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tv   House Debate on Russia Iran and North Korea Sanctions  CSPAN  July 25, 2017 10:51pm-11:43pm EDT

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issues facing congress. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal, live at 7:00 eastern wednesday morning. join the discussion. today, the house passed a bill to establish new sanctions and enhance existing ones against russia, iran, and north korea. passed 419-3 and members debated for about 45 minutes. here's a look. >> thank you mr. speaker and i yield. .> thank you speak up. >> now, this bill represents a very broad bipartisan house-senate agreement that the united states must enforce tougher sanctions against north korea. against russia, against iran.
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i want to thank the ranking member of the foreign affairs committee from new york for his determined and excellent work on this legislation. this is a very important bill. these three regimes in different parts of the world are threatening vital u.s. interests and they are destabilizing their neighbors. it is well past time that we forcefully respond. under vladimir putin, russia has invaded its neighbor ukraine. seizing its territory and destabilizing its government. it poses a threat to our nato allies in europe as moscow works valuesrmine democratic with determination and sophistication. as u.s. intelligence agencies have made clear, this kernel attempted to interfere with our election.
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if left unchecked, rest assured to continue its aggression. in his forces continue to pop up. the murderous assad regime in syria prolonging a deathly, deadly conflict that has driven tens of millions of people from their homes while enabling the of chemical weapons and other systematic human rights abuses against the people of syria. the russian sanctions in this bill are substantially similar to those that overwhelmingly passed the other body. the administration important economic leverage. they give it diplomatic leverage. by targeting the things that matter to vladimir putin and that matter to his allies the most. that is their corrupt efforts to profit from the country's oil wealth and their ability to sell weapons overseas. to focus their impact, we clarified several provisions that could have inadvertently
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handed russian companies control of global energy projects and impacted pipelines that our european allies rely on an effort to and their dependence on russian gas. so this strengthens the bill to ensure these economic sections remain in place as long as vladimir putin's aggression continues. this bill empowers congress to review and disapprove any sanctions relief. the strong oversight is necessary. it is appropriate. after all, it is congress that the constitution empowers to regulate commerce with foreign nations. mr. speaker, russia has found a willing partner in and around ran.-- in a the revolutionary guards are fighting along with russian forces in syria. the same time, it ran continues to threaten -- iran continues to
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threaten israel by sending missiles to hezbollah. hezbollah is its leading terrorist proxy. it continues to all americans hostage while developing intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons. to strengthen u.s. response to the threat from iran, this bill includes provisions originally introduced by my counterparts in her tour poker -- senator corker and it outlines human rights abuses and support of terrorism as well as its efforts on the ballistic missile program, which the arabian national guard's forces control. i am proud this bill includes the text of hr 1644. this is the korean and interdiction and modernization of sanctions act which we passed in may. we passed it out of the house by
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a vote of 419-1. these revisions which were strengthened in consultation with the other body, expands sanctions targeting north korea's nuclear weapons program but they also go after those around the world who employ north korean slave labor. this is a human rights abuse. it is one that operates by having a situation where the indentured workers are fed but the check comments of going to the workers, goes to the regime and that money then goes into the nuclear weapons program. it is estimated that this aren't hundreds of millions of dollars for the regime in hard currency. test, kimery jong-un's regime comes closer to being able to mount a nuclear vessel that is
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capable of reaching the united states. we cannot waste an opportunity to increase pressure in response to this threat. mr. speaker, reserve the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from new york. >> i rise in support of this legislation and i yield itself as much time as i might concern. i want to thank colleagues on both sides of the aisle for all of the hard work that has gone into the legislation so far. i want his freshly thank our chairman ed rice who has been my partner on this committee for nearly five years. we passed excellent legislation. the legislation today at stewart and chose what you can do when you work in a bipartisan ways i want to thank the chairman for all of his hard work and courtesies. i support this bill. i certainly plan to vote for it. but it seems we may be on the floor before we are in out all of the differences with the other body. i hope that a stop the case.
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they're been issues with the north korea sanctions which alreadpassed in the house. build itother should've been taken up with the body in a separate track, instead it is now cooked into this. i hope we do not face further delays when this build is back together house. my job is not done until we get this thing across the finish line. we need to do that because this bill was article to our national security. it does more than sending a message to leaders in russia, ram, and north korea. and north korea. just like the bill we already passed, this legislation would our sanctionsand by north korea, closing loopholes that allow money to flow to the kim regime. we cracked down on the trading partners, banks, and shipping vessels that enable the regime and go after the regime's most lucrative enterprises weather
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exported goods or over wages of north korea and laborers sent abroad to work. this would go after so many of the things i ran does to drive -- iran does to drive instability from its ballistic missile system to its efforts to build up its military. i've said again and again we need to hold the regime's feet to the fire on all of these issues. this bill does exactly that. finally on russia, this will is a strong direct response to vladimir putin's efforts to undermine american democracy. it imposes new sanctions on those who want to do business with vladimir putin's cronies or with russia's military or intelligence. it strengthens existing sanctions for russia's illegal annexation of crimea. against russia's
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cyber crimes, including the hacking of our election to help , a story which congress and the special counsel are still time to get to the bottom up. as well as britain's support for the murderous assad regime it in syria. making sure these russian sanctions are not did prematurely. showndministration has over and over they are willing to cozy up to putin. here's the truth. ally. is not our they want to splinter our alliances and undermine western democracy. this commerce will not allow them to succeed so i'm glad to support this bipartisan bill. i think the chairman once again. we need to keep working to make sure this book is to the presidents desk. i reserve the balance of my time. >> the jim webb from california. >> in recognizing me to month from texas, want to thank him for his good work to strengthen the bill.
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as he will discuss and for his focus on pipelines that primarily carry oil and gas through russia, that compete with russian gas and dust on the price of gas. with that, i yield two minutes. strong support of increased sanctions on russia, north korea, and a ramp. in german rice and others for their leadership -- i think -- i think the chairman for his leadership on this issue. in october of last euro at the height of the residential campaign i was briefed by our intelligence community. they told me russian gauge than a blatant effort to engage in our meddling affairs and our democratic process. i was an outspoken supporter of a need for a strong response
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then and i remains a now. however in the process of making russia pay an economic cost for their bad behavior, we must ensure where not harming u.s. interest at home and abroad. i want to thank german rice for clarifying -- i want to thank royce for clarifying. we should not the in the business of supporting independence from russia. putin uses this as a tool over his neighbors. i want to thank german rice -- royce.n the that, i yield back balance of my time. as i yield two minutes to my colleague on the foreign affairs committee, the gentleman from rhode island. >> i think the tournament for
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yielding. i rise in support of hr -- the russia, iran, and north korea sanctions act and i think my colleagues for all of their work, together with the senate to reach this important agreement. this legislation will ensure that russia, iran, and north korea and those using to help them will suffer consequences for their bad behavior. the passage of this legislation is important to hold a ran accountable for its -- to hold a iranccountable -- to hold accountable. we are taking an important step towards holding a ringing government and anyone who seeks to support them accountable for their bad actions. anyone who contributes to the ballistic missile program, supplies it with weapons, or assist the iranian government in their vast human rights abuses will be subject to sanctions. it is important to know the violate the not
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enforce national law. see also pleased to additional sanctions imposed on russia and north korea. the human suffering north korea has brought upon its own people is unimaginable. is kimdepraved leader jong-un getting his hands on nuclear weapons that could be used against america and its allies -- allies is something we cannot tolerate. it interfered in our 2016 elections. this is the fundamental foundation of our democracy. our election. we simply nnot allow any foreign power to interfere in our electoral process. given our presidents complete unwillingness to hold russia accountable, let us not mistaken for anything else. it was an attack on america. it has become necessary for congress to his own its role in this area and ensure that russia will be held accountable. so again, i think those who worked together to get this bill
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to the floor and i urge my colleagues to support this legislation. i you back the balance of my time. i see john mack from california. >> i yield two minutes to the gentleman from new jersey. health, international rights, international organizations. >> two minutes. >> thank you for sponsoring this important bill that comes together a critical arsenal of timely sanctions against iran, russia, and north korea. the administration was absolutely right in early february to put a ran on -- to put iran on notice about its missiles. listed expanded sanctions against the missile program demonstrating the united states will not stand idly by as a ran augments -- as . ran augments its ability as the world's largest sponsor of terrorism, it imposes national on the iran
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guard corps. and sanctions on individuals responsible for human rights abuses. the state department suggests there are as many as 800 political prisoners in a red bank alone -- in a ran alone. -- in iran alone. used as bargaining chips on russia. the put in governments invasion of ukraine and the annexation of crimea, indiscriminate threatening towards our nato allies in the baltics, makes it an important respects the worst actor in the global states today. it was government has passed from threats to actions against our friends, allies, and innocent people abroad. let's not forget in 2000 eight and a was there as it happened, the russians invaded georgia. as to north korea, a goal log masquerading in the country, we
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g masquerading as a country, we must cut them off. the regime is working on more missiles. it needs to be taken seriously. this does that. with very, very stiff sanctions. i want to thank chairman royce, eliot engel, also the majority leader mccarthy and steny hoyer as the principal sponsors of the bill. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york. mr. engel: thank you, mr. speaker. i now yield one minute to our colleague on the foreign affairs committee and member of the intelligence committee, the gentlemanrom texas, mr. castro. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognid r one minute. mr. castro: thank you. and thank you, ranking member engel, for yielding. and i also want to thank chairman royce for your leadership on the sanctions package. the american people have been waiting some time for the sanctions package to finally pass. this bill dials up o current sanctions on north korea, iran and russia to hold their
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governments accountable for their destabilizing actions. the russia piece in this package is particularly necessary. russia has flagrantly violated international law by invading ue crane and interfering in american and -- ukraine and interfering in american and other elections. it will hold them accountable for their actions. it's a declaration that congress can and wi act even when president trump refuses to do so. in addition to these sanctions, congress must continue to investigate to determine the scope of russia's attack on america's democracy and teash which americans, if any -- establish which ameicans,if any, had something to do with it. i thank you and yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california. mr. royce: i yield two minutes to the gentleman from texas, mr. hensarling, chairman of the committee on financial services.
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the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for two minutes. mr. hsarling: i thank the gentleman for yield and certainly thank him for his leadership on this very important bill. so i rise in support of the russia, iran and north korean sanctions act. and mr. speaker, i particularly want to highlight the provisions that are the product of the hard work of the financial services committee's subcommittee on terrorism and illicit finance. the inclusion of these provisions will undoubtedly assist our government's anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing efforts. for instance, this bill includes language directing the president acting through the secretary of treasury to develop and maintain a national strategy for combating the financing of terrorism and related forms of illicit finance. the opportunistic nature of terrorist groups, combined with the emergence of financial technology, creates new challenges for our law enforcement opportuni and their efforts to disrupt terror finance. national strategy should also seek to enhance partnerships
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with the private sector that prevent and detect illicit financing and increase efforts to facilitate compliance with our anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing laws. i'd like to commend congressman ed bud for introducing the illicit financing act which is entirely corporated into the section 2 of the underlying gislation. i'd also like to recognize congressman pearce and congressman pittinger, the chairman and vice chairman of the subcommittee. their leadership on these issues have been instrumental to achieve the legislation that is before us today. we know, mr. speaker, that thomas jefferson once famously said the price of liberty is eternal vigilance and that is indeed true. thanks in no small part to the hard work of the subcommittee on terrorism and illicit finance, the bill before us today ensures we remain vigilant to address the
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evolving threats to our financial system. and i am proud to support it and encourage all members to support it and, again, i want to thank chairman royce for his leadership today on this bill and in our committee and i yield back the balae of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york. mr. engel: thank yo mr. speaker. i now yield three minutes to a gentleman who was instrumental in putting this bill forward, who has been with us every step of the way and so invaluable to this finished product. that's the distinguished democratic whip, the gentleman from maryland, mr. hoyer, and i yield him three minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the distinguished whip is recognized for three minutes. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman. i thank the ranking member for yielding, mr. engel, and i thank mr. royce. i have said this before, i will say it again, mr. royce as chairman and mr. engel as ranking member are example, frankly, for all of us how to work together productively in a bipartisan fashion to reach a resulthat's good for our
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country, for our people and indeed for international secuty. i also want to thank senators cardin and corker for their leadership and their involvement. this legislation is the product of very careful and sometimes difficult negotiations on a bipartisan basis. it is strong, tough and an appropriateesponse for russia's attpts to meddle in our election process, its support for violent separatists in ukraine, its illegal occupation of crimea and and, es, it's unhelpful work in syria. this threatens our gulf allies and israel. russia's power comes from its ability to coerce other nations by its energy distribution in many instances. this bill seeks to make it harder for russia to use that
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type of coercion and empower other nations to join us in standing up against russian aggression. these sanctions will only be successful, however, if they are truly bipartisan and if congress continues to play its important and necessary oversight role. democrats and republicans are coming together on this bill, mr. speaker, to ensure that the president cannot alter sanctions toward russia without congressional review. this is a critical -- this is critical at a moment when our allies are uncertain about where this administration stands with respect to russian aggression. i remain open to additional sanctions on russia's energy sector at a later date if the russian leader and his associates fail to heed the message of this bill that their business as usual cannot and must not continue. once this bill passes the senate, as i believe it will,
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russia will know that sanctions levied becse of its benevolent acts will be lifte only with the concurrence either tassidly or expressly of the congress of the united states. there will be no side deals or turning a blind eye to its actions. this legislation, mr. speaker, will also make it clear that russia's interference in ukraine comes with consequences and it puts pressure on iran to end its ballistic missile program. in addition, it deters hopefully north korea from pursuing its dangerous development of nuclear weapons and vehicles to deliver those weapons as close as the western part of this country. i urge my colleagues to support this legislation and send it to the senate as quickly as possible and yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york -- or
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the gentleman from california. mr. royce: well, mr. speaker, i want to recognize the good work of the democratic whip, mr. steny hoyer, and also the republican leader, kevin mccarthy, on this legislation and thank them. mr. hoyer: if the gentleman will yield? frankly, all four of u yourself, your leadership, mr. engel, the majority leader and i were primpled to work together in -- privileged to work together in a way, as i said at the beginning, was constructive and i think has resulted in a very good product. i thank the gentleman. mr. royce: thank you. mr. speaker, i'd like to yield to the ntleman from texas, mr. pete sessions, he's the chairman of the rules committee, for the purpose of a colloquy. mr. sessions: i want to thank the chairman for yielding. i rise to applaud him for the hard work and the responsible actions that the chairman has taken, not only to ensure this piece of legislation is prared but bettered and ready to go back to the senate. i think we have a forceful sanctions bill that is before the house today and one that targets not only iran and russia but also the north
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korean regime. as you know, the bill that was passed by the senate risks giving russian energy firms a competitive advantage across the globe by inadvertently denying american companies access to neutral third-party energy markets where there would simply be a small russian presence. the bill before us today prevents russia from being able to weaponize these sanctns against u.s. energy firms, and i want to thank chairman royce for his hard work on this issue. . i alo want to ensure we have an understanding of the definition of the word controlling in section 223-d of h.r. 3364. for purpose of clarification and legislative intent, the term controlling means the power to direct, determine or resolve fundamental operational and financial decisions of an oil project through the ownership of
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an majority of the voting interest of the oil project. i would ask the gentleman, the yog chairman, if he agrees with that definition? mr. royce: yes. that is my understanding. mr. sessions: i thank you for not only the clarification but making sure that we are most specific iwhat we are undertaking. i'd also like to note that the pipeline in the southern gas quarter projects will continue to be able to bring gas from the caspian sea, which is a huge find, to our european allies. reducing their dependency on russian energy. mr. royce: that is minding. mr. sessions: i thank the gentleman and i thank him for hi time on the colloquy. the speaker pro tempore:he gentleman from new york. mr. engel: mr. speaker, i now yield 1 1/minutes to one of my senior colleagues on the foreign affairs committee, the ranking member of the terrorism subcommittee, the gentleman from calirnia, mr. sherman. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is
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recognized for 1 1/2 minutes. mr. sherman: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i rise in strong support of this bill. which is really a combination of three bills. fir, as to north korea, it embodies a bill passed on this floor last month, introduced by chairman royce, ranking member engel, mr. yoho and myself, from the asia subcommittee. we will expand our sanctions on north korea's precious metals, minerals, jet fuel, coal, and across the board and especially banking sanctions, but keep in mind, malt matly we have got to force -- ultimately we have got to force china to decide whether they're going to support north korea or whether they're going to have access to american markets. we can't let them have both. as to iran, this bill designates thentire iran revolutionary guard corps as the cudes force has already been designated -- quds force has already been
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designated, as subject to terrorism sanctions, provides an arms embargo. and let us remember that the real face of thisegime in tehran is not their foreign minister, but rather it is the hundreds of thousands who have died in syria as a sult of iranian action. speaking of countries that have suord assad, finally and perhaps most importantly, this bill provides sanctions against russia, necessary because of its actions in the ukraine and its interference in our electons. we hit russia in a very important way. by dealing with the technology they would need to export oil. unfortunately, even under thi very strong bill it would take a 2/3 vote for us to block a sanctions waiver, should our resolution be vetoed. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california. mr. royce: yes.
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i yield two noins the gentleman from texas, judge poe, chairman of the foreign affairs subcommittee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for two minutes. mr. poe: i thank the chairman and the ranking member for their work on this legislation. mr. speaker, i've spoken to our military leaders and they said that the biggest threat to the united states is north korea. strategic patience is over. it's time for strategic sanctns. is bill will go a long way to tighten the screws on little kim and bring the dictator to his knees. question no longer stand by meekly while north korea terrorizes the world. this bill includes my bill that has already passed the house that calls on the state department to reassess if north korea should be on the state sponor of terrorism list. let us not forget that north korea helped supply syria with chemical weapons. it has given iran ballistic missiles and advice on how to develop its own nukes. north korea and iran's evil cooperation is even going on as
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we speak today. they are now working together to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach american shores. this bill also puts china in the crosshairs. chinese banks have enabled th korean regime to avoid sanctions and build its illegal weapons programs. china evenrovided the vehicle used to launch the north koreans' new icbm. china also uses slave labor from north korea to help north korea avoid sanctions already in place. china needs to understand how its support for kim will not only endanger the united states in south korea, but it also endangers its own security. by targeting these rowing nations, we show rogue nations, we show we will not go away quietly in the darkness of science. and that's just the way it is. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new ork. mr. engel: mr. speaker, i yield 1 1/2 minutes to one of our senior members on the foreign affairs committee, the gentleman
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from virginia, mr. connolly. the speaker pro tpore: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for 1 1/2 minutes. mr. connolly: thank you, mr. speaker. and i thank the distinguished ranking member, mr. engel. mr. speaker, today this house comes together on a bipartisan basis, to address sanions and the rules on sanctions for north korea, iran, and, most imrtantly perhaps, russia. importantly, beuse there's been a l of doubt about whether this congress would ever again speak eloquently and forcefully about russian behavior. today we answered that question. overwhelmingly we say, russia's behavior is unacceptable in many, many ways. not least of which is the incursion of sovereign territory of its neighbors. specifically georgia, ukraine. including the crimea.
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i vote easily and enthusiastically for this resolution today. but itusnot be construed nsk use it references the mi agreements that that means we don't mean to continue sanctions on the crimea -- the crimean invasion. we do. and the chairman and ranking member of our committee, we'll continue to be vigilant on that until that illegal annexation is ended. i commend the leadership for bringing this resolution to the floor. and i am proud today to be a member of this body in speaking with one voice about russian behavior. and the need for sanctioning it. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california. mr. royce: i yield one 911 the gentlan from new jersey, mr. lance, a member of the committee on energy and commerce. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey is recognized for 1 1/2 minutes. mr. lance: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today in strong support of this sanctions bill. the governments of iran, north korea, and russia do not share american values or interests. and are active threats to our national security. these regimes will see a united
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message from the congress othe united states with an overwhelming vote in favor of strong sanctions. iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. north korea, the most dangerous and isolated place on earth, has tested lon range missiles, demonstrating a frighteng potential to target our west coast. and russia has intolerabley volved it self in our nation's democratic electoral process. its invasion of crimea and sanctions -- actions in the ukraine are totally unacceptable. but let us act decisively today and put these states on notice. olate international law by threatening the united states and thereby face the consequences. i urge a yes vote and yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the geneman from new york. mr. engel: mr. speaker, i now yield two minutes to the ranking member of the fincial services committee, the gentlewoman from california, ms. waters. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from california is recognized for two minutes. ms. waters: thank you very ch. i thank ranking member engel for his leadership and forhe time. and i thank the chairman for his
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leadership and the way that he's worked with our side of the aisle. i rise in support of the russia, iran and north korea sanctions act. legislation that is desperately needed to prevent this administration from rolling back sanctions tied to russia's invasion of ukraine and interrence in our elections. this bill's enhanced sanctions on russia are important in light of the actions of russian president vladimir putin, not to mention the many ties between the trump administration and the kremlin. in a recent development, the treasury department confirmed that exxonmol violated existing russian sanctions while under the leadership of rex tillerson. who is now donald trump's secretary of state. indeed, in 2014 exxon signed documents related to oil and gas . ojects in russia
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a russian state-owned oil giant. was one of the individuals subject to sagses. -- sanctions. exxon was fined a mere $2 million. a slap on the wrist for a company that earns $7.8 billion in profits in 2016. russia is continuing its aggression in ukraine. it is supporting the murderous regime of about a saar al-assad in syria -- of al-assad in syria. and it interfered in the 2016 u.s. election. that's why we must strengthen the sanctions against russia and we must block rex tillerson and donald trump from waiving or lifting those sanctions without review. before closing, i would also note that the legislation before us also includes several measures championed by decrats on the financial services committee. these provisions will focus the government on creating a national strategy to combat the financing of terrorism, enhanced treasury's tools r combating money launding
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vulnerabilities, such as well known risk in high end real -- te and the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. ms. waters: i thank so very much. i eld back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california. mr. royce: i yield one minute to the gentleman from north bud.ina, mr. mr. budd: thank you, i rise today in strong support of h.r. 2364679 i'm proud of the bipartisan language in the bill whch would create a national strategy forombating terrorism and ilcit finance. the financing of terrorism and relad forms of elicit finance -- illicit finance provide a direct threat to our national security and financiasystem. so it is critical for the government to create and maintain a unified strategy to fight financial crime. both to accommodate new and developing threats, and to help congress develop legislative and funding priorities now and in the future. additionally, a national strategy should seek to enhance
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intergovernmental cooperation and to identify illicit financing trends and to encourage federal agencies to work with the private financial sector to do the same. mr. speaker, this bill does these things and will go a long way in making sure we are keeping pace with the ever-changing terror finance landscape. i'd like to thank chairman hensarling for his extraordinary leadership on the financial services committee, and for helping to include this language in the overall bill. additionally, i want to thank the chairman of the terrorism and illicit finance subcommittee, mr. pearce, and for his support and for my colleague, ms. sinema, for her work on this as well. with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york. mr. engel: tnk you. no sooner said than done, the my pleasure to yield one minute to my friend on the financial services committee, the gentlewoman from arizona, ms. sinema. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from arizona is recognized for one minute. sinn sinn i rise today in -- ms. sinema: i rise today in support of the bill. the regimes in these countries continue to undermine global
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peace and security and threaten the safety of the united states and our allies. their unfortunates -- efforts to undermine democracy is particularly troubling and demand a strong response. i thank chairman royce and rankingember engel for their bipartisan legislation that counters these regimes and ensures strong oversight by congress and the american people. the safety and security of our communities and our country must come before partisanship. i also thank the chair and rankin member for introducing our bipartisan legislation introdced with congressman budd to establish a hole of government -- whole of government strategy to combat the financing of terrorism. current efforts to counter this lacks sufficient coordination and the has n unified national strart to guide our efforts. money is the life blood of any organization. we must establish a comprehensive and effective strategy to deny money to terrorists. this strategy will enhance detection, deterrence and prosecution and ultimately strengthen our broader national security goals. again, i thank the chair and
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ranking member for advancing this important bill and urge my coeagues to vote yes. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california. mr. royce: i continue to reserve, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of h time. the gentleman from new york. the gentleman from new york. mr. engel: i'm sorry. it's now my pleasure to yield one minute to my friend on the appropriations committee, the gentleman from ohio, mr. ryan. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio is recognized for one minute. mr. ryan: i thank the gentleman. i want to thank the chairman and the ranking member for their leadership on this. this clearly is a big issue pressing the country. and i just wanted to rise in support of what's happening here today, of taking a firmer stance on russia, iran, and north korea. trying to stabilize the pins la. trying to take -- peninsula. trying to take care of the funding that's coming out of iran to all of these terrorist groups across the country. and across the world. and just say that what's happening with these sanctions
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here, in the targeting of russian gas pipelines, their numr one export, i think, is entirely appropriate. the nortstream 2 which carries gas from russia through the balance tacks to germany, and i know -- baltics to germany, and know germany isn't happy about it, but this is something we have to do. we have to address this issue in a comprehensive way. we must continue to focus on how we get our gas here in the united states, our natural gas to europe, to our allies, so they're not so dependent on russia. we have to have the sanctions, but we also got to be shipping liquid natural gas to some of these allies of ours so they're not so dependent on the russians, which is part and parcel of this entire approach. i yield back the balance of my ime. mr. royce: i continue to reserve. mr. engel: is my pleasure to yield one minute to the the gentlewoman om illinois, a
11:32 pm
respected member of the energy and commerce committee, ms. schakowsky. ms. schakowsky: i rise in support of today's sanction legislation which i'm see that it has complied with the iran nuclear agreement. experts, the international community and even some of president trump's own advisers agree that the iran nuclear agreement is working. in june, the international atomic energy agency certified that iran is within the limits set by this historic deal. there are serious issues left to be addressed with iran, especially in regards to human rights violations and ballistic missiles, which this bill covers. the iran deal took nuclear weapons off the table and allowed us to deal with these remaining challenges, withdraw ing or violating the agreement would be an enormous mistake. this upholds our agreement with
11:33 pm
iran and holding russia and north korea accountable for their actions. i urge my colleagues to support this legislation and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california. mr. royce: i continue to reserve. mr. engel: i now yield one minute to the gentleman from north carolina, mr. price. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from north carolina is recognized. mr. price: i rise to stress two critical aspects of this legislation, it would imfoes tough sanctions on its -- the its cyber russia and interference in the 2016 election. in the present context, it would prevent president trump from removing or softening existing sanctions without congressional approval. second, the bill addresses iran's unacceptable behavior in theonnuclear realm such as human rights violations and financing of terrorism.
11:34 pm
he jcpoa celebrated its second anniversary two weeks ago and has given 24/7 access and provided a mechanism to ensure that iran's activity is solely peaceful and along dated iran's breakout time for over a year. as the united states continues o monitor the jcpoa and iran's behavior, it is important that congress continue to refrain from actis that would vlate the deal, threaten the deal or impose careless sanctions that under the guise of being tough .n iran -- i thank the chairman so as the united states continues to monitor the jcpoa and iran's behavior, it's important that congress contin to refrain from actions that would violate the deal, threaten the deal or impose careless sanctns that under the guise
11:35 pm
of being tough on iran would make united states less safe. this legislation meets that test and i urge its adoption. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair would inform the manager the gentleman from california has three 1/2 minutes remaining. mr. royce: i reserve the right to close. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york has one minute remaining. . engel: on putin's orders russia attacked america's democracy last year. this makes russia a threat to this country, just like iran and north korea. when the united states faces a real threat, we have the obligation to respond, so far our response to russia has fallen far short. that ends with this legislation. along with pyongyang and iran, they need to understand, you threan the united states and its allies, there will be consequences. i wish we could send it to the president's desk today.
11:36 pm
leaders in both houses have an obligation to clear away any remaining issues and get this bill signed into law as soon as possible. so long as rsia is a threat and iran and north korea defile norms, none of us is off the hook. i thank ms. pelosi for her advice and counsel. let's pass this bil and press this bill forward. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california. mr. royce: i yield myself such time as i may consume. mr. speaker, in closing, i would like to my colleagues, the ranking member, mr engel, as well as our counterparts, senator corker and cardin, the majority leader, mr. mccarget and the minority whip, mr. hoyer. they deserve credit for their effort. let me also say it's critically important that we stand
11:37 pm
shoulder-to-shoulder with our european allies in countering russian aggression and that is why in the bipartisan house-senate negotiations, we secured important changes to improve transatlantic coopetion. and so i'm confident under the text of the house -- this house bill that will pass today, these concerns have been addressed. let me also say that every time north korea tests a ballistic missile or a nuclear device, it gets closer to having the ability to strike the u.s. mainland with a nuclear weapon. for years, the policies of successive administrations have failed to get north korea to change. why? because diplomatic pressure has been applied only in spurts. it has been lifted prematurely for north korean promises that have never materialized. so we need leverage and leverage comes from real sustained
11:38 pm
pressure. and that's why i offered tough new sanctions to crack down on the regime to shut off their access to the hard cuency it needs to fund its nuclear program and we have included that in this bill. these sanctions passed in this house in may by a vote of 419-1 and it is timeor the other body to pick them up. and by including these north korean sanctions in the legislation, we ensure that our colleagues do so. we cannot afford any more delay. and that's why i worked wh the other body to me smal changes to the north korean sanctions in this bill to ensure swift passage in both houses. i'm confident this bill including the north korean sanctions bill will soon become la and let me say that congressional engagement in foreign affairs is strongest when we all speak with one voice. i urge my colleagues to vote in favor of the bill and join us in
11:39 pm
sending a clear message to jong un utin, to kim that efforts to threaten the united states and destabilize our allies will be met with a united american response. and i yield back the balance of my time the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the question is will the house suspend the rules and pass the bill h.r. 3364. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in thepinion ofhe chair 2/3 -- mr. royce: i request the yeas and nays. the speaker pro tempore: yeas and ns are requested. a sufficient number having >> in congress this week, the house takes up defense related spending, and the senate continues work to reveal parts of the affordable care act. watch coverage of the house c-span and the senate on
11:40 pm
c-span2, and mh any time on, and listen with the free c-span radio app. >> tonight on c-span, we look at the senate vote to move ahead with debate on a bill to overhaul the affordable care act. tesident trump posts lebanese prime minister at the white house. house democrats talk about changes to the affordable care act. sanctions,osing russia, in north korea. night, connecticut democratic congresswoman rosa delauro talks about her efforts to protect social programs in her book "the least among us." security reached its lowest point, we had ronald reagan and tip o'neill, who came makeher and acted to
11:41 pm
social security solvent into the future. all of this wringing o hands beingsocial security insolvent can be solved immediately by lifting the cap. >> watch afterwards sunday night on c-span2's book tv. motionsenate passed a this afternoon to begin debate on a bill revamping o obamacare. vice president pence broke the tie to pass the motion. kelsey snow and her colleagues at the "washington post" right, the gop has struggled mightily to get to this point and there's no guarantee they will win final passage of a bill. a sign of how muddled the situation remains, senator john mccain took to the floor after voting to move ahead and declared, i will not vote for the bill as it is today.
11:42 pm
we will hear more from kelsey snow in a moment. first, a look at senator mccain's returned to the senate floor after his brain cancer diagnosis and his speech little bit after. [applause] >>


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