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tv   Campaign 2018 Vice President Pence at Republican Party Fall Dinner  CSPAN  October 12, 2018 9:59pm-10:41pm EDT

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khashoggi. ryan liebman all discusses the student loan forgiveness program. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern saturday morning. join the discussion. >> at an indiana republican party dinner, vice president mike pence discussed the upcoming elections and local republican candidates. the event begins with indiana governor eric holcomb. this is 40 minutes. gentlemen, please welcome the 51st governor of
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indiana, eric holcomb. [applause] good evening. good evening. it is so good to get the family together tonight at what is not your typical republican fall dinner. it is an extra special night as we welcome the vice president of the united states home -- back home to indiana. [applause] you all are asas i am sure the vice president and our nation's second lady, we also call them mike and karen around here, i'm sure they have been keeping up with all the indiana news, but just in case, let me tell you, and let me tell him, that he could not be visiting his home state at a better time. thanks to the stable foundation that he built upon as our
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state's 50th governor, and the work of our terrific trio, the ,onnie lawson, and tara klotz and celia mitchell. [applause] and the greats efforts of our republican super majorities in the state house and state senate led by the herculean efforts of speaker ryan by asthma -- speaker ryan bosma. forget doc brown. let doc brown hear you. [applause] and starting the era on the senate, we are on the right track here indiana and we're about to run the score up even more judging by the results that , come in day after day. [applause] from our growing economy to our superior infrastructure, to our greatest asset, our people, our
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workforce, we are experiencing some serious momentum here in indiana and we're taking it to , the next level year after year after year. so before we get to the main event, let me just play you a real quick highlight reel. you'll see why everyone knows the heart of the heartland is rocking. here we go. we have a triple-a rating, the best you can get. we balance our budgets and live within our means. in fact we have $1.7 billion in , cash reserves. that's 11% of our total annual operating budget here in the state of indiana. and this year, with your support, we're going to finish mike pence's work and put a balanced budget amendment in our state constitution and every generation after us is going to have to live within their budget as well. [applause] our tax climate was once again ranked the best in the midwest and among the best in the
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nation. our regulatory climate and environment is reasonable, and rational and predictable. and thanks to president trump and vice president pence and the members of our congressional delegation, yes, led by senator todd, you're about to get a partner in mike brawn, and braun, and brooks and banks, our congressional delligation. we finally saw our federal taxes cut and our anti-growth federal policies rolled back just like we've been doing in the state of indiana for a decade now. in indiana, our debt is low. our pensions are funded, and we have the second-lowest cost of living in the nation. so your dime goes a lot goes further in the state of indiana than it does, say, just across the border in illinois. [laughter] but wait, i'm not tired of
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winning. the rich-poor states, you can uck,irm this, senator b indiana ranks third in the nation for this year's economic outlook, and we're living up to it. last year, you may hear the vice president talk about this since he gets to talk last, last year we broke the all-time job commitment record and we're on track this year to break that record again. we have a record-high employment, and a record-low unemployment, and our per capita income growth is five times higher than the national growth rate. and once again, this one i'm really, really proud of. indiana was just ranked one of the three freest states in the nation. [applause] and by the way, we just launched the latest and greatest virginia class fast attack nuclear submarine to help us all stay free. it's called the uss indiana. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, that's all the reasons why we hoosiers are
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growing and we are going. that's why we're leading and we are leaving the competition behind. now it's important for me to note, as we welcome the vice presidents back home in indiana, that hoosiers aren't only doing amazing things in the state of indiana. we are lucky to have the terrific trio, and i'm going to list them in the order they're on the ballot, connie lawson, tara klutz and kelly mitchell in indiana. president trump is also lucky to have hoosiers in washington as and many coats, others. our very own, everyone loves lonnie and marty, these are hoosiers who are in our nation's capital. these are the same folks who put indiana on the right track and are helping now put america on the right track. [applause] and it doesn't stop there, it
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doesn't stop there, ladies and gentlemen. hoosier momentum goes way beyond that. it goes way, way higher than that. it goes all the way up to the second-highest office in the land, with a leader that we can count on, with a public servant we can be proud of. ladies and gentlemen please , welcome in the vice president of the united states of america, my friend, your friend, our friend, mike pence. ♪ [applause] ♪ ["all right now" being played] ♪
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vice president pence: well hello, indiana. [applause] it is great to be back home again. thank you all for coming out for such a special night. governor eric holcomb, members of the indiana general assembly, team,reat, statewide members of the indiana general assembly, republican chairman kyle hupfer and national republican chairman ronna mcdaniel, it is my great honor to be here for the 2018 indiana republican fall dinner, 25 days away from a great hoosier victory for republican
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candidates in all 92 counties. [applause] it really is a joy for us to be with all of you tonight. thank you so much for coming out. thanks for supporting the republican cause, and all the great candidates who we are here to talk about this evening. how great it is to have the second lady of the united states of america, karen pence, with us here tonight? would you mind showing karen pence just how proud you are of the job she's doing all across this country every day? [applause] my wonderful wife has been taking what she brought to riley children's hospital, an art therapy program there. she's been taking it around the nation and around the world, taking those great hoosier experiences and coming alongside military spouses. i couldn't be more proud of the
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work she's doing every day, and so thank you for acknowledging her so warmly. before i begin tonight, i know why we're all here for a great evening, and great celebration. i know our hearts are with our fellow americans along the gulf coast and throughout northern florida, georgia, alabama, and the carolinas, who are as we speak recovering from the catastrophic damage wrought by hurricane michael. we grieve for the loss of life, our hearts go out to all of the families that have suffered loss, and enterprises and families that have been dislocated are in our hearts. we're proud of our first responders. we are proud of our armed forces. and a want to thank governor holcomb for deploying indiana task force one, that is already -- alreadyest said
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in panama city, showing up like they always do. [applause] recovery begins now, my fellow republicans. so in addition to keeping our fellow republicans in our prayers, if it's possible for you to support volunteer organizations, we encourage you to do that. you can go to the web for national organizations like the red cross or samaritan's purse is that are deployed all across the region, as our fellow countrymen recover from this loss. and i want to assure my fellow --siers that we will bill that we will be with all of those affected until we rebuild , the areas impacted, bigger and better the never before. [applause] it really is great to be back, great to be back home again. and i'm here for one reason and one reason only.
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last novembert 2016, indiana delivered a historic victory for america and we need indiana to deliver another historic victory on november 6 when we reelect this great republican team and we make mike braun the next senator from the state of indiana. [applause] [cheering] i'm going to have more to say mike,that in a bit, but we are so grateful to you and your family for stepping up at a time like this and our nation
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and for the campaign that you wage. we couldn't be more proud. let me begin tonight by bringing greetings from a friend of mine, and a great friend of mike braun and a great friend of mine the people of indiana voted for it overwhelmingly, the president of the united states of america. greetings from president donald trump. isn't he something? [laughter] we've gotten to be very close. good friends. and i will tell you it's the , greatest honor of my life to serve as vice president to serve along the side of the president who gets up every day and fights to keep the promises that he made to the people of indiana and the people of america. [applause] and we are winning. and i got to tell you, just like the governor said, indiana had a lot to do with me being
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alongside. it really did. i'll never forget one of our first conversations. he sat me down and said, tell me how you've done that in indiana. how did you cut taxes and roll back regulations and still balanced budget and create record employment? he looked at the example that republicans forged in the state of indiana and he said, we are going to bring that kind of leadership to the white house and to washington dc. and that is exactly what president donald trump has done, with hoosier support. [applause] the president's energetic leadership was on full display over the last week or so. you all saw the news about a week ago. the president signed the largest trade deal in america history, the united states-mexico-canada agreement is reached, and it
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puts american workers and american farmers first. [applause] middle of last week, the unemployment rate reached a 50-year low. and as you all may have heard, in the news today, after two years in prison in turkey, thanks to president trump, pastor andrew brunson is coming home. [applause] and lastly, just like you saw a week ago saturday when i had the great privilege to preside over the vote in the united states senate, thanks to the president's choice and the strong republican majority in the u.s. senate, a week ago the u.s. senate confirmed justice
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brett kavanaugh to the supreme court of the united states of america. [applause] you know, justice brett kavanaugh is a principled jurist, and as the president said, we believe he's going to be one of the great justices in the history of the supreme court. he's going to interpret the constitution as written and uphold all of god-given liberties enshrined there. and we couldn't have been able to confirm, you deserve to know supportthe unwavering of senator todd young. senator, would you just stand up and take about? thank you so -- stand up and take a bow? thank you so much for your strong leadership. applause] you know the truth is, the way some democrats in the united conductedate themselves in that confirmation
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process was just terrible. the democrats literally traded advise and consent for search and destroy. they set aside fairness, set aside presumption of innocence just to drive a political agenda. and the truth of the matter is, indiana's other senator was there every step of the way. and it's one more reason why indiana needs to send mike braun to the united states senate. [applause] so we have been making great progress we truly have. ,from the very first day of this administration president trump , has been keeping his word to to get this economy moving again. it is not just new trade deals that are putting american jobs and workers first. but thanks to the strong support of these republican majorities in the house and the senate, president trump has actually signed more bills, rolling back federal red tape more than any
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president in american history. [applause] we have unleashed american energy as never before. approved the keystone and dakota pipelines, got this country out of that disastrous paris climate accord, and now america is exporting energy in categories for the first time ever. [applause] right before christmas, with the andright before christmas, with theserong support of republican majorities, president trump put his signature on the largest tax cut and tax reforms in american history. that is promises made and promises kept, indiana. [applause] and it has been delivered with real results. the tax cuts we passed will impact working hoosiers by about $2100 a year that they will be
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able to keep. businesses here in indiana are going to keep up the record pace that governor holcomb has set, creating jobs large and small because the tax burden is lower. the truth is, you look all over and the results are remarkable, and day tremendous affirmation and confidence in this president, these republican majorities back in 2016. it's amazing to think, since 2016 businesses large and small have created 4.2 million new, good-paying jobs all across america, including more than 50000 jobs in the hoosier state [applause] . manufacturing is making a comeback all across america, more than 400,000 new factory jobs all across this country. the unemployment rate hasn't been this low since 1969. and the president and i couldn't be more proud. we have set a new record, the
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lowest unemployment ever recorded for african-american african-americans andnd hispanic-americans. the american dream is working again for every american. it really is remarkable, one success after another. he just always does it. he really did. back on the campaign trail, i'll never forget the night that president asked me to go with them to new york city. we unveiled the campaign's economic platform. and it was one of these big one, events just like this big stage and we were backstage , beforehand, behind one of these blue curtains. he was looking at his speech and just like that speech i have , in front of me. and he is reading it with the economists and the speechwriters standing behind him we are going , to cut taxes, rollback relations, then he reads his
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speech i'm going to reach 3% by , the end of our first term. and then he looks at the economist and said, it's going to be more than that. true story. and they said, well it might be, , could be, but there wasn't an economist who said we would be back at 3%. the last administration averaged less than 2% economic growth for the last eight years. there were people writing entire books about the fact that the week -- thiss this weak economic growth. but there he was. 3%. it is going to be more that, was just a three and then if it's more, that will be good. well, okay but i think it's going to be more. so he walked on stage, happened exactly like this, right next to him, true story. he said we are going to cut cut taxes, rollback regulations,
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and i'm establishing a national goal of 4% economic growth for the united states of america. [applause] true. then he pointed backstage and said, they didn't want me to tell you that, but he said i , believe it's going to be better than that. and everybody, all of the economists, all of the cable tv commentators everyone rolled , their eyes. and theent after it, confidence indiana placed in this president and these republican majorities last year, , a little bit shy of 3% economic growth. second quarter of this year, a year end a half into this -- a year and a half into this administration, 4.2% economic growth and rising. [applause] there is a lot of credit to go around. it is a president who has boundless confidence in the in then people and
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capacity of the american people that create growth and opportunity, boundless confidence in a vision and an agenda and a congress willing to get behind it. so there is a lot of credit to go around, truly. but there are some people going out, trying to take credit. my predecessor, joe biden, who is indiana -- who is in indiana today. i heard that his president, former president barack obama, actually has been traveling around the country talking about the economic miracle. talking about the economic boom that is happening all across america. and former president obama, and i expect joe the same, it actually started under them. i don't think almost anyone noticed. i mean, when we took over, when we took over, the economy was growing about 2%. now it's about over 4% and
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rising. you know the american people , know this economic boom is not happening because of the policies of the obama administration. this economic boom is happening because president trump and this republican congress are repealing the failed policies of the obama administration, and we are just getting started very -- just getting started. [applause] it's true. so there's jobs, opportunities, growth, i could go on and on. i could tell you, as the proud father of the united states marine, i couldn't be more proud to serve with a president who cares so deeply about the armed forces. with this republican majority, president trump has the largest increase in our national defense since the day of ronald reagan. we are rebuilding our military. [applause] we've been standing with our veterans, all new accountability
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now our veterans have choice and opportunity to choose access to the world-class healthcare that they earned in the uniform of the united states, like never before. we've done it all. we've done it all and we've stood by our values. we stood with law enforcement and committed ourselves border security. we have upheld the values that make this country great, family and life at home and abroad. and we've done it all, we've done it all with your support. and we've done it all with the country of hoosiers governor holcomb just talked about. i couldn't be more proud of all has been talking about, from dan coats to seem a varma -- doctor jerome adams, surgeon general of the united states of america. indiana is doing it. and the truth is, this state has been doing its part. i didn't say much about him when
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i came out because i wanted to save it. i couldn't be more proud of the job that governor eric holcomb and first lady janet holcomb are doing, leading this state above and beyond. would you join me in thanking this governor for the great job he is doing for the people of this state? [applause] i also mentioned senator todd young. senator young, thank you for your strong leadership. thank you for your principled commitment to conservatism in the united states senate and also your partners in the house of representatives. we saw them on stage a little earlier.
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but i'd like to thank congressman jim brooks and congresswoman susan brooks for doing a principal job, standing with this president. we couldn't be more grateful. [applause] i'm looking forward to serving with two members of the congress from indiana. has served this country in uniform, he has seen jimbat and a jim -- and a ji baird is going to make an outstanding member of the indiana delegation. [applause] jim, we are going to be proud to serve with you. [applause] and while we like to tease each other just like brothers do, i couldn't beay i more proud, i couldn't be more steppedat grade pence
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up to represent the sixth congressional district of indiana. he'll be the best pence ever elected to congress from the state of indiana. join me in thanking greg pitts for stepping up for our state -- nce for stepping up for our state and our nation. [applause] and the great stabilizing tarars mentioned before, mitchell, connie lawson, these are great people in the state, grateful for your leadership. i do want to take some time for -- just like indiana did in
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2016, we've got to do our part in we've got to reelect 2018, republicans to the house of representatives and we've got to expand the republican majority in the united states senate by electing mike braun as the next senator from the great state of indiana. [applause] now i know mike, i worked with him back in the general assembly, but i got to know him and his wonderful family when i was serving as your governor. hoosier, born and bred married his high school sweetheart, here, turnedge down a big job on wall street to build a small business here in indiana. he transformed that small business into a big business, created hundreds of jobs in his hometown. along the way, mike took care of his employees, treated them fairly. mike braun actually gave health insurance that covered
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pre-existing conditions to his employees before washington d.c. ever started talking about it. in fact, after the tax cuts were signed at the end of last year, mike's company expanded health care benefits to their employees and actually did a midyear tax bonus to his employees, putting the people who work for him first. [applause] mike is going to bring that practical experience and that principled, conservative agenda into the well of the united states senator. -- the united states senate. and we need him. because everything i just described, the commitment to the agenda that hoosiers voted for in 2016, goes all the way to his bone marrow. the same cannot be said for indiana's other senator, joe donnelly. if you doubt the fact that the joe donnelly is out of step with
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hoosiers, you need to just look at his voting record. remember, indiana voted overwhelmingly to send president trump and i to the white house in 2016. but when the time came to cut your taxes, joe voted no. when the time came to repeal and replace obamacare, joe voted no. i mean, when the time came to confirm justice brett kavanaugh, joe joined into that chorus in the senate and voted no. in fact, even though joe says he's pro-life, when the time came to give states like indiana the flexibility to defund planned parenthood, joe voted no. well, the truth is a vote for joe donnelly is a vote to make chuck schumer the leader of the united states senate, quite honestly. vote for joe donnelly is a vote to adjourn into ated states senate
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center of resistance in washington dc. well i have a message, on behalf of hoosiers, on behalf of myself, and on behalf of the president and conservatives everywhere. it's time to vote no on joe donnelly. it's time to send mike braun to the united states senate from the great state of indiana. [applause] i mean, the choice in this election couldn't be more clear. the choice in this election couldn't be more clear the candidates for the united states senate that president trump and i are fighting for every day, real results for hoosiers, unprecedented obstruction in the united states senate, a choice between prosperity or progress, a choice of moving america forward are taking our country back. i mean, think about it. joe donnelly's party wants open
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abolish they want to ice, they want government run health care, they want social -- they want socialized medicine. his party repealed creating jobs and opportunity all across the state of indiana. the truth is, if his party takes charge on capitol hill, their entire agenda is to undo all of the progress that we've made in the last two years. but we are not going to let them. we are going to reelect and expand these republican majorities and we are going to send mike braun to washington d.c., am i right? [applause] now make no mistake about it, we've got 25 days left and we've got a lot of work to do. the truth is, these first midterm elections for the party that is in the white house are challenging. history teaches that. it has actually been true
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for every midterm election, the party in the white house. when we were in the white house, for the last 100 years. conventional wisdom says this is going to be a tough year. but i think we all know what president donald trump thinks of conventional wisdom. [laughter] we made history in 2016 and we are going to make history again in 2018 when we elect mike braun to the united states senate, when we reelect republican majorities and elect republicans all across america. [applause] but it's going to take all of us to do it. so as you get ready for dinner and the balance of a great evening, i want to encourage you to do three things. decide right now my fellow hoosiers, that you are going to vote, indiana, on for november 6, the entire republican party. ?
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remember, elections are won by those who show up. began -- begins next wednesday. if you are doing an absentee ballot, you have to mail it in by october 29. do your part, get it done early, knock on doors in between now and then. and remember my fellow republicans, friends don't let friends vote alone. go find afriend, family member, go find a coworker and make sure they are registered and make sure they vote for the whole republican ticket. leave here will you tonight and just tell somebody about what you have heard. about theody incredible progress governor holcomb talked about from this podium, progress indiana has made, how important it is for us to reelect these majorities in the indiana general assembly and these great, statewide leaders. the them you ran into mike other day, mike and karen were in town.
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and tell them it to 25 minutes just to get to the top lines of what we have been able to accomplish with president donald trump and strong republican leadership in the house and senate. go out and tell them what they are not hearing on their major cable news networks every day. tell them we cut their taxes, so they can keep more of what they earn. [applause] tell them this economy is growing like it hasn't and a really long time. tell them that america standing tall again, we are supporting our armed forces again and leading on the world stage again as leaders of the free world, without apology. tell them that the forgotten men and women of indiana are forgot to know more, because it is the truth, indiana. you go tell them. [applause] believe, i really do
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believe that what happens on the airwaves, what happens in newsprint, what happens online, and doesn't compare to when someone knows you and respects you here's from you about a candidate or an issue or a cause that is important to them. so reach out tonight, over the course of this weekend, at worship, tell them how important it is, tell them how important it is pressed to do our part, not just for the indiana -- not just for indiana but for the country in this election. and lastly, let me close by saying, the purpose that you're going to vote with a friend, you are going to tell somebody the story about republican leadership in indiana. and the last thing a want to encourage you to do, if you are of the mind to bow the head and bend the need to pray for this country, i encourage you to do it. [applause] you know, the sweetest words we
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ever hear as we travel all across this country, and we hear lot,a knot, -- hear them a people saying, i am praying for you. divided times in these united states of america, i'm not even asking so much that you pray for our candidates or four hour party or for our cause, i just think it's a good time to pray for america. pray pray for all of the people in america, in this one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [applause] because prayer matters. with that said, i know you are waiting for dinner so i'm going to get out of your here. karen and i are so touched. thank you for this outpouring
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today. we will be on the campaign trail in indiana this weekend, but i leave here more confident than ever, more confident than ever just like in 2016, just like in years past, indiana is going to do its part. we are going to elect these great leaders to our statehouses, to our statewide offices, we are going to elect these members of congress and send a few new ones there with them to rick -- to represent indiana with distinction. i do believe with your support, with renewed republican leadership and the statehouse and the congress, with mike braun in the united states senate, with president donald trump in the white house, and with god's help, we will make america great again. thank you very much. it is wonderful to be with you all tonight. god bless indiana, and god bless america. [applause]
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♪ " playing] merica sun coming up over new york city school bus driver in a traffic jam staring at the faces in her rearview mirror of the at the promise promised land. ♪ thanth election day less one month away and control of congress in question, see the competition for yourself on fromn, watch the debates key house and senate races. make c-span your primary source for campaign 2018. tomorrow night, incumbent democratic senator tammy baldwin
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dictates republican leah poo vukmir in wisconsin. c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. look at the impact of celebrities in the 2018 campaign, including rapper kanye west's visit to the white house on thursday. this is from washington journal. phone now by ted johnson covered this meeting with kanye west and the president yesterday. what was the original reason for kanye west to come to the white house yesterday? ted: the stated reason from sir host: what was the reason for kanye west to come to the white house?


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