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tv   Freedom Caucus Presses for Full Repeal of Affordable Care Act  CSPAN  July 22, 2017 2:26pm-2:42pm EDT

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senator mcconnell it is pretty : obvious we have had difficulty in getting 50 votes to proceed. but i want to disabuse any of you of the notion that we will not have that vote next week. we are going to vote on the motion to proceed to the bill next week. >> leader mcconnell -- [indiscernible] >> will you cancel the august recess? senator mcconnell we will have a : vote on the motion to proceed on the bill next week. thanks, everybody. >> [indiscernible] >> also on wednesday, members of the house freedom caucus talked about what they would like to see when repealing and replacing the a affordable care act.
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>> good afternoon. thank you all so much for being here. a few minutes ago, congressman tom garrett started the process to actually look at voting on a straight repeal of the affordable care act. it's the first step in a multi layered process to make sure that we get a vote. and finally deliver what we have been promising the american people for a long time. and standing with the president to make sure we repeal the affordable care act.
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additionally, we have to answer a question, how long do the american people have to wait until we actually fulfill a campaign promise? how long do they have to continue to wait as they endure higher premiums? and how long do we have to look at state after state losing providers each and every day as they look at the failure that is obamacare? and so today i'm honored to have these men that are here with me as we look to start the process to call on our leadership to have an up or down vote on a repeal of the affordable care act. and with that, i'm going to turn the mics over to the gentleman from virginia tom garrett who filed the resolution. >> thank you for being here. i've been here a whopping six months. and i think the first time the words discharge petition crossed my lips were probably march or april.
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i'm frustrated and it's difficult for me to remove myself from the citizen tom world view that i built up over 44 years prior to arriving at this body. and i'm frustrated. it's hard for me to transition to the legislature tom world view. in fact i don't think i've done it and that's why i'm frustrated and the american people are. every people elected voted on many of the dozens of occasions upon which we passed a repeal. let me be clear on this. it's not a repeal and nothing. it's two years, 24 months phase out to find a replacement. are you frustrated we don't work together? i am. because no less prominent democrats have said it's broken. president bill clinton said it the crazeist thing, and obama after the bill is made, we have real problems.
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i know there will probably be questions about the cbo score. if you weren't skeptical as to how the cbo works, i always judge any nonpartisan entity by the partisans who appointed them. i became this discharge came out today, just today. i mean nobody knew we were going to do this, but immediately scored. so let's change the paradigm. let's change the paradigm. so, let's change the paradigm. let's change the paradigm. the discussion shouldn't be about coverage. i hear about how many people will lose coverage. the discussion should be about health care, health care, access to affordable care.
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i'll digress for a moment -- we can call the affordable care act the insurance profit and bail outlook of 2010 if we want to. if we bought $100 of united health, the last $100 of yoind united health. you should have been skeptable call as a people and we were when the insurance industry supported the bill. so, what we've seen is a consistent up ward spy recall of .o upward spike the reality facing the consumer that it becomes harder and harder. so, three months ago we saw a news story that said two-thirds of americans couldn't scrape together $1,000 in the case of a financial emergency. and yet, premiums have risen to two, three, four times that regularly and frequently. so, if you have coverage but you
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can't pay your deductibles have risen to two, three, four times that. if you have coverage but can't pay your deductible, you don't have access to care. so when we held out as a group, most of us, any way, it's because we promised to drive down premiums and deductibles, to care. all too often the paradigm in this nation in this political debate has shifted from results to intentions. folks come i watched an organ -- asks, i watched in oregon the exchange was posted on line and literally spent hundreds of millions of dollars and signed up zero people. hundreds of millions of dollars and signed up zero people. i was a criminal prosecutor and the rest of the world you either go to prison or lose your job for that. in the political world you're congratulated for having good intentions. it's not good good intentions, it's about results. what's our goal here? to stick our finger in somebody 's eye? no. this is a message to house leadership we support their best efforts and we want to continue to work with them to move it the ball forward. this is a message to the senate that if they act as leader mcconnell has suggested they act, we have their backs, we will be here. this is a message to the president of the united states
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we haven't abandoned the fight nor our desire to fight for the promises we made, but most importantly this is a message to the american people that by gosh there are people here who want to do what they said they would do. who want to do what they said they would do. candidly if you look at the data, we hear how republicans don't care about people. folks, the mortality rate of the united states rose for the first time in a generation almost in 2015. it rose more in states with expanded educated. you hear rhetoric about kicking people off coverage, four-fifths of the people received it because they were mandated by law to produce a product with the fruits of their labor. potentially against their will. some states, you can choose to buy marijuana, you can choose to go bungee jumping and scuba diving, you can buy explosive s for the fourth of july, but you can't by health coverage
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that provides maternity or if care, even if you want to. we're about keeping our word, helping our leadership do what they want to could, and letting the people at home who are as frustrated as i am and was know there are still people here who said they would do what they said they would do. thank you very much. >> we're willing to take a few questions. i'm sure there are a few questions out there. >> you said standing with the president to make sure there's a repeal, but standing with the president arguing for repeal and replace. >> and we support him in that. obviously, we've been fully engaged, susan, on a regular basis to try to find a repeal and replacement vehicle. i can tell you it was really the freedom caucus who first put a repeal and reemployment vehicle -- replacement vehicle out there with senator rand paul and congressman mark sanford for a repeal and replace effort.
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we believe it should be done. yet, at the same time, we understand that we have reached potentially a impasse. i'm still hopeful they'll come up with some kind of a agreement in the next 72 thunder showers, hours that we can ultimately put this to rest for the american people. if not, we should put on president trump's desk what we put on president obama's desk. we should demand no less. >> the bill seeking to be discharged here to be a repeal face in over 24 months. i think you might see bipartisan as it relates to the negotiation. you might feel there's people who believe in single pair. best payer -- single-payer. don't you agree it would be great to get past the impasse? this isn't repeal yank the rug out for people. this is to light a fire under
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the rearends of people in boekt th sides to get to work for the american people. when mark daten says it's unsustainable, but nobody in this building on the other side of the aisle is willing to talk about it? let's break the log jam. >> you were talking about the 2015 bill. >> 2015 bill. obviously, because of the rules in the senate, it doesn't go as far as a fuel repeal. there's some members up here to have sponsored full repeal. knowing the vehicles that we have, left to us right now, with a 50 vote margin in the senate it would be the 2015 bifl. best 2015 -- the 2015 bill. >> i know senator cruz mentioned the -- >> none of the title one. that's correct. >> when the bill was in the
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houses the other bill. >> that's correct. >> can you make a better deal on -- >> on any replacement, what you would have is that freedom of choice to do that. so, as we start to look at this, there's no employer mandate, no individual mandate. so, as we start to looking at what is available, you allow the free markets to go. now, will the title one regular gs still be there? yes, if we don't take them out in another venue. i can tell you as we look at it, the american people do not know why we didn't have something on president trump's desk on january 20. here we are in july 20th with with nothing to show for it. they're tired of waiting, the people -- i serve the people that most of the members of congress serve. they're tired of waiting and it's time we get something done. >> at this moment in time, the house has put a health care bill in the senate. are you afraid -- on the tax reform, they have such a narrow margin there. >> i think it is being repeated. i'm not concerned it might.
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it is being repeated, and a in a number of bills that have gone to the senate and continued to lay there without action. i think that's the frustrating point for the american people. they said if you'll give us the house, we'll do something. that wasn't enough. if you'll give us the house and the senate, we'll be able to accomplish something. the last thing was if you give us the house, senate and white house, we'll get something done. i can tell you, there are no other houses or no other chambers to give them in order to accomplish anything. >> final question. >> i understand you're -- you argued against this in january, and a lot of the members were worried if you put something out without showing what you would do, there's a -- is that what -- >> i think we believe has to
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what has to happen, as you know, when we argued about having a repeal and replacement vehicle, we had said that it should be, as you recall, two separate vehicles on parallel traction, one that would pass the house, the senate, we believed appeal would pass at that point and we would find a compromise with democrats inform are with replacement bill. but the gentleman from ohio has a couple of things. >> if you remember, we introduced two pieces of legislation, we said let's put this on president trump's -- we many of the things we fought for to get to the bill that first left the house and went to the senate. that's always been our strategy, repeal and replace, but two separate pieces of legislation. when you repeal it, you create the momentum to come together and figure out how we're going to row place it, what's going to be in the replace things, things we want, but frankly some of what our democrats and moderate republicans want.
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this will create the catalyst to get to a solution. senate will be meeting tonight to try to come up with a path to move forward on the repeal and replace bill. are there any redlined areas that would turn you off? >> the answer is are there some things they could do that would make it dead on arrival in the house and the answer is certainly yes. knowing the negotiations going on, there's been ongoing dialogue between this chamber and the upper chamber in terms of what some of those red lines are. i think those have been communicated very clearly as they're going in to negotiate tonight, i think they have a full understanding of not what we want, but what the american people want.
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when we get to that, certainly if the bill moves way to the left, would that create a problem? it would. thank you guys so much for coming. appreciate it. >> good job. pelosi andday, nancy raking democrats who have worked on health-care legislation held a news briefing to discuss the republican effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act.


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