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tv   Washington Journal Brandon Judd Discusses Border Security  CSPAN  July 17, 2017 3:45pm-3:49pm EDT

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>> and we're live here on c-span at the white house. this is a made in america week event being hosted as president trump highlights american manufacturing. the house will also be gaveling back in in about an hour. we'll have live coverage from the floor on that. while we wait for the president, president trump expected to make remarks here during this made in america week event, we'll take a look at our conversation from earlier today on immigration and border security. this is from -- host: a few moments about the border patrol council, who is it and who supports it? guest: it's the union for the agents. what we're do is we're elected
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agents among our official and we protect the rights of the agents. a : so this is basically union? guest: yes. host: this is something they campaigned heavily on, the trump campaign, at six months what have we've seen? guest: nothing short of miraculous. if you look at the rhetoric president trump has given, it's caused a number of illegal border crossers to go down to something we have never seen in the history of the border patrol. we have never seen such a drop that we currently have. host: and so what do you attribute that to? guest: we attribute that to enforcing the laws. what we got is we got a set of laws that are on the books that say, if you cross the border illegally or if you commit this crime, these are the consequences that have been established. and the trump administration has said, we are going to follow through on those consequences, something we didn't see in the last four years of the last administration. host: as far as actual numbers,
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talk about those as far as those who are caught, sent back and how do they compare to the obama administration which was a really big advocate of deportation? guest: well, if you look at what we experienced in 2014 -- so we saw something we have never seen in my 20-year career. we saw a bunch of people who were crossing the border illegally and they were giving themselves up knowing they were ing to be released and given a court date some time later in the future. the problem with that is about 80% of the individuals that cross the border illegally and released with a court date, they never show up to court. so when you sit -- when you hear the obama administration say, you know, we got to bring these people out of the shadows, what they were doing is they were actually going into the shadows instead of coming out of the shadows. host: and then what's the difference then now with the trarbgs -- trump administration? guest: what they said, anybody that crosses the border illegally, they are going to hold these individuals pending their deportation proceedings.
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deportation proceedings doesn't mean you are going to be automatically deported to your country. what you have to do is you have to show cause where why you should be allowed to stay within our country. the obama administration, they skipped that point. what they did was they let the individuals go hoping that they were going to show up to their proceedings later at a later date which unfortunately they didn't do. host: when it comes to the manpower specifically of the border patrol, what did the president's budget reveal as far as what he wants to do and will those demands be met? guest: we're woefully understaffed right now. congress has set a floor that we are supposed to maintain of 21,370 agents. now, this is a floor that's supposed to be nationwide, not just on your southwest border, but you're talking about the northern border and also talk about in florida, alabama, mississippi, on your coastal borders as well. we're about 1,700 agents under --


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