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tv   Sen. Warner News Conference after Meeting with FBI Dir. Nominee Christopher...  CSPAN  July 13, 2017 11:16pm-11:32pm EDT

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you were the class of 92? >> yes. times can get you in a hurry. yesterday, i noticed not a job for the faint of heart, but i am not the faint of heart. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. i just concluded a very productive conversation with the president's nominee to head the fbi, christopher wray. i went over a number of items with him and i said i thought he had done a very good job before the judiciary committee yesterday. i stressed as well the
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importance that should he be confirmed, that we are going to expect from the standpoint of the russia investigation the cooperation, to work with the investigation and terms of access to materials, access to information, but we obviously deconflict with investigator mueller. it is important we have a strong working relationship with christopher wray. in public just as testimony yesterday that he would be independent and not abide political interference. it is an unfortunate fact that 2017 we have to get these
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kind of assurances since we have seen this administration and president in particular ask for the type of loyalty oaths from director comey and reports of similar efforts to undermine the investigation in terms of other conversations. i feel comfortable with the assurances i received and i look forward to actually supporting mr. wray when his nomination comes to the floor. i also raised another item of importance, and perhaps more parochial to the region, but over the last number of years, there has been a very creative effort to move the fbi headquarters out of its downtowned building in washington, d.c., and move the headquarters to a location
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either in virginia or maryland. i have been a strong advocate of the virginia location, but the fact is that whether they were to move to virginia or maryland, the one thing that is absolutely ther is that this building, hoover building that was built during the time of president lyndon johnson and the beatles were still at the top of the charts, it is showing its age, and the 10,000 plus fbi employees who work in the building are not being well served without getting access to a new headquarters. the fact that congress has appropriated more than $900 million to move the process and it was a process strongly supported by fbi the men comey, to give
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and women who work in the building a new, modern facility. it is extraordinarily strange to me that this administration would, with virtually no explanation, and before we have a new fbi director and place, -- director in place, would bring this multiyear process to a halt, is very concerning. my hope is that mr. wray gets confirmed and he will take a fresh look and try to advocate for the men and women who work at the fbi headquarters, because they deserve a new modern facility to work in. i'm happy to take questions. >> what is related in the committee's efforts to bring donald trump junior before the committee? to jaredpect to talk kushner before august? talking to mr.e
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kushner. we have sent document requests and we expect to be receiving those shortly. as recently as this week, we have put out requests to donald trump junior appeared i'm going to take him -- donald trump junior appeared a going to take him at his word that he wants to corporate with the committee. chancemportant we get a to review documents first so the committee has a chance to ask both of these individuals the -- wef questions that want to have the information so we ask the appropriate questions. i think it is not appropriate to go through the type of documents requested, but we feel it is important we have all of the appropriate information so we can ask the right questions.
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it is very troubling to me, in the case of mr. kushner, that we now have three meetings with russians that he at least omitted from his initial filing. it would seem to me a meeting of this nature, a meeting represented in the black and white in terms of female traffic -- terms of email traffic, what happened with a representative of the russian government, in terms of what was representat ed in the mail was part of a russian effort to help then candidate trump and hurt then candidate clinton, it seems to me those meetings were at least conveniently forgotten by mr. kushner. >> will it be before august? >> i'm not going to get into the timing. i want to get this investigation
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done as soon as possible, but it is more important we do it right than that we do it quickly. mr. wray talk about the russia investigation and the state of play it is an, and were you given the reassurances you needed? hishat i have seen from public testimony is that he will not abide any political interference or effort to derail the russia investigation. or for that matter, any other political interference into the fbi. having a strong, independent fbi that maintains those its law enforcement mission and counterintelligence mission, free of political interference from white house or the president himself is absolutely
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critical. i think he gave that public assurance yesterday and i believe he gave that private insurance today. on top of that, it is very important that we continue a good working relationship with the fbi because there will be asormation that we will need a congressional investigation continues, and i believe we will have that working relationship. >> what is next in the russia investigation? are you interviewing witnesses? >> matter how may times you ask, i'm not going to get into the specifics of when we will see , but weecific witnesses are just now starting to interview those individuals who are affiliated with the trump campaign that may or may not have had contact with russians.
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the one thing we do know is that we have a repeated pattern, election,ith the the transition and into the administration are we had officials also a they had no contacts with russians, there is nothing to look out here -- look at here until the evidence comes out there were meetings with russians, and then these individuals had to recant comments or correct their forms. there are so many trump administration officials who have had to go out, for example in the firing of director coming, put out reasons for the firing and then had to recant because of what the president himself said. kushner'snk mr.
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security clearance should be revoked or suspended? >> i've been asked that question a number of times and it is very troubling to me that we have three examples of meetings that took place between mr. kushner and the russians that were not disclosed. he had to come back and correct his forms. owe him aseve i well as other individuals a chance to testify before i reach conclusions. mr. wray onsupport the floor? >> and less something else comes for, i intend to support him. >> how you balance, particular in the coming weeks, health care is coming up next week, how do you and members of the intelligence committee balance russia work with everything else? do thee got to
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bipartisan russia investigation, it has to continue. it is my hope and perhaps expectation, particularly as we get a scoring on this next version of the republican health care legislation, legislation which in my almost eight years of the year, i don't think i have seen a worse, less popular piece of legislation than this so-called health care bill which is frankly not a health care bill, is a bill to rob millions of americans of health insurance and would do major damage to medicaid. what we have seen in the most recent version is at least there is no longer a tax break for the wealthiest, i think you will continue to see a piece of registration the takeaway health care from millions of americans, that does massive damage to
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medicaid, and as a former incredibles an fiscal flimflam where you transfer nearly $8 million was of responsibility currently shared as a partnership between states and the federal government and shift responsibility almost entirely back to the states. it is one of the reasons why i think you've seen governors of both parties come out against this kind of approach, and frankly any governor that can read a balance sheet and understand the flimflam that is shifting theed, responsibility back to the state, any governor that does not come out and oppose this next version of the bill, i think is going to have a lot of explaining to do to their constituents and state legislature going forward. thank you very much, everybody.
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>> the veteran affairs department denies claims for gulf war illnesses. -- illnesses 80% of the time according to the government accountability office. we will have that next. then, president trump visiting with president macron in paris. and then, a discussion on the opioid epidemic. those -- wethat will get an update on medicare for the sinners from medicare and medicaid services friday morning live at the american enterprise institute at 9:15 a.m. eastern time on c-span3.
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and a discussion of whether congress should renew portions of the foreign intelligence surveillance act. it allows officials to access electronic communications of people living outside of the u.s. you can watch both events online at or listen live with the c-span radio app. "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact appeared friday morning, mary agnes carey will join us to talk about what is included in the latest senate republican health care bill. be sure to watch "washington journal," join the discussion. >> to health subcommittee's looked at how the v.a. reviews claims from gulf war veterans. a recent report found they denied more than 80% of claims
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from gulf war associated illnesses. officials from the the a and accountability office testify. -- testified. >> good morning and welcome everyone. this is a joint hearing of the subcommittee on disability oversight and investigation. we will come to order. i want to take a moment to thank for holding the hearing with me today on an important issue we are facing, and that is helping gulf war veterans get the benefits they have earned. itching go without saying we have a duty to take care of the men and women who have been wounded while serving in our miry


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