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tv   Washington Journal Cenk Uygur  CSPAN  August 22, 2018 2:48pm-3:38pm EDT

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venezuela and provide emergency aid and shelter to venezuela and continues to stand with the people of venezuela. we are going to keep all options on the table and we will keep you posted if we have further announcements. thank you so much, we are going to wrap up so that we can join the president for the honor ceremony. thank you. >> a brilliant. [laughter] [indiscernible] >> that wraps up today's white house briefing. want to see it again? .o to our website, coming up in about 40 minutes president trump will award the medal of honor to the family of an air man killed in
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afghanistan. we have live coverage of 3:30 p.m. eastern c-span. s. c-span viewers know him as host of the -- and creator of "the young turks." -- upfor getting so early early for us in l.a.. your reaction to the busy newsday yesterday. guest: now it is game on. we have significant issues here. paul manafort's trial did not have to do with donald trump, but with manafort -- but if manafort has information, he might be serving the rest of his life in prison, this would be the time to give it up. maybe he doesn't have any info. michael cohen we know for certain does have information on donald trump and has implicated or now in a federal crime perhaps a high crime and misdemeanor. the president is in a world of trouble, if you are i were implicated in a federal crime like that, we would probably be arrested.
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host: or perhaps a high crime and misdemeanor. what would be a recommendation to democrats on capitol hill talking about this today? guest: my recommendation is win more seats. impeachment begins in the house, you need a majority of being judicial committee and the house. in terms of how to talk about it , democrats are always looking to over strategize and usually find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. just talk about what it is. the guy committed campaign-finance violations to pay off his mistress, if it was obama that had done this, guaranteed that the republicans would've started impeachment proceedings yesterday. don't over strategize, stick with the truth, the guy committed a crime. host: is impeachment a talking point today? is this something the democrats we talking about on the campaign trail? guest: everybody's in a different camp on impeachment when it comes to the left and it
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is mixed. it doesn't fall the lines of progressives versus establishment which is usually the split. in this case there are people on both sides. if you were to ask me yesterday morning at this time, i would have been in the camp of no, you don't have it yet, you have to wait for mueller to say if he committed a crime or not. without doing that it is premature and doesn't help. now put aside the politics, this is the reality of the current situation, but today somebody went to to federal court pleaded guilty to a federal crime and said my co-conspirator was donald trump. while then now the facts have changed. i suppose impeachment is now on the table. my fear is that the nancy pelosi types will say i don't know how that plays in nebraska, i'm going to do some political calculations and maybe i will get to it later. just do what is right. host: what changes if the
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president moves to pardon one or perhaps both of these men? guest: how much evidence to the american people need that the guy is guilty? first of all nonstop maniacal tweets of it is collusion, it is a witchhunt. the guy is literally off his rocker. he is mentally unbalanced. we are going around pretending the emperor has clothes on. unhinged andely why is he reacting in such a crazy over-the-top way? because he did it. likes he pardoning people sheriff joe arpaio to set a standard for? remember scooter libb he for no reason, it was obviously to say the people who have information on my criminal actions, i can pardon you. now we are at a point where you have to pardon people that were literally his co-conspirators. if he does that, of course he should be impeached. close.ot even
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the only reason we are having this discovers asian is because -- this conversation is because donald trump is move the spectrum of close. sanity. any other president we would be talking about impeachment. since donald trump is so insane and he has moved over to the window, we are having a discussion about whether we should discuss impeachment, if he pardons his co-conspirators. is with us this morning. you can join the conversation on phone lines. republicans 202-748-8000 -- 202-748-8001, democrats 202-748-8000. independents 202-748-8002. c-span viewers know cenk uygur as the host of "the young turks." he will be with us until about 9:00 as folks are calling in, how confident are you about a blue wave come november? >> very confident. my confidence is born of fact. i know that a lot of people love to say that polls are wrong or
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don't matter and from time to time they are, it depends on who they are polling. for an independent leaning candidates right or wrong like donald trump and bernie sanders, some of the polling will be off because they are polling likely voters and those candidates bring in unlikely voters. overall pair -- pulling is fairly accurate. already showed the 12ocrats are making up about or 13 point leads on republicans. that is gigantic. be a ways there will that a minimum and potentially assumed nominee -- a sioux nominee. independence, go ahead. >> i want to thank c-span. this guy is totally wrong. paying hush money is not a crime. if that was the case, all the senators who paid -- to have
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this sex abuse slush fund to pay off for their misdeeds would all be in jail are ready. just because michael cohen and lanny davis said it was a crime, it is not a crime. it was a plea deal. it was not adjudicated in court. this guy is totally, totally wrong. guest: the only problem you have is the facts are not on your side. i know you get brainwashed by trump saying something. so he says absurd things like collusion is not a crime. but conspiracy is. he is just using a different word. you are saying hush money is not a crime, that is true. money duringy hush over theon and it is legally allowed contribution which is what michael cohen did, michael cohen technically legally was only allowed to give $2700 to mike -- to donald trump's campaign.
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he gave $150,000 when he did one of those hush payments, that is illegal. it is not the hush money problem , it is that he is breaking campaign-finance laws. by the way, do you want people breaking those laws? do you want them to be able to bribe off politicians? that is the swamp. whether it is hillary clinton or donald trump, jr. want people coming up and being able to give $150,000 completely outside of the law for god knows what favors they want. yes it is absolutely a crime. and in the case of paul manafort, paul manafort's case doesn't have to do with donald trump. it is about an earlier case of his corruption when it came to the pro-russian ukrainian government. if trump really does not have anything to hide, he won't pardon manafort. the case doesn't have anything to do with tron. the only reason you would pardon manafort is if he is guilty and
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he knows that manafort has other information on him that he is about to release. so you can see a head of time whether he is guilty or not if you bother to have an open mind. host: you mentioned the swamp and the indictments. i wonder your thoughts on congressman duncan hunter's indictment in california. guest: here we go again. another republican, another crook, another one who is totally hypocritical. all these republican saying we take -- care about taxpayer money. if they meant that it would be wonderful. what do they do instead? , anotherse campaign-finance violation. the people gave $250,000 to his campaign. system is atrocious, it is systemic corruption. donors can just give money to politicians campaign and do independent expenditures. system ison top of that duncans not happy with just taking legalized bribes, he takes money
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out of his campaign and spends it for italian vacations, dental work and to fly his pet rabbit around on a plane and he took your donations and put it in his pocket. that is what criminals do. and i hopeotal crime we have justice in this country and that he is put in prison. host: jeffrey in auburn, new york, a democrat, good morning. william'scall from hometown and i am military. i served my time during the cold war. u.s. navy. every member of my family is military connected and our family goes back to the pilgrims and we have been in this country that long. anyhow. to support the military, praise the lord and pass the and munition because every war
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conflict or military skirmish with have since world war ii, we supplied one side, we are the biggest arms dealer in the world. russia supply the other. it was like a chicken fight and russia's high the arms that killed or wounded every soldier in korea and every soldier in vietnam. it is a travesty that we are supporting godless communists and anybody that is a republican that says lipservice to you support the military, it is pure lipservice and it is disingenuous to say this when soldier that died or was wounded in these conflicts, including the iraq war because russia supplied iran and the afghanistan's war because russia supply to taliban. host: thank you, jeff. guest: there is one part obviously i don't agree with their because the russians are not communist anymore, they are
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probably on the off that -- opposite end of the spectrum. of russian the camp has to be our enemy and they have to be that way forever, and i think sometimes we fight about from the past. having said that, russia has chosen to interfere in our elections and i'm not as concerned about them putting out fake post on social media as some of the democrats are, but what i am concerned about is their attempts to hack into voting booths which are incredibly vulnerable. if they are going to try and mess with our democracy, then i guess they have chosen to be our enemy. it is an unfortunate choice, but that should have consequences. most importantly we have to protect those voting areas. republicans care about voter fraud, we have to verify every single election, how can we not agree upon this? like tulsieople
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gabbard in house of look to spend more money we all have paper ballots. if you're a public in the worries about voter fraud or interference, you should love that and same with the democrats. yet we can't get agreement on a simple concept like that. there are now republicans that are irrationally in favor of russia. what a twist that is. they say vladimir putin is a good guy like george w. bush did. he said he looked into his eyes and saw he had a good heart. preposterous. if you're in that camp you have to ask yourself why you are in that camp. you shouldn't have irrational hatred or love, you should judge on their actions. and their recent actions have not been good. host: the senate is in this week along with judicial nominations. one of the things up there is nominee brett kavanaugh meeting with their areas members of the senate ahead of his supreme court confirmation process.
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a story from today's washington times about his meeting with chuck schumer yesterday. also meeting with several other republicannd a key in his confirmation process, susan collins of maine. i know one of your concerns about brett kavanaugh's nomination has been the future of roe v. wade. susan to play what collins had to play about her meeting with brett kavanaugh because she also had concerns. [video clip] you had concerns after looking through his record, what are the wreck -- concerns? >> we talked about them. i talked about them at length that his decision in regards to the case which is the only case dealing with abortion in which he has rendered his decision. we talked about whether he roe to be settled law and he said he agreed to what justice roberts said in his
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nomination hearing in which he says that it was settled law. good thorough discussion about that issue and many others. host: do those comments make you any more comfortable with the nominating? guest: of course not. like the youngle turks is because we say things you're not allowed to say in washington that are obviously true. guess what, people lie in her confirmation hearings. dance around the truth, they live. ryan zinke he did and said he will not give away a square inch of public land. and then they gave away huge part of our monuments and then we caught them last week trying to sell off 1600 acres in utah. they lie all the time. ben carson said he wouldn't do the things he is doing at hide. all the justices pretend they have new -- no political
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leanings. they pretend their political opinions don't affect their decisions and yet somehow when they wind up on the supreme court, all the liberals vote in the liberal direction all conservatives vote in the conservative directions not even judicially, but on political issues. bush v gore, the republicans came to death claim to care about state rights but they destroyed it. they are total liars. kavanaugh comes in and says these of the decisions i made were a question roe v. wade, i agree with robert lies during his confirmation hearings about how we called and i won't question is settled law. i don't believe it. it is pretty little lies you tell susan collins so she can say i asked him and he said he was ok. and now dutifully as a republican i will vote for him. those who didn't meet with
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them, should they -- those who met with kavanaugh, should they have met with them? host: guest: of course they should, it doesn't mean they should vote for him. tom carper of delaware should be embarrassed for his vote. kavanaugh's one of most right-wing justices in the country. tom carper has a primary and delaware coming up, we should vote them out. host: line for republicans, nina, good morning. you are on. guest: i just had -- caller: i just had a question about paul manafort. he has been doing this shady stuff with tax fraud and all for years, why has it taken this long and why under this president before they started delving into all of his
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misbehaving's and tax evasion? host: do you think it is more about the president that he works for then his own deceit? forer: it is not so much the president, but they've known about this for years and it is kind of hypocritical they waited until this president got in before getting at him. a partisan is not issue because manafort is a lifelong republican and he worked for five different republican presidents. i suppose it could've gotten him under reagan, but if he is really a lifelong criminal. the specific charges here are related to what he is done in backing former president of ukraine. he didn't do that in the reagan era, he did that recently. i am bothered by this as well maybe for different reasons because i feel like there is a lot of people in washington that do this kind of shady lobbying and certainly
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plenty of rich and powerful people in this country who hide their money abroad and she don't taxes all the time and they don't get caught. manafort happen to get caught up in this investigation and the fact they caught him is great, he is a criminal and when he cheats on his taxes and height $30 million -- and hides $30 million, that cost the rest of the taxpayers so i'm glad we got him. i think they should do these investigations more regularly to show the nonstop corruption in washington. host: helen, democrat, good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. i am calling to say that when i look at paul manafort, i looked at him as he was being brought in to the administration and what i saw at that time in his background and wondered why was he being brought into the united states after helping to overturn ukraine.
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there are others in the administration who are part of this whole gang that is going on. i hear you say about the blue wave, we are in crisis right now , blue wave will take place in november and where i'm looking at and what i know, we don't have that much time. who isying to figure out the base for the president. i see some of the same people at all rallies wherever they are. that people in the crowds are african-american, i want to know how they travel all over the united date -- united states? how many of these people are russians who maintain the same script every day? could we please protect our land and not this man. 400amily has been here over years. we fought for this country. i'm fighting for now. host: do you think president trump has paid crowd that his rallies? guest: we know in the past he
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has. i doubt use doing it now. it is more competition than that. in the announcement speech he was running for president we found out later he paid $50 per head for people to show up and pretend to be his fans. which is hilarious. later the crowds were absolutely real and they are real now. with the notable exception of a couple people. the right wing has an ecosystem that is funded by billionaires who want tax cuts. so they do pay some people to fly around the country and attend trump rallies but they certainly find certain people and they usually like to pick some ethnicities, let me keep it real i think what the caller is referring to is that like to find african-americans and bring them to all the rallies so they can go what do you mean, i've got african-american friends.
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overall the more important part is that the right-wing billionaires do actually pay a lot of the people you see on tv gobs of money to do propaganda for them including the person on she ise, ann coulter, paid nonstop by right-wingers to spread their hatred and fear and largely for her profit and their profit when they get deregulation past. you: is there a question had for her if you were able to stick around? guest: i debated her for a whole hour once and i got my answer. she basically said at the beginning that it is a put on, it is all an act she does and it's a gross, disgusting act where she plays on the fear and hatred of americans for money. i hope she is proud. host: virginia is in pennsylvania, republican, good morning. caller: good morning.
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what the american people really want is hillary clinton, schumer, obama, and all of the other corrupt rotten thieves. taking care of first. as lying goes, nobody lies like a democrat. host: anything you want to respond to? guest: of course i do. based on what? amazing the power of propaganda in this country. let me keep it real with you guys. if you set i'm worried about hillary clinton's systemic corruption because of all the money she is taken from donors, guess who would agree with you? me. i made that case over and over during the primaries because it's true. she took $225,000 from goldman sachs and i was personal money put in her pocket.
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i can go on and on. systemic, institutional corrupt in. you are right. but she didn't violate any of those laws. obama, i don't know what you are talking about. i have my own problems with him, but he didn't break any laws. so you have just been fed that propaganda into your head, you just blurted out they should go after hillary and obama and schumer. i have no love for schumer at all. but what crime did he commit? you are just pulling stuff out of your you know what? host: do you think bernie sanders will run for president again? guest: i don't have any more information than you do but it sure looks like it. host: and he is a candidate you would support if he ran? guest: i am not about personalities, i'm about change. i think this system is fundamentally corrupt, i think money corrupted.
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the fact we allow legalized bribery in the country is insanity called campaign contributions, dark money, independent expenditures. bernie sanders wants to go against those things and if he continues to fight against those, i will be on his side. there are a lot of people like elizabeth warren who put together maybe the best piece of legislation i've seen in the last 20 years against corruption. republicans and democrats should all supported and probably none of them will because most of them are corrupt and are looking to take lobbyist money when they retire, they are looking forward to hiring lobbyists and they represent donors and not voters. anyone to fight corruption, i am on their side. host: i wonder your thoughts on how progressives like bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, how they are doing in their endorsements in the primaries ahead of the midterms? elizabeth warren is five for five and her endorsements and bernie sanders though five for
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,ine innings endorsements compared to people like joe biden was 10 for 10 in his endorsements. the democratic party committee clocking in at 37 of 39. viewers can see this at 538. does that mean anything? guest: yes and no. overall the whole thing is misleading. 538 does good work, it is just this is a generally useless chart. why? let me explain. joe biden comes in endorses people who have the most amount of money in their base -- race that are establishment democrats. you went 10 for 10, who cares. it is not interesting, he is not taking any chances and is supporting people that already have everyone else behind them. i like joe biden, but that is the reality of what is he doing.
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whereas is bernie sanders is taking some chances on people like brett in kansas' third district. he did not win but he was a wonderful progressive. i don't mind taking that chance and losing. as long as you are actually fighting for the american people. that is why this chart is misleading, but on the other is the does tell you people who are actually willing to put their next on the line and try to get real change. and justiceution democrats don't have a quote unquote great winning record, that is a bit incorrect. but that is because they took a chance on people like alexandria cozzi a cortez that people thought had no chance. it turns of they were wrong and we were right. host: who are the justice democrats reviewers who don't know? guest: it is a progressive uncorrupted wing of the democratic party. they take no corporate pack money so they represent you and
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not their donors. they are very progressive. medicare for all, which gives health care to all americans, medicare pulls at 77%. there is no reason why it should only be for senior citizens, it should be for the whole country. and fight for higher wages and economic dignity. all the things the people want easily but are fought against by establishment democrats and republicans. host: you helped found that group? guest: yes i did. host: you are no longer part of that, correct? guest: no, technically i'm not. but i support them. host: why not? guest: we had a bit of a disagreement on an old issue. that is water under the bridge, we are totally passed it and there is a lot of distractions of the right wing puts out there, so in that case, when i was at -- agoleted those a long time not when i got caught, but
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because i didn't stand by them. bless, this is a normal part of the attack machine you get involved in. i signed up for it. past that issue. what we care about most is policy, not politics, not attacks, but policy. what are we going to do for the american people? are going to give them higher wages and health care? will we give that kids an opportunity to get a college education to live the american dream? anyone trying to distract you from that. host: cenk uygur with us taking your calls and questions. police, thanks for waiting -- elise, thanks for waiting. caller: i love the young turks, you guys have been spreading the truth for a long time. thank you very much. newstly i heard on the they are finding that the voting machines are being tampered with
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and my suggestion to the american people and i posted on facebook every day to vote by mail, just vote by mail. that way you don't have to deal with these machines. i understand that all the states don't have voting by mail for whatever reason, but if every their countyled register of voters, they are sent to the absentee ballots and they can vote by mail. that way you don't have to wait in line, you don't have to stand in the snow, you don't have to machine, trying to figure it out, it is just a better way to vote and i trust the united states post office much more so than i do the machines being tampered machine. host: cenk uygur on election security. guest: there are a couple of parts of absurdities in our election process. do i know the machines are being
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tampered with? i don't, but that is part of the problem. we have no certainty whether they are or are not tampered with. in the election a couple weeks ago in the same kansas third kobach wasris running for governor. kris kobach is losing by 13 points in johnson county. all of a sudden johnson county, the person in charge of elections there says there is a computer glitch here, he was appointed by kris kobach. hoursthey take hours upon in the glitch happened and 9:00 p.m. come of a so-called fix it at 5:50 a.m. and it comes out and says he won the county. he was down by 13 points, how did he win the county? maybe it is legit, maybe the later parts did vote for him, that is entirely possible. so how can the citizens of johnson county, kansas know if
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actually voted for him? we are not going to tell you. what you mean you're not going to tell us? they don't share with the public at all, or the press. someone wants to look at the computer the tabulated the vote and they say no, the desk that is from a private company. andwe privatizing elections handing over to a private company that says your votes are my proprietary information? that is insanity. we ship paper ballots across the country and everybody should be able to verify. host: in milwaukee, chris is waiting period -- is waiting. his former campaign strategists was paid a million dollars a month and for people who don't know him, he helped
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get elected a dictators and that it towards russia. bernie sanders is one of the only candidates who didn't release his tax returns along with donald trump, and only released a two-page financial statement. it looks like he might be involved in some of this. i want to know your thoughts on that? guest: i don't think bernie sanders is involved at all. but your points about ted devine and tax returns are fine. i have no idea what ted devine did or did not do. i understand paul manafort was not convicted for lobbying for the ukraine, he was convicted for hiding the money that he got from you rain and is convicted for fraud that he did afterwards to try and get more loans. so ted devine did not do those lee -- illegal activities, he just lobby. if you don't like that he did the lobbying, i hear you. senator vitter should release those tax returns. host: he was one of the witnesses that the mueller team
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brought in to the case against paul manafort. guest: that is right. his testimony was mixed. he said we did legitimate obviously would manafort did afterwards with the money was the real crime. host: tom in dayton, ohio, republican. caller: good morning. i've been a republican since donald trump ran for president. this is so one-sided. himavid g trump telling gave a letter to trump telling him comey knew to be fired. your hillary clinton and bill clinton. bill clinton paid 5000 $500,000 in their charity pay tens of millions of dollars, but that is ok. this is a one-way street mr.. , democrats areat going to lose for one reason,
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law and order. we want law and order. that immigrant the other day killed mali. he shouldn't have been in the country and people are fed up with it. guest: that was hilarious. if you are for law and order, you should be for convicting manafort, michael cohen, it there is a legal investigation donald trump and he wants to avoid the law. if you are for law and order you should be 100% in favor of the mueller investigation which is about law and order. so there is this insanity where they say those latinos coming in, i hate them, law and order on them. they are committing a most a misdemeanor by crossing the border to try and find a home for their families and those of the guys you want to crush, but the guy the very top that has the way ifer, and by he hasn't broken the law, we will find out in that will be fine, but there is the
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possibility he broke laws and you say no, let the powerful get away with it but crush the powerless. what kind of sick law and order is that? that is no law and order. host: the caller brought up the mollie tibbetts case. president trump did not mention paul manafort or michael cohen at his rally in west virginia but he did mention mollie tibbetts and i case out in iowa. here's the story on the front page of washington times. murder charges. i wonder your thoughts on that case and the president bringing it up. guest: this is what they do. they do selective cases to put out propaganda. let me claim what i mean. there are thousands of voters across the country. you could take a handful of them and say oh my god the scourge of crime in this country, you know who commits a lot of crime in this country? area nation.
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it's one of the biggest gangs in the -- area and nation -- ar yan nation. i can find dozens of crimes they committed and go on a rampage. you are selectively picking cases to make a political point to spread fear and hatred when you're targeting these particular people. so the question you should be asking yourself at home is to undocumented immigrants commit more crimes or less crimes than the average american? lucky for you there are facts on this and people have studied it at length.
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guest: that is what we were saying during the primaries. we were right and most of the establishment media were wrong. i don't remember a lot of apologies about that. abouteif you are concerned hillary clinton affecting elections in that way, you are right to be concerned. by the way, let's note for the record. illegal, did was not unfortunately. ok? but they did favor the clinton camp over bernie sanders during the primaries. let's also note that
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establishment democrats have completely change their story. clinton was hillary leading, they said we should not have primaries. let's have less debates, not more debates. let's wrap this thing out. now that bernie sanders is the most popular politician in the country, the democratic establishment says primaries are wonderful. we should have as many candidates as also. what happened to clearing the field? with bernie sanders leading, you are not in favor of clearing the field was so i am used to the establishments lies in prevarications. democrat line, go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. first off, i have always been a democrat. at 21 back invote several, we have lost
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collections to republicans, but back then we had two statesman. we could work across the aisle. the only reason democrats are in a fury right now is because of who we lost to come of this potus. any other republican, we could have dealt with, but it is him we object to. now my quick question, god for bid this potus should decide to pardon manafort or cohen, and or an move.nixoni can they block his pardon while the smaller investigation is still going on? as they said during the bush administration, connect the dots. and thank you about your .omments on the illegal murders
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host: on the constitutional authority to pardon. can't do, congress anything about it. if he pardons but there could be consequences for those actions. the natural consequence for pardoning co-conspirators is impeachment. will republicans vote for impeachment? very unlikely. they are not patriots. they do not care about this country. it is a misnomer when people talk about the honorable gentleman from kentucky. all they care about is their donor money. they will go after donors. probably, their donors sitting fat with the tax cuts they got will say no, he helped my bottom line, keep him in office. republicans will not care what
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the law is. i will be shocked if they vote for impeachment. do you think president trump could pardon himself? caller: if your -- republicanu are a who has a part -- a president who pardoned himself, will you stick with him? the answer is yes. he could shoot a guy on 5th avenue and they would say, i am sure he is protecting himself. they would make any excuse for him. the president pardoning himself is preposterous. he should immediately be impeached. the fact that he is even discussing pardoning himself tells you he is guilty. why are we having a conversation about pardoning yourself if you didn't do it? second of all, if he follows on it, how stupid do you have to be to think he did not commit the crime? host: john in pennsylvania, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. it is an honor to speak to my world,who works for trt he now works for the turkish government. my question is, regarding the situation with turkey and the sanctions, where he think the future is for president trump in the election of 2020? a turkish clergyman is wanted by the turkish government, where we protecting a terrorist in the that wetates knowingly should send him back because he has taken over our christian churches, our universities and i thought president trump was going to do something about it and nothing is being done. what do think the future is with turkey and the united states? way intoon't want to turkish politics. it is not my expertise. there are not a lot of winners here.
3:33 pm
the u.s. putting tariffs on turkey makes sense. on the other hand, we put terrorists on canada and that doesn't make any sense. donald trump is being his usual madman. s response is not positive either. on the other hand, the guy on the line who lives in guy on thea -- the line he is talking about who lives in pennsylvania, he is an extremist. caller: hi, firstly i would like to say much respect to cenk, i am a columbia law graduate that has done what he has done, i believe he is a piece of national history. i did not vote for hillary clinton, i could not vote because of the violent crime law enforcement act and many african-americans have been imprisoned for various offenses. it is a very one-sided manner.
3:34 pm
i did not vote for hillary clinton. is do youn for cenk think the democratic party is achieving a coherent voice enough to combat the gullible faux-christian rights, whether it is against trump or pence and i had a second question regarding biometric voting applications, possibly to solve some of this of voter tampering going on. i am happy to say that there are certain things i have no expertise in. if you thought i did not know enough about turkish politics, wait till you hear how little i know about biometric voting. sorry, i don't know about that. thank you for your incredibly nice comments. i will address the part i do know. about democratic unity. i have an opinion that i think ,hould be noncontroversial
3:35 pm
although it is for the two different camps of the democratic party. i think the primaries are fantastic, i believe that when bernie sanders was trailing in 4016, i believe that when he is leading in 2020. i do not change my principles based on the situation. i think primaries make the party great and it is a opportunity to elect uncorrupted progressives. if you're a republican or a democrat, go vote in primaries so you get the leaders that you can believe in. once you are past the primary, then vote for whoever you think is better. you're even not worse. some people say the lesser of il, yes,s is still ev but it is still the lesser of the two evils. in 2016i thought it was an easy vote to vote for bernie sanders any primary and it was an easy vote for hillary clinton in the general election. no progressive was in the general election.
3:36 pm
i was not excited about hillary clinton, it is not because i thought she was going to bring great change to the country. but was she better than donald trump? absolutely and have been proven right on that. host: how do you feel about the term democratic socialist and the movement? cenk: i think people spend too much time on terms. i call myself a capitalist and people get mad at that. it depends on where you are on the spectrum. the reality is, we live any socialist country. almost every country is socialist. it is a mixed economy. some parts are private and some are public. andou are a right-winger your head is exploding saying america is not socialist, what do you think is public in this country? the cops are public and you think they should be public, right? private cops have or firefighters or teachers necessarily. ,ou are allowed to have that
3:37 pm
but be have public education, public protection, the military is the biggest government program there is. if you like the military, you love big government. some things should be public, like the schools, and some things should be private like making sneakers and jeans. is a mixed economy, sweden is, we are. almost every country in the world is on the spectrum. the only question is, where should we be on the spectrum? what should be public and what should be private? the debate we are having is over a sliver of the economy. for example, nobody is saying that we should take mcdonald's public in the government should run it. no one is saying that. what's they are saying is there are things like health care that should be public just like education is worktops are, -- are.cation is for cops


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