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tv   President Trump and Vietnamese President Joint News Conference  CSPAN  November 13, 2017 12:31am-12:57am EST

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p.m. eastern. live coverage on c-span3. get details about both bills -- at or use the free c-span radio app. theresident trump is in philippines to attend a pair of the international summits and of asia. tour he held a joint news conference with the president of vietnam. president trump commented on his recent meeting with russian president vladimir putin. this is 25 minutes.
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[speaking foreign language] >> ladies and gentlemen, members hosting a press conference to announce the result of their talks.
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your -- >> your excellency, donald trump, president of the united states of america, ladies and gentlemen, members of the media, president trump and i have had a and about the relations regional and international issues of mutual interest. that thehare the view relations have seen better results over the years delivering enormous benefits to the people. visit toe state vietnam, vietnam and the united states issued a joint statement seeking to further the comprehensive on the base of
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mutual respect of independence, sovereignty, integrity. in view of the visit from the two sides where we came to ,greements on economy and trade addressing legacy issues as a high priority as we are committed to -- actively on this matter. highly values the -- cleanup at the airbase after the two countries concluded the cleanup effort at the airport. andiscussed regional international issues of mutual interest. ourgreed to strengthen combination of personal and
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interpersonal policies for peace and stability in the region and the world at large. importanceeed on the partnership.gic believe the development of vietnam-u.s. relations would not only benefit each country but also contribute to the relations. the asia-pacific and the world. president's visit marks a change in the relations, marking development ofe the bilateral comprehensive function. i wish president trump and
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members of the u.s. delegation a good visit and i hope you will have a good impression of our country and our people. president personally and the american people for the warm friendship and i appreciate the great efforts to develop vietnam-u.s. bilateral relations. who are and vietnamese here today. thank you very much. >> dow donald trump, president of the united states, will deliver his remarks. pres. trump: thank you very much you for your tremendous hospitality during my first visit to vietnam. it is a pleasure to be with you .ight here in hanoi
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on behalf of the entire american delegation i want to thank the vietnamese people for their warm and to reaffirm the strong friendship and glowing partnership between our two nations. around therom all world, including many americans, come to vietnam each year to admire your magnificent mountains, cycle through your many winding hillsides, or swim .n the majestic bay your nation's magnificent springs different people together from around the world and shared appreciation of the great beauty and splendor of your wonderful country. past two decades, our two nations of come together to find common purpose based on common interest and that is what is happening. it is those crucial bonds we are here to reaffirm today.
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it may, the united states transferred a cutter to the .eople and country of vietnam named for u.s. treasury secretary henry morgan thurn, junior. the vessel once controlled the coast of vietnam during the vietnam war. today, the same american vessel is sailing the waters of the pacific on its way to control the coast for the people of vietnam. this month we marked veterans we in the united states and have achieved a deep friendship, partnership, and we have achieved peace bound by mutual respect and common experience. our veterans laid the foundation between ourievement nations. our decades-long joint humanitarian efforts with the vietnamese people and government to account for and recover personnel still missing -- so
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important to us -- from the war. the horrors of this her underscore -- of this her rent -- this horrendous war. foundation ofthe our conference of partnership. that is so important to us. i want to congratulate the president for hosting a very successful leaders meeting this week in donating. congratulations. you did a fabulous job. oni said at the summit friday, the united states is committed to a free and open indo-pacific. independent nations respect each other's sovereignty, pulled the rule of law, and advance responsible commerce. we want our partners to be proud
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and self-reliant, not proxies. to achieving a bilateral trade agreement with partners who abide by the principles of fair and reciprocal trade. two very important words. fair and reciprocal. it has not been that way with the united states almost at all and we are changing that, and we are changing it rapidly. for trade to work, all countries must play by the rules. i'm encouraged that vietnam has recently become the fastest-growing export market to the united states. mr. president, i applied your efforts on the economic reforms to increase vietnam's trade and investments in all directions. is enthusiastic about reforms that promote economic prosperity for all citizens. as we look to your growing
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middle class as a key market for american goods and services. we just had a great discussion about american goods and services coming into vietnam. two-way street. that american energy, agriculture, financial services, aviation, digital commerce and other products are able to meet all of your many commercial needs and in fact, not only meet them, but what we do is better than anybody else. moving forward, i welcome vietnam's commitment to removing trade barriers for u.s. very important. we must ensure all american farmers and companies, especially those in e-commerce, can compete on a level playing field. we look forward to working with you to combat predatory and unfair trade practices in the
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region. on security issues, we continue to work with our vietnamese partners and partners across the challenges,range of including maritime security, counterterrorism, human and drug trafficking, cybercrime, and disease prevention. later today i will travel to the philippines where i will discuss many of these issues at the u.s. summit and the east asia summit. is going to bet something very special. i look forward to attending. we will also discuss the growing threat from north korea. as i said in my speech, to the republic of korea's national assembly, all responsible nations must act now to ensure that north korea's rogue regime stops threatening the world with unthinkable loss of life. safety and security are goals
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civilizedd unite all nations. we want progress not provocation. we have been provoked. the world has been provoked. we don't want that. we want stability, not chaos. we want these, not war. two y for being such a gracious host during my time right here in vietnam. i toured areas of vietnam and it is magnificent what is happening. over the past two decades, our nations have continued to grow closer in advancing our shared interest. our history reveals the possibility for peace and progress in our world. moving together as partners, we will achieve great success for the american people and for the vietnamese people. thank you very much. >> thank you very much,
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president donald trump. now the floor is open to your questions. >> from a be enemies agency, can you elaborate on the progress in the vietnam-u.s. relations over the past years? a vietnamese agency, can you elaborate on the progress in the vietnam-u.s. relations of the past years? >> they remain strong. politics, policy, trade, science, technology, health, humanitarian areas.
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[indiscernible] results, in may this year a visit. the state visit to vietnam. trumpble president donald and the very first year of his office. between leaders of vietnam and the president during his visit. themeetings give us opportunity to know each other better and work together. comprehensive partnership between our countries.
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benefits to people and contributing to the maintenance of stability of the operation of disparity in the region and the world. thank you. president trump: thank you. >> from the tv another question. can you please provide your assessment of the future output of the u.s.-vietnam output? >> during the talks i had with is stilldent, there much room for further expansion of bilateral relations. we discussed ways and means to times toxpand in the come. contact especially the high level meetings for
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bilateral visits and meetings at the region and international forum. the momentumromote for the relations on the basis of special interest. continue to effectively implement economic and trade agreements we have signed. also we can strengthen cooperation in strengthen technology. humantarian issues, resources, and expanding people-to-people exchange for comprehensive partnership. in the interest of the two peoples and for the benefits of peace, stability, cooperation,
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and development of the world. thank you very much. >> mr. john roberts of fox. >> thank you mr. president. a little bit of the changeup, i will ask both of you a question. mr. president, on the way here to hanoi from danang you talked about your meetings with russian president vladimir putin and received further assurances from him he did not meddle in the u.s. election. there was some uncertainty that brewed in the united states when you said that, when he tells me that i believe he means it. that was taken in some circles, including senator john mccain, the you think you believe he did election.ere in the
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could you once in all, definitively, state whether or not you believe mr. putin and-or meddled in the election? pres. trump: i said i believe he believes that. that is very important for somebody to believe. i believe he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or especially as currently constituted with the leadership, i believe there are intel agencies, i believe our intel agencies. i have worked with him strongly. there were not 17 as previously reported, there were actually for. they said there were 17, but there were actually 4. believe -- i want to be able, because i think it is very important to get along with russia. to get along with china. to get along with vietnam.
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to get along with lots of countries because we have a lot settle.s we have to russia and china and particular can help us with the north korea problem, which is one of our great problems. i'm not looking to stand and argue when there are reporters all around and cameras reporting it and seeing our conversation. i think was very obvious to everybody. i believe that president putin really feels, and feel strongly, that he did not meddle in our election. what he believes it is what he believes. what i believe is that we have to get to work and i think everybody understood this that heard the answer. we have to get to work to solve syria, north korea, ukraine, terrorism. people do not realize russia has been very, very heavily sanctioned. there were sanctions at a very high level. ", that took place very recently.
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it is now time to get back to isling the world that shattered and broken. that is a very important things and i feel that having russia in a friendly posture as opposed to a always fighting with them is an asset to the world and an asset to our country, not a liability. either way, hillary clinton had the reset button. togetherd to get act with russia. she even spelled "reset" wrong. that is how it started. president obama wanted to get along with russia but the chemistry was not there. getting along with other nations is a good thing, not about bad thing. leaping. it is a good thing, not a bad thing. -- believe me. it is a good thing not a bad thing. president quan, for you, do you think the united states could be a good leader to help
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bring the countries together? what do you think vietnam would bring to the table and that regard? >> on north korea issues, vietnam is committed to seriously observing the relevant thermation and we support denuclearization and we will do our best and do whatever we can to contribute to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. thank you. .> well, thank you >> you tweeted this morning
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about being friends with kim jong-un. possibility?y a would it take for that to happen? and can you -- anything is aink possibility. strange things happen in life. that might be a strange thing to happen but it would be positive. if that were to happen, it would be a good thing -- i can tell you -- for north korea. but it would be that for lots of other places, good for the world. certainly it is something that could happen. i do not know that it will but it would be very, very nice if it did. you. >> with regard to the south said mya, i have
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thoughts with president donald trump on the recent developments in this area. it is our policy to settle disputes in the south china sea through negotiations. and, with respect for diplomatic in accordanceess with international law including -- we have come to the end of the press briefing today. thank you very much for your participation.
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