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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 25, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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the new sanctions on russia for their role in need 2016 campaign. later, david hawkins of rollcall talking ♪ host: good morning. it is tuesday, july 25. a key vote is expected today in the republican effort to repeal the affordable care act. it will seek arizona senator john mccain back on capitol hill since the announcement of his brain cancer diagnosis. in the meantime, jared kushner will talk behind closed doors to house investigators about russian interference into the 2016 collection. we will talk about it this morning on the washington journal. but we begin today in the wake of the national address last night from president trump at the boy scout camp in west virginia. it is being criticized by some
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as inappropriate considering the audience. we want to hear what you think this morning. phone lines are open. democrats 202-748-8000. republicans 202-748-8001. .ndependents 202-748-8002 for boy scouts of past and present, we have a special line open to you, 202-748-8003. you can also join in on the conversation via twitter or facebook. good morning to you. if you missed it, we will show you parts of president trump's speech last night at the boy scout jamboree. we will be talking about it this morning. we want to get your reaction to this speech. we want to hear what you think. this is how president trump began the speech yesterday in west virginia. tonight, we put
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aside all the policy fights in washington, d.c. that you have been hearing about in the fake news and all of that. aside,going to put that and instead we are going to talk about success. about how all of you amazing, young scouts can achieve your dreams. dreams. to achieve your who wants to speak about politics when you are in front of the boy scouts, right? host: it was not too long after that that president trump got into loyalty and the political swamp in washington. here's a little more. pres. trump: i go to washington, and i see all these politicians. i see the swamp, and it is not a good place. today, i said we ought to change it from the word swap to
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cesspool or perhaps seward. sewer.- or perhaps it is not good. i see what is going on, and i would much rather be with you. that i can tell you. host: we will show you more from that speech coming up through the first hour of our program today. we do want to hear from you. democrats, 202-748-8001. republicans, -- democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 and boy scouts both past and present, 202-748-8003 postcism in the washington this morning. during his campaign where
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presidential candidate roast the heals and themselves, devolved into over attacks on his opponent. switched into he a campaign style stump speech. he surprised the crowd of uninformed personnel at the commissioning of the uss gerald r ford by imploring them to lobby congress in support of his agenda. his speech on monday night at the boy scout jamboree on to have been unsurprising. after all, he seems to only have one mode, irrespective of the setting or the nature of the audience he is addressing. of triumphs litany and grievances which he can still he returns, delighting his fans and galling his critics. here's more of that speech. boy scouts become great, great americans. as the scout law says, a scout
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is trustworthy, loyal, and we could use a more loyalty i will tell you that. host: behind him, you can see alongterior secretary with secretary perry. president has 10 members in his cabinet who are former boy scouts. this morning, we want to especially hear from boy scouts either past or present and members of the family. we will play more of the event from last night throughout this segment. john is up first on the independent line from pennsylvania. caller: i saw the clips last night. i was just overwhelmed. the inappropriateness of it is beyond belief. who do not even
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pay attention politically, how many boy scouts know what is going on politically? and this was in west virginia where he got the highest percentage of votes. it was like hiller -- hitler youth. that is about all i can say. host: frank is up next. caller: i could not agree with the last caller more. this man is out of his mind. host: frank, we are listening. did you support president trump in 2016? caller: i did not, no. i just keep wondering how this man can keep on going, doing what he is doing, when they see he is out of his mind. he is just crazy. people just keep tolerating him. he is bringing america down, but i guess america will let him run his course before they pull amount.
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-- told him out. host: who did you support in the -- in the hundred? republican primary? caller: i did not support anyone. host: stacy is up next. caller: i did watch the speech. as a girl scout and a brownie, i was deeply disturbed by it. i agree with the last two colors. it reminded me of the hitler you th. everything he said was totally inappropriate. he was supposed to inspire those get to do great things, and instead descended like he wanted to rally them up to commit violence. it seems like all of his rallies are about that. wants them to create violence. it is scary to watch. the boy scoutst,
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of america released a statement. the hill newspaper reported on the speech and on the statement. they said that the boy scouts of america are wholly nonpartisan and does not promote any one position, political party, or philosophy. way meant to in no be an endorsement of any political party or specific policies. is sitting u.s. president often invited as is customary. we want to get your thoughts this morning. we have a specific line for boy scouts, members of their family come and girl scouts as well can call in on that line. -- their family, and girl scouts as well can call in on that one. chris is up next. did you watch the speech? just turned on the
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radio this morning. i think it is huge. it is beautiful we have a politician who is straight up with a group of youth. getctually go out and leadership experience. they set a good example, and it is nice to have someone telling us that not all roses and muffins out there. they need to hear that. there are problems that need to be solved, and these scouts will go out and solve them. host: when the president says they could use more loyalty in washington and talking about loyalty in scout law, does that concern you? does he mean loyalty to himself or in general? caller: i took that to be a
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human problem. tocould be all more loyal every cause and person we serve. law, people live the scout and it is a beautiful thing to bring humans together on a regular basis. host: that was chris in maryland this morning. a little more from president trump talking about the 2016 election and the electoral college last night. pres. trump: do you remember that incredible night with the mass -- maps? , and thelicans are red democrats are blue. the map was so red and it was unbelievable. they did not know what to say. [cheering] pres. trump: we have a tremendous disadvantage in the electoral college. the popular vote is much easier.
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you have to practically run the east coast, and we did. we won florida, south carolina, north carolina, pennsylvania. we won and won. when they said there is no way 270, andy, no way to he won. maine four times. one vote and we won. and michigane in, came in. we worked hard there. my opponent did not work hard there. [booing] pres. trump: she was told she was going to win michigan.
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said, wait a minute, the car industry is going to be moving to mexico. why is she not there? did you see? the car companies are coming back to michigan and ohio. they are starting to come back in. [cheering] pres. trump: we go to wisconsin. wisconsin has not been won in many years by a republican. we went to wisconsin, and we had these tremendous crowds. why are we going to lose this state? saying, the fake polls are saying we would lose, but we won wisconsin. it is an unbelievable tribute to you and all the other millions and millions of people who came out and voted for make america
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great again. that was the president talking to boy scouts last night at the national scout jamboree. if you missed the event, you can find it online in full on we have a special line this morning for boy scouts and members of their family. susan is on that line from budget bird, virginia. -- from fredericksburg, virginia. caller: good morning. my dad was a scout leader his entire life, and he was on the staff for the national jamborees. he would have been absolutely appalled by the content. the opportunity the president lost in speaking to these young men and inspiring them, but instead he was focused on himself. it just makes me sick to even hear the snippets i heard.
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it makes me so sad. he could have given a number of wonderful stories from american othery, other presidents, leaders, individuals who have anddied the scout oath that would have been fantastic if he had done that. host: surely is also on that line from arkansas. shirley, good morning. caller: good morning. she did not listen to the whole thing. i was very proud of president trump. i thought he spoke wonderful things to them. hisold them that most of hisbeen previous -- most of boynet have been previous scouts. i thought it was great.
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my oldest son was in boy scouts. they would have boat races and things like that, and it made my son very proud. he ended up going through law school. i think it helped him through his life. i am very proud of him. host: did you listen to that last segment where the president spoke about the 2016 election? caller: i think that is ok. i think the country has gotten so bad, and all you hear is bad things. i think that was very inspirational for those young children. if you want to put something up, nancy you would show the pelosi and chuck schumer speeches yesterday. it was ashamed to see them. you should put that on the air
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and show people. host: we will certainly be talking about that. that was nancy pelosi and chuck schumer launching their better deal agenda. to putocratic effort forward policies ahead of the 2018 election. it is a topic we will be speaking about this morning. stick around and join us for that discussion. for this first hour, we are talking about that president's speech from last night. he has tweeted several times this morning. several on his attorney general about one hour ago. sabotagen efforts to trump campaign, so where is the investigation attorney general?" " attorney general jeff sessions has taken a very weak position on hillary clinton's crimes."
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those tweet coming after these stories already in the paper today including this from the washington times. their story about how trump's attacks could doom sessions. so there are questions about whether or not he will even stay in office following the president's tweets. brenda is next. caller: to me, this is just another example of donald trump wasting taxpayer money going to an event. it does not matter who he is speaking to, he turns everything to himself and his "great" election win. i think it is amusing he brags about the electoral college win, because, if he remembers, he said the u.s. for college should
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be done away with during the campaign. now, he is bragging about winning through the means he wanted done away with during the campaign. republicans are always saying them a craft should get over there election lost, but trump constantly brings up his election win. he is wasting taxpayer dollars by trying to investigate voter fraud. so, who was the one who cannot let the election go? ann on thataller is line for boy scouts and their families. caller: [indiscernible] there are a lot of things that the boys are exposed to their that they might not ordinarily get exposed to from their home life. it is a wonderful experience.
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i am glad he chose to go to the national jamboree. as far as the political points he made, if you are in the scout rankam, you learn about and looking forward to leadership positions. i think he was speaking to how hard it was for him to overcome some of the things he went through during the campaign. having said that, i would like to also say that my youngest son worked his way up through a company that is a national company. i will not name the company, but he is one of the higher up, ranking managers in the company. he was recommended through a very rigorous process of interviews. he has it on his resume, i am an eagle scout. asked to recite the
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pledge, and he did so and was hired for the job. i was never more proud than when my son called me and said, "you are right. thank you, monica -- mom and dad." host: regiment appelbaum is the washington correspondent -- and human appelbaum is the -- benjamin appelbaum is the washington correspondent for the new york times. here's the policy statement from the boy scouts of america. they should retire after the ceremony and not remain on the orm or in alatf conspicuous location where attendees or viewers could construe their presence as an endorsement or symbol of support to a political party or candidate.
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in addition, photos of candidates or scouts in uniform shouldlitical candidates be advised against. we will get back to your calls in just a moment. we want to turn to the vote that is happening in the senate today on the health care bill. we are joined by alex alton of the hill newspaper. of the hillon newspaper. explain what is happening today. where is this in the process of replacing or repealing and replacing the affordable care act? guest: the senate will post -- will vote this afternoon to proceed with the house passed motion earlier this year. of moste major repeal of the affordable care act. it will be used as the vehicle for the senate to pass whatever legislation it winds up passing. the first thing they have to do
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before voting on legislation is voting to proceed to the legislation and voting to begin today. that is what the vote this afternoon will be about. john mccain last week was diagnosed with brain cancer, and he is flying in just four this vote. it is going to be a nailbiter. it is not clear if mitch mcconnell has the votes. if you want to kill this thing quickly, you would vote against the motion to proceed. there will be a lot of pressure from leadership for members to vote for this to go forward. host: let's talk about specific members we should be watching today. guest: the ones in question are the moderates. these are all republicans from states that expanded medicaid enrollment under obamacare or
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they have qualms about reducing expanded enrollment or the subsidies and tax credits for low income people. on the conservative side, mike lee as of yesterday, was undecided. get ans word he will amendment he really wanted in the final bill which would allow insurance companies to sell whatever plant they wanted as long as they sell one that complies with obamacare's regulatory compliance. so, he's a little bit of a? along with rand paul -- a little bit of a question mark along with rand paul. he said he would support it if it was a clean repeal only bill. if that repeal only does not
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create any replacement system or subsidies or insurance bailout, then he will vote for the motion to proceed. but if there is these amendments that republicans have been discussing, then it is unlikely he will vote to succeed. host: we heard that john mccain will come back for this vote. cancers battling brain and coming back for this vote, is he going to be a yes vote? guest: that is the assumption, yes. host: what kind of pressure does that put on them? guest: it puts pressure on them, no doubt about it. after being diagnosed with cancer and emergency surgery, that he is flying back just to get this debate started
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and you are the person who votes to block it -- you may can go through a lot of trouble for nothing, arguably. i would be surprised if the vote fails today, but it really is to be decided. host: what happens after this motion to proceed passes? guest: once you proceed to the bill, the rule allows for 20 hours of debate. process andst track the point of it is to allow republicans to patch legislation with a simple majority rather than the 60 majority that is needed to typically move things through the senate. ,o, you have 20 hours of debate and then you move to a lightning round of amendments. you only have a little bit of time to debate each amendment. i think the first amendment would be the most likely, as
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mcconnell indicated, the 2015 repeal bill that has no replacement language. the two-year period to come up with some sort of placement. at that point, i think we will see a vote on the utter care reconciliation act which -- the better care reconciliation act which they have been working on, but the last two versions have failed to get enough support. so, we will see if the changes made were enough. we could see other proposals as well. there is cassidy from louisiana who has proposed legislation. there are various proposals out there. we do not know when we will see them. once you have those 20 hours of debate, you have the limited amendments, so there will be a variety of things for people to consider. can offer too,
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amendments. if they get a simple majority, then they might be adopted. host: alex, thank you for joining us. speaking of the health care bill, the president spoke about it at the scout jamboree last night. he spoke about the vote happening in d.c.. here's more from the president last night. pres. trump: are we going to get the votes? he better get them. "tom, you i will say, are fired." [cheering] we better get the senators to vote for it. it is time. after seven years of saying repeal and replace obamacare, we
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have a chance now to do it. hopefully, they will do it. president wasthe afraid to to say he could be fired was health and human services secretary tom price. we are talking about the president's speech last night to the boy scouts. did you think it was too political? we have a special line for boy scouts and their families, 202-748-8003. james has been waiting on that line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: your thoughts? caller: i grew up in a very goal area, and we had to through great sacrifice to get to a city that had boy scouts. one thing we did was study roman history and american history. we learned that we need to give up nationalist feelings.
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lindbergh wanted the united states to stay out of the second so it always takes people in the hitler youth direction you use such a forum. the turning point in u.s. the herohere there was of emperors and the idiots. people who hold up racism, nationalism, and fear. host: what would you say to that color before, the mother of a boy scout who said the president was just talking about his own
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story and hardships. and that it was ok with her. caller: i was taken in by trump at first. he has good qualities. however, when you flip it up and go in that direction, i would just say beware. there are a lot of great people who would have voted for lindbergh. my father admired him as a hero, but you have to think deeply about what you are getting into and what type of future you are laying out for your country. that is what we learn as a boy scout. in dewitt,r is virginia. go ahead. caller: [indiscernible] i do not think any boy scout leader would have wanted donald trump to be talking about how he treats women and doing what he
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wants to do to women. i would not want him to come anywhere near. i do not know what is wrong with republicans. mothers, sisters, grandmothers. they would not want any man to treat the women in their family the way he talked about how he could treat women and nothing would happen. so, you think past statements have disqualified him from appearing at all before the boy scouts? caller: and any other boy or child growing up. womenct that he can treat that way just because he has a little wealth or power, that he by their private parts -- it is a disgrace. where are the morals of the republican party?
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host: bill is in florida. agree wholeheartedly with the last caller and color before that. i think donald trump has -- and the caller before that. i think donald trump has nothing to offer the american people. his health care plan will absolutely destroyed the poor and middle class in this country, and it will take away their right to health care. it is law. medicaid is law. in speakingproach to these boy scouts and then going off on these tangents where he is talking about how he won michigan, north carolina, south carolina, wisconsin, all
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of it brought about by the purging of the votes. this guy is nothing more than what his communications "hector, scaramucci, said, is a con man." one reporter writes -- we have on twitter, a mother of two eagle scouts. we have a couple of twitter comments in right now.
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president trump joked during that speech to fire tom price if the vote failed. one other headline from the front page of one of the state's , the boyewspapers scouts closed president trump is the headline they went with this morning. next caller on the line for republicans. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. everyone has to chill out. this stuff with people calling in about these fascist rallies and comparing them to hitler, that is just absolutely over the line. 70 years ago when they had the in november,y 1937, all those people wore brown shirts. it little known fact about that, across the lake, they had the female camp there.
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27% were pregnant. you guys have been after the scouts for years. obama did not even go. there was 30,000 people in that amphitheater. it was great. it looked like woodstock or something. latinos,lacks, asians, people from all over the world where there and cheering. i don't understand what the problem is there. what is the problem with him going to the scouts and speaking his mind? host: michael is up next. go ahead. caller: good morning. if donald trump speaks before the youth of our nation like the previous caller, i study history, and i will never forget about the speech he gave to the --th of germ which justany germany which just brainwashed
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then into blindness. youth of america, please do not buy into this fake president. host: that was michael from imperial beach, florida. the previous caller spoke about -- spoke about president obama's attendance at the jamboree. president trump spoke about that last night. pres. trump: by the way, did president obama ever come to aght jamboree? -- to jamboree? [booing] pres. trump: and we will be back. the answer is no, and we will be back. host: you can still find president trump -- president 2010 boypeech to the jamborreeoree --
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still on the boy scout you too. -- youtube page. thisr: i am appalled by president in so many ways. one of things that is not talked about is the fact that he has so many lawsuits against him. i know two people who were involved with donald trump, and he is outrageous what he did to them. he tried to steal their idea and me."basically says "sue he should be the last person that kids look up to. --s line about voter fraud people, wake up. there are millions of undocumented people living in
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basements or whatever, and they are going to walk into a federal election building and cast a vote when it is a five-year felony for a citizen? the things that are put out there -- let's just start thinking about this. so many of my friends who have voted do not want to admit that possibly this was not a good though. -- good vote. , ite in my life experiences is easier for me, but this guy is a con man. he is a liar. look at how many things he said that were inaccurate. -- they russian thing said there was no contact, but now we know there were six or seven of his campaign people who had contact. when donald trump jr. got
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caught, he said it was about adoption. that is what he does not admit to the espionage that happened. we have two of our former cia directors saying it was a serious attack on our country. he will not admit to it, because he is guilty. jared kushner spoke behind closed doors to the senate intelligence committee yesterday, and he made a public statement after talking to those investigators. he was at the white house yesterday making that statement. he's also expected to testify today in front of the house intelligence committee which is also probing house -- the russian interference in the election. president trump commenting about jared kushner's testimony yesterday. we will keep looking for the president's tweet this mine. he has had quite a few already. maria is up next on the line for
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independents. biased,not that i am but i do not see anything wrong with the fake media to be criticizing donald trump back and forth when in the six months that he has been in the white house has done more than mr. obama in the eight years in the white house. donald trump won the election because of the silent majority. i am one of the silent majority. there was a caller a long time ago criticizing the way donald trump treats women. -- many women would like to be melania trump and ivanka trump.
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the way he treats women is not the way that the fake media is saying. host: what do you think r president trump's biggest -- what do you think preside -- what do you think are president trump's biggest compliments? -- accomplishments? he has been looking at the stock market, how it is. all the jobs being created. putin,ealing with mr. because we have to deal with mr. putin, the problem with the war in the middle east. i think he's doing a very good job. about putting america to work and bringing money.
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he works for free. he is not getting a salary. there is not a single senator in -- all of themes are millionaires, and even with the recession in this country, refused tothem has say -- host: maria, stick around. in our next hour, we will talk about congressional salaries. how much they get paid, what how itenefits are, and compares to the president. that will be from 9:00 to 9:30 this morning. a special line this morning for boy scouts and members of their family, 202-748-8003.
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otherwise, the lines for democrats, republicans, and independents are as normal. pat is from connecticut. good morning. caller: i thought the speech was fine. ye have to get some moralit back in this country. i do not see anything wrong with what president trump did. the boy scouts have been a good , helpingf morality people and their programs are good. that caller from california with the hitler youth, that guy was so out of whack it was not even funny. my dad fought in the battle of the bulge it one -- battle of the bulge. panzerthe german divisions had to fight -- they
7:44 am
were putting people in ovens. to compare the boy scouts and donald trump with the hitler and embarrassed to'm say i am from california. california has turned into a real liberal portable. host: one of our callers in a previous -- one of our previous callers said that donald trump is not a good example of morality and should not have been there due to his past comments about women. roomr: you know -- locker talk. jokingly,t said, something? i do not understand everyone attacking him the way they do. obama did not go to the boy scout jamboree, because they had the thing with the gay scouts.
7:45 am
everything is so politically correct with the democrats that they have no voice or direction. matt is up next on the line for boy scouts. caller: thank you. i listened to some of the speech . it hasto tell you -- been a long time since i was a for me and what i took away from it as a young boy , it was a matter of self sufficiency. boy scout camp in the summer where we would sleep in a camp for months. we would get up and cook for each other. that is what it was about. it was about camaraderie and taking on projects with one another. it was not about politics and that type of thing. jamboree --at eight
7:46 am
at a jamboree should be about self-sufficiency and not about electoral college is and so on. i want to add one other point. you had that reporter from the hill talking about senator mccain coming in -- maybe they should have waited a week and give him a chance to recuperate a little more? they do not have to rush the man out week after his operation. host: we will talk more about the senate's health care vote coming up. i want to return to the front page of the charleston gazette mail. it includes a picture of one of the attendants to the gymboree wearing a "make america -- to wearing a "make america great again" hat.
7:47 am
they were told not to act as if they were at a campaign rally, as it could cause division between scouts and their campaign unit. they were asked to be respectful of the wide friday of viewpoints in the audience. that was on the jamboree blog before that speech last night. been winninger has on the line for democrats. go ahead. caller: good morning. all the past presidents would get up and talk about how they are going to fix his and give them positive things. all donald trump does is get up there and talk about stuff in the past. it is like he's trying to hypnotize us into thinking he
7:48 am
will fix our country, but he never explained how he is going to fix it. did his mother squeezed his head to type when he was born? he has no brains. he is a con man and a liar. dottie on up, we have the line for boy scouts and their families. caller: i thought it was too political. boy scouts are not supposed to be political. it is supposed to be about inspiration to help them grow up and become better people. what this hillary clinton have to do with the boy scouts? the man stood right there lie that a bold faced barack obama never addressed the boy scouts, but you have a take addressbarack obama's to the boy scouts.
7:49 am
you have collars even calling in saying he didn't address them. host: the video address that president obama sent to the 2010 jamboree, you can still find that on the boy scouts of page.a yourtub -- youtube next caller is paul, a republican. go ahead. caller: hello. about donald trump speaking to the boy scouts, i want all american people to know and listen to this. we need our new generation to save this country. we need donald trump to talk to the new generation, the future of this country. smoked, or to, drugs. wn-ups need togro
7:50 am
understand that. donald trump, by not using those withs, he didn't think 60% his brain. smokes, orho drinks, takes drugs only uses 10% of their brain. host: where did you get those numbers from, paul? caller: what numbers? host: the 60% and 10% numbers. caller: the regular people who take drugs, drink, eat meat, they have no capacity to think with their brains. they can only think with 10% of their brain. donald trump speaks with 60% of his brain. that is why no one understands him. let him do his work and his job. we have to stand behind him with our lives.
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when you to go back to the original constitution for the united states of america -- we need to go back to the original obligation of the united states of america and save this country. yesterday, out in virginia, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer went out to virginia to launch their better deal agenda. it is their agenda heading into the 2018 campaign. pelosi has a column on it today in the washington post. the headline is that democrats are offering america a better deal. here is no close he yesterday at the event. >> democrats know it better deal for hard-working men and women requires bigger, better thinking. helpve to create jobs and the middle class by creating more, better paying jobs.
7:52 am
we have set a goal. we want to lower the cost of living for american families by taking unprecedented action to lower the cost of prescription drugs. by also cracking down on the monopolies which race costs for our families -- which raise costs for our families. bigger paychecks, lower the cost of living, and to give every american the tools to succeed in the 21st century. we want every family in america to know that they and their children have a strong place in the economy of the 21st century with massive, new commitments to apprenticeships, lifetime learning, paid on-the-job training. the list goes on. today, we are on the road. it is wonderful to be here.
7:53 am
state with an a rich history of our founders and the dreams they proposed of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." we must honor their commitments to that. in theeveral editorials newspapers about this new deal. new dealing it a hazy with many details still quite vague. the baltimore sun says that democrats are not going to capture public opinion by recycling the typical fare they put on the table every year or so. what voters want to hear is that they are irrational party that
7:54 am
will listen to -- they are a rational party who will listen to voters and constituents which does not sound quite as attractive, what will look more and more appealing after the past few months of the fearsome chaos of the trump administrations. editorial board of the baltimore sun this morning. we will be talking more about the democrats' plan later this morning. get youre minutes to comments about president trump's speech yesterday to the boy scouts of america. joe on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: hello there. i have my own ideas about the boy scouts. i am from central ohio, born and raised. i am black.
7:55 am
i was the only black kid in my class for 12 years. welcome950's, i was not in the local boy scout troop. my brother and i could not join, because we were black. nor could i go on our senior class trip to washington, d.c., because i was black and might have contaminated a hotel room. that was not in central mississippi, but it was in central ohio. the localt welcome in church. i could not join the local boy scout troop in my hometown. white people have no clue. they have no clue. host: would you feel comfortable with your grandchildren being boy scouts today? caller: that would be their parents'ecision --
7:56 am
decision. i am 81 years old. thise loved and hated country at times. i could fight and die in korea, i could not go to washington -- i could fight and die for the country in korea, but i could a senior washington on class trip. one more thing. the reason republicans have not done something in health care is because it has never, ever been on their agenda. no one on the republican side offering something for poor people in this country. they have never been a party to deal with health care. that is about it. thank you. host: sheri is up next from indiana. good morning. caller: good morning.
7:57 am
i do not have any problem with president's speech. i think people comparing it to the heckler -- to the hitler youth is ridiculous. i think our youth can form their own opinions, and that we often call open to much. oddlenk it is -- often c them too much. i think it is ok to let them see the state of the world, and what better way to lead them then expose them to clinical talk like this. i do think we coddle them too much, and that the united states media does not give people their owndit to use brain and recent things out for themselves. host: would you be comfortable
7:58 am
at the next jamboree if nancy pelosi were to address the boy scouts? caller: yes, sure. i do not have a problem with that. the more you can expose them to different ideas, the better. host: next caller is marian. go ahead. caller: thank you for this forum. that in the eight iars that obama was president never heard anybody say "was obama to political -- too political?" political, he was everywhere he spoke. i believe with trump's speech. it was inspiring for the young and maybe for whoever was watching.
7:59 am
bad that the caller went through what he went through, and i hope our country -- stop blaming this country. we have men and women of all races fighting for our freedom of speech. host: that was marian from pennsylvania. our last caller of the segment. up next, we are going to be joined by a constant from minnesota to talk about his effort combating the opioid crisis. then, we will hear from the representative from california imposeoday's vote to sanctions on russia and other countries. ♪
8:00 am
huewa day on q&a 1968." >> the site on military command was so out of touch with the reality of what was happening in the streets. they literally got a lot of young americans killed because the general denied that the city had been taken. it was a fact that he continued to deny for nearly the whole time the battle was fought. as a consequence, would never concede the sheer number of enemy forces that were in the city. small units of marines and troopers were being ordered to attack positions that were helped by overwhelmingly


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