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tv   Timothy Cama  CSPAN  March 7, 2018 2:38pm-2:46pm EST

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for the yeas and nays. the speaker pro tempore: the yeas and nays are requested. those favoring a vote by the yeas and nays will rise. a sufficient number having arisen, the yeas and nays are ordered. pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceedings on this uestion will be postponed. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess subject to the call of the chair.
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>> the house this week is taking up two bills to delay and suspend current e.p.a. emissions regulations. today's bill deals with emissions from kilns and wood heaters. what would it do? mr. gibson: the e.p.a. implemented new regulation on air emission from the new kills in -- kilns. the industry thinks it's too expensive. so what this regulation would do from representative bill johnson, a republican of ohio, is it would delay the implementation of that rule
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until that litigation is entirely completed. host: a different scenario from 2016 when the house passed a similar bill. the obama administration threatened to veto the senate never took it up. this time around what's different? the trump administration have very weighed in on the bill? how do democrats view it? >> the trump administration is obviously a very different priority on e.p.a. and clean air from the obama administration. they haven't weighed in on this specific bill, however the regulation it concerns, the brick kiln regulation, they are currently reviewing it for possible changes. they have been receptive to the industry's objections about the costs of the bill, the compliance and otherwise. and this september they are hoping to come out with their decision on that review on potential changes. they could implement those changes as soon as next year.
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democrats see this as a major attack on clean air regulations. they see it as something that will increase air pollution and decrease public health as those pollutants increase. host: the other emissions bill the house is taking up deals with coal fired power plants. what would that bill do? this bill is the sense act. mr. rothfus from pennsylvania. this is concerned with coal-fired power plants that burn a very specific product which is a byproduct of coal mining. these plants are almost entire-l in pennsylvania. they are subject to some regulations on mercury and other toxic air pollutants. it's hard for this kind of power plant to meet those regulations.
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what this bill would do is it would change those standards a little bit relatively a little bit for these power plants to make it hopefully easier for them to comply with those rules. host: we mentioned the senate not taking up that 2016 kiln bill. what about these two bills that are likely to pass the house this week? ny indication from the senate? >> there seems to be no desire on the senate on these, one off bills that concern this one little regulation. especially considering how little time they have for their whole agenda. it's very unlikely this will get any attention in the senate. you might see more wide ranging regulatory bills there that could nonetheless help with the concerns from industry. but these are probably not going to get much attention on the senate floor. host:le you report for the hill
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on the energy and the environment. how do you see these debates on these bills in particular as part of a broader effort in the house and senate dealing with emissions, energy, and regulations under the obama administration and now under scott pruitt's e.p.a.? >> with the trump administration in place, the republicans holding majorities in both houses of congress, the republicans see this as a great opportunity to roll back change or delay a lot oflele what was very aggressive environmental agenda from the obama administration. we have seen so much already last year from this congress in areas like air pollution, water these two bills we're
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talking about this week are definitely in line with those priorities from both congress at republicans and administration. host: reporting at the and on twitter at timothy underscore cama. thanks for the report. the first vote of the -- first of those two bills, the brick and kiln bill coming up this afternoon. we'll have live coverage of the house when they return. we expect that to be sometime after 4:00. next to the white house. we should be getting the briefing shortly from press secretary sara sanders. we'll have it live once it gets under way. also let you know that the president's economic advisor, the head of his council of economic advisors, is testifying on the annual economic report of the president -- report of the president. can you follow that live on c-span3. the senate is in session today continuing their work on legislation that would ease banking regulations under the
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2010 dodd-frank reform law. follow the senate on c-span2. the white house briefing when it starts here on c-span. house coming back we think at about 4:00 eastern or so. while we wait for the white house to get under way, part of this morning's "washington journal." ms. sanders: good afternoon, as you-all saw the president delivered remarks at the latina coalition summit this afternoon. the people in attend are proof that the american dream is back stronger and better. last year hispanic unemployment reached the lowest level in history.


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