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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  November 10, 2017 1:50am-2:38am EST

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>> this year we have many authors of every genre. >> joint book tb for the miami book -- join book tv for the miami book fair. on c-span two. five police officers who responded to the shooting at a congressional baseball team practiced in june were honored at a ceremony at the capitol police officers. the other two were with the alexandria virginia police. congressman steve scalise, who was injured, spoke at the medal of honor ceremony. it is 45 minutes.
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>> to officially start the program, will everyone lease rise for presentation of the colors by the police ceremonial unit? the national anthem is performed by sergeant david nelson.
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oh say can you see? by the don's early lights what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last leaving whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched
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were so gallantly streaming and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night thereur flag was still star-spangledt banner yet wave freethe land of the brave ♪home of the order arms.
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>> let us pray. god of mercy, we gather here to recognize the men and women in blue, both of the u.s. capitol police and the alexandria leased department who was -- alexandria police department, who responded and executed their charge with exemplary courage. special agents krystal griner and david bailey, officers nickel tell you, alexander our heroes to their colleagues and to all at the u.s. capitol and the city of alexandria. for the rapid response to the cowardly attack upon the republican baseball team, which was dangerously exposed on a
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quiet neighborhood all field -- ball field. thanks to their selfless actions, all present that day are with us today. all your graces as the medal of honor is bestowed upon them here. may a and -- may convey -- they and their families and their --s make -- of every day so the city of alexandria is guaranteed and may we all be inspired to serve others as we are able to express it in our lives and work. and we pray in your most holy name, amen.
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>> please be seated. thank you very much. honored guests, members of congress, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today's semi. this morning is an opportunity for our department to recognize five wrote police officers who risk their lives to protect members of congress and citizens during an active shooter incident. several months, we have learned much about the incident and some things may never be known. on june 14, it was the lives of many people and we can all take great comfort in the fact that through the actions of these officers and the many of the
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individuals involved in this event, numerous lives were saved and tragedies prevented. what i do know about june 14 is that the bravery of these police officers make me proud to be chief of police. i know that alexandria chief michael brown feels the same about his outstanding officers, as well. bravery is not the absence of fear. it is action in the face of fear. later today, the department will recognize wrote actions of others involved in the incident and the excellent work of those who responded to the scene as well as those involved in the detailed investigation to bring closure to this incident. today, the purpose of this ceremony is to award these law enforcement officers with our highest honor, the medal of valor. it is heartwarming to know that there are brave individuals who embody what is right about america and more specifically,
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what is right about law enforcement. these are people who we owe a great debt and we are proud to work alongside such great men and women. the musician gerard way noted that humans are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. i could not agree more. these are five unassuming people who acted in an expert very way when fate brought them together on june 14. it is now my pleasure to invite guests to say a few words. i would like to welcome the democratic leader of the house of reps and it is, the honorable nancy pelosi. >> think, chief. thank you for bringing us together this morning so that we ,an appropriately acknowledge not that it is enough, but an expression of our appreciation. to you, thank you. it is an honor to be with you, our speaker, and democrat and
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republican leaders of the senate, chuck schumer and which mcconnell, to express the -- --ch mcconnell, to express tois an honor to join you celebrate the survivors of the shooting last june. we are pleased to be here with steve scalise, whose recovery is a blessing to us all. to see him healthy and walking is to see our prayers answered. we think jennifer and his children for the constant love and support that has made his >> it is a privilege to be here. barton, and manager roger williams, on behalf of my colleagues we congratulate you on your well-deserved medal of merit. in the facecourage
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of that despicable attack, you have shown each other as you and your colleagues recover. the democratic baseball team is so proud of all of you. theater roosevelt by hero to so many of us, said it was his great honor to single out men for special mention because of some feet of heroism. today we have the honor of singling out five heroes, men and women in recognition of their bravery. the reverend mentioned them earlier, but we cannot say there names and enough. ,pecial agent david bagley special agent crystal greiner. .fficer kevin jobe
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for facing down danger, and meeting violence with courage, we are all grateful to you. your grace under pressure is an inspiration to us all. many of us will remember the attack on our heroes 20 years ago. on that tragic afternoon, detective john gibson was brutally gunned down in the line of duty. as we celebrate the heroes of alexandria tech, we must mark the sacrifice of those two brave men. a man lay down his life for his friends. there is no greater love in the that detective john gibson gave to our nation that day. we honor our special heroes today, we are paying our respect to all of the members of the
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capitol police house and senate. you, our recognition of the bravery we have seen is the recognition of the risk that you take. to make the capital of the united states and those who serve here both as members of congress or the senate, but also as staff, as press, and our visitors who come to see our great democracy in action. to each and every member of capitol police, thank you. protect, those who thank you again for your courage , patriotism, and service. each day you accept duties and work long hours, and put yourselves at great risk for others. of congress,bers dignitaries, staff members, and visitors across the world are safe and secure. your patriotism reminds us that as members of congress, house and senate, of our own
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responsibility to make a better future for all. we are profoundly grateful to you for making that happen. thank you, and god bless you all. [applause] thank you leader pelosi. we appreciate those kind words. joining us, the honorable charles schumer. humer: thank you chief derosa.ose a -- fe i salute you all. the capitol police dedicate entirely to the members of congress and public who visit our building daily. every morning, men and women of the capitol police, like all uniform,t on their pray for the kind of day the rest of us typically enjoy.
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a routine one. most days, praise god, this is the case. but on the rare and terrible exception, capitol police are asked to put their own lives at risk in the defense of others. i recall the tragedy in 1998 when officers jacob chestnut and john ensign gave their lives to ensure the safety of the capital. purpose is to honor the bravery of the officers him at the call of duty under the most horrific of circumstances. officers who woke up one ordinary morning to escort majority whip scalise to a baseball practice where they were met by an unexpected and unhinged attacker. armed with weapons of war. whose decisive action propelled by an instinctual courage and selflessness averted
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tragedy and save lives. horror of june 14, 2017 will , that anmy mind individual would fire on members of congress practicing for charity baseball game. we are so fortunate for capitol police officers crystal greiner and david bailey, alexandria officers nickel italiana alexander jensen -- nicole glia.lion, batta we are the ones who are honored to present you with a medal of merit in the middle of honor. [applause] >> thank you senator schumer.
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welcome senator mitch mcconnell. today is another chance for each of us to thank the men and women of our capitol police force for everything they do to protect our nations capital. the people who work here, and the visitors. policestates capitol stand as constant guard and put service before self. they are deserving of our deepest respect. the have earned our unyielding gratitude. each and every day i have the withtunity to interact these small enforcement officers. they always exhibit professionalism, diligence, and service. i have had the privilege of working with some of them for many years. i know them, i am incredibly thankful to each of them for their dedication. in addition to the capitol police, we are pleased to honor
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other law enforcement agencies that responded to that 14, whena part on june our own members and staff were under attack. these men and women we are honoring today ran toward the threat, and stopped it. we cannot ever thank them enough. when most of us leave home for work on a given day, we have any number of things on our minds. tasks, todeadlines, be accomplished. a law enforcement officer walks out the door they never know for sure what a day can bring. neither do their families. and yet they walk out the door just the same because for them what they do is more than just a job, or a career, it is a calling. we are so grateful that they do. to underline the point, one need only say this, it is so great to
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see steve scully's with us here --ay -- steve scully's scalise with us here today. [applause] along with other members on the field that day. what a blessing that is, the men of law enforcement go out of the way each day to face the unknown to help and assist people in their community to confront challenges that others simply would not. why do they do it? courage. duty. honor. that is what i think. on behalf of the senate family in the capitol community i would like to once again share a simple message with the men and women of the united states capitol police and alexandra police department for their heroic efforts that day. simple though it may be, it is a sincere and enduring thank you. [applause]
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>> thank you senator mcconnell. it is my honor to welcome the speaker of the house, the honorable paul brian. thank you chief. i want to thank all of the capitol police. i want to thank our local law enforcement and alexandria police officers. you and your families mean so much to us. for many of us, you are family to us, and to our families. to see these officers get their due, this really is another milestone in all of our collective recovery. even as we try to go back to normal, we see that we are so close to losing so many of our friends. seeing steve buzz around on the scooter of his, it makes us grateful even when it conflicts with our own interests.
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i know these officers were doing what they said is their jobs, but we would not be doing ours if we did not move forward without saluting these heroes. your bravery and god's grace brought us together in those first difficult hours. there is one story from that day, june 14, that i want to share with you. it was about 4:00 in the bailey camend agent into my office to see me. crutches, his pants were torn, his back pocket was ripped, same clothes. we talked for about 10 minutes. throughalmly walked me for about 10 minutes what had happened. chair,n the edge of my still thinking about steve, digging about crystal. realized bailey was putting me
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at ease. he was reassuring me. except for the two things i mentioned, the crutches and ripped clothes, you would have had no idea that a couple hours earlier that day, this man's life was in danger. quiet smilinge levelheaded guy that we know. talking to all the members on the baseball team that date, hearing their stories, walking through what they experienced and saw happen, it is so crystal clear that so many lives would have been taken that day if it were not for these five people. [applause] this medal honors the actions they took to save all of these lives in the face of this
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incredible danger. the grace and selflessness that these officers showed in the days and weeks afterwards. they saw no spotlights, they never do that. that quiet professionalism and courage, it is their training and code. we can all learn from it. it draw inspiration from it. is what united us after this attack. we emerged stronger as a family. it is how we are emerging stronger as an institution. on behalf of all of us here, in congress, the country, as an institution, thank you for setting the lives of our friends. we will always be in your debt. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. before i present our first
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award, i want to make three special presentations. i would like to invite the coach and manager of the republican team, represented joe barton -- representative joe barton. present congressman barton on behalf of the republican baseball team, the medal of merit. it is awarded to citizens for a number of reasons, among them, demonstrating courage in an emergency. [indiscernible]
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>> as well as providing immediate aid in lifesaving measures, i present this metal to you. [applause] >> many thanks to both of you. , the department would like to present both of you with medal of merit.
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>> the inscription reads, in recognition of your bravery, and for the critical injuries sustained in the incident on june 14, 2017, i present you merit.e medal of [applause]
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congratulations, we are happy to see a recovery going so well. i ask that this time congressman steve scalise join me on the stage. determinationable to come back from the article injuries he sustained. i speak for everyone when i say we are glad to have you with us today. in recognition of your bravery ,n the face of life threatening and injuries sustained in the incident on june 14, 2017, the medal of merit. [applause]
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>> i want to thank everybody coming out each of you to the police officers who sacrificed their lives for us. so often you do not see the heroism and the bravery in the professionalism as they quietly do their job. but they do their job every day, knowing that maybe one day they might have to respond. to some kind of tragedy. you look at what happened in sutherland springs. our prayers still go out to those families. 26 dead.
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you look at the shooting in las vegas where so many lives were lost, and so many still fighting for their lives. that day on june 14 could have turned out the exact same way. we all know what the outcome would have been if not for the heroism and the bravery of the men and women on this stage. and david are like family. they go with us, not just here at the capital, but when we go back home, when we are traveling around and doing the things you have to do in this job. they are there every step of the way. they always know there will be a respond.hey have to , nobody saw it coming. we were practicing on a baseball field. out, it wasts went not long before they jumped in and did some things that nobody
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can describe when you look at the firepower coming at them. heavily outgunned. and yet they went towards the danger. nicole, alexander, and kevin came running for the danger too. these five brave men and women prevented what would have been a mass execution. a lot of members of congress that are here today would not be here today. i would not be here today without their hero is him and bravery. tiffany, it ison so good to see crystal without her boot on. she keeps challenging me. she inspired me to get these crutches. crutch, andn to one she was down to note crutches.
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one day you will be back to work. david, tiger blood. we have always had this unique block -- this unique bond. to go towards the danger, i want to mention that david's mom came here from brazil. thank you so much. [applause] i know every mom is proud of her children, but just know that your son, your son save the lives of over a dozen members of congress and staff that were out on the ball field that day. if he had not went toward the danger, confronted the shooter, the outcome would have been
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incredibly different. it would've been a horrible tragedy worse than anything we can imagine. it was not. it was not because of the heroism of your son. i know you are proud of him. he is a hero to all of us. thank you for coming here from brazil. it is a treat to see you. [applause] thank everybody for coming and participating. i want to thank the capitol police. i know you have training, and everybody trains for a tragedy, but clearly the training that you put your offices through give them the skills that they needed that they to save the lives of so many others. i truly appreciate all of our capitol police. can i ask all of my security detail to stand up. they do not like the limelight. they all protect our families. they protect all of us. [applause] and we thank you.
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start tearing up, i am here today because of the heroism of these men and women. they give for your sacrifice, putting your lives on the line. it is great to see you all back here. we are all getting better, and this could have been a tragedy like so many others, and it was not because of your hero is him. thank you for paying the highest honor, the medal of honor for these brave men and women. [applause] >> thank you, congressman scalise. it is my great pleasure to introduce five outstanding and
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brave law-enforcement officers. when i call your name please stand up. crystal greiner. david bailey. jobe. officer battaglia. officer jensen. medal is bestowed upon people with great courage who risk their lives and direct benefit of others or united states capitol police. historically this report is reserved for capitol police ,fficers, however on june 14 the heroic efforts performed by these offices transcended uniform colors and department names. i recognize these three officers
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from the alexandria police as well as are two special agents. we all remember that morning wednesday, june 14, 2017, greiner, were assigned to represent of -- representative scalise. he was practicing for the charity baseball game with 25 members of the republican team, which included numerous numbers of congress. an assailant emerged from the parking lot in the field, walking up to the fence on the third base side. 7.62d in possession a millimeter rifle and a nine millimeter handgun. the members onon the field and the staff who were practicing. in response to these gunshots, special agents radioed for assistance and engage the
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assailant with department issued handguns. in an effort to pin him down and prevent him from getting to the field and injuring more people. during the gunbattle, special agent greiner was shot in the lower leg with the rifle round. she returned fire. she maintained cover near her vehicle. agent agent bailey also engaged the shooter by returning fire. special agent bailey was injured in the ankle during the engagement. engagement while being targeted themselves fended off the gunman from confronting an unarmed group and bought precious time. the choice is from the alexandria police department arrived, and these three alexandria police officers joined the gunbattle. was the first to respond. theout cover he crossed large open area to wear special
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agent bailey was positioned. and officeraglia jensen arrived at the field. officer battaglia moved toward the shooter and immediately took fire from the suspect. the shooter's attention from the other officers on the field. when officer jensen arrived, he took cover behind his vehicle, and engaged the shooter and exchange gunfire, and was able thetrike him, causing shooter to partially collapse and dropped his rifle. the shooter retrieved his pistol, stood up and fired at officer battaglia. diverted, thetion other officers job him toward home plate. he was struck in the chest by one of the agents around. the force of this round cottage -- caused the shooter to rotate away.
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-- causing the shooter to drop his weapon. the entire event was over at 7:15 a.m. they begin lifesaving measures on the suspect. he later succumbed to his wounds. the assailant shot for individuals. congressman scalise, special .gent bailey, and matt mika all are recovering well from their injuries. acts ofe and selfless these five law enforcement professionals are credited with saving numerous lives that day. due to their heroic engagement of the active shooter, who was able to fire more than 60 rounds during the six minute gunbattle. will all five of you join me centerstage.
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>> it was next-door very event
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and we have externally officers on stage. i'm proud of these officers. they represent what is good about america and law enforcement. if you would all remain standing for the closing prayer, i would like to remember dr. black, chaplain of the united states senate. dr. black: let us pray. eternal god, giver and sustainer , the destiny toward whom all life flows, we thank you for this award ceremony. for those who have demonstrated exemplary courage and commitment to freedom. day,e grateful that in our
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you have given us the andrtunity to see heroes heroines proved in liberating self their more than country loved and mercy more than life. lord, we have been reminded today that no greater love to laythan a willingness down one's life for others. ask for these award recipients, your richest , in all of their tomorrows bless and keep them and their loved ones. make your face to shine upon them, and be gracious to them.
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lift the light of your countenance upon them, and give , your piece.lom peace. in your -- your we pray in your solemn name. amen. >> thank you dr. black. ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our program for today. take you for joining us and helping us celebrate with these five officers. hank you. -- thank you. [applause] >> 50 years ago, the united states was at war in vietnam.
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this veterans day weekend, american history tv on c-span3 looks at with 48 hours of coverage. starting saturday at 8:00 a.m. eastern, we are live from the national archives among the backdrop of three vietnam era helicopters to talk with veterans who flew them. 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. we are taking your phone calls and tweets live. at 1:00 p.m. from washington dc, a ceremony featuring remarks by former defense secretary chuck hagel. on sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern on real america, a 1967 cbs news work special report. >> whether it is due to the enemy's clever tactics of the backbiting conditions, the weather or terrain, it seems clear that the american military offensive along the dmz has bogged down, like marines in the mud. , we will tour0
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the archived exhibit renumbering vietnam. at 8:00, on the presidency, the 1967 president lyndon johnson war conference. >> we make our statement to the world of what we would do. we said we would stand with those people in the face of common danger. and the time came when we had to put up or shut up. and we put up, and we are there. war 50h the vietnam years later, this weekend on american history tv on c-span3. senate republicans have released their proposal for tax has significant differences from the houses version that passed out of committee today. taxsenate plan has seven brackets of versus the four in the house version. the senate version fully repeals the deductions for state and local taxes.
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that deduction is only partially repealed in the house bill. and the senate bill keeps the state deductions for mortgage and medical expenses. senate leaders and the treasury secretary steve mnuchin introduced the tax reform plan at a photo op on capitol hill. sen. hatch: we hope to do this on a bipartisan basis. whether they do or not we're


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