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tv   President Trump Attends Bastille Day Parade  CSPAN  July 14, 2017 8:35pm-9:38pm EDT

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time in prison after challenging the saudi ban on women drivers in her book "daring to drive : a saudi woman's awakening." >> we wanted to change this by this movement and the movement is going on. we are still campaigning for the right to drive. the right to drive is not an act -- civildisappear and disobedience. we have shown we are capable of owning and following our destiny. at 8 p.m.night q&a."rn on c-span's " day,ly 14 is bastille friends's national health --
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national -- france's holiday. here are some highlights from the bastille day parade. this is about an hour. ♪
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>> [speaking french]
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>> after visiting friends, the president returned on air force one and then traveled to his golf course to attend the u.s. u.s.'s open tennis
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women's open tennis tournament being held this weekend.
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>> this weekend on the tv on c-span2. former chest champion talks about his book, deep thinking, on the features of artificial
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intelligence, and its impacts on society. >> machines for centuries have been taking over all forms of manual labor. went machines are taking jobs from, you name it, manufacturing jobs, that's natural. the only difference is now machines are coming after people with college degrees and twitter accounts. suddenly it's a big story. >> wall street journal columnist jason riley discusses his look, false black power, and his argument that lacks are disadvantaged economically by political capital. most have done so with little or no political influence. groups that have enjoyed early political success have tended to rise more slowly. it's not that you can't take the political route, you can. but chances are, you are going to rise more slowly taking other
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routes. >> for more, go to the >> with the help of our partners, we take book tv to concorde, massachusetts, with the first shots of the american revolution our fight. less than a century later, a writers revolution takes place as the town becomes home to ralph waldo emerson, henry david thorough, and louisa may alcott. we will take you inside orchard house, where louisa may alcott women."d wrote "little thatwe see the place influence henry david thorough. it a house of two
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revolutions, it stood at the beginning at the bidding -- of the american revolution, then the second american revolution of intellectualism and talk. it's a house that has great history to it. 2:00, we willt take you to the northbridge with the battle of concorde began in 1775. >> this is the beginning of the american revolution. it was here that americans, colonial militia if you will, and british regulars, encountered one another, shots would be fired, license would be lost, and it's where the colonial militia was ordered to troops,n the king's creating in essence, an act of treason. largesthe world's collection of materials used in the earliest days of the revolution. watch as city tour of concorde, massachusetts saturday at
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c-span2's book tv and sunday at 2:00 on american history tv on c-span3, working with our cable affiliates, and visiting cities across the country. former president george w. bush and bill clinton were in dallas on wednesday for a discussion about leadership and public service. they discussed their lives since leaving the white house. from the george w. bush presidential library, this is 45 minutes.


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