your -- mr. speaker ryan: as tempting as it is to comment on the senate, waints to give them a space to get their job done. we had a promise to keep and we kept it in the house. like forward to seeing the senate do the same. reporter: can i follow-up. would the house stay in session through august -- speaker ryan: if the senate gives us a health care bill. we'll stay and finish the bill. reporter: senator grassley is
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sending a letter to don jr., donald trump jr. asking him to testify about his meeting. should the president's son testify -- speaker ryan: any witness who has been asked to testify before congress should testify. reporter: in public? speaker ryan: anybody who is asked to testify to the senate should do that. reporter: a bill to re-authorize the f.a.a. to come to the floor as soon as next week. there's been changes to it from the effort last year, to remove air traffic control operations from f.a.a. you didn't bring it to the floor last year. what's changed this year? speaker ryan: i'll defer the specific questions to chairman shuster, but this bill has changed substantially. that's why i think you see so much more support for this bill than you did last year. we're going through the conversations with our members on this bill right now. it's a big change. look, here's the problem with the f.a.a. we're in the 20th century. we have a 20th century system in the 21st century.
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we need to upgrade the entire air traffic control system for lots of reasons. for safety and efficiency. chairman shuster put together a very impressive effort with more support than we had last year. he's now educating members and get thirg feedback on how to do it. i think we're whipping it today. that's my recollection. we'll see how that goes. reporter: does the president support -- speaker ryan: i think the president's support did help. reporter: on the human trafficking bills, do you think local law enforcement agencies are willing to take on the online aspect? speaker ryan: that's part of chris smith's effort. the whole point is to give all levels of law enforcement the tools they need to be able to enforce these laws. reporter: since the alexandria shooting, we have seen a number of second amendment carry-type bills come from your congress.
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what kind of movement will we see over in your chamber? speaker ryan: i don't actually know the full extent of that question. i support reciprocity. i don't know if all of our members do. there are issues that members, conservatives have on federalism grounds on that. my own view with respect to members of congress, we have to be treated under the same law like everybody else. no special exceptions for a member of congress as far as i'm concerned. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> speaker ryan was asked about this, but the majority leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, is set to unveil the republicans' latest health plan. look for coverage of the senate beginning at 12:30 live over on c-span2. meanwhile the house back in session at noon eastern here on c-span. continuing work on the 2018 defense programs and policy bill. authorizing $688 billion in pentagon spending next year.
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it would create the u.s. space core and the air force to lead u.s. military efforts in outer space. there are 210 amendments to the bill, according to "politico" that's the most ever. live coverage begins at noon eastern here on c-span. until then, part of today's "washington journal." continues. host: and we are back. at our table, representative gregory meeks, democrat of new the foreign affairs committee and also in his former life, a district assistant district attorney and special prosecutor in new york city. let me ask you this, congressman, from "washington post," spoking gun or distraction? said, i ld trump, jr. love it to the prospect of about nasty information hillary clinton in june of last constitute a smoking gun guest: continuing mounting vidence that i think the special prosecutor will continue to look at and have
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conversation. who did he in fact talk to? he would like us to believe he idn't say anything to his father, that has to be reviewed, too. think that is why the special prosecutor, mr. mueller, will have further evidence to look at see who knew what, when, who was part of it, what came out of anything, further mounting evidence and why i his ve he needs to take time and see what channels lead here or nowhere, but you have to thoroughly investigate and this gives more evidence of things of concern of which he into.o look host: if donald trump, jr., jared kushner met and no is itation was exchanged, still criminal act to meet with the russian lawyer? clear, think what is there was intent to meet to get information from the russian that would damage hillary clinton and that would help donald trump, that is clear.
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it is to me, similar to a scenario where police officers undercover work, you know, to commits a ndividual crime. so, sometimes the crime was not was lly committed, but it attempted, so that is something that i think the special at ecutor will have to look and apply to applicable laws. i don't know the specific law governs here, we'll be look intoing it, but you take the apply to the law as a prosecutor and make a decision n whether or not there is in fact a criminal thakt -- act committed.en you do that after to theitality of your investigation so you what you're going to charge somebody with, if you are or not if there is not facts circumstances to lead you to believe you can prove beyond hat a crime had been committed and the person accused is that person. host: what did you think when released by -mails
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jr. and what stands out to you? guest: what i saw, again, part drip, drip and part of the lying of members of the administration because remember that donald trump, jr., as well as many other members of campaign had completely denied ever talking russia.e in regard to and what has continually has been refuted ime and time again when the investigation has been done and the press keeps diging and they out and re have been out lies by members of the campaign and some members of the in regards to the contacts with russia and then on that, the president refusing to show his tax eturns, which would show whether or not that is contact with russia, as well as the


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