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tv   Hillary Clinton on NBC Meet the Press  CSPAN  August 26, 2018 2:32pm-2:36pm EDT

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that he was going to vote no. at that point, i felt a tap on my shoulder and it was vice had been pence who sent to lobby john and make the last ditch appeal. i stepped aside so that they could have their conversation. but once john mccain made up his mind about something, there was no shaking him. i knew that he would be there on the final vote. again, it was an example of his determination to do what he thought was right. hasthat is the quality that marked his entire life. always had ahe voice of clarity and vision and courage, but i remember those moments of uncommon decency, which is unfortunately in short supply on the american political scene. i can recall when he arose to the defense of barack obama at a moment in the campaign when very few expected him to.
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contrast that with what we went through in the chance of the last election. i can remember when john spoke at clearly against the white inmises -- supremacists virginia and made it clear that he consider them to be cowards. i can or member when he stood up for the issue of immigration, not an easy issue for anybody, certainly not a republican from arizona. we spent six months negotiating a bipartisan comprehensive bill for democrats, for republicans. john was our leader. we knew with him in charge, we would finish the job right. he really felt in the narrow of his bones what it meant to be an american. important it was for us to disagree and differ, but at the end of the day, come together to work together, trust each other, to get things done. he will be messed for many, many reasons. he set ofat example
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working across the aisle, but more than that, working to bring people together come here on tom and around the world, is one we should remember. >> lets me quote him and say, let's have straight talk. the timing of his death in this moment that we are in an our politics, there is a reason washington is taking and i stressed him punched this morning. -- a stomach punch this morning. we can't ignore this moment that he is leaving us. mrs. clinton: you are 100% right. he understood that we have been through parallel times before, at home and abroad. but our institutions are being severely tested right now. including his beloved senate. he was come in every way he knew how, trying to sound the alarm. to get all of us as americans to
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understand that if we abandon the ideals that we have stood if we turnthe globe, our back on leadership, on behalf of human rights and the kind of future we want to forge for our children and grandchildren, we will be giving up on what he fought for, what he was in prison and four, what he stood for. and in a long line of american patriots. live look this afternoon at the u.s. capitol where you can see the flag flying at half staff today in honor of senator john mccain. plans are underway for the senator to lie in state in the capital rotunda for the public to come by and pay their respects. there is also a funeral service planned of the wash and all national cathedral with former presidents george w. bush and barack obama, purportedly being asked to deliver eulogies. -- reportedly being asked to deliver eulogies. announcer:


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