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tv   Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson on the Total Solar Elipse  CSPAN  August 21, 2017 9:25am-9:31am EDT

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going to use a pin hole camera where you are going to see a total eclipse and what it is like to who is coming in for the event. hotel rooms that kind of thing. if you want to give us perspective on that 202-748-8000 for those in eastern and central time zone. 202-748-8001 for the mountain and pacific time zone. earlier we had a chance to hear from the chair of the science space and technology subcommittee taking a look at issues and talking about them, representative eddie bernice johnson, ranking member, joining us to talk about issues, thanks for joining us today. guest: thank you very much. host: so tell us first of all, how you plan to follow the eclipse today? guest: i plan to observe it, i have my glasses and my staff is excited. i hope that the nation is
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excited. i hope that our young people are so excited that it would encourage them to be researchers. host: representative are you surprised by the amount of interest in this event? guest: well i am delighted. i wasn't sure whether it would be this -- and the people are reacting and showing interest, it makes me very excited. host: and do you think that events like today will expand interest especially amongst young people, science or technology issues? guest: well, i really hope so. we need it, we need interest. my concern is whether or not it will stimulate us as a member of congress, to make sure that we continue to show our own interest in the research and the future of our exploration of our universe because the sun has had
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a great, great impression on our lives and i hope we will learn more about that impression and we can't do that without good research. host: and so what do you think about the u.s. commitment to that research? do you think it is there? caller: i hope it is. the budget that i've seen coming over from the president, it does not indicate that interest is there, nor the knowledge of what it is all about. but i'm hoping that we, as legislators, will be able to convince our colleagues how worthy and important it is to continue to learn more about our universe. it has great impact on how we live our lives here on earth. host: how much from the trump administration are you seeing as far as money and specifically money for science research and those things? guest: well, they recommended great cuts in the national
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science foundation and nasa. nas is doing a little better than we expected, but that is leading research agency, national science foundation. of course we need nora funding and really the last three or four years it's been ark tack on on the areas that are very important to all the research. all we have to do is review what has brought us from the research we've already invested in and the fact that we are not nearly complete in our research. and we've got to get to mars and know when we are traveling through the universe and the effects. we know the sun has great effect on our existence on earth, we need to know more about that. i'm very interested in making sure and i'm pleased with the media because i'm hoping that it will encourage members of congress to take a good look at
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what is happening today and listen to the excitement of the american people so that we can be encouraged that what we do in the future affects all of our lives and therefore, we should keep our attention on that. host: we previously were talking about brian baben of the committee and asked him about this idea when you talk to people as far as money we invest in science and research and people ask you why should we be puting that investment, money to those things, what would you offer people who ask that question? guest: well, this is a faction, what i offer, let's review what we've achieved. the people before us had the confidence, starting primarily with president kennedy and moving forth we have been able to prove the -- look where we
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are with electronic gadgets with all kind of modalities for health care. we have gone all of the electronics and the automation that we've achieved is basically come from nasa leadership and that has gotten us to where we are. we cannot stand here in one place and think that everything will replace in place. we've simply got to continue to explore this universe and major way of knowing how little we know yet. i'm hoping this will encourage interest in young researchers and not be discouraged because of current attitudes and encourage the public to express their interest and express their support for continuing to open the doors to the


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