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  President Meets with Kanye West  CSPAN  October 11, 2018 2:31pm-2:56pm EDT

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across town, kind the west visiting president trump at the white house along with jim brown. they discussed prison reform and education. >> he was an even better
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lacrosse player. do you think so? >> i never thought about it. >> it's great to have you. once it's great to be here. kanye has been a friend of mine for a long time. saidame out of nowhere and i like what the president is doing a long time ago we met. i just appreciate it very much. if you look at the employment numbers and the median income and every indicator, we are keeping our promise. >> i like north korea to. there has to be good dialogue. we need dialogue. the secretary of state just came
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back from north korea. we had good meetings and we will meet again. no more missiles, no more nuclear testing, no more nothing. that was headed to war. was verymed like it close. to president obama. i will tell you it was headed to war. it now i think it is going to work out area we saved millions of lives. so korea has 30 million people. millions of people would have been killed. i will say that chairman camp has been very good. that is nice of you to say that. these folks were covering north korea not very promisingly. there were a lot of problems.
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president obama said that was his biggest problem. >> we solved one of the biggest problems. >> it was a big solving. it is not solved yet but we are on the way. we are well on our way. in a short. of time. i left singapore three months ago. we have made a lot of progress. that is one of many. i appreciate everything with you. we got mrs. johnson out. she was unfairly treated. there are many people like that >> it is a prisoner we are focused on, they had him next to the unabomber.
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allegedly it is for conspiracy from prison. if he did commit the crimes, the sentence was overly broad. six consecutive life residences -- sentences. super max prison in colorado. and als the unabomber qaeda operatives and mass killers. he is 68 years old. >> the reason why they imprisoned him is because he things for the community. he could get people around.
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could get people around. it is very important to me to get hoover out because in an alternate universe i am him and i have to go and get him free because he was doing positives inside a chicago just like i am moving back to chicago. about having a monolithic voice. people expect that if you are black you have to be a democrat. conversations that basically said that welfare is the reason why a lot of black is a limit to-- amount of jobs. will give you more money for having more kids in your home. mental got rid of the health institutes in the 80's and 90's in the prison rates just shot up. .ow you have arrived
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i think it is the bravery that helps you beat this game called life. they tried to scare me. attacks give me power. and my mom separated. i didn't have a lot of mail energy in my home. family'm married to a that there is not a lot of mail energy going on. [laughter] i love hillary and i love everyone. the campaign on with her just like a guy me feel that can play catch with his son. there is something about when i put this hat on it made me feel like superman. that is my superhero. you made a superman cape for me.
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nonpolitical no bs, it goes in and gets it done. you gave me the heart to go to adidas because at adidas when i a $14n in 2015 with billion company losing $2 billion a year. now we have a 38 billion dollar market cap. i went to casper we had a meeting in chicago and i said you have to bring manufacturing core it's nothe about the borders. the core of adidas and chicago is the core of middle america. we have to make a middle america strong. because i have enough balls to put on this hat. i could have lost $200 million walking away from that deal.
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i knew it was more important to me to take the chance of walking away from that deal than to have no fathers in chicago with no home and we do have prison because it is habilitation not rehabilitation. we never had anyone to teach us in the first place. it's more important than any specific deal anything that we bring jobs into america. we provide a transition with mental health and american education curriculum that a jim , we have montessori curriculums that we worked on. establishment has a curriculum. we have meditation. there are a lot of things affecting our mental health that make us do crazy things that put us act into the trap door called the 13th amendment.
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hatd say abolish with the on because why would you keep it as a trap door. the constitution is the base of our country and our company. once you build a trap door that if you mess up and you something happens and you fall and you end up next to the unabomber, you have to remove the trap door out of the relationship. the gentleman that wrote the 13th amendment and i think the way the universe works is perfect. we don't have 13th lors dewey passion -- we don't have 13 floors do we? illegalpoint, it was for blacks to read for african-americans to read. that meant if you actually read the amendment, you would get locked up. needi think is, we don't sentences we need pardons. we need to talk to people. i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
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i was connected with an neuropsychologist who works with the athletes and the nba and nfl. he looked at my brain. i have a 98 percentile iq test. he said that i actually wasn't bipolar, i had a sleep deprivation which would cause dementia 10 to 20 years from now. i would not remember my son's name. son to the sox game. i would not be able to remember his name, missed diagnoses. what we need is, we can empower the pharmaceuticals and make more money. i have never stepped into a situation where i didn't make people more money. we can empower pharmaceuticals,
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we can empower our industry, we can empower our factory and bring adidas onshore and also foxconn to set up a factory in minnesota. -- wisconsin. of people4000 jobs making $53,000 a year. to have theet for highest design. the most amazing. we say positive lovely divine universal words. the fly is freshest most amazing car and what we want to start a gift withrought meat right here. here is the i plane one. it is a hydrogen flowered -- powered airplane and this is what our president should be flying in. it look at this. >> can we get rid of air force one? [laughter]
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we will have apple work on this plane. >> you know what i don't like need -- what i i did saturday night live to improve on, if you don't look good, we don't look good. this is our president. he has to be the freshest the fly is planes the best factories. we have to make our core be in power. we have to bring jobs into america because our best export is entertainment and ideas that will only make everything in china and not in america, we're cheating on our country. we are putting people in positions that have to do illegal things to end up in a cheapest factory ever the prison system. >> i will tell you what that was really impressive. [laughter] i hate to say this. it jim do you want to say something? what you say after that? please, jim. >> if you don't look good we
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don't look good. that's right. >> it's so true. as a country, so true. i've never seen jim brown impressed before. that statement is amazing. it is great to have you guys here. we are to go in have some lunch. that was quite something. >> you had said of president bush that he doesn't care about black people. you have heard some people say about this president. what you make of that? >> i think we need to care about all people. when i went on to nbc, i was very emotional and never was programmed to think from a victimize mentality, i welfare mentality.
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with blacks and african-americans, we get caught up in the idea of racism over the idea of industry. if people don't have land, they settle for brand. policy for an obama again. we want a brand more than we want land because we don't know how it feels to actually have our own land and ownership of our own block. if you don't have ownership, it is all about how something looks. it is not about the soul and the core. we focus on the something -- somebody is wearing something in the disrespect me so i have to shoot them. or the idea of someone being racist. police murders which we andnitely have to discuss we have to bring no to the police officers and make -- the police officers are just like us. that is a major thing about racial tension.
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responsibility for what we are doing is black people. we kill each other more than police officers. that's not saying that the police is not an issue because they are in a position of power. are in a place of law enforcement. they need to be force versus power. you shouldn't have to force people to do that. a police officer is sitting there being forced to do things. we have to release the love throughout the entire country and give opportunities. a lot of times, it is the overall lack of reparations at any given point we say this is racist this is racist. don't have reparations but we have the 13th amendment. we have to open up the whole conversation area one of the moves that i love that liberals
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try to do, a liberal would try to control a black person through the concept of racism because they know we are proud emotional people. they will say he is racist. do you think racism could control me? that is an invisible wall. i will go to another question. i answered your question. i don't answer questions in simple soundbites. you are tasting a fine wine and it has several notes to it area it is complex. [laughter] what would you like to ask president trump to do for chicago? the head of the police met with me. we feel that stopping -- stop and frisk does not help the relationships in the city.
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everyone who knew i was coming here said at about stop and frisk. that is the number one thing that we are having a conversation about. another thing is opening up industries and we have to get some tax breaks. we have a factory in atlanta but the shoes are costing us $300. we need some prototypes here so we could get people back working. so china can -- cannot beat us. the greatest jeans company in the world is making their genes in vietnam. that's a levi's. we need some breaks in my hometown of chicago and 2.7 and 9 million and the surrounding suburbs we need to make factories. that would cool for them to be troubled factories because he is a master of industry he is a builder. we need ideation centers which would be a mix of education that empowers people and gives them
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modern information. sometimes people say this kid has add. add.esn't have school is boring. we have to make it interesting. it makes curriculums. do basketball while you are doing math. music and meditation. we have to institute mental health and mental health -- mental health and art programs together. larry huber is an example of a man who was turning his life around and they hit him with six life sentences. to say don't tear down this choose. larry huber is a living statue and a beacon for us that needs to see his family. when you have a block later on every single block, they can own the block. that is something i learned from jim brown. when he to put curriculums for people who really came from the streets not people who are trying to set us up to go into a
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cyst -- work system or prison system. to apply what people are going through. >> what about gun balance -- violence? >> the legal guns are the problem. we have the right to bear arms. >> president trump has said that he favors op and frisk. >> we are going to discuss that. >> he can speak for me anytime he wants. he is a smart cookie. he gets it. jim brown has been doing this for a long time. >> is is a future presidential candidate? >> it could be. >> the thing is, let's stop worrying about the future. all we have is today.
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again, the zeros journey. trump is on his heroes journey right now. he might not have expected to have a crazy person like kanye west run up and support but you best believe we are going to make america great. another thing is black people have an issue with the word again. my feeling from that is because i am going to go all the way. all we have is today. this is an because the idea of racism and slavery, it hurts us because we need to focus on who we are. now and today. i actually brought some hats that have a bit of a transition. i am not trying to push you -- i made a hat this is make america great. i would love to say at the super bowl, trumpet wearing them make
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america great hat and colin cap make wearing a great and america great hat. showing that we can benefit on both sides and be malleable in the infinite universe that we are in the loving beings that we are. not to stick to traditions. we are one unit. we are one country. we are one moment in history in time. right now, we are here together and our greatest value that we have is other people. we need to stop working on red and blue. it's like a gangs again. >> you are in the oval office. how does it feel to be here? >> it is good energy. >> jim, how do you feel? >> i truly feel good. you are so respected. what kanye is doing has been incredible. all over the world they are talking about this.
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i had important meetings today with senators, nobody cared. they wanted this meeting. this is the meeting. it.e cared about >> this is what they want. it is my honor, jim. there is nobody like you. there is no athlete like you. >> i am here to serve. i am not here to hassle anything. i am here to contribute. >> that is always the way jim has been. he just wanted to help area jennifer, did you have a question? what do you feel about stop and frisk? >> i think it is a shame what is happening in chicago. in chicago a lot also. i have nice things in chicago. i hate to see what is happening. people being shot and killed.
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it is not for this country. they have to do something. i am totally open. we can do it a different way kanye i entirely open. doall agreed they have to something. >> is it a law enforcement issue or legislation? >> it is a combination of both. it is also a respect issue. they respect this guy and this guy. that is a big thing. they are not respecting the mayor. we are going to have lunch and talk. >> you know i love you. >> i don't want to put you in that spot. >> i am standing in this lot. i love this guy. >> that is really nice. that is from the heart. i didn't want to put you in that
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position but that is from the heart. whether you like it or don't like it, they are special people. i appreciate it jim and kanye. let's go have some lunch. thank you all very much. president trump signed a bill to expand an ocean cleanup effort and promote international action to reduce marine garbage. he also gave us an update on hurricane michael. >> i appreciate you being here. we have hurricane reports on hurricane michael. destructive powerful. we discussed but it was the fastest hurricane anybody has seen it. it was speedy. it was incredibly powerful. you consider the disruption. it is moving through georgia