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tv   Sen. Bob Menendez on Mistrial  CSPAN  November 17, 2017 5:46am-6:00am EST

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detention of at least 200 mid and lower leaders in the capital city reyaud. we are live at the arab center starting at 9:30. senator bob menendez of new jersey spoke to reporters after a judge declared a mistrial in his federal corruption case. he thanked several people for bliving in his innocence. facing senator was charges of conspiracy, bribery nd abuse of power. >> first and above all, i want to thank god because it is by his grace that i was delivered rom an unjust prosecution. . thank my children
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my daughter and son rob who testified on my behalf and then joined his sist anywhere court, kept me company and even let me beat him in a round of golf. i'm so blessed to have two great children and i love you i much i can't -- i can't -- can't truly thank you. i want to thank my sister and her husband. their presence and the bible passages my sister would send me every morning were an to me. le comfort
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i thank and wish my dear friends success in his continuing search for justice. i thank my defense team as well as the attorneys. the nation's premier defense attorney who methodically tore apart the me. i thank government's case. his partner, a former prosecuter turned advocate for justice. ray brown whose insights were nvaluable and his associates their defense team for invaluable roles. i thank the jury, 12 nugeance who saw through the government's false claims and used their jersey common-sense to reject it. i appreciate their service. i appreciate their sacrifice and their time away from their family and their professions.
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i want to thank my colleague senator cory booker who has been supportive from day one, traveled the state and spread the good word, was here on the first day of trial and came and testified and was in my mind a profile in courage. i know that many who were close to him urged him not to testify, but it is the measure of an incredible man who is willing not only to use his personal reputation but take a risk in order to see justice done. he is a public serve nlt of unlimited potential who could just easily serve our country in the highest office of all of the land. i will never forget it, and you have my gratitude and respect forever. i also want to thank senator lindsey graham, my friend and colleague, for once again crossing the aisle and coming to testify as to my character, my truthfulness, and my honesty. and i know he came as a friend,
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i appreciate the political capital he used as a republican to come and testify on behalf of the democratic colleague. that is rare indeed in today's politics. all nk the clergy of different denominations who stood with me and prayed with me. i'm so thankful for your and support.fort i thank the leader in the autistic community, my dear friend, and support. all for being character witnesses. i thank the hundreds of new jerseyance who i encountered along the last ten weeks who overwhelmingly expressed their support and more importantly their prayers. i thank my staff both in d.c. and new jersey for their loyalty and above all their dedication to the people of new jersey. pecially fred, my chief of staff, my political director
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and my special assistant. now let me say a few things. the way this case started was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong, the way it was prosecuted was wrong, and the way it was tried was wrong as well. certain elements of the f.b.i. and of our state cannot understand or even worse accept that the latino kid from union city and hudson county can grow up to be a united states senator and be honest. i can't even begin to tell you how many people have come to tell me that the f.b.i. went to them and asked them what can you give us on menendez? that is not what the f.b.i. and the department of justice is supposed to be doing. and they are not supposed to be leaking to the press during the
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early stages of their my stigation which violated rights to a fair process. i have made my share of mistakes, but my mistakes were never a crime. i have learned through this process a lot about our system of justice. it is truly a system of justice you can afford. i understand why so many americans feel that justice is elusive. supporters from across whobbled in me -- who bleefed in me, who knew what i am and what i stand for, i could never have afforded the millions of dollars this case has cost. so my gratitude to all those nugeance and americans from across the country whobbled who who bleefed in me, who knew what i am in me and -- who bleeveled in me and helped me mount my legal defense against the millions of dollars spent by the overwhelming weight of the federal government. i have also learned about the incredible weight and power of
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the federal government and how it can crush you if it wants to. it gives me an even greater that there ake sure is a check to that awesome power. because where do i go to? what office or department that is a of the federal government gives me back the past 2-1/2 years of my life? to have the to damage they sought to incur to my reputation -- where is it? what department is it that replaces it? so let me share some final thoughts. to those who left me who abandoned me in my darkest moment, i forgive you. to those who embraced me in to damage they my darkest moments, i love you. to those new jerseyens who gave me the benefit of the doubt, i thank you. to those who have a doubt i am going to work harder than ever before so that there is no doubt. to those in the press who did
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their job and did it with professionalism, and even to some of you who were actually ind, -- where'sdom nick? i believe you showed what a professional press is all about and why that freedom is so important to our society. to those who were digging my political grave so that they could jump into my seat, i know who you are and i won't forget you. finally, let me answer the question that i could not answer before the trial was over. why didn't i testify? there is nothing more that i wanted to do but to tell my story. i am proud of the thousands of people i have helped in new jersey and across the country who i have helped with their visas, reuniting families, and very often bringing people who were denied so that they could save the life of a loved one. i am proud of my work to have 100% port scanning, something i
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have been a champion of and believe is in the vital national security interests of the united states, to secure it and to stop the flow of drugs. my fight to save medicare hundreds of millions of dollars . i believe we can't afford to throw out good medicine when we can carefully administer it to patients. but a trial is not a debate. it is not a public forium. it is a legal proceeding. my testimony on direct and cross-examination would have likely taken days. that means we would have put at risk losing one of the jurors who was told she would be excused to go on a pre-planned vacation and we collectively felt by the way she reacted to different parts of the rosecution and defense's presentations that she believed in our innocence and we didn't want to lose them. boy were we right on that. we still lost her.
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secondly, the prosecution would have used me to redo their entire meritless case in chief all over again, including having me read e-mails and other materials that were not mine but would have put my voice and my name for their purpose, in essence giving them an additional sumation before their final sumation. so that was just a small window into my thinking. anyone who knows me knows that i never seek a fight. but they also know that i never shy away from one. his wasn't a fair fight. i have spent 43 years, my entire adult life, in public people of new jersey and the nation. it has been one of my greatest privileges. i have served with honesty and integrity people of new jersey and the and given it my every day. i am proud of what i have been able to accomplish for the
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people of new jersey. i am proud that many young people and many from the hispanic community look at me and say it's possible to grow up poor, live in a tenment, go to public schools, be the first in your family to go to college, and rise to be one of 100 united states senators in a country of 310 million people. i look forward to going back to washington to fight for the people of new jersey and many country to help them realize their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations. today is resurrection day and i thank god once again for allowing me to stand before you as i walked in to this courthouse 11 weeks ago an nnocent man.
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[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2017] >> this morning a discussion about the future of saudi arabia after crown prince's the arrest and detention of at least 200 mid and lower level leaders in the capital city reyad. live starting at 9:30 eastern on c-span 2. detention of at least 200 mid and lower level leaders
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our live coverage continues on sunday at 10:30 on how smear tactics are used to influence public opinion. the conservative movement. partisan politics. at race relations in the united states. watch our live weekend coverage on c-span 2's book tv. >> the house passed its tax reform bill by a vote of 227 to 205. no democratic members voted for the legislation. 13


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