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Paul Ryan
  House Speaker Says Reince Priebus Has Presidents Confidence  CSPAN  July 27, 2017 11:32am-11:41am EDT

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pilots like to know where they are going to land when they take off and so should we. now, mr. president, we are proceeding ahead with our debate on the health care bill. it may be a little >> and once again you can watch this debate as it plays out on the senate floor on our companion network c-span2. and we're continuing live on capitol hill. we're waiting for house speaker paul rirne. he's set to hold -- paul ryan. he's set to hold his weekly briefing. we're planning live coverage here on c-span. we'll let you know "the hill" has this today -- republican senator lindsey graham says the status quo is failing and -- failing the jimmy kim really est, and they're -- kimmel test, and they will have holy hell to pay if trump fires sessions. the story goes on to say -- this morning, president trump,
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any move to fire jeff sessions will have backfire. read that in "the hill" today. speaker ryan: people may turn on their tv's and they think all that we do here in our bubble is focusing one thing at one time or bickering with each other about one ning. e reality is that there is some very important work getting done here to improve people's lives. let me just give you some examples. in overhaul in the way the veterans administration works so veterans get the better care they deserve and the treatment they deserve. 14 separate measures to strike bad regulations from the books with one more coming on the way. a big down payment on rebuilding our military and we are building on that this week right now. the biggest increase in border security funding in years which we are also building on this week. more resources to fight the opioid epidemic. more resources to expand charter schools and to save the
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d.c. school choice program. we have passed our plan to repeal and replace obamacare, which is a very, very important promise for us to keep. our plan to replace dodd-frank with real relief for small businesses and community banks on main street. we've passed the biggest expansion of the g.i. bill in a decade, removing time limits for veterans to use their benefits because in this 21st century, life-long learning is essential. reforms to tough enforcement capabilities law including kate's law. reforms on sex traffickers and increase support for victims because human trafficking is a real problem. reforms to improve job training and expand career and technical education. ugher sanctions on hostile regimes. our committees are working on transformational tax reform, the biggest thing we can do for our workers and our economy. i know this is a long list. there's more to this list. ut if you just go to
11:35 am, you can cut clue the clutter and learn more about this work that's being done here in the house. these are real wins. real wins to solve real problems that people care about. and even if this isn't always being reported, even if it's getting lost in the clutter and the distractions, that is what we are doing one day at a time, one step at a time. as always, we will continue to raise our gaze and keep at it because we were elected to solve people's problems and that's what we're focused on doing. does anyone have any questions? reporter: speaking of some of those distractions, the new communications director at the white house appeared to take aim at your good friend mr. priebus, chief of staff, suggesting he may be behind some of the leaks coming out of the white house. do you think that was appropriate comments for the new communications director? speaker ryan: as you know,
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reince is a close friend of mine doing a fantastic job at the white house and i believe he has the president's confidence. if those two gentlemen have differences, my advice would be to sit down and settle these differences. reporter: he should remain chief of staff? speaker ryan: i think he's doing a great job as chief of staff. reporter: does any repeal actually fulfill the promise you've been making for seven years? speaker ryan: i will reserve judgment until i see what the senate produces. as you know they will go into their vote-a-rama. it's any guess what they come out with. we will reserve judgment until we see what the senate actually produces. reporter: would repealing the individual mandate without a replacement break the -- speaker ryan: i will reserve judgment until i see what they produce. reporter: mr. speaker, on that senate, if the senate is -- up in the air right now -- passing something, is there any chance you would keep the house in potentially this weekend? speaker ryan: extending our session is obviously an option we're considering. i think the majority leader
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will make some -- tentative announcements on it later on. the question is, what does the senate do? we don't know what the senate's going to do so therefore we will reserve judgment as to what our response is until we find out what the senate actually does. reporter: one of my favorites. so about the president's latest tweet. speaker ryan: i don't read that stuff. reporter: on the sanctions bill -- it does a number of things but one of the things it does is severely limit the resident's flexibility to wage sanctions on russia. i want to talk about the thinking of the house in passing a bill that does that because it is very unusual for the congress to limit a president's flexibility. speaker ryan: i think what you saw was -- correct me if i'm
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wrong -- it was 419-3, i think. so you had all but three -- i think the republicans -- all but three voted for tough sanctions on these three regimes, north korea, iran and russia. the message coming from congress on a bipartisan basis is these are hostile regimes and sanctions are warranted. sanctions are called for. we want to make sure they are tough sanctions, they are indoorable sanctions. that's -- indurable sanctions. it took us a while to come together, get the policy right. there were constitutional issues with the senate. we got through all those. we agreed we believe these tough hostile regimes deserve sanctions and this is the bipartisan compromise that produces that. that's why you had this big vote count. reporter:s are aren't you saying also to the president -- speaker ryan: what we are saying is we need to sanction these regimes because of what they done, whether it's north korea, iran or russia. tax er: mr. speaker, 44% rate for the top bracket, what
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are your thoughts on that? speaker ryan: last thing i will do is negotiate tax reform in public. you know me all too well. our tax writers will be the ones writing this bill. we're working to get consensus as a framework so our tax writers, ways and means and senate finance can write this legislation. what we are not doing is negotiating in public what those committees will be doing. reporter: speaker ryan, do you agree with the president's new policy banning all transgeneraleder individuals from the military? speaker ryan: the concern here in the house was whether or not the military will be forced to pay for the surgical procedures. i share those concerns. the question on the broader issue, that is being reviewed by the d.o.d. and the white house and i look forward to seeing what it is they actually produce. reporter: what's your personal position on that? speaker ryan: the d.o.d. is reviewing it with the white house. i want see what they produce. reporter: mr. speaker, senator graham said earlier today he was looking at legislation that would create some roadblocks to
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firing the special counsel, some sort of review process. do you think the house needs to act preemptively to make it harder to -- speaker ryan: i haven't thought of that. i think it's in the president's interest he stays where he is and he continues to do his job. >> house speaker paul ryan shortly to join his colleagues on the floor of the house as members prepare to gavel in for the day for legislative business. by the way, if you missed any of that briefing we just showed you, you can see it in its entirety on our website and the house is set to continue with work on four appropriations bills this afternoon when they gavel in at noon. defense department,