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tv   Values Voter Summit - Gorka Bannon Ingraham  CSPAN  October 14, 2017 11:01am-12:31pm EDT

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cult clinical leader. getting 700 letters a week on people around the -- become a cult political leader. getting 700 letters a week from people. >> watch "after words" sunday night on 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 2's. book tv. >> we take you now to the values voter summer -- we take you now to the values voter summit. ins event was first held 2006 to highlight a variety of issues, including religious liberty, sang to the of life, and limited government. today's speaker include former trump administrator advisors sebastian gorka and steve bannon, as well as medical commentator laura ingraham -- political commentator lori
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ingram -- laura ingraham. >> you can use old-fashioned research and truth. [applause] >> great. dr. swain, what time will you be signing books? >> i am not signing books. >> you're not doing books today. and you are not either? >> no. >> in that case, thank you for being here. god bless you all. ♪ >> you can follow me on facebook and twitter. >> that was very powerful. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. before i introduce our next speaker, about 500 of you have the vvs app. this is something
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we have encouraged you to download. if you have not that it yet, please do. if you have, you can actually rate each presentation. if you go to the app, you can rate them. this is more than we are curious what you think you this helps us evaluate huger speakers. we want to know what is important to you. what you enjoy. this helps us formulate future conferences, when you do that for us. our next speaker is one of those rare individuals. if he was just reading the phone book, it would sound important. [laughter] dr. sebastian gorka is an american military and intelligence analyst and former deputy assistant to donald trump. his interviews with the liberal media are priceless to watch, as he uses reason and logic to expose their ignorance and bias. today, he serves as chief the make america
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great again coalition. with you please welcome dr. sebastian gorka. [applause] ♪ >> thank you kindly. what an honor to be here today. my second ever visit to the values voter summit. where do i begin? [laughter] first, would you all just please relax? to 10. and take a deep breath. i know a lot of you were very,
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very word when somebody i worked for, called steve, white house. i know that even more of you, a week later, when i resigned, were troubled. is no need. there is absolutely no need. the success of the values you believe in, the success of the mission that we all took upon 8 is not last november a function of where i sit or where steve has his office. it is much larger than the white house. this is a national movement to retake our country. [applause] left, i know the progressives, were celebrating,
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opening their bottles of champagne, when steve left and when i left. but they have no idea. penultimatehat scene in "star wars." i am a kid of the 1970's, so i like all that stuff. kenobirth vader and ben are dueling. if you strikeays me down now, i will be more powerful than you can ever imagine. that is steve bannon today. [applause] the left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens. beingple unfettered by part of the u.s. government. and as you can see, from the
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campaigning i did for judge moore, and steve as well, we have begun. 2018 will be the crucial year. this is the year. steve has declared war. we must tell them we have had enough. [applause] the left has a problem. the left is a problem. but they have an excuse. they have been listening to noam chomsky and moronic individuals like michael moore. but the republicans in the
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establishment have no excuse. [applause] side of they are on the immutable, objective truth. they say they believe in the founding principles of this, the greatest nation on one's earth. but they get to this city, and they become politicians as usual. can you imagine if any of our founding fathers had been told there would be americans elected representatives of their state and would stay in office in d.c. 30 plus years? they would not have bothered to fight the british. and you would all talk like me today. [laughter] it is disgraceful. that is what we are going to change this year. we are going to take on every
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swamp dweller. [applause] whether on the left or the right , they will be shown the door. and representative government will return. [applause] the task we have in front of us. before we talk about how that will be done, and i know steve has lots of things you will share about his plans, let me share with you a little bit about my time inside the white house. honor.a high it was a career pinnacle, to be asked to be a strategist and debit the assistant to this president. i would like to share with the ul little bit about who this man is. y all ofwe can destro the lies, all of the smears, from the fake news industrial complex. the first thing -- i met donald
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j. trump in the summer of 2016, when i was invited into his office in new york to prepare for the presidential candidates debate. the thing that struck me is that when the door closed, it was just him, myself, and corey lewandowski. it was that this man is exactly the same behind closed doors as he is in public. there is no filter. there is no false d.c. screen. there is no two basis. no two faces. d.c., it is like a switch gets flipped, and this "washington smile" comes across of them. there is nothing like that in this man. what you see is what you get.
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he does not care what the "new york times" things about him. he does not care what cnn thinks about him. and at least so. those people do not represent america year they just do not represent america. so he is the is -- he is who he is. the thing that made me realize this is someone we can put our money on his of the first thing that was clear to me is that toald j. trump is kryptonite political correctness. he hates it with a passion. it is only somebody on his ilk could have won the election. only somebody who could not care less about political correctness and was going to call out the fake news about their lives. so number one, he is who he is.
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secondly, within minutes, it was clear to me this man understands we are at war. he understands the threat from groups like isis, understands the threat from countries like iran or china or russia. the most important thing of all, he wons -- wants to win the war with our enemies. that is the president. what happened in the last nine months? will cut you something from my childhood. --by am sure you're familiar "redone of his movies, door." cubadoor" is about
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invading the united states, and a scrappy band of insurgents stand up to fight this juggernaut of common is a. that is what happened november 8. on november 8, a man who was an outsider, never held public office in his life, white the floor withped the establishment candidates. not only did he defeat his establishment rivals, he then proceeded to defeat a woman who had officially spent $700 million on a campaign for a seat she thought was rightfully hers because of her gender and her last name. and he defeated her. [applause]
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as a result, when we moved into the white house a few months later, january 20, it was a scarp -- scrappy band of insurgents who moved in. it was not a schlep of establishment gop candidates. robin hood taking over the empire. a couple of people gain the reins of an administration that has several million people who work for the federal government. the best description of what happened is the most leveraged hostile takeover in u.s. history. [applause] result, it is not surprising, and nobody should be surprised, that over the next few months, the massive
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treated usnt swamp as antibodies and did everything they could to box is out, to fire lower-level individualists who were loyalists. eventually, we realized the writing was on the wall. realized if we believe in november 8, if we really want to support president , the best way we can do that is from outside the building. [applause] relax, take a, deep breath, count to 10. it will be all ok. this is not about the last eight months. it is about the next eight years. [applause] and then, it is about the following eight years under president pence. [applause]
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the fact is, the president is surrounded by people who have nothing to do with his original campaign. he has people in high office who not only would have been comfortable in the clinton administration, they would have been cabinet members in a clinton administration. it is ok. why? because i can tell you he just -- he does not just talk to people who have a government id badge. and the president is very loyal to those who are loyal to him. and he must understand, if you have to know one thing about this president, he is a pragmatist. look at what he has done. steve will talk about the amazing things he has done.
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not only is he a pragmatist with the eye of a businessman, he is a patriot. he loves this country. [applause] i would like to ask for your assistance. if there was a good but here, i would swear on the bible. i would say there is not a -- nay, not a racist molecule -- in that man's body. [applause] the accusations against myself and steve, we take that as if you are not taking flak, you're not over the target, right? or "thewashington post" new york times" or politico or cnn ever said anything nice about me, you should get your money back. but when the president of the united states is labeled a
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racist, xenophobic, and the emite, when hiss grandchildren are orthodox jews, it is an outrage. i would like to call upon you as force multipliers to push back on the lies. do not let them get away with it. we are winning already. anderson cooper, the star of cnn, on a good night, gets 700,000 viewers. milliona nation of 333 americans. very relevant. 13 in nationald viewership. that is what the american people think of cnn. on the other hand, people like , they are crushing
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it every night. breaking records. back on the lies. do not let them get away with it. what about the road ahead? we have to support the president. it is not about one man. fors about what we voted november 8. there is one thing that underpins everything that was part of our campaign, whether it was the war, whether defeating isis, pulling out of nafta, leaving unesco. all of these things are tied to one philosophical tissue -- national sovereignty. we won our sovereignty back. want our sovereignty back. 1776 means anything today, it is "america" has meaning. scist not some crypto-fa
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garbage they accuse us of. because we do not look at people based on skin color. that was the obama regime. we do not divide america. we do not look on you upon your ethnicity, upon your chromosome count, what your sexual preferences are. that's the marxist way dividing people. we look at the u.s. as americans. when we build this wall -- and it is being built -- yes who we are protecting first? it is not me, not the white skinned catholic good comfortably living in northern virginia. who are we protecting? the newly minted recent immigrants to america, who is on the bottom of the wage scale and is going to be damaged by the guy who comes in illegally,
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working for free. we are protecting them come a whether they are mexican, nigerian. immigrants,american we will protect them as well. -- the a priority has president has in front of him every day. the president takes one response ability ahead of everything else. keeping every single american in this country. whether you voted for him. or not. keeping you safe. decrease in illegal migration before we build the wall. think about that. almost 80% decrease. as well as special forces -- a guy told us what we are doing in the middle east, with our military unleashed. g the jihadis like
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wood. and making sure every single american has the chance to prosper. there is not going to be handouts. this is not about uncle sam looking out for you. this is about the american dream. giving you the opportunity to prosper. to be safe, to prosper. that is what this president believes in. so what can you do? join the club. do not just sit here and buy tickets to next year's summit. check out what we are doing already. join our team. go to the maga coalition. is my super pac. it does not represent the usual people. there's no insurance companies, no big pharma. this is for the forgotten men and women who voted for donald
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trump. if you want to help, drain the swamp, be part of this, join our team. steve said something at cpac. in case heepeat, does not said what he said at cpac. if you think the establishment swamp will give our nation back without a fight, you are sorely mistaken. et's stand together, come together, and let us make america great again and nationa andn our celebrate the judeo-christian values it was founded on. [applause] i know it is a- -- but i know it is ok. you will forgive me. to quote my former boss, "merry
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christmas." [applause] ♪ >> and i think it will be "happy new year" too. that sebastianon will be doing a book signing, along with steve bannon, and also laura ingraham, during the lunch hour. i think, will also join them. folks, our next speaker is the former chief strategist serving under trump. here is a veteran of the united states navy, where he served seven years before helping to co-founder breitbart news. today, he is executive chairman of breitbart news, which helps values voters-
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informed. just through breitbart, we have gone over a hundred thousand hits on the values voter summit. you folks asto see our studio audience. without further or do, would you please welcome to the stage steve bannon. [applause] ♪ >> thank you very much. >> thank you. to everything, there is a season. and a time for every purpose under have it. silent, a time to speak out. a time of war and a time of
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peace. today thattory kicked off my speech before you all talks about bannon enlists the value voters in his war against the republican establishment. [applause] this is not my war. this is our war. [applause] the establishment started it. i will tell you one thing. you all will finish it. [applause] let's talk about -- let's have a discussion about alabama. thelabama, the elites,
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asmanent political class, personified by mitch mcconnell que karl rove and that cli that has been running this town 30 years or 40 years, raised over $30 million to go after a good and righteous man, judge moore. this money was not used to debate the great issues of the day. it was not to debate illegal immigration or america's foreign-policy or obamacare. that money was used to destroy judge moore and his family. the politics of personal destruction, as personified by the permanent political class, is the only way they can win. judge moore raised about $2
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million. - versus32 million - $32 million. a lot of donors called up and said do you want to give money to judge moore i was telling folks, i do not think that is smart. we have. to prove the theory of the case in alabama. this is a test of wills. we are going to determine down there who is more powerful. corporatiststhe or the money of the people. youknow all of us folks, know why they are taking these photos? this is not about me. not about seb gorka, not about laura ingraham. beloved commander in chief, donald j. trump.
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they are here because of you. they fear you. r you, because they understand you've had a belly full of it, and you're taking your country back. [applause] and from the city of london to beijing to the gulf to in you know whether nervous? they understand that you are the transmission of the best values .f the judeo-christian west the one thing we proved in alabama and you guys proved more than anything else is money doesn't matter anymore and the
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days of the internet and the digital era, the internet has helped the party bosses and the mainstream media. is morethe analog world important, that a good man with good ideas, with good people to back him up can't beat any amount of money. in alabama think the good men and women just like they think of working-class folks are a bunch of morons, a bunch of idiots. 32nd tv spots, tens of millions of dollars of spots can change people's opinions, but it can't. the best thing is an authentic candidate with good people going
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door to door and knocking on the door and telling people with passion this is who you are to vote for. you know who taught us this lesson? barack obama. you may not like his policies or like him as a president but as a politician he knew what he was doing. giuliani, friend of mine, stood on the stage in 2008 in front of the republican convention and had that great line, was a community organizer? it is somebody that can kick your asked. twice. grassroots of the tea party in the evangelical christians and the conservative catholics learned that lesson. .ou two can go door to door you can wring doorbells. they respect you.
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when you talk about a donald trump it means something. folks were able to turn the tables. you took mitch mcconnell's money and you took it from his biggest .sset to his biggest liability the more money they spend the .ewer folks they get up on capitol hill, it's like before the ides of march. this is just an analogy, they
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are looking to find out who will be brutus to your julius caesar. the donors are not happy, they have all left you, we have cut your oxygen off, mitch. money is not courageous but it is smart. they are madsaying for a reason. here's one of the reasons they are mad. hate, why don't you go talk to your corporatist client and ask them about the economic hate crimes they have been pulling on the working men ?nd women of america why don't you answer for all the foundations, all the foundations of all the guys that put that money can and look at the economic crime.
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and you to this country have taken their money and you have called these good people hate crime perpetrators. forwardthey try to put of a civilization that has been around for thousands years. that's a hate crime. we are in the valley of decision. this is the fourth great turning in american history, we have had the revolution, the civil war, the great depression. we will be one thing, it will take 5, 10, 25 years to go through this. we will be one thing or the other on the other side of it. we are either going to be the tontry that was bequeathed previous generations and to you, or we will be something else.
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decision, it'sf not about marten mickos, donald trump, ted cruz, and all the great leaders of the conservative movement, vice --pence. pants the burden is on your shoulders. on the morning of november 8. i knew as i told the president, the entire town when he was 16 state, got in every to be at 90, no money, not a lot of organization, you are going to win 100% you are going to win. on billy bush sabic, everybody is running for the exit and
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jumping ship and nobody is making justification for what he said, i told him you are going to win. folks are looking for change in this country. to take theirng country back and you are the vehicle that will do it. they don't care about locker room talk. we are going to bring to that that williammen jefferson clinton attacked and his wife covered for it. to let the american people decide between your words and his actions. that's why i am a street fighter, i am all about winning. we have to win. this next 15 or 20 years, i would love to tell you we could thata magic want,
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president trump could snap his fingers and it will all be better. but it's not. every day is going to be a grind. every day is going to test him. here's the good news, i know you wouldn't have it any other way. let's go back to alabama for a second. since the associated press called judge moore at think at one by night that he had 10 points, roughly 10 points, early in the day there had been , bigger victory, bob corker bob corker. a real piece of work. president, he had
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,6 million in cash in the bank chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, most prestigious on capitol hill and the one he raised most money on in a state that president trump won by 22 points or some of ridges number, he didn't have an opponent. him, president trump said he would endorse him, money, prestige, no opponent and endorsement by the president of the united states and he quit. [applause] had called over and talked about the exit polls, right, what was happening in alabama. and womene good men of alabama or holding mitch
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mcconnell both accountable and that they would hold him accountable, to. said in the civil war inside the republican party, that, why are you going after people like a rock and deb fischer and heller and all these guys that vote the right way. if bob corker has stressed the commander in chief of our armed forces, we have young men and women in harm's way, when he said he is leading them on a path to world war iii, that he is not stable, that people have to keep camaraderie it, -- keep , by some u.s. senator in a position of that authority for the first time in the history of our republic has mocked and ridiculed a commander in chief, we have kids in the
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, have i seen deb fischer come come to a stick and condemn that #you have not. nobody can high than this one. -- hide on this one. that is over. these people are not morons, i am an honors graduate of the harvard business school and i worked at goldman sachs. if you asked me if i would rather be governed by the first hundred people that walked into this conference i would take the first hundred people every day
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of the week. the test the common sense, decency, intelligence group and determination would ensure that our country is safe and prosperous and so would the world. let's look at the elites and the reason we position hillary clinton as a guardian is a corrupt and incompetent leader. , theyith these geniuses said this guy is unfit to be commander and chief. hoisted upony have president trump in the first couple of months in his administration. got the bay of pigs in venezuela, the cuban missile crisis in korea, vietnam and afghanistan. that's not his doing.
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what all these geniuses have been doing for the last 20 or 30 years. this is the same crowd that say we just let china most favorite nation, they get wealthier and will the a liberal democracy and free-market capitalism. that played well. a mercantilist society, they know what they are doing and they are not changing. they are at full economic war at us right now. the cultural undertones of a truck revolt. read the studies coming out of that says harvard there is a direct correlation about the jobs that leave for china and the opiate -- opioid crisis.
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this conservative revolt that is going on that drove donald trump to victory, that drove just more to victory that will drive 15 candidates to victory in 2018, and i hate to break the news to the folks at vanity fair, but president trump is not only going to finish this term but he will win with 400 elect oral votes -- electoral votes in 2020. [applause] a -- you guys have more common sense, more understanding, of what we need to do and more decency than the elites. the first order of business is to undo all the damage of globalism that allowed silicon
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valley and wall street and hollywood and the imperial capital right here in washington dc and london and beijing, and - dav there are biggeros. of biotechnology, artificial chip.igence, the computer if you think that the elites that got the world into the situation that it is today are going to make the right judgments 20 years from now, you are mistaken. it's folks like you that have to this is not a science experiment, you are free men and
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women in the greatest republic of the history of the earth. why are we nationalists? can run that drill all they want, it is economic nationalism. it doesn't matter what your race, ethnicity, your gender or religion, your sexual preference, it doesn't matter. as long as you are a citizen of this republic that's what matters. economic nationalism is what binds us together. and understanding we will bring those jobs back, it's not the second law of thermodynamics where they left. there is no law that took those jobs to asia and those factories to asia and left us with gothic ,ommunities of opioid addicts
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there was human agency, decisions of men and women that did that. will bringsions that the factories and jobs back. the smart people in the , no identityrty politics, they no identity politics is a loser. down trump was, they brought in the mad bomber and he will destroy his enemies on the way down. what you saw was a highly disciplined campaign run on the themes of economic nationalism, the rule of law. hillary came out, she was on the beach raising money, she came -- after about a week and
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i'm sitting in the war room, she haven't given speech in months. write breitbart, all to right.ig one thing about economic , i understand we all don't agree on everything, that we have to convert. they don't totally agree that free trade is a radical idea, that no vibrant nations ever really agree with that, the chinese certainly don't, koreans do not. that's the manufacturing jobs by the way.
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one of the parts is it is that value voters. for too long the austrian school of economics have us thinking everything is about the economy, look at the jobless rate six weeks before the election because that will determine who will win the election. , allhe unemployment rate the stats are very important, that's not it at all. we are a civic society, i cap , but youmarket system are not just units of production. women in ae men and civic society. underpinned by a capitalist system, but were other people in smartrld -- we have to be and we will be.
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president trump has seen to that, his old trade agenda and that is what one in wisconsin and michigan. that's how you will win 400 electoral votes, democrats know this, they know they have to come back with a economic problem -- program. the president has believed the score 30 or 40 years. he ran for office -- let me tell you about him, this is a guy that's worth billions of at some point you have to quit counting, right? a beautiful wife, tremendous kids, great grandkids, the friends he has are unbelievable. these people love him. he has a business with the finest hotels in the world, at
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the age of almost 70 buying championship golf courses, it put him in the british open, things i could be legacies for him. he didn't do this for any kind of ego gratification, you don't understand how they tried to .estroy him
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>> please welcome laura ingram. >> how are you doing. it's great to be here. it's hard to follow steve van in. -- bannon. i have to think about a force of nature.
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i don't know, there is a softer side that we could create together. think of the possibilities. an island look just to soften it up a little bit. i saw somebody speak yesterday. him,e say after watching if he wins that senate seat, he's going to make ted cruz look like jeff flake. report, heo the ap blockaded himself in statuary hall in his chain himself to the statue.
12:06 pm
thingk i dissent one more to say. be depressing. i am of the view and i'm going to try to do this that we all need to have fun while we are in this battle for america. it's fun. it's fun to win. joy to spend a little time with you today. i was thinking about the democrats. everyone is talking about donald trump. democrats, they are having a hard time doing fund-raising. they are trying to incentivize donors. for $25, you get this frisbee
12:07 pm
thing. get a t-shirt. for $100, you get a subscription to mother jones. this is what i find most interesting, they need more bundlers. handler,gn up to be a i guess the dnc has announced they will send you a terrycloth robe that opens easily in the front. they all have h w as the initials are in.
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i think we have to laugh. judge byys say will the company we keep. that support a good rule of thumb. i think we should judge ourselves on the enemies we make. think about the republicans who supported donald trump and continue to support his agenda that i outline. it's a nationalist agenda. it's america first area its policies the work for the people. if you are for donald trump and you are for that agenda, your enemies are the following. the nfl and some squad. kneeling -- i
12:09 pm
don't even understand the process. why is it a bad thing. maybe they like the anthem a lot. i don't even understand the road let's not forget globalist gop. although senators that if the primaries were held today in their home state, they would be sent packing. speaking of theirs finally a new
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law firm that his form to give gloria already a money. it's just formed. it's going to be a big deal. it has a nice ring to it. we voted her trump because we do what we are told to do. everyone knows that wouldn't apply to i think what about those workshops that hillary
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clinton and michelle convened about girl power. they were never for women of different political viewpoints. they are for you if you agree with them. if you are a woman who thinks for herself and is not frightened because of let's directed your way, they don't really care about you. of a university setting for some general session.
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>> he has the old guard that never really wanted him to succeed. industry entertainment that should be sending him residuals. democratagainst the machine. the trialeled for lawyers, planned parenthood, every other less wing interest group. he is against the bipartisan cobol that has gotten the old way. they became very comfortable in a washington that did not represent. the people are on to them.
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the american people are smart or it. i would rather trust the people to run their lives. at the worldcracy trade organization for the u.n. or some government agency that will never be accountable to you. i trust the american people. enslavingment is not the people. people ask me, there is a big rift in the republican party. all the way up until we gave eric cantor a two by four across
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in 2014.oral face trumpained how donald didn't win because of comey or hillary was a bad candidate. trump one because he was unafraid to hold up a mirror to the failures of the bipartisan establishment that refuse to do demandinge had been they do. that's why he won. who voted for open borders? who voted to the industrialize the midwest? low wages for the middle class?
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abandond to completely the understanding of gender in the united states? the answer is none of us voted for this. we voted for candidates who promised to do our will and respect the constitution. wet is what we did because wanted to give people the benefit of the doubt. became charlie brown. our back was about to break it we saw the country was about to be lost forever. donald trump understood that and he followed a line of others who came to four. silent to listen to the majority, to law and order.
12:16 pm
then coming along like a hurricane in 1980 and blowing past everyone else who demeaned him and said he was just an actor. he shook up the country. he brought us back from the brink. he set a blueprint, a blueprintve populist or how to appeal to a wider range of americans. i describe what happened in 1980. to show you this divide wasn't created donald trump. a lot of us went on to do other things.
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that the reagan people would be purged from the bush administration. incidente a particular at the department of justice. philosophically, reagan was on a different plane than george h w bush. reagan uniquely understood the heart and soul of the american working class area he understood that without social conservatives and defense hawks and populist together, the coalition would crumble. to crumble ining 1992. pat buchanan warned of open borders and trade agreements.
12:18 pm
the american understanding would stop being endangered. they were being treated as the enemies of the government. let's not forget if it was him or ross perot, they garnered a lot of support. for the yearstage later with donald trump. humblew bush ran on a foreign policy. in 1988, the cato was to wrote an article ridiculing ronald reagan. i like a lot of what they do. reagan as a reaganionist. ronald
12:19 pm
thought it was worthwhile to save an american company called harley davidson. it was well within our rights and protect our businesses to slap a tariff on cheap japanese motorcycles. we have one of the most successful companies working today. that was wildly popular. since when is it that to be a protectionist? there would be certain times where tariffs are necessary to level the playing field. it just makes sense. we are getting hammered overseas with tariffs overseas.
12:20 pm
ronald reagan said it didn't have to be this way. all of these years later, donald trump has assembled the most impressive qualified trade team we have ever seen in american government or it they don't get much credit. he is now our u.s. trade representative. he is phenomenal. time infor the first decades, we now have wilbur ross
12:21 pm
at commerce helping. we have amazing people. something called --eal one investigation three over one investigation on china area. it is the theft of american intellectual prosody -- property and done i china. chinese cheap imports stealing our intellectual property. it, making iting overseas, sending it here. everything from pharmaceuticals to countertops. the trump administration said they're not going to get away
12:22 pm
with it. be free trade deals need to andsited, re-examined, rewritten. that's what has to happen. donald trump has done more in 10 months for social conservatives then the previous gop president did in eight years. policy, neilty court, he the supreme is expanded ridges liberty by opening the number of groups that will be exempt from the obamacare contraception mandate ,rea his first foreign trip visiting all three major religions.
12:23 pm
visiting pope rants us and going to israel. stage for thethe type of president i think he can be and will be. that should be welcome news to the social conservatives listening. i was proud to march at the march for life this year. heartened. we were also happy. presidenty had a vice address the march for life. was live was there. talk about inspiring. policy ofats have a
12:24 pm
resistance. they don't really have an agenda for america. that affliction also can be found in the republican party. if you ask the average person, one of the parties trying to do? it's kind of confusing to people. simplicity and clarity of messaging is so important. right now, we know with this administration wants to do. america first. americaoing to put first.
12:25 pm
from trade to foreign policy, we can understand where the trump administration wants to take us. he is doing his best. he is not a perfect person. again, you will see this administration is going to give voice to those who have not had a voice. the silent geordie strikes again. majority strikes again. we have been demeaned and will be demeaned as time goes on. it doesn't bother me one bit. i am looking forward to fox news to be telling a broader story about america. we will hit the political topics. we will have plenty of conflict.
12:26 pm
there is so much goodness in our country. us ask it's incumbent on we take seriously our role. we remind the broader american public what is innately so positive and so blessed about his country. our the local level to schools to those who given sacrifice and never make it on youtube. i am going to tell those stories. hope you will tune in every night. we are going to have a lot of surprises. i will need your prayers. i pray for our country and the wisdom of our leaders. we must be happy warriors. i will do my very best as time goes on to frame this election
12:27 pm
cycle in a historical context. on thedo this every day radio and on television. i am so proud of what the summit has done. i am so proud of for never giving up and never giving in. make it matter. i appreciate it everybody. i will be signing books. [applause] >> we are going to let you go to lunch. let me give that to you.
12:28 pm
[inaudible] turn in your evaluation forms. you can sign up for next year. [inaudible] thank you so much. we will be back at 2:00. thank you.
12:29 pm
>> if you miss any of the speakers, you can find them online at we will re-air the speech is again tonight. isnewsmakers, our guest congressman from utah. his chair of the natural resources committee. he talks about limiting national monuments. he is also asked about disaster aid to puerto rico and wildfires in the west coast did watch the interview tomorrow on c-span. >> everything was devastating for him, at the end. n q and a, thet on
12:30 pm
."ography, "gorbachev are >> they trusted him, as you moved the country toward a market economy. he trusted them to follow him and trust him as he made peace, in the cold war against the ancient enemy, the united states. >> sunday night at :00 eastern, on c-span's cute and a -- q and a. next, i look at monetary policy by a group of experts. they discuss recent actions -- taken by settlor the federal reserve. this is 1:45. >>


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