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tv   Washington Journal Representative Mark Sanford Discusses Civility in...  CSPAN  July 20, 2017 2:38pm-3:03pm EDT

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>> at the white house, president trump is afternoon set to make an announcement regarding pharmaceutical packaging and prices. we'll have live coverage here on c-span when it starts. on friday, deputy white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders will talk about her involvement in politics as the daughter of former arkansas republican governor mike huckabee and she'll talk about why she joined donald trump's presidential campaign and how she approaches her job now. "a profile interview" friday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on crnspambings. now while we wait for the president a conversation with south carolina congressman mark sanford from today's "washington journal"." -- host: i want to begin with
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this call for civility that you have made in an op-ed piece that you wrote with your colleagues jared huffman. who are you making this call for civility? state the obvious, because it's needed. if you are a conservative you believe in government and civil society. it has always been a tension between the two. as a conservative you want government to do less and civil society to do more. for civil society to work there has to be civility in it. it's the grease that makes the machine run. to run you got to have a degree of stability the founding fathers talked about. host: what prompted you to write that? in this -- ine politico this margaret
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republicans lamented an agenda in quicksand. .hey have made little progress do you think if there was civility that there would be progress made? >> at times the president has hurt his own cause. given the twitter account. i'm not alone in suggesting you ought to put the twitter account away. you can't offend your way to legislative success. that itg in politics is makes the strangest of bedfellows. an enemy one day maybe the person you need on the next boat. memories are long and feelings can be afraid. frayed.d -- it has been unusual in the degree of coarseness.
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there has to be a level of respect. one human to another to get things done. that's true in the local church, business, the family of government. bring thedo you culture of stability back to the institution of congress? >> it starts with all of us. member to member. jared huffman is a liberal democrat from california and i am a conservative republican from south carolina. we said something is fundamentally wrong here. there's a civility promise. they said, this is a problem. we need to do something about it. the president can as well. host: could it start with the affordable care act and instead of repeal now the place leader you actually work with democrats to try to fix what's already in place dec? >> i think you move now quickly
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into the water of policy. i think there are questions about the ceo scores -- cbo scores. the number of people that would be put off the rolls. there are policy questions we're looking at. what i would say is you move repeal andter of replace. for seven years republicans said they wanted to repeal. like jim jordan or others would say, at least do what you said you would do. ted cruz has said the same on the senate side. i am the school that says that is something i voted for and i suspect i would vote for it again if it came along. given how important health care is to people's lives the idea
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that i'm going to repeal it and i'm not sure what i'm going to put in its place is something that really terrifies people. host: the freedom caucus is holding a news conference today to say we need to hold a vote to repeal now, replaced later. are you in support of this? >> i won't be there. i have questions about it. shove i suspect it is something i would vote for. it would not be my first choice. january the president said not just repeal, it needs to be repeal and replace. i think any congress is going to take cues from the executive branch. the idea of repeal with no replays i think is fraught with a number of different political perils. complicating all of this
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is the news that senator john mccain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. what was your reaction when they heard the news about your colleagues? >> my thoughts and prayers go to he and his family. i have known him for a long time. he is a lien within the senate. he's an institution and that's frightening news. not just in terms of what happens next legislatively but in terms of his own life. >> what does he represent for you as you make this call for civility? ruggedepresents independence whether you like him or dislike him. is been willing to walk his own path. the path that is at times included democrats and independent perspectives. bridges and i disagree with him on any number of policy.
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proposals. i think he has looked for ways of crafting compromise and at the end of the day the vital center is a no man's land these days in politics. people in really strong pitched camps. if i say anything that is even slightly pro-trump i get a lot of blowback at home by a certain group if i say anything but a slightly anti-trump i get a lot of blowback from an opposite camp. the notion of finding a middle and compromising and coming together and forging something that moves us ahead is in essence what democracy is based on. houston, texas. democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. listen. mark sanford. you opened the program, i have a comment and a question.
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opened the program calling for civility and i guess i'm a little confused. behind your name and i'm a little familiar with you that you are a republican. my first question is, civility. the stability during the eight years of president obama's administration? greta, could you get your people behind the scene to look up tapes to see if we have mark sanford on tape calling for civility then or any republican leader? world doon, how in the you republicans continue supporting a man who obviously is not working with the full deck and i say that with some respect because i could say man is childish. this man continues to break rules. continues to ignore protocol.
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advocates time for you to put him in check. you will need to get him out of this office before he kills us. and what does he want with that voters registration think? is it to give it to prudence of you can make sure that he wins again? i am very upset and i'm fed up with this whole thing. host: ok, brenda. >> i have long believed instability. in civility. after president obama was elected saying we need to see it for what it is which is the shattering of a glass ceiling and we need to celebrate that. not that i agree with his politics. i believe in the notion of shattering glass ceilings and this is something that would have been unimaginable in south carolina or a lot of southern states not that many years
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before. i don't think he would have seen a lot of republican governors writing op-ed like that if they didn't believe in civility. in the south there is a notion of gentlemen or womanly does. manliness. this -- womanly if you will.le you could look at a long legislative history where you would not see wild angry out artists but a difference to the other to say i hear you are coming from, i happen to disagree. as for the notion of impeaching trump, i think we need to be realistic. this goes back to the extreme ends that we find ourselves. do i disagree with a lot of what he has said and done, yes. i have said so publicly.
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we going to be able to impeach him tomorrow? no. does it mean i think we ought to look for that as a remedy to this problem? no. is the congress less civil or the same under this administration compared to the obama administration? >> i don't see a big difference in the congress itself. see is a difference in terms of society. right now if you were to pick up my hometown paper in charleston, south carolina what they would talk about is silent september. what they're talking about is the youth soccer league across south carolina, some of the parents have gotten at times evenrol physically assaulting the referees that they said, this is out of control. you have to actually be quiet in the stands.
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be this degree of cat calling and name-calling. there's a societal question out there. i've done a bunch of town hall meetings back home. at times you are wondering, am i going to get out of this thing alive? that's an overinflated term given the tragedy of what occurred with skill ease. there was a real energy i have never seen before. this isn't really a symptom of congress. it's a symptom of where we are as a society. host: is it heightened with the presidents tweeting? >> yes. inflames the very woman who just it's what you teach your kids. my former wife and i have four boys and they are great boys. we talked from very early on, don't be enabling your brother. needling your brother. for every action there is an
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equal and opposite reaction. it's true in the world of politics. needlego out and somebody you are going to get a reaction and we have seen that. distractedhas been to the idea of the president moving his own agenda forward. host: kelly is in georgia. independent. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have a special bond to south carolina. my family has a vacation home at trip island. goes,, as far as civility i always think there should be more civil discourse. however, i do remember one of the things that frustrates republicans, i'm calling on the -- iendent line because have been a registered republican for years and now i am more of an independent.
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it seems like under the obama administration not one special , and trust me, between irs, all kind of special counsel's should have been called. withems like it now republicans and especially you, anytime there is a mike, you don't mind going out and denigrating this president. i always hear democrats saying, mitch mcconnell said we just want obama for one term. isn't that the goal of the a lot of what i find concerning is you never had a thing to say about president obama and his administration and the way he went after journalists and now russia has the topic of everything.
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host: i'm going to have the congressman respond. guest: yes ma'am. i grew up in beaufort county not far away. what i would say is this. founding fathers gave us a reason-based society. it was to be based on ideas and ideals that we wanted to advance. i hear you loud and clear. this thing got to the frustration point with what you're getting at and the idea of -- ideas not making their way to the process. people said, if i could just get somebody who will get things done i would give up a lot. intos what people bought with. i will break through the clutter because i can't stand it any longer. the question is how do we get there. what i hear is almost tribal in
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nature. this group said that. what we need to be careful about circling the wagons based on one group versus another. at the end of the day politics ought to be about ideas. i have tried to shoot it right down the middle. another thing hot like. less than in the world i want to talk about is trump's latest tweet. you go on a tv set and you are asked about it and you have to respond to i want to talk about the ideas -- iare part and parcel hear you. i think we have to get out of the way of saying, they didn't do this therefore we shouldn't do that. let's just all call it right down the middle.
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john is watching in pennsylvania on the line for republicans. caller: thank you for joining us. i would like to apologize for the criticism about trump from other callers. i want to know how you can talk but still the and good manners when he spent -- you spent taxpayer money to visit prostitutes in south america? guest: i haven't said anything about morals. i didn't visit a prostitute. if you want to get into that can of worms. i did fall in love with a woman down there. we know story from there. i made a mistake in my life and i have fessed up and i have dealt with it. people back home were kind enough to say, we disagree with how you handled it. we believe in you and we are going to give you a second chance.
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you can't do is you are going to make mistakes in life. things that you regret. things that you wish you could start over again. but that's not life. what you don't want to do is say, because you made a mistake in your life you can no longer have a view or a perspective on anything going forward. you may have a better perspective than you have ever had before in your life as a consequence of a mistake in your life. want toou, but i don't be muted and i don't think i should be muted simply because i have done something that i regret in my life. host: raymond is in des moines, iowa. caller: hello. basically --ing to you're talking about two different camps. how we have civility -- don't have stability.
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we are sick and tired of globalist traitors like you. we are tired of it, sir. we have dealt with this for years. we have two parties and basically -- trumpism the enemy. and aically spoke up second american revolution happened. we are tired of establishment republicans like you who obstruct everything. you sit there and say you are conservative when you are not, man. you are a global sellout and you know this. and we all know this. goodbye. guest: back to what i said earlier. the same thing i say to my buddies. -- boys. that's hypothesis, now prove it. recordlook at my voting on any number of different indices, my objective standard i am most conservative. some people love that. some people hate that. what we want to get away from is iat we just heard which is,
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disagree with something. i don't like the globalization good i don't like something. i'm going to put you in a box and say, i don't like you and i am against you. i think we've got to go back to a reason-based discussion and say what is it i don't like? i do like the stand you took as governor. i happen to believe that engagement with the rest of the world is incredibly important. if you look at the world's population, we have about 20% of the world's economy because we have engaged with the rest of the world and the time since world war ii. what i'm worried about is going in the opposite direction. charleston.port and there's a lot coming in and going out. do we need to have fair trade around the world, absolutely. the idea of disengaging with the rest of the world i think it is frightening. are listen in terms of
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what happens when you do so. world trade declined by two thirds during that time. were importantly people's standard of living and their way of life was decimated in the great depression. the idea of saying i don't want to back away from the rest of the world doesn't make you a globalist. it simply makes you a student of looked at anys number of different things throughout time and said, america has benefited mightily from the issue of being engaged with the rest of the world. i would absolutely teach you this point. has middle income stagnated over the last few years, yes. has too much gone to the top, yes. i haves the very things fought which he would probably agree with, the fed has been part and parcel to growing timesment and at decimating middle income savings accounts. the savings vehicle for many folks was a cd. but it's probably
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worth a much longer discussion because if we went down the list of what makes one a conservative and what makes one believe in limited government i think you would see an awfully strong record. let's stick with trade and the border adjustment tax. what is your stance on it? what did you try to do last night when the budget committee went to mark the concurrent resolution for 2018? caller,ust the last it's against what he was suggesting. it represents, we have an income taxed, now its focus on the border adjustment task be more than $1 trillion, one of the largest tax increases in american history. is: and others at the white house said we are committed to folks dancing.
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you cannot get there without a border adjustment tax. other things to happen this week, we had the health care .ill being blown up a variety of things to make tax reform much more difficult without again, a border adjustment tax. i believe it is a mistake. i attempted to put up an amendment that said this was a mistake because it will hurt the consumer out there. it will cost everybody more. do we want a range of different were all of us have the cost that comes with it? came to your side of the discussion last night. guest: in a bipartisan and civil fashion. host: why wasn't your language included? aest: the chairwoman made point that we had an agreement
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and this is outside the agreement. my point was i get that but these different things have occurred in the last week. i did not plan on that blowing off in the last 24 hours but that is what happened. i did expect to see what i saw in terms of them saying they are still committed but it happened. i spoke to members the night and they said, i don't know how you don't have a gore-tex. people need to realize the i -- for everything they buy. one pay 20% more for they buy at or other places, ok. -- t: host: how would the border adjustment act work? guest: a lot of stuff is important that i do not know where baby diapers are made


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