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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  August 5, 2018 2:39am-3:56am EDT

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and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today but there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the u.s.a. >> from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee from new york to l.a. where the pride in every american heart nd it's time we stand and say. i'm proud to be an american
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where at least i know i'm free. ♪ ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free i won't forget the men who died who give that right to me i stad to spend her -- defend her still today they're a no doubt i love this land god bless the usa
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♪ >> thank you. wow. thank you ohio. i love ohio. what a victory. what a read. guys saying on television over and over you cannot win unless you get the great state of ohio. we got them. they used to say trump can't get it because it goes through ohio. they didn't know we were going to win by a lot. we won by a lot.
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i'm thrilled to be back. this is an incredible place. we have done well. i told you what we were going to do. millsu have the steel coming back into our country. much easier now. we have the greatest economy we have ever had. the best numbers. it is easier for me to do this than it was when i was campaigning, when i said this will happen. situation.uch easier it is an incredible time for our country. america is respected again. america is winning again. we are finally putting america first. it is about time. our economy is booming.
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jobs are pouring back into our this is where the action is. we are protecting american workers, supporting american law enforcement. including ice. ice. we love eyes. -- ice. [applause] [crowd chants build the wall] we are building the wall.
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we have already started. we are building the wall. we have already started. we are doing things people don't even know about. we are defending our constitution. we are taking care of our great that it's. -- our great vets. [cheering] pres. trump: our military will soon be stronger than it ever has been before. [cheering] pres. trump: and the forgotten men and women of the united states are forgotten no more. [cheering] pres. trump: you are the great people, you are the great people. you work hard, pay your taxes, you do all these things and you were forgotten.
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they forgot about you. you're the smartest people. you are the smartest people. you know when they talk about, they talk about the elite. you ever see the elite? they are not elite. you are the elite. you are the elite. [cheering] pres. trump: you are smarter than they are. you make bigger incomes. you have got everything going. let them keep calling them that. you ever hear, you go to the best schools. you do a tremendous job. you owned companies per you work for tremendous salaries are you do all the things that you do. you are talented. with your hands come with your mind. then you here, the elite has just said. the elite? they are more elite than everything -- and then i am? [cheering] pres. trump: and i became president and they didn't. meaning you became president.
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[cheering] pres. trump: and it is driving them crazy. [cheering] pres. trump: but we are honored to be joined to this evening by many of your states great leaders. including your next governor, mike -- mike. and your next united state senator, jim red ac. [cheering] pres. trump: great people. they are great people. for the senate, we have to get jim. we have to get him in. senator brown is not going to
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vote for our judge. we have a great judge. we love justice gorsuch. now we have soon to be justice kavanaugh. we need jim. >> [chanting] pres. trump: vote for jim. we have to get jim and there. he is an important guide. also here with us tonight, is ohio speaker of the house ryan smith. ryan, thank you. [cheering] pres. trump: thank you, ryan. ohio senate president, larry. larry, thank you. bob do check, i love bob.
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bob ran my campaign in ohio, you know that right? [cheering] pres. trump: and he was recommended along with five or six people and they were all recommended and i said, i don't know. one person said something about him that i liked. they said he never quits. he never gives up. bob, i didn't have the governor support, i didn't have the senate support, i didn't have your head of the republican party risk -- the republican party support. other than i was doing well p bob says it does not matter because you have the people support. he said so. [cheering] pres. trump: you remember that great night in november? remember? [cheering] pres. trump: when they said after hearing so much about ohio, and it is true, you have to win ohio. they said, it is going to be close. he will men may be by two, if he
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is lucky. that would mean it would take all night, they would not be able to say a thing. then they announced, the polls are closed. donald trump has won the state of ohio. [cheering] pres. trump: come up here, bob. come up. he never stops. now he is working with troy. he is doing good. he just said he will be winning. when he says he is going to win, i think we won by 11 points. >> eight and a half. pres. trump: eight and a half. we will take that. we will take that. did you have to be so accurate, bob. eight and a half point. we love ohio. i will to you what, we will have a tremendous victory for troy. try boulders and. [cheering] pres. trump: he is the one i wanted to win.
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they had this false report that i was supporting somebody else. and they were right, it was fake news. and i was supporting somebody else. steve stivers, but he is in a different district. did they apologize? did you apologize for that mistake? no, i heard today -- [booing] >> [chanting] pres. trump: i heard that troy was like my second choice. i said come he is my first choice. he is always been the one i wanted to win. it is always dangerous when you do this.
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you can involved in the primaries, they don't say, the record in the primaries. they give us false records. katie arrington, south carolina, she was behind by a lot. she is fantastic, by the way. she is fantastic. we endorsed her and she beat a man that likes flamingo dancers from argentina. you know about that? he was supposed to be vacationing on the tallahassee trail, but he was actually in argentina. i don't know, jim, do they have a tallahassee trail in argentina? i don't think so. no, right? jim jordan, how great is he? [cheering] pres. trump: how great is he? come here, jim. come here.
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>> the president is a little taller than me. [chanting] >> think about this, in 18 months, taxes lower, gorsuch on the court, economy and growing at a record rate, unemployment at its lows in 20 years, we are out of that crazy iran deal. the embassy is going to jerusalem. the offices have been returned in from north korea. a that is what is hopped -- that is what happened under the president's leadership. [cheering]
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pres. trump: what a great defender he has been. and defender he has been. what courage. there is a brave, tough cookie. along with some of his friends. i didn't know he was going to be here. i looked over and said i don't want to wrestle him. i think he is like 128.1 or something. did you ever win in this room? did you ever wrestle in this room? you would have won. statistically, you would have won. an anyway, thanks for being here. i didn't know you are going to be here.
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thank you. [cheering] pres. trump: so, a woman, a fantastic woman, who came to me because i didn't have the head of the republican party on my side, i will not mention matt's name -- [laughter] pres. trump: i was so nice to pres. trump: i was so nice to him. i introduced him, his family, his wife. everybody was nice. then one day i heard he was not going to be with us. i went to put a check and i said, what do you think? i said your poll numbers one ago appeared we decided after i won the presidency, we decided, and let's challenge the sky. why should we allow that to happen? james came along and she was unyielding. she challenged him. as you know, a lot of people were trying to push him over the line. that did not work out well. she won that race and she has
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been an incredible gop state chairman. thank you, jane. come up. [cheering] [applause] in pres. trump: thank you, jane. an pres. trump: thank you, jane. she has been incredible actually. finally, it is my honor to introduce the person that we are here for tonight. he is really tough. he is really smart. he never stops working. that is what to do check told me. i said, how is he doing? she loves the people of ohio. him and he loves the people in this district. he never stops. it is ohio's 12th district and he will hopefully be here for a long time. he is never going to let you down. i see it.
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that is why we are so angry when they thought i was supporting steve stivers. and i was. but again, it is the wrong youbut again, it is the wrong district. i support both of them. i expected a big apology. i thought it was going to be -- i won't mention the one because sometimes they treat me ok. about 4% of the time. [laughter] pres. trump: i said to a group, they will be apologizing today. i said, did they apologize? i didn't see an apology. that's ok. let me tell you, right from the beginning, troy boulders and, he is the guy. he is the guy that will do things. him you will be surprised. they are talking about this blue wave. [booing] pres. trump: i don't think so. i don't think so. maxine waters is leading the charge. [booing]
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pres. trump: maxine. she is a real beauty. maxine. are you seriously? low iq person. maxine waters. she is leading the charge. all throughout -- like 100 years i guess, 125 years, whoever has the white house, that party tends to lose the midterms. i don't know why. maybe it is complacency. maybe you all fight so hard for the presidency. you win come and you are complacent, but that was two years ago. i just said, why? we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. we have things that have never happened before. [cheering] pres. trump: look, if the democrats get in, they will raise your taxes, you will have crime all over the place, you will have able pouring across the border. why would that be a blue wave? i think it could be a red wave. really. i think it should be a red wave. [cheering] pres. trump: you have to get out and do it. you have to vote. you have to get out. they want to take away what we have given. they wanted -- have you ever
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seen this? you see policy -- nancy pelosi? who controls danny o'connor. whoever the hell that is. [laughter] pres. trump: danny o'connor, on his resume, put stuff that was not true. he did that. you would've thought he was harry mason or something. a low-level person that did nothing. danny o'connor. that is a beauty. he is another beauty. this is what we are fighting. they will take away your taxes. they will destroy so many things we have given. by the way, we had obamacare repealed and replaced, except for one man who showed up at 2:00 and he voted no. what we have done on health care is incredible and we have kept your numbers way down. way below what they thought. we have taken away the individual mandate which is the single worst part. of obamacare. we have taken it away. look, this has been some
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successful period for our country. our country has never, ever been like this. levels of enthusiasm, the likes of which nobody has ever seen. they have never seen it. not for me, in the polls. [cheering] pres. trump: so, we have a man that is going to fight for your. he will fight for ohio. he will be here for a long time. he will never disappoint you. i found that out from the people. he is not going to disappoint you. he is really smart. he is a really hard worker. and willhe is a really hard worker. troy bolderson, come on up. [cheering] >> thank you. thank you, everyone. it is a great honor to be here. before we get started, how about we wish the united states coast guard a happy 228th birthday? [cheers and applause]
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y: and, to all of the women who serve in and who have served, let's give them a roaring round of applause. ]applause troy: thank you. i come from an area called the shaker heights appellation. it is a humbling experience to be on stage with resident trump. -- president trump. back toident, welcome ohio. we are thankful to have you here. i am humbled by your support. it has been overwhelming. in 2016, ohio was the
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battleground for the presidential election. volunteer hours, your enthusiasm, and most importantly, your vote, helped what donald j. trump in the white house. [cheers and applause] audience: four more years! four more years! tori: i'm counting on you again. i need your volunteer hours, your enthusiasm, and most of hartley, i need your vote august 7 so i can go to congress and mostsent you -- importantly i need your vote august 7 so i can go to congress you and work alongside this great man, donald
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toit -- donald j. trump, make america great again. in a short time, president trump has lower taxes, brought unemployment to an all-time low, and the stock market is roaring. i am going to fight alongside him to continue this economic success. i promise. [applause] to the seniors out there, including my mom and dad, and they are here today, and the seniors across america, president trump will protect your social security and medicare. i will fight alongside him to make sure the benefits you were promised are there for you. [applause] troy: mr. president, we do not
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want to go back. i'm not tired of winning. my opponent has a different idea. he wants to repeal those middle-class tax cuts. to -- dannya wants wants to take away your guns. supports openy borders and sanctuary cities. will fightanny against the policies that are turning this country around. all, he will vote for nancy pelosi for speaker. [booing]: bil
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want to put america back to work, i need your vote on tuesday. i will go to congress to fight for ohio and for the great people of the 12th district. thank you you all very much. thank you donald trump. pres. trump: thank you. he means it. he means it. he means it. -- thank you, troy. thank you, troy. a vote for the opponent is a vote for open borders. which means like, they don't care about. they don't care about crime. they don't care about your military. they don't care about veterans. the new platform of the democratic party is, let's abolish ice and not worry about
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crime. it does not work that way. when ms-13 sees the ice people, when they come in, ms-13 says we got problems. we got problems. i says done -- ice has done a lot for this country. they are getting things done. we're going to see these gangs like ms-13, we are getting them the hell out of the country. one by one. as a democratny is a vote to let criminals and drug spore into our country and to let ms-13 run wild and our communities. and you know what? they do once they are there. we are going to protect our law enforcement, not just ice. all of our law enforcement. want -- and we do -- we want maximum border security
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and respect for ice. respect for border control. respect for all of our great loss, right? law enforcement! law enforcement officers. we have seen the horrors that happened when our laws are not enforced. for example, in the sanctuary state of california, air force maryland ferris was viciously raped, murdered, beaten to death a hammer by an illegal alien with a long criminal history who should've never been in our country. including an arrest just one week before he killed marilyn. this was someone who should never have been allowed to be in our country. we are about thousands of people. talking about thousands and thousands of people, you can
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ask jim jordan. and we are finally getting there. we will get there. we will get there. we want our country to be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not criminal aliens. ]cheers and applause audience: [chanting "buildout wall"] pres. trump: every day the heroes of ice are tracking down the criminals, the child editors which is a tremendous problem, and criminals all over the place and throwing them in jail or throwing them the hell out of our country. one or the other. we just announced yesterday a record of enforcement at the border. not easy. it is not easy.
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because our laws hurt so bad. they are so pathetic. catch and release. lottery. lottery. let's pick someone out. her thatg, i want might be. he's convicted of seven murders? our, let him run through country. in, how about chain migration? how about that? somebody comes in and he brings his mother and his father into the aunt and uncle 15 times removed. you bring some all. day, to a young man, you can call him that or the young animal who mowed down eight people. killed. many people, horribly injured. did you ever notice they don't talk about the people who lost arms and legs? .ight people died but they don't say, eight people armsand many people lost
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and legs. so incredible. but, this guy had 22 people come in with them. 22 people. in nt is in our criminal justice system now. he has been there about one year. criminal is in our justice system now. he has been there about one year. you will be there forever. court after court after court. then they will make deals. if you want to stop the radical waters, thereine is only one choice. vote for troy balderson. he is going to help. he is going to help. he is going to help everybody. they are going to get the job done. the fact is, we need more republicans. people say we have a majority.
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we don't really have a majority. the majority in the senate, we have 51. there's one person not voting. he is not around. so we have 50. i will give you an example of how tough it is to get our great, future justice in the cabinet. he will get there, i feel strongly about. that to get him approved, because there is one vote the want be able to vote, unfortunately, to get justice kavanaugh approved we need 100% of the republican votes. and about that. we need 100%. how bad is that? will you always have somebody, i don't like trump. i don't like our president. he destroyed my room. i did not destroy a career. destroyed because he said bad things about me and you say that and you go down the tubes. that's all right. i never mentioned names. i don't mention names.
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a year or two ago i would've mentioned names, i don't do it anymore. i don't do it anymore. but think of it. we need 100%. then the vice president, mike hence, who is a great guy, has to vote. has to go and raise his hand and we win. we win. you know, you are not going to have that vote most likely from your senator. but it is one of those things. we're going to get him in. top at yale law school. harvardustice gorsuch, law school. number one in his class. want to oxford, top student. this is what we want. great people. people.he-line, smart people with the highest test score. i want people with high test scores. does that make sense? i want people of high scores, so
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do you. so we have a great person and brett kavanaugh and i think it's working out for well but we need 100% of the vote. won by for 40 i or 30 points. it could be great democrats. but on the assumption, they do talk. if you have them say nicer things about me than any republican. a couple of them compare me to some of the greats. abe lincoln, honest day. no, no, they say great things. and i tell the people. , it isthe people, i say wonderful that they say nice things but they are never going to give us the vote. they never. say bad things about me, but give the vote. i'm not just talking about the vote on the justices. i'm talking about drugs on other things, highways, infrastructure, the wall, border security. i need the vote. we will never get the vote.
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the only way will get the vote as we need more republicans, ok? we need are republicans or you will see this country go down so fast. you know what we've done? they even say. they even say, amazing, as you has been i purposefully did not mention the kind of numbers we are achieving because i did not want to be accused of exaggeration by the fake news media. gdp ituld've said 4.1% would've been major headlines, like. as a way, it is going a lot higher. you can mark my words. you know, if i get the trade deficits down they will never tell you this. bring them down. if i bring the trade deficits down, we could pick up three and four points in gdp. nobody says is. nobody says is. they think we cannot go any
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higher. we have to have good trade deals. we are doing this despite horrible trade deals. the worst deals ever made in the history of our country. the worst made in history of the world. nobody ever make deals where we give away our country to other countries. it is sheer stupidity. now because of terrorists -- and i say, that's ok. notident obama was anybody's thing for the last 30 years. it is my thing. i love it. i love it. ]cheers and applause pres. trump: but the european union, they are dying to make a deal. they want to mcgill. for years, they told president obama, we have no interest in meeting. we have no interest in meeting. i guess they said, that's ok.
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they said that to me, too. sir, we really do not want to meet. it they should be happy, very happy. i said i agree, you should not me, you should not change the deal, but you will have to. they said, we don't want to meet. i said, that's ok. but as your cars come into the united states, mercedes, bmw, many others, we are going to tax them 28% and we are going to do a lot better. ]cheers and applause pres. trump: and then like 12 minutes after it was announced, you have a call. i will not name names because i them. but he did call and said, we would like to meet. and we have the makings of a deal. without that, we have no chance. that i have senators and, as men. i do not think it will ever hear from troy, do not the go here, please don't tax something coming into our country.
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what they are doing to our country is incredible. trade an $817 billion deficit among all countries over the last number of years. think of it. per year. per year. $817 billion. that is per year. do you think they are good trade deals? wonderful deal, whoever negotiated those deals. yet, it is going down. you know, number they don't want to talk about, you know 4.1 was great. 4.1 was great. i did not do anything with the trade deals, if i did not do anything, let everyone continue to take our jobs, take our wages. i think the stock market is open almost 40% since i took of her. and if i let them continue to stick advantage, nobody says anything, i think it would've but up another 40%, 60%,
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eventually you would've had to pay the piper, eventually. but we're not going to do that. we're going to make our country so much richer than it has ever been. don't like it when congressmen and senators come up to me, because i am a free trader and i am of fair trade. in, i am a reciprocal trader. do you know what reciprocal is? and they don't, we do it, right? with wrong with that? but i not like a win is senator i like, and there are a number of them, or when a congressperson i like comes in and says, sir we would really like you to stop treating these countries so that. i say, wait a minute with of a tremendous, massive deficit and are losing a lot of money. they say, doesn't matter, sir, we are losing a lot of money. i said, wait a min. they are charging us a 50% tariff, they are charging is 20% do you think that is ok? no sir.
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track so what is free when they are charging us but we are not charging them? what is going on here? what is going on here? it is unbelievable. we sentmake a car and it to china, they charge us 25% tax. when they make a car and send it to us, we charge them essentially nothing. it is 2.5% but essentially they do not pay. so they pay, think about it, they pay 2.5% meaning nothing, and we pay 25%. on top of that, they don't want our cars. that is even worse. they say, no, no, we don't want your cars. plantsey say, build your in china. i won't blame this on the countries. all liket or not, they me. they can't believe themselves they got away with it. they can't leave they got away with it.
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and they have, and we are turning around fast. sadly, because i do not like this, the chinese market is down 27% in the last three months. i don't like that, i really like president xi. back.e done it off our they have taken $500 billion he or for many years. 500 alien dollars. we have really rebuilt -- 500 billion dollars. troy balderson is going to help me fix that, right, troy? he said yes. if he said no, i'm out of here, ok. he is going to help us. believe me, he will be in the forefront. we have now created 3.9 million jobs. think of that, i would've never said it because of the fake news
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back there. i would've never said it. can you imagine if i would've said that with a fake news? almost 4 million jobs. 4 million. either way, you have car plants moving into michigan. moving into ohio. moving into pennsylvania. companies.ssive moving into south carolina. moving into north carolina. they are all coming back, and that means jobs. and, you know what? i charge them, when i say 20%, when i keep it to 20% because i am a nice person, it totally wipes out the deficit. it goes positive. we make a lot of money. but they will not pay 20%. they won't pay it. you know what? they are coming to come to ohio and build a plan because that way they pay nothing, they pay
3:21 am
nothing. they are going to build their plants in this country. i went to the wharton school of finance, i was a very fine student and i will tell you, when of the great schools in the world. the wharton school of finance, one of the hardest schools in the world to get into. let me tell you. i went there. it is basic, so basic. we charge them a lot, we put in a 20% or 25% tax and we put it in and we flipped it like 250 billion dollars with one signature about what is going to happen? coming into the united states to build their plants. donny think about it, ok? tax. not going to pay that too much. more americans are now employed. here is one of the best statistics ever -- more americans are now employed then ever recorded before in our nation's history. applause]d
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pres. trump: think of that. we have more people employed and working today the end the united states has ever had employed or working. inc. of that. -- think of that. they have a little statement they put out, they don't went to to hear this stuff. this is a great thing. so these rallies are very successful. they hate when i do them but they like the ratings. they are torn. they are kind. do we put him on a get great ratings and let him say like, cnn is a fake -- ]udience: [cheering pres. trump: they are very torn. oftentimes, msnbc is so corrupt. it is so disgusting. so disgusting.
3:23 am
[booing] pres. trump: i would say they are almost worse, they are really a fake news group of people. here's a good news, the guys we love, right, get blown away in the ratings. carlson, ainslie, ryan. applause]d pres. trump: they are blowing them away in the ratings. excuse me, i almost forgot. i would've been in big trouble. the great lou dobbs. , maria.see right. now i'm in trouble because i know i left out probably 10. but i really did not think it would be doing this, but they are blowing them away.
3:24 am
cnn is down at the bottom of the totem poll. msnbc is not even close to being next to these folks. so we are blowing them away and that's really great because they love us. that is why we are going to win. it is why i won my election, remember. three or four polls got it right but for the best part is is suppression. they want you to think trump has no chance, you go to a movie and then you go home. the problem is, you never went to the movie. you went out and voted. info, right? right? you went out and voted. darling, let's go to a movie because cnn fake news said trump would not win. to 270.there is no path there is a path to 306, but not 270.
3:25 am
i was saying the other night, remember? pennsylvania. i was ahead by a lot. we only had two points late. it was early. they refused to say i won pennsylvania. if i lost every single remaining vote, it was impossible to catch me. i kept saying, women, there's only so many votes left. we would have to do three times that number. why are they saying? that then what happens? wisconsin comes in. we won the state of wisconsin. we won the state of michigan. and if i'm announced pennsylvania, you know why? they could not stand it. because they are so dishonest. these are among the most dishonest human beings you will ever meet. [booing] month ofmp: and the july alone, we added their 40,000 new manufacturing jobs. we have created nearly a half a
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million manufacturing jobs since i took office. remember what they used to say? there are no manufacturing jobs. they don't exist anymore. there are no good. really? how do you make things without manufacturing jobs? i guess they figure you will make it from the competitors, right? we will go ahead and buy it. no. we are doing manufacturing jobs that numbers like w's ever seen before. and fact, by the time i leave this room it will probably be a over one half a million. our economy is soaring. we are creating opportunity for everyone. the unemployment rate for americans without a high school diploma, this just came out two days ago and i figure i might as what i because they won't say it. without a diploma, high school, is that the lowest level ever recorded. how good is that? [applause]
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pres. trump: economic growth last quarter hit 4.1, you all know that. you all know this, too. because they always voted democratic, just like always. the african-american unemployment rate has achieved the lowest level ever recorded in history. i have never heard them say that. have you ever heard them say that? i say that. that is the advantage of having something where people are listening. oh, do they listen to that. they listen. do you ever notice sunday morning they will take a statement and cut out a few words in the middle? and i say, man, they really changed the meaning of what i was saying. these are really bad people. the hispanic unemployment rate is at the lowest level in history. the asian unemployment rate has also achieved the lowest level ever recorded.
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rate, in's unemployment am so sorry, women, i have let you down. i have let the women down. even though i won the women, i won the women, oh. know, when those numbers came, how is it possible? because i never heard of going to win the women. i said, i think the women like me. the first lady melania said, the women really like you. they do like me. and i like them. but i said, how did we win the women? we won the women. that was a surprise to a lot of people, but not if you have been to the rallies. look at all those think posters. nk look at all of those pi
3:29 am
posters. thank you. so, that women's unemployment rate is not the lowest ever recorded, it is only the lowest and 65 years. i'm sorry. but we think by the next report we should have the lowest in history. the veterans. do i love the veterans? unemployment rate reached its lowest level in nearly 20 years. over 3.9 million americans have been lifted off food stamps since the election. that means they're getting out, working, loving life, getting jobs, getting paid much more than what they could make any other way. that is a number. a big number. off of food stamps. and our new work initiative will deliver job training to over 4 million americans and it is growing. and, even though it is 110 , ifees in this crazy room
3:30 am
you can take it i can take it. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: in all fairness to the hvac engineers and contractors, this room was not designed quite for this crowd and you people are hot! ooh! so, if anybody wants to leave, leave, because there are a lot of people who want to get in. but don't leave. you walk out, you lose about 10 pounds. that beats going to a gym, right? it's hot! so much for my brand-new, suit.ful
3:31 am
now that we have the best economy in the history of the country, this is the time to straighten out the worst trade deals ever made by any country at any point in time. ohio alone lost over 200 manufacturing jobs since china joined the wto. i total disaster. for decades, our politicians allowed other politicians to steal our jobs, and blue to our economy. that's what they did. they did not know what the hell they were doing. then you have the globalists he did think it is wonderful when they close a plant in ohio, move it to mexico, lose all of your jobs, make the product in mexico or some other country and send it to us tax-free. tax-free, right? no good. no. we don't like it.
3:32 am
we want our people. did you see a certain gentleman the other day say, donald trump does not take her foreign workers. i said, he is right. that was charles, actually a nice guy. david and charles koch. members of my class. but he's right. i don't want to get into an argument, he is right. i want to take care of american workers. i want to be america first, ok. we are rebuilding our country. from ohio, andot he was, indeed, he was actually a great president, certainly
3:33 am
from an economic standpoint. he was assassinated. people don't realize william mckinley from ohio was a great president. he understood the crucial appointment of power. maintaining a strong country. people who followed him went down is great residents, one in particular is you know, because he was given an economic behemoth that was created by mckinley. mckinley said, we ought to take care of our own nation first. we have to take care of our nation worse. and we can take care of other people. but we do not want to help other people who are rich and not have them reimburses. it is full is. we are taking care of their military. we are take care of their manufacturing. we are taking care of everything. a lot of these deals we made a long time ago when they are weekend struggling.
3:34 am
but we never chase them. we never change them. but we are changing them now. changing them now. and, troy balderson is going to be helping so much. thanks to our pro-american economic policies, one of the things i most proud of. american steel is making one of the biggest comebacks that anybody has ever seen. or any industry. steel industry. others still companies are closing up. announced an $85 million upgrade and marion. charter steel announced a $100 million steel company and cuyahoga heights. js w steel is restarting the
3:35 am
furnace and investing $500 million in mingo junction. and another announced a new 700 million-dollar plant in toledo. ]cheers and applause pres. trump: united states steel is holding, renovating, and improving over seven new plants. they never thought they would see the day when this happened. and, this all happened within a very short time. because we have stopped the dumping. if they want to dump, that is fine, but they have to pay a 25% tax. amazing. thank you very much, i appreciate that. we've all taken historic action to protect our farmers. agreementa historic
3:36 am
with the european union. i talked about it before. theill vastly increase purchases of america's number one crop, soybeans. did you see the prices? ?hey are starting to go up soybean prices are starting to go up. and we are standing up to china. we are standing up because it has just been unfair. to $12 authorized up billion to help american farmers during this time. china is targeting the american farmer because china is smart and they know the american farmers love donald trump they say, what can we do to stop donald trump because he finally, he is the guy, he got it right. he is bringing the wealth back to the united states. not like it, so they are spending a fortune on public relations and dad. have you seen these ads? who is paying for them?
3:37 am
other countries. speaking of china, it just came out that the democratic leader and the leader of the russian investigation -- [booing] pres. trump: dianne feinstein and had to -- dianne feinstein had a spy as her driver for 20 years and she is leading the russian investigation, and no, the russian witchhunt. the democratic inspired witchhunt. isn't that something? diane feinstein had a chinese driver. how come china never spies on us question mark are those that say, boy they are brutal, you should ask what is going on? not just china. we have to stop meddling, we have to stop everybody from attacking us. there are a lot. russia is there, china is there.
3:38 am
hey, we are doing well with north korea. but they are probably there. with to stop everybody. we have to stop. i like dianne feinstein, have to tell you. but i don't like the fact that she had a chinese spy driving her and she did not know it. and she says to me, what did you know about this? give me a break. come on, folks. not doing so well, it has only gotten worse, i guarantee you. if there is any meddling or any problems, i guarantee you it is going to happen really big now because we are taking our wealth back. we're taking our jobs back. newy day, we are setting records and we are keeping our promise. we have eliminated a record number of job-killing regulations. true.s so ohio is going to like this, we coalended the war on our
3:39 am
miners. republicans passed the biggest tax cuts and reforms in american history. we have saved our family farms from the estate tax, also known as the death tax. also, we have saved small businesses, small farms, small businesses will not be paying the death tax anymore. ]cheers and applause president: and the core of obamacare, the individual mandate is now gone. that is when you pay a tremendous amount of money for the privilege of not having to buy terrible, horrible health care that is way overpriced. we have given you a lot of health care plans you can choose healthrough associating plans. we are giving businesses the greatest ability they have ever had to join forces to buy much
3:40 am
better health insurance for much less money, including across state lines. added a brand new rule for renewable plans that could morepatients 50% or compared to obamacare. obamacare, that was a beauty. obamacare. it was repealed and replaced, remember? other than one vote. and you know what else we did? it is really something. when you are really sick, the right to try. how may times did you know somebody hand you are reading about this potential cure but it will be 10 more years of experiments and food and drug to try now.right people sign a disclaimer, they sign an agreement for no liability and a set of traveling if they have the money, most people don't have the money but i know people of tried -- i know
3:41 am
people who have traveled all over the world to try. tough.ot the health care problem had a problem, the pharmaceutical companies had a problem, everybody was worried they would be sued. i said, you will sign an agreement where nobody, you do it, you don't sue people, they want to get better, they want to have a right to try. we approved that. and now was a big thing. a very hard thing. they have been trying to get it for 40 years. i signed it into law three months ago. right to try. so, they have something that you read about the looks really promising. you don't have to wait 12 years. you know what of the reasons you cannot use a? because they said, well, we don't when using because it is maybe going to hurt somebody. well, the people are going to die. they want to try. it might not work and it might work. it is also a great test medically. it is a great test. so, right to try.
3:42 am
we have it. i'm so proud of that one. to increase our security we increased defense spending to $700 billion this year and $716 billion next year. we are doing things we have never done before. approved $6 have billion for opioids. we are fighting opioid. it is down 20%. it is a tough fight. $6 billion we got approved thanks to our investment in vehicle workers at the legendary tank plant in lima, ohio. there are back on the job tanks.g out m1 abrams do you like that? abrams tanks. they are turning them out. you know, the great things weird and was $700 billion and $716
3:43 am
nothing as it is important as our military to protect. it is providing massive numbers of jobs because we're building all of that equipment in the united states. that is the one case where the jobs are just not as important, right? i am very proud to report we have given our service members their largest pay raise in over a decade. ]cheers and applause pres. trump: and i have directed the pentagon to create the sixth branch of the united states armed forces called the space for us. space. very important. that is going to be great. look. so much is happening right now and space. great defense. not just mars and the moon.
3:44 am
i am talking about tremendous capability. offense of tape ability so we're going to do the space force. -- offensive ability. so we are going to do the space force. and now when a government worker abuses a great veteran, we turn to them and say, you are fired. get the hell out of here. !ou are fired we also passed veterans choice, so if our veterans cannot get care from the v.a. in a timely manner, they have the right to go see immediately a private dock area and get taken care of. they have been working on that one for 45 years. we got it passed. i've been good at hitting things passed my whole life. and we are going to get the wall
3:45 am
past, don't worry about that. don't worry. the of structureless, the democrats are obstructionist. the only thing they do well. there allows leak politicians -- they are lousy politicians. let's get rid of our military, let's not take care of our vets, all of those things. let's not build well. they are haters. they have tremendous hatred. but they will do anything they can really to obstruct. their ."rd is "resist resist. i saw that word and said, if it is good for the country why do they want to resist westmark but they are resisting. i with drew the united states from the horrible iran nuclear deal. i also recognize the capital live in israel on five months later we opened the american embassy in israel. applause]d
3:46 am
pres. trump: instead of apologizing we're standing up. we're standing up for the heroes who protect our country. up, we are proudly standing for our national anthem, thank you. [crowd chanting "usa usa usa!"] to continueump: but our incredible success, we must elect more republicans and we must elect for a. we have to elect troy. troyd we have to elect balderson. to elect so go out and vote for troy on
3:47 am
tuesday. loyal citizens like you helped build this country. together we are taking back this country. we are returning power to the american people. columbus to the queen city, cincinnati, where i worked for a long time, i love it. a good place. the queen city. from dublin to cleveland and from toledo to mansfield, ohio, ohio has alloys been the home of red-blooded american patriots. strong people. smart people. real workers. people that i love. state is the home of the proud. we are. we are the home of the prop. we are the home of families, farmers, miners, manufactures, aviators, astronauts.
3:48 am
ohio is the home of everything. everything good. ohio is where the wright brothers invented the airplane. and, where any oakley got her gun. applause]d pres. trump: and ohio is the place it gives us american heroes like thomas edison, neil armstrong, and john glenn. ofstand on the shoulders generations of american patriots who knew how to work, new how to fight, and knew how to win. we know how to win. just like them, we're going to keep on working. we're going to keep on fighting. and we are going to keep on winning. we are going to win so much you will get tired of winning. you see what is happening.
3:49 am
no. we will keep it going for a long time. little never give up. we will never back down. we will never, ever stop families, ourur freedom, or our great american flag. right? because we are americans. and, our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. one family. and one glorious nation under god. ]cheers and applause pres. trump: in together, as a nation, we will make america wealthy again. we'll make america strong again. again. make america safe and, we will make america great again. thank you, ohio.
3:50 am
thank you. [applause] ♪ the i saw her today at reception i knew she was going to meet her connection maner feet was a footloose no, you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want sometimes try you will find ♪ andt what you need i saw her today
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at the reception a glass of wine in her hand meet here was going to connection maner feet was a footloose you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want get what youays want but if you try sometimes
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you just might find you get what you need ♪ c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, discussing whether a medicare-four-all system could work in the united states. about "quiet skies ," which details a secret surveillance program. join the discussion. >> here's the congressional agenda. work schedule when the senate will meet to talk about judicial nominations and federal spending. returningouse is
3:54 am
september 4. you can follow the house and senate live when they return. onnext week, book tv is prime time. starting monday at 8:30 p.m. eastern, talking about the book ," that will be talking about the book. and, allender should what's with his book "the case against impeaching trump." and wednesday, discussing a book about harvey milk. 8:00 p.m., a self-help book "10 arguments for deleting your social media
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accounts right now." trump boom and the left's plot to stop it." >> next, the final day of the .etroots conference it brings together activists and grassroots misers from around the nation to highlight issues important to the progressive agenda. some of the speakers included ohio congressman tim ryan, holy and castro, and new york congressional candidate oak ocasio cortez. crest please welcome bill deblasio. mr. deblasio: did you just hear that e


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