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tv   Gov. John Bel Edwards News Conference  CSPAN  October 7, 2017 7:07pm-7:29pm EDT

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watch afterwards, zen and night, at 9:00 p.m. eastern, on c-span twos book tv. earlier today, louisiana governor john l edwards briefed reporters on hurricane preparations in his state. forecasters say hurricane nate could make landfall in that area overnight as a category two hurricane. this is 20 minutes. gov. edwards: good afternoon, everyone. thank you for being with us today as we talk about hurricane nate. we just completed a briefing with the unified command group here. as many of you may know, hurricane nate is gaining strength and is now expected to make landfall with -- as a category two storm. in addition to that, it is moving at an extremely fast rate, a speed of 26 miles per hour. almost unheard-of for a storm of
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this type. forecast of the storm to make landfall as a category two. the rule of thumb is that you always prepare for another higher category than that. we are asking everybody to be prepared for a category 3. the storm will continue to strengthen, obviously. before removing to is limiting its ability to draw that energy from the warm waters, and that is a good thing. the other good thing it is going to hit and move through our area at a relatively fast rate, limiting the amount of time that it is going to drop rain and so forth. this is a very dangerous storm, nonetheless. important thing i am going to share with the folks of louisiana today, because of that 26 mile per hour forward movement of the storm but we are moving up the
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timeline we initially gave you. we are strongly advising that everyone be where they want to be to ride the storm out by 3:00 p.m. by that time, they should be properly supplied and have what they need to make it through the storm. advise everyone who is in a mandatory or voluntary evacuation area that has been called by their local authorities, every area that is under evacuation order, there is a shelter open in your parish. if you have any needs related to transportation or if you have a question as to whether the shelter is open, call your parish officer of them emergency management. i have been in contact today with the administrator of fema. i have talked to him several times. also, this morning, after 7:00, i spoke with president trump who called to check on things here
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in louisiana and to let me know that fema and the entire federal government were ready and prepared to help louisiana in terms of the storm. with respect to the president, we also very much appreciate the fact that last evening, he signed a free landfall declaration for the 17 parishes in south louisiana that we had requested a declaration for the very much appreciate that. we will experience tropical storm force winds at the mouth of the mississippi river today at 4:00 p.m. of the storm eye to make landfall in that same area at approximately 7:00 p.m. today that is why we are moving up the timeline. this will remain a mighty event. everyone whol that
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has been told to evacuate, or would like to do so that they do it now. nightfall inafter those areas where we are expecting the impacts of the storm. it is very dangerous. storm surge, and i will go through that in a minute, will actually be slightly elevated beyond what we anticipated yesterday because of the strengthening of the storm and the differential and wind speed that they are expecting, which is about 12 to 15 miles per hour stronger today than yesterday. that is going to drive those storm surges up. three quarters of all fatalities related to hurricanes happen because of water. don't want people driving at night, especially it is -- especially at night because it is almost impossible to gauge the depth of the water and the current. asking people to be mindful of that. that is also why we are driving
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people to be where they need to be by 3:00 p.m. today. the storm surge tonight will be extremely dangerous. it will be nine to 11 feet. in saint timely parish, it will be four to seven feet. other areas around the lake, three to five feet. on the lake, one to three feet. we are still expecting three two inches of rain. to six inches of rain. if it falls in a short duration and with intensity, you can have flooding from rain. most of the water we will see it will be because of storm surge. obviously, no one should take the storm lightly. it is proven -- has proven to be and neck aonduras
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rottweiler and that area. we have to make sure we are not taking it lightly. we are still very concerned and no one should be complacent. i would also remind individuals that one third of the time storms make landfall outside of the cone of the forecasted track, it is possible that this storm will shifted to the east or west. the most recent update had it shifting back to the west slightly. we have some degree of confidence in the forecasted track, but it is obviously subject to change. as you are preparing, everyone's should secure outdoor furniture, garbage cans, and the like to make sure they do not become projectiles during the high receiving.ticipate also, i want to let people know that the flambeau fast in gonzales has been canceled for
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today. i appreciate the organizers working with us to ensure everyone's safety. i support there's -- in decision to cancel that event today. the event will continue as planned tomorrow. the doors will open at 10:30 a.m. scheduledill go on as . based on the speed of the storm and the rate at which it should leave our area, i expect everyone will have an opportunity to go out and safely enjoyed that show tomorrow. i do encourage everyone come if you have not yet done so, go to get a game for information on how to make last-minute preparations. you should also visit emerge on road conditions and closures, please go to tomorrowlan a briefing
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following a meeting of the unified command group. we will give you more information on that. before we take questions, i will comeecretary of state to forward with some announcements related to early voting. we will come back and take questions that can be directed to secretary schadler, myself, or to any of the individuals who are behind me. you, governor, very much. yesterday when we met, we had only one closure or one precinct in the parish. he had decided to wait and see what the storm did today. our hopes were to try to continue with early voting for the state to 6:00 p.m. in view of the new speed at which the storm is approaching, and the mandates to get people off the street by 4:00, the governor and i have agreed that we will shut down early voting
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at 3:00 p.m. to get people off the streets to keep it consistent. that is plaquemines, saint bernard, colleen's, and the st. tammany parish. 3:00, every place else in the state of louisiana will have voting until 6:00 p.m. i want to remind everybody that this is not a final vote, this is early voting. we still have the election next added a, october 14. anyone who is in that affected area who could not get to the poll today before. clock, certainly has the opportunity to vote next saturday in our regular voting day. the other thing i want to mention, the f -- the obvious question is can we make up those three hours of voting that we lost in these four parishes today? the answer to that is no. unfortunately, due to the constraints of what we have to do post election with poll books and the like, that would be impossible. like i said, we urge everybody ,ho can get out there to do so
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and after 3:00 p.m. in those parishes, to please exercise your right next saturday. thank you very much. tom.edwards: thank you, at this time we will take questions. reporter: [indiscernible] gov. edwards: we have mandatory islands,ns in venetian lake catherine, crown point, the entire east bank and west bank of plaquemines parish from alliance down to venice. and everyone outside the system in st. bernard and residents south of leon terrio floodgate in golden meadow. those are man u -- mandatory evacuations. voluntary evacuations are portable shun, recommended evacuation for the port areas north of i-55 offramp and saint john the baptist parish.
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we can make sure that you will have that information later. those announcements have already been made by all of the local government. again, any individual who is subject to those evacuation orders whether it is mandatory or voluntary, if they need assistance to evacuate, they need to call their office of emergency management in the parish. if they need the address to the shelter that is open to receive them in the event they do -- that they do not have relatives or friends they can move to or if they do not have other evacuation plans, they need to call and get that information as well. reporter: are there any areas that are seeing street flooding? gov. edwards: we have seen that for about three days now. it has been a function of the east wind that is blowing. -- i am going to ask sean to come up and address this. we have a number of areas where roads are closed because of toodgates have caused that
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happen. it is a function of the closure of the gates and the standing order which will only get worse over the next number of hours. >> thank you, governor. we typically have title impact of a water on l.a. one on the shoulders. we have seen that thus far. we have one stretch of road in the stabenow that is a result of this event. that is i-55 frontage road and st. john the baptist. you heard the governor's take to the issues with regard to the evacuations in those areas. the other area that we have closed is closed because of floodgates preventing folks from getting there. st. bernard, you have l.a. 46, 300, l.a. 624, and and 625, all in st. bernard in jefferson parish, you have l.a. 45, and in orleans, you have u.s. 11. road is closedt
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because of the floodgates, not because of water intrusion as of yet. with the governor setting -- saying the potential of water rising because of high tide and the storm surge, we want to encourage everyone to please go and make sure you are paying attention to real-time closures. gov. edwards: motorists should understand that they may well get to an area of a road that has standing water before someone from state police or the oral parish sheriff's office so forth, or d.o.t. d, it may not be marked as a high water area or be closed. that is why we are asking everyone to be very cautious. and reminding them three quarters of fatalities half to deal with water. when it comes to these types of storms. louisiana,istory in that is mostly been because of motorists going into water.
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not knowing how deep it was or how fast the current is moving. reporter: [indiscernible] what is it mean for a parish [indiscernible] first of all, with respect to those parishes for it gives them the peace of mind of knowing the declaration has already been signed. forit triggers cost-sharing the response in the event that we are spending money, which we absolutely are. if the state -- at the state we mobilize 1300 national guardsmen. that is not cheap to do. so we already know that we have approval from the federal government for that local -- for that. the minimum cost share will be 75% not federal. -- 75% federal, 25% not federal.
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allows everyone to know that the federal government and state government and local government, because they all submit their declarations as well. that we are coordinating and communicating as it relates to this storm, both to prepare for the storm, respond to the storm, and recover from the storm. that free declaration makes a difference all the way through. if you want more specific responsibility, i have an individual from fema who can give you more information. do you want to come forward and do that? >> stephen johnson, as the governor said, the emergency declaration gives him the gotity to know that he has federal resources at his disposal. in particular, directs federal us is in -- assistance. fema is here to support the state and the local governments. that declaration gives us the ability to deploy the resources and assets of the federal
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government to support those efforts. gov. edwards: thank you. seen, as thee we guard or anyone else seen problems with palms and the drainage system in new orleans yet? >> our monitors are out. for me, it is a negative report, meaning there is no report. i'm not aware of any issues. as of now. reporter: no one has record in any issues? >> right. reporter: can you talk about where people are deployed? as the governor mentioned, we have 1300 guardsmen on duty. we have a full-time force behind them supporting them. we have high water vehicles, work your wayou
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across the north shore through baton rouge parish south, to st. liaisonparish, we have parked into those parishes. we have high water vehicles. we have about 60 school buses with the drivers that are inside new orleans, near the convention center. we have about another 40 that are south of what -- south of baton rouge that are ready to respond if needed. we have 19 helicopters, 10 of hoists.h place -- we have tried to array our guardsmen and their assets around southeast louisiana so that as soon as the storm passes, we are ready to respond to what our citizens need. reporter: could you tell me [indiscernible] >> it is one of our installations.
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by saint gabriel. thank you. gov. edwards: thank you. with respect to the 15 folks from the national guard who are monitoring the pumps, based on the forecasted track which takes the storm slightly east of new that theand knowing rain is relatively light for the storm as a whole, but the heaviest rain will come on the east side of the eye. and as fast as this storm is moving, we do not anticipate any real challenges to new orleans. we understand there is some older ability there because would remind you that the capacity for pumping and for electricity in new orleans is better than it has been in many months. and perhaps over the last few years. concerned.overly we are paying attention to it. we are not unconcerned, but we
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are not overly concerned about the threat of flooding in new orleans. any otherany other questions? i want to thank you very much for being here. it is important you all cover these events so that the people around louisiana have the benefit of the latest information. i am going to encourage all louisiana and's to stay informed, be where you need to be by 3:00 p.m., don't drive tonight. you expose yourself to a risk of harm and any responder that would be dispatched is also going to be exposed to risk of harm. it should not have to happen. be prepared. offer a prayer. we will ride this thing out. i really believe we are in relatively good shape. no one can afford to underestimate the power of the
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storm which has already been deadly elsewhere. thank you very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] vice president and mrs. pence were in las vegas today to take part in a unity prayer work -- walk. they visited a memorial at the side of the shooting and they headed to city hall where the vice president briefly spoke. also speaking at the event, warehouse representative dana titus, senators dean heller and catherine cortez. this is about 25 minutes.
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[applause] >> i want to first welcome vice president pence and mrs. pence. we are glad they are here so they can see just how strong las vegas is. we will not, we cannot, be laid low by violent acts from one no matter hunt -- how and speak bullet is. we were born in a hostile desert environment, we prospered against all odds. we really rise to the challenge in the face of adversity. we have seen the worst of it


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