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tv   British Home Secretary on President Trumps Retweets of Anti- Muslim Videos  CSPAN  December 4, 2017 11:20am-12:19pm EST

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to do it impossible mineral extraction, support economic development in those would prefer to see all the -- for folks that are happy, are not happy.ts host: brian maffly, fer saltntal reporting lake tribune. mr. >> and will have live coverage of the president's comments from utah starting at 2:30. we will also be live again at 4:30 eastern with a preview of the supreme court oral argument dealing with the balance between religious freedom and antidiscrimination laws centering on a colorado bakery that refused to provide a cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony. back this week, facing a deadline as government funding runs out on midnight, this coming friday. the senate will be in the we
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fight considering the nomination of the next homeland security secretary. the vote on the debate is scheduled for 5:30 eastern today. 6:30ouse will be back at as to whether to go into negotiations with the senate on the tax reform bill. you can follow the house, live here on c-span. >> c-span's studentcam video documentary is underway. students across the country are busy at work, sharing their experience with us through twitter. it's not too late to enter. is january 18, 2018. we are asking the students to
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choose a position of the u.s. constitution and create a video illustrating why it's important to you. the competition is open to all middle school and high school students, grades six through 12. $100,000 in cash and prizes will awarded. the grand prize will go to the , $5,000, withm the best submission. trump sent out several tweets this morning, including these, putting pelosi, schumer -- including these -- >> and then three moments later, >> the british home secretary
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delivered a statement on president trump's retweet last week of a far right group, britain first, and the governments efforts to combat --ine muslim hate speech anti-muslim hate speech. she urged members to see the importance of the u.k. u.s. relationship. these comments are about 15 minutes. >> order, there is a substantial pressure on time today, but i thought that the house would on the express court victims of racism and bigotry. >> on the statements of britain first, online hate speech, and the comments made by donald trump.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. britain first is an extremist organization that seeks to divide organization -- divide the country, spread lies and stoked tensions. the leader of britain first is subject to a criminal trial over the alleged to distribution of leaflets and the posting of online material. as people overwhelmingly reject the president's record of the far right, which is the antithesis of the values this country cherishes, we will stand with them in doing so. this is why we launched our extremism strategy in 2015. this house should speak clear that this government will not tolerate any group's who spread -- any groups who spread hate and who raise community fears and tensions.
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and we are being clear. president donald trump was wrong to retweet videos posted by far right group written first -- britain first. when we look at the wider picture, the relationship between the u.k. and america, though i know how valuable the relationship is, i can tell the house that the importance of the relationship between our countries, the unparalleled sharing of intelligence between our countries is vital. it has undoubtedly saved british lives. there is a figure picture here and i would urge people to remember that -- there is a bigger picture here and i would urge people to remember that. >> the last time i raised related matters after sexist and racist behavior, president trump should not be afforded
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addressing both houses of parliament. the extraordinary events we have seen undoubtedly underline why members across this house were right to make that call about him coming here and why a state visit shouldn't now go ahead. let's also be clear. this is the president of the united states, sharing with millions of from a tour, deliberately -- seeking to spread hatred. by sharing it, he is either a racist, incompetent, unthinking, or all three. can you explain what the government is doing to crack down on the activities of britain first and explain why britain first has not been prescribed in the way that national action has been. given the last 24 hours and the direct attack by the prime minister, can she confirm if the
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prime minister and the president have spoken? the foreign secretary heaped praise on the president, saying people related to them, send the ambassador to express his concerns? code indoors men's have any prejudicial impact? is the home secretary aware that she posted a video last night personally urge going -- urging the president to keep her out of president? can the home secretary confirm when she and -- will take action? given the extraordinary events of the last 24 hours and the direct attack for rightly condemning the actions, can she confirm that the prime minister and the president have spoken? , buthe foreign secretary one twitter, said that some related to the expressed concerns? and she also advise whether president trump us actions and implied endorsements could have any prejudicial impact on the current proceedings currently
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underway? is the home secretary aware that she posted a video last night personally urge going -- urging the president to keep her out of president? finally can the home secretary , confirm when she and -- will -- and the government will take tough action? we have had no response from twitter, a tear -- typically irresponsible attitude. mr. speaker, let me conclude by emphasizing that i love america and americans. my true grandfather was an american g.i. he came to this country in 1944 to help us fight fascism. i traveled the length and breadth of 25 of the united states and it is a country and a people of extra nerve -- extraordinary generosity, kindness, courage, and humanity. but this president represents none of those things. in one of his last speeches, the great republican and protector of america and a friend of britain, dwight eisenhower, said "down the long lane of history, america knows that this world of ours, ever growing smaller, must avoid the coming a community of
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dreadful fear and hate and be instead be a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect." as we stand in the shadow of our fallen colleague joe cox, we have more words in common. we must all take a stand against hatred, from wherever it comes, otherwise we will slip into the darkness. >> just before i asked the home secretary to respond along the basis of sound, procedural advice, i think i ought to say this to the house. jadea clemson, as just referenced by the on terminal -- the honorable gentleman, is awaiting trial. i think members will be conscious, while giving vent to their views, and they should and will, of the importance that it could be prejudicial to criminal proceedings.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker and thank you for your guidance. i hope the audible members understand i will not reply to that particular element for those reasons. i thank him for his words during his question. i share his views about america. i also love that country, having worked there for a year, and i am in awe of the mutual trust we have with americans, the effort they make to work with us, our shared values with the american people, and the way that their work has been so important in helping us with intelligence matters, which undoubtably have saved reduce lives. -- british lives. he asked particularly what we have done about online, social media, extremism of various sorts. we have taken it extremely seriously, which is why i
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prescribed national action to be prescribed in this way, as a terrorist organization. he asks about other organizations to be prescribed. we are very careful what merits prescription or not. he may have a different view. but in the letter of the law that we abide by, we have to be very clear where members or activists embark on actions that are or are not legal. we must keep under review what other organizations may be prescribed. he asked what else we were doing with online companies to make sure the internet is free of dangerous material, and he will no doubt know that the u.k. has been leading in this area. the prime minister has called for more action. we called in the wake of attacks this year for global internet
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counter terrorism. the internet companies are taking action. twitter now takes down 95% of the illegal material for using artificial intelligence. the fact that they are now engaging in machine learning is incredibly important investment and breakthrough to make sure that more is taken down. we are not complacent. we always make sure to provide leadership to make sure it does take place. minister, he asked if she had spoken to the president. the prime minister will always have regular calls with the president, and she has been explicit in criticizing this tweet. i know she will always make sure that she calls it out where she sees it, and that is what she has done here. >> sir peter bottomley.
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>> the retweet has been condemned. we can concentrate on the wrong that was done by the original tweet. can we ask the home secretary about putting out religious extremes. >> i thank my honorable friend. it is essential that we have a fair approach to all types of extremism. we always make sure that far right extremism is treated just as harshly as it should be, as any radical islamic terrorism, and 25% of the roles to the program are in fact on the far right side. >> diane have it. -- abbot. >> the home secretary will
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appreciate that, on this side of the house, we believe the united states is our most important ally. we anticipate any british government would want to work closely with the united states on issues of mutual concern. we on this side of the house bow to no one in our affection and respect for the american people. but on the question of the online activities of the 45th president, does the home secretary accept that the fact that the 45th president chose to retweet material from britain first is not just offensive to british people of muslim heritage, not just offensive to of black minority
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ethnic heritage but it is , offensive to all british people, and an attack on the the values of this country? so whilst on this side of the house we appreciate the importance of realpolitik, we would also call on the government to make clear that, in no way and in no time does it get any support whatsoever to the distasteful views of the 45th president on race and migration and muslim communities internationally? to do anything else would be an affront to voters in this country, whichever side of the house they support.
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>> i thank the right honorable lady for her powerful response. we have been very clear that president donald trump was wrong in re-tweeting videos by of britain first. we have said so clearly in this house, and the prime minister said so clearly online. we will continue to speak freely and frankly when it takes place. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i think the whole house will agree that the prime minister's words, and advantage of having such a special relationship is when a friend tells you have done something wrong, you tend to listen. what in the world be a better place if the prime minister could persuade the president of the united states to delete his twitter account. >> high audible friend makes an
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important point. i think we all listen more carefully from criticism from our friend to people we don't have a relationship with. i hope the prime minister's comments will have some impact on the president. it is interesting to note the advice regarding twitter accounts. i'm sure many of us share his view. >> we have long taken the view the president should not be afforded a visit to the united kingdom. we respect absolutely the office of the president of the united states, a fantastic country and ally. however, the sharing of tweets by an extreme and -- organization is not befitting of someone holding a high office and should be condemned. we call for the government to go best we haveequest
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no idea of what the president will say or tweak next and before he visits. what does he need to say or tweak before the idea of a state visit is ditched once and for all? >> an invitation for the visit has been extended and accepted. the dates and precise arrangements have yet to be agreed. >> local authorities do have an -- have a key role in company extremism. >> he is right. local authorities do have an important role to play. we have an active engagement program with them to prevent programs that allows us to help support community organizations who are really embedded in the local area that can engage with local groups and provide support to safeguard people, safeguard particularly young men and women who may become radicalized.
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i think it is incredibly important part of the way we look after our communities in this country. we will continue to do so. >> we agree on the importance of our relationship with the u.s. and our people have stood together against far right extremism and islamist extremism. we will do so again. but we cannot pander now. britain first gets its sucker from spreading it's poison and extremism online. that is how it works. and the president of the united states has just given it a rocket boost in promoting hatred in our communities. online is where the new battle for democracy is being fought. and the prime minister has rightfully challenged putin's russia. for what she described as seeking to weaponize information , to plant fake stories and an attempt to sow discord. no matter what diplomatic route we find to do it, we cannot
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simply rollout a red carpet and give a platform for the president of the united states to also sow discord in our communities. we know he will continue to do this and keep spreading extremism. we also know, from the plaques behind us and from history where the spread of extremism leads. unless enough of us are prepared to stand up and say no. >> we do stand up to extremism. we stand up to it in our own communities and we stand up to it, as the prime minister has, which criticizes the president. in terms of trying to clean up the online community, the honorable lady is right, online is where so much of the battle takes place. which is why this government is focused on making sure we take it down. which is why our relationship with the u.s. is so important.
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when i called for a roundtable of internet giant after the first terrorist attack in march, we got the u.k. representatives coming. it was only with the support of the u.s. we were able to the global internet forum set up. they are based in san francisco and able to work with the higher -- highest levels with our u.s. friends. i would urge her to bear that in mind. >> about a month ago, the most popular man in the world was a an employee of twitter who unplugged the account of the president of the united states. was he not right? if twitter is genuine and is genuine and its commitment to fight hate crimes online it , should have no hesitance in taking down the twitter account of the president as it would any other citizen of the world who petals -- pedals such hate crimes. >> the chief executive of twitter will have heard the interesting suggestions from my
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honorable friend and we will leave it to them to decide what action to take. i think it is pretty clear that on the basis of what we already know about this president that mere words are not enough. action is needed. three times he has been asked by three people on this side of the house they cancel this state visit. action is needed now, not a slap on the wrist. cancel the state visit. >> i think the honorable gentleman for his views and i can only repeat what i have said before. the invitation has been extended and accepted and we have yet to make the arrangements. but thank you for your view. >> isn't it irony that the president of united states talks about fake news and retweeted fake news?
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the real danger is the best majority of constituents have never heard of britain first and this has given them huge oxygen. should we go back to our constituencies and our communities and say no matter what their faith is an of beliefs are we are together as a community and the president was stupid in what he did? >> i think my honorable friend. he raises such an important point. when he to reassure our communities that the sort of hate promoted by britain first is alien to us. if we look at the response, not only to the tragic death of joe cox, but the terrorist attacks this year, we saw our communities coming together, refusing to be decided, and making sure to show that to be the case in our neighborhoods as as well as across the benches of the house. >> how would you respond if
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similar tweets by trump were made by a muslim leader promoting hatred? would they be allowed in the u.k.? >> the honorable gentleman should not rush to that conclusion. as i hope he has heard, i have been clear that we take an evenhanded approach to individuals and to any extremism of any sort. which is why i took the point -- the time to point out right we extremism as we have seen and national action is just as hateful, just as dangerous as any islamic radical act. >> i congratulate my friend and the prime minister for their strong words and strong actions in condemning this evil words being expressed.
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>> can she look at us encouraging internet companies , to make sure twitter accounts and facebook accounts are clearly identified as individuals but also the organizations that they represent? because people think that this is a general view of the british people, and it clearly is not. we need isolate these people for the people they are. >> it is a very good point. we have to be careful. we have to be careful not to let this conversation about a hate filled group to feel some -- fuel some interest in a group which we want to make sure does not represent britain, does not represent our values. it should not he interpreted as doing so. i think it is an interesting point and one we should all act on. >> thank you, mr. speaker. hate breeds hate. an attack on the muslim community is an attack on us all.
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by giving a platform to britain first, a rabidly racist and your fascist organization donald , trump is now actively sowing seeds of hatred in our country. at a time when the number of hate crimes are increasing in our country, what action will the home secretary going to take to say to mitigate against the horrific actions the president has taken yesterday? >> as she knows, i think, we take all forms of hate crime very seriously. we always encourage the community to report them when it takes place. i have active engagement with the crime commissioners and the chiefs of police to ensure reporting does take place. critically, we have a role to make sure the online companies do more to make sure that it is taken down, to make sure the reports we have had from state news don't take place and do more to help us identify who has been promoting some of this
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hateful information. we are, as a government, on the front foot to engage with the online companies and make sure the material is taken down. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we all condemn and feel disgusted by the hate speech that has been propagated by mr. trump and others. does she agree with me that the danger with these organizations like britain first is they cloak their hateful activities behind a cloak of fluffiness? they sometimes will talk about remembrance day and they do this in a very invidious way to trick people. donald trump ought to have known better. this is a tactic they are using. what is she doing with the government to understand and develop her understanding so we can fight this on all the fronts that affects our communities?
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>> she raises an important point and she is absolutely right. sometimes these far right groups do exactly what she said. they try to hijack our symbols and our national days, memorial, remembrance. we need to make sure we always call that help -- call that out. the best that we can do is call it out and make sure we spread the alternative story about british values. >> 2 million people have signed a petition of outrage when the president was given an honor that has never been offered to any other president, a red carpet visit to the country in the first month of his office. since then, he has dangerously increase tension in every world frozen conflict he has addressed. he has disgraced himself again and again any worries us because
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his impulsive finger is on the nuclear button. if he comes to this country, he should be treated like anyone else who breaks the law. he should be charged with inciting racial hatred. the government should withdraw the invitation. >> i would repeat to the honorable gentleman that we have not made the arrangements for the visit, but the invitation has been extended and has been accepted. >> politics and twitter is a toxic mix. for politicians, tweeting allows the transmission of half formed ideas instead of listening to the developed arguments of others. it provokes instant reaction as opposed to considered thought and provokes people to immediate outrage instead of pause for reflection. can my honorable friend tell the house how politicians taking to
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twitter has resulted in improvements in modern civilization? >> i think that is slightly beyond my capacity today. i would just say that he is right insofar as i think many of us could benefit from a little more considered thought and pause for contemplation before pressing respond or reply to twitter attacks. >> is important the messages of hate spread by the president are condemned for what they truly are. i urge the government to present his offer of a state visit to a president who is uses global platform to propagated tolerance. can i ask the home secretary about the pressure on media platforms like twitter to prevent this poisonous content from permeating our society? >> i thank the honorable
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gentleman. in terms of the visit from the president, the invitation has been extended and accepted. i would point out, as president of the united states, we have to remember that the united states itself has such an important relationship with this country in terms of keeping us safe as well. before we rush to make those changes, i would urge all honorable members to keep that in mind. i also hope he has heard this morning about how seriously we take the issue of making sure all illegal and extreme content is taken down from twitter and other online platforms and that they take more of an active role themselves in making sure this material does not stay up there. >> in a cynical attempt to harness the brexit vote, they suck it organize a far right
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march. just nine people showed up, but that is nine too many. the you agree with me there is still work to do to make sure that the views of bdl and britain first do not represent the mainstream of this country and they are of horrid there is work to make sure -- we should bring forth more to make sure theirs we can do? >> my friend is absolutely right. they in no way represent the views of the british people as he and i and the rest of the honorable members know them to be. there is always more to do. as he said, even nine are unwelcome. as has been pointed out in the house today, the real danger of encouraging activity and extremism is increasingly online and that is where we are focusing so much of our effort. >> in her previous role, the
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prime minister banned people from entering this country who peddled hateful ideology. this morning, david duke, grand wizard of the ku klux klan, applauded president trump. not only has the commander in tweet done this, he has defended it. publicly chastising the british foreign minister for her comments putting aside the , question of a state visit, should he even be allowed to enter our country? unprecedented actions require unprecedented responses. >> to just point out the prime minister has robustly replied to the president and made her views absolutely clear. in terms of what the honorable lady is also supposing i would , say we do not routinely comment on individual exclusion. cases.
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>> is the home secretary satisfy the president trump's behavior does not undermine the importance come security and cooperation relationship with the united states? just because somebody stops using twitter doesn't mean he he stops being a twit. >> my honorable friend puts his finger on the matter in the first half of his comment. which is how important the close relationship is. however strongly honorable members feel about the president himself, we must protect that particular relationship we have at the u.s., which does so much to keep british people safe. secretary,the home if i'm honest, is missing something here. this was not an accident. it was not stupid. it was deliberate and intentional. the evidence is even after the prime minister said he was wrong, he decided to stand by britain first. i say to the home secretary it , is no good saying we are being robust.
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andhave been robust before it is not made a blind bit of difference. he is a repeat offender and it will go on and on and on. you cannot stand up to this kind of action. you cannot stand up to horrible racism or pretend to do so and invite the man and through the front door. in the past the home secretary repeatedly -- the prime minister what you some secretary said homophobes and racists will not be allowed in this country. if they come to this country, they will be arrested. what should happen in this case and the home secretary knows it. just say it. >> i would say there is no pretense here. we are absolutely clear in the action we will take against people who will propagate hate. he should not underestimate the prime minister's views on this and the prime minister's absolute clarity in her
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comments to him. i won't take any criticism for him on the fact that on this side of the house, this government is committed to the agenda of making sure we protect values promote british and i will continue to take deposition from here. >> thank you for the home secretary for her important words this morning echoing prime minister. would she agree all leaders have -- in every community has a duty to be temperate in their language, tolerant and their actions mindful on their social , media presence and make sure the home secretary holds a platform to account so that the community cohesion and understanding is maintained? >> my friend is absolutely right. the issue of making sure we support communities in their genuine efforts and plans and
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programs to hold together, despite difficulties that come through, is incredibly important. we saw that this year. we saw that when despite a series of terrorist attacks are communities did hold together and many went out of their way to support other faiths while other people are criticizing them. that is the british way, those are our values. speaker wenks, mr. must take a firm stance against hate speech and make sure that future generations do. with the home secretary -- with home secretary -- so younger generations can understand the importance of standing against an action? -- inaction? >> a very important point. the holocaust educational trust does important work. i know that because the children in my schools have been on those trips.
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i have been a one myself. it is a very powerful way of remembering the terrible things that happened. and by remembering, by learning, we can make sure they do not happen again. i absolutely support her point. >> does the home secretary share my astonishment that someone in the position of the president of united states has time trolling through twitter, looking for posts like those he retweeted? does you share my view that his actions and retreating those tweets reflect badly on his office and undermines the very principles that the united states was founded on? >> an important point. which is why the prime minister was so swift and firm in response to his tweet. >> when i think of muslim children in newcastle, waking up to find themselves being attacked by the president of the most powerful nation on earth,
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because that is how it will appear to them, then my heart bleeds. however, the 45th president is not accountable to the children of newcastle. it is hard to see who he does hold himself accountable. but the social media giants are through the home secretary. so what will the home secretary do today to demonstrate accountability? refer honorable lady by her friends in the community to the comments by the honorable secretary of state who made his comments as a muslim. i think other muslims in this country might take comfort from that as well. we are making sure that we provide the leadership necessary to make as much of this hate and illegal information that is sometimes put online taken down. in order to do that the relationship with the u.s. which
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, is critical for this house to understand, the relationship is critical to making real progress with the online companies. they are american companies. they are based in silicon valley. they are subject to u.s. law. if we are going to make real progress with these internet companies, we have to do it in close alliance with our american friends. >> when the prime minister has her next conversation with the united states president, to the home secretary ensure she conveys to him that the purveying of this kind of hate speech simply serves the ends to stir up in my constituency?
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and will the prime minister conveyed to him that my black, muslim, jewish, and sickh constituents feel more fear and alienation and suspicion from other members of the community, and that is why the president will not be welcome in this country because he is perpetrating and extending that hate speech. >> we are clear the sort of casey describes, it -- the division sewn by britain first is completely unwelcome here in the u k. we will always make sure we take action to call it out. we also operate in the home office to take down information that can get up and that should not be there. we take down in terms of terrorist content 2000 pieces a week. we are always stepping up to get more information to bind our
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wind our communities together because like how i share that with you. response in my own to want to be clear that will holdities together and all hate crime and make sure we save them. because of their great and coming back on her engagements and has a royal wedding to look forward and the birth and the birth avenue great-grandchild. don't those facts alone justify the government announcing the postponement of the state visit by the of the united states for at least say three years. >> i thank the gentleman for his thoughtful advice.
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>> mr. speaker. am saddened by what trump has done. people in our country. i have been a great friend of markers. indeed, as a young man. immigranted the united states and still cherished the old green card. as a young man, i emigrated to the united states and cherish my green card. but so many of my friends and relatives have said to me in these last few are as that this man -- this land does not speak for america. there is a freedom and liberty and respecting everyone come up their religion or their background. freedom and liberty and whateverg everyone the religion or the background. please as we negotiate this thing. please stop this man coming on a state visit. if he comes, there will be demonstrations unparalleled to the past in this country. please act now before it is too late. >> secretary. >> i think the honorable gentleman for his comments.
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like him, i am a great admirer of america. like him, i have friends with different views on the president. no dates have been agreed yet. >> murray? >> thank you, mr. speaker. i emphasize that what the president said on twitter is not what americans feel. as the home secretary is in charge of policing, racial and religious hatred is a crime in this country. has the president of the united states committed a crime? >> mr, speaker, we keep all potential crimes as referred to under review. i am not going to comment on
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individual cases. i'm sure he can conclude himself of the line between free speech and criminal activity. i think i will leave it at that. >> thank you, mr. speaker. two years ago, i tabled an early day motion calling for trump be banned from the united kingdom based on the divisive comments he made at the time. until he retracted those comments, with his tweets it is clear he has not changed. that is the key point. why someone is so intent on stirring up hatred and is invited to the u.k. for an all expenses paid visit on the backs of the taxpayer?
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>> the american people, for whom he is the president, the american people, for whom so many people on both sides of the house have said they admire, those are the values that i admire, that we have so much in common with. >> thank you. the home secretary will know that [indiscernible] most muslims live in peace together. how do i explain to my own constituents that there is a national interest in inviting this man? >> madam secretary. >> i have mad the point that he is the american president and we have such admiration and affection for the american people, that we share values with them in so many different
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ways, and we are so grateful to their security services, with whom we work so closely, that the closeness of that work, the trust that is between us allow them to help save british lives so effectively. that is why we have a close and special relationship with the united states of america. >> taking the charitable view that the president of the united states doesn't know the character of this organization whose vile utterances he has endorsed, will he ensure the house that the government will make him well aware of the character of his organization so he can distance himself with any association with it before there can be any question of him visiting the united kingdom? >> madam secretary. >> it is surely our intention to be absolutely clear that the type of organization that
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he appeared to be promoting in his retweet is wholly unwelcome, is full of hate and thatll continue to call out. i think my right armed friend, made thatminister, clear in her criticism of him. we will not miss an make that point again. we will do so strongly and firmly. >> back in 2010, the now prime minister banned radical underrian televangelist from entering the u.k. for his unacceptable behavior, particularly his line "all muslims are terrorists." surely the same applies here to president trump with the frequent outputs. muslim awareness month just launched the other day. the government's own report is that means women with
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hi jobs ripped off of them. it means granddad's murdered on the way back from prayers. pig's heads are being left on muslim doorsteps. as a muslim, does she feel the same as our now prime minister did, excluded for his misogynist lyrics? can we not follow that same track and ban him altogethe >> for the point he she made about islam ma phobia which we which isously featured so strongly in the hate crame action plan that i launched last year we provided extra money to make sure that mosques can be protected, which is why we provide help. so we are very serious about type of hatethe crime she addressed is taken
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seriously and stopped so we can protect people. the prime minister was absolutely right to ban the people we refer to. which will make sure we look carefully. >> my constituents know too extreme extremism leads. he is a repeat phonedder as is said. at least all the views and anybody else holding these view was not be welcomed in the country and the home secretary must see the double standards that she is representing here today by saying that she condemns the actions of the president, but at the same time, she extends an invitation to visit this country. surely, she has to say, and message, he is
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not welcome here. >> madam secretary. >> i don't accept that there are double standards. we have been totally consistent in making sure we call out hate crimes and take aggressive action in order to stop it. which is why the prime minister responded so strongly to that tweet and why other cabinet ministers have taken action as well. we will always make sure we call it out and take action to stop the vile hate crime that can take place. >> mr. speaker. >> order. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> can the home secretary
12:12 pm
provide guidance to how to answer my constituents when they ask how we can afford the luxury of a state visit? we don't take action today, when will we? >> madam secretary. >> refer her constituents to the strong response that the prime minister responded with. i would also ask her to point out why this strong relationship with the u.s. is so in her constituents' interest. tell them, explain that it is action we have shared with the intelligence services in the u.s. that help keep british people safe. we don't want to jeopardize any of that. she shakes her head, but this is an important point, keeping her constituents safe. critical to us. i wouldn't want to harm it at all. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
12:13 pm
surely, the robust response now is to withdraw that invitation. >> the most important action is to make sure we work with the major internet companies to get more action taken. this is exactly the area where the u.k.has been leading internationally. it is the area where the prime minister has been leading at the recent u.n. conference, and the whole house can rely on this government to make sure we do that. we will make sure that they deliver for us. >> order. thank you gentlemen for submitting the urgent question. i would like to take this opportunity to thank the home secretary and the shadow home secretary for being present on
12:14 pm
this important occasion. and coupled with that, i can express my gratitude to all in this important set of exchanges. president trump stopped to talk to reporters. >> we're going to do something that the state of utah has do for many it will be one of the great events in the country far long time. peoplemportant for the of utah and i know that you come out with me today. the massive tax cuts that we are very much in thes are buts getting approved, based on the vote we had last week, the stock market has reacting unbelievely
12:15 pm
well. the only thing that hurts it is the fake news. plenty of so we are heading out to utah again. i know you are coming with me, of you. we will have plenty of time to talk today. thank you. well, i feel badly for general palestinian. i feel very badly. very stronga life. i feel very badly, john. hillary clinton lied many times to the fbi. nothing happened to her. lied. they destroyed his life. i think it is a shame. hillary clinton on the fourth july weekend went to the fbi, not under oath, it was most incredible thing anyone has ever seen. she lied many times. happened her. flynn lied and it like they ruined his life. unfair. thank you very much. >> the telephone is visiting utah today to announce
12:16 pm
decision to reduce the size of monuments in that state. expected to be bears ears national monument created by former president obama and former president bill clinton. we'll have live coverage of ont at 2:40 eastern here c-span. later today, a review of the dealingcourt argument with the balance of religious freedoms. senator os on a colorado that refused to provide a cake for a same-sex wedding with ceremony. 4:00 p.m. eastern here on c spa span. that is one of several cases this week. c-span's supreme court producer tweeted thought of new jersey governor chris christie leaving the supreme court this morning oral argue amount ncaa on legalizing sports betting. former congresswoman corona been sentenced to five years in is up the was
12:17 pm
ofnd dill guilty in may taking thousandsful to lars from a poe gus charity and not reporting the money on the taxes. >> tonight on "the "matthew ripss of cloud flair who booted a neo-nazi group off the internet joins us to discuss actions. hate speech and the first amendment. >> once you start down the saying that this invisible deep company is gets tothe network make decisions. i done think, i don't think you you might like where come out of the other end. it is a little bit akin to if phone company was listening in on thes after this you had and decided that they didn't like your tone of voice or the language you were using or the topics were you they pulled the cord and shut done the phone line. that violates the social with thewhich we had phone company for quite some time.
12:18 pm
is happing there is a number of companies that in stra k ture that runs behind the scene and makes the internet work. whether we're the right withins to make decision on what continent should and ho on-line.t be allow >> watch "the communicators" 8:00 eastern on c-span ii. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ q&a, johnek on cogan. bookogan discusses his the history of u.s. entitlement programs.


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