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tv   Alex Bolton on Senate Test Vote on Affordable Care Act Replacement Bill  CSPAN  July 25, 2017 10:43am-10:50am EDT

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"politico" has this today. senate republicans are barreling toward a dramatic and highly unusual vote on obamacare today without knowing whether they'll have the votes to start dismant law. -- dismantling the about a half dozen republican senators are undecided whether to start the debate on rolling back. senator mccain is returning to capitol hill today after being diagnosed with brain cancer. votes expected this afternoon after what is expected to be a rowdy republican lunch. vice president mike pence will also be at the meeting with republicans. you can read more about this at "politico" dot-com. here's more on this from a reporter who joined us on "washington journal" this morning. we will get back to yous in just a moment. we want to turn to the vote that is happening in the senate today on the health care bill. we are joined by alex alton of the hill newspaper.
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of the hillon newspaper. explain what is happening today. where is this in the process of replacing or repealing and replacing the affordable care act? guest: the senate will post -- will vote this afternoon to proceed with the house passed motion earlier this year. of moste major repeal of the affordable care act. it will be used as the vehicle for the senate to pass whatever legislation it winds up passing. the first thing they have to do before voting on legislation is voting to proceed to the legislation and voting to begin today. that is what the vote this afternoon will be about. john mccain last week was diagnosed with brain cancer, and he is flying in just four this vote. it is going to be a nailbiter. it is not clear if mitch
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mcconnell has the votes. if you want to kill this thing quickly, you would vote against the motion to proceed. there will be a lot of pressure from leadership for members to vote for this to go forward. host: let's talk about specific members we should be watching today. guest: the ones in question are the moderates. these are all republicans from states that expanded medicaid enrollment under obamacare or they have qualms about reducing expanded enrollment or the subsidies and tax credits for low income people. on the conservative side, mike lee as of yesterday, was undecided. get ans word he will
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amendment he really wanted in the final bill which would allow insurance companies to sell whatever plant they wanted as long as they sell one that complies with obamacare's regulatory compliance. so, he's a little bit of a? along with rand paul -- a ttle biof a queion rk alo withand paul. he said heould sport it if it was a cleanepeal only bil if tharepeal onldoes n createny repcement system or bsidies ornsuran bailout thenwill ve for the motio to proed. but there is tse amendnts th repubcans have been
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discussing, then it is unlikely he will vote to succeed. host: we heard that john mccain will come back for this vote. cancers battling brain and coming back for this vote, is he going to be a yes vote? guest: that is the assumption, yes. host: what kind of pressure does that put on them? guest: it puts pressure on them, no doubt about it. after being diagnosed with cancer and emergency surgery, that he is flying back just to get this debate started and you are the person who votes to block it -- you may can go through a lot of trouble for nothing, arguably. i would be surprised if the vote fails today, but it really is to be decided. host: what happens after this motion to proceed passes?
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guest: once you proceed to the bill, the rule allows for 20 hours of debate. process andst track the point of it is to allow republicans to patch legislation with a simple majority rather than the 60 majority that is needed to typically move things through the senate. ,o, you have 20 hours of debate and then you move to a lightning round of amendments. you only have a little bit of time to debate each amendment. i think the first amendment would be the most likely, as mcconnell indicated, the 2015 repeal bill that has no replacement language. the two-year period to come up with some sort of placement. at that point, i think we will see a vote on the utter care reconciliation act which -- the
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better care reconciliation act which they have been working on, but the last two versions have failed to get enough support. so, we will see if the changes made were enough. we could see other proposals as well. there is cassidy from louisiana who has proposed legislation. there are various proposals out there. we do not know when we will see them. once you have those 20 hours of debate, you have the limited amendments, so there will be a variety of things for people to consider. can offer too, amendments. >> live now to capitol hill a hearing on i.r.s. practices retaining electronic records. >> we're almost in august in


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