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tv   Sen. Collins on CNN State of the Union  CSPAN  April 8, 2018 1:30pm-1:32pm EDT

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crimes. >> he hasn't been in seven years of the war. >> senator rubin and -- rubio and i put forth legislation to hold him accountable. we need to make sure a proceeding is started by the international community to hold him responsible. this is not the first use of chemical weapons. congress passed strong sanctions against both russia and iran. the syrian regime under president assad cannot exist without russia's support and the activities of iran. the international community needs to take action against russia and iran for what they are doing in syria. we need to take a strong response for another use of chemical weapons. attack with chemical weapons, command by -- banned by convention, it was
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aimed at civilians in syria. the last time this happened, the president did a targeted attack to take out some of the facilities. that may be an option to consider now. it is further reason it is so important that president ramp-up sanctions from the russian thernment because without support of russia, i do not believe assad would still be in office. >> president trump announced a week and a half ago he plans to withdraw troops fighting aces out of syria very soon. only the perpetrators of the responsibleack are for violence. a syrian human rights activist andent did -- contacted me said this is what happens when trump pulls out and another one takes care of it. do you think it is possible that withdrawing might have


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