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tv   Former VP BIDEN - Nevada Democratic Party Rally  CSPAN  October 20, 2018 9:02pm-9:39pm EDT

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he was a leading figure in the virginia house of delegates. and probably the indispensable man of ratification debate, because he was the guy who persuaded the majority of virginian delegates to go along with ratified the constitution. without virginia, there would not have been a constitution. it was an important diplomat in negotiations with france. all of the contributions he has made as a founding father get forgotten because of the significance of his one decision. >> sunday night at 8 p.m. eastern, on c-span's q&a. now, former vice president biden in las vegas for a campaign rally supporting democratic representative jacky rosen. we begin with remarks from the congresswoman. this is 35 minutes.
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>> i want to thank kathryn and say good morning, las vegas. but i really want to say, good morning, 226, you are looking good. i know it's early but i always start a rally like this. eight no party like a democratic party because the democratic party don't stop.
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it's a great to see all of you out here on the first day of early vote. a big thank you to vice president joe biden. he is joining us this morning. and of course all of my amazing friends at 226. we are facing so many important fights right now, protecting our dreamers and immigrant families, defending union rights, fixing schools, tackling climate change, getting big money out of politics and protecting health care. nevada deserves another senator who is committed to these fights. and these are my fights because these are my values. i'm the grand daughter of immigrants. i grew up in a working-class family. i waited tables at caesars palace. i was the first in my family to graduate college, and my experiences and my values have made me the legislator i have been in congress, and i'm proud of the work we have achieved so far. i've been working across the aisle to get stuff done. i have helped past 50 bills through the house, 50. some, like the forever g.i.
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bill, have even been signed into law by president trump. as i travel across the state, i hear stories from people and i asked them, what keeps you up at night? the number one thing is this. my family, my children, my grandchildren, my spouse, will they have access to affordable, quality health care? let's talk about health care. my republican opponent, thank you, dean heller, [crowd booing] yes, don't boo, vote. he stood next to our governor, brian sandoval, on a podium in las vegas, and he made a promise to oppose the health care plan. he said it would hurt nevadans.
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but he went back to washington and he flipped. thank you, right, exactly. senator heller is guilty of the biggest broken promise in modern nevada history when he him and voted to take away our health care. he caved. he broke his promise, and he voted to repeal. we are going to repeal and replace him. [applause] if that wasn't bad enough that he took that vote, he put his name on another repeal bill, the graham-cassidy-heller bill, a bill that is going to slash medicaid, allow insurance companies to charge more and slash protections for pre-existing conditions. why would senator heller do that? he knew his party leaders and
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donors would reward him for breaking his promise. just days after he folded, mitch mcconnell's super pac promised to run millions of dollars in ads to get senator heller reelected. and senator heller says he still wants to repeal and replace the affordable care act. i say it is time to repeal and replace dean heller. [applause] so we have an opportunity today, because it is the start of early vote. we are going to cast our votes and hold senator heller accountable for everything he has done in washington. we are going to hold him accountable to these facts. the fact he voted to confirm brett kavanaugh to the supreme court with no reservations. none. the fact he helped write a tax giveaway to giant corporations and ultra-wealthy ceos.
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we are going to hold him him and accountable to the fact he wants support the dream act, and he voted against bipartisan plans to protect dreamers. we are going to hold him accountable, accountable for the fact he promised to protect plant parenthood but then he voted, not once, not twice, but 10 times to defund it in washington. and we are going to hold him to the fact that he wants to abolish the federal minimum wage. imagine that. and most importantly, we are going to hold him accountable to the fact that he is a rubberstamp for president trump and voted with the president 96% of the time. [crowd booing] and i know you feel a little bit like i do. nevadans have had enough. [applause] so the future of our affordable him will care act, the future of him the supreme court, all of it, all of it is on the line the selection,
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and no time is more important than right now. because when people ask us, where were you when all this was happening? we are going to look back and say, we stood up, we stood up, we stood up together and we fought back. we have a monumental opportunity in front of us, but i need your help. i'm going to ask everybody to do something. i want everybody to pull out their phone right now, and i want you to text my name, rosen, to the number 91990. that is how my campaign will stay in touch with you through today and november 6. donald trump and dean heller, they have a team, but i have all of you.
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all of you. were going to stand up and show we are out here and let our voices be heard. you can go to the clark county government center, just right over there, and you can go vote. so let's go do that right after this. [applause] so i want to thank you very much. and right now, i have the pleasure and honor and privilege to be able to welcome my good friend, the one and only vice president joe biden to the stage. ♪ >> we take care of our own
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>> we take care of our own vice president biden: my name is joe biden. i work for harry reid. thank you for the leadership of this union. i think i have been to 109 races this cycle, and im, as my grandfather finnigan would say, i don't know a more effective union for the culinary workers. we owe you. we owe you big. the fact of the matter is, what the union movement built, built the middle class. that's the reason we have a
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middle class. i was out here, catherine was winning her senate race last time i was out here by about 20 points. i came, and she still won in spite of it. but catherine, you have exceeded even my expectations. she is the real deal, and it is going to be a hell of a team when catherine is there, rosen at one end and cortez masto at the other. sometimes, the real example of power is when activation turns into multiplication -- addition turns into multiplication. i've been doing this long time, but you have genuine, genuine,
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quality candidates. i've campaigned all over this country, and the fact of the matter is -- you need to get a good price for it. but here's the deal. here's the deal. in delaware, if you have someone standing on asphalt for more than 15 minutes, you lose all the votes. so i'm going to be brief and straight to the point. all of your candidates have something in common, and they have gotten to speak so i won't go through it all, attorney general, secretary of state, lieutenant governor, down the line, they have character. they have character. they mean what they say and they say what they mean and they do what they say they are going to do. and that is the single most significant thing that is what's
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missing in washington dc. i have been around a long time. fact of the matter is, there is a lot to describe this slate, but each one of them, their lives have been shaped by service. they know what it is like to come from a family figuring out how to pay the rent, figuring out how to pay the mortgage, finding out if there is enough left. i ride home on amtrak all the time to wilmington, delaware, and i look out the window to see the houses i grew up in, split-level homes, 3000 square feet, four kids, grandfather living with them, mom and dad busting their neck, and i wonder what the conversation is at the morning table. how many of you sit there and say, who is going to tell her, you tell her, we have to tell her, we don't have the money to go back to community college. you have to write another $10,000 on those bald tires, we don't have enough money for a new set of tires.
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where did these other guys live? how did they figure they can understand what it's like? nobody should have to work two jobs to make a living in the united states of america. nobody should have to do that. [laughter] -- [applause] this election, this is not hyperbole, this election is literally bigger than politics. it's bigger than politics. and i really mean it, no matter how old or young you are you have never participated in an election that is as consequential as the selection, nationally and locally. we are not organized based on tribe, we are not organized based on religion, we are organized based on ideas. america is an idea, that's who we are, that's what makes us different than any ever -- than every other country in the world.
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and it is based on basic ideals. conservative columnist david brooks said, there is an invisible, moral fabric that holds up society, that is made up of decency, honor, giving hateharbor, treating everyone responsibly, making sure you understand that a community is bigger than you, you owe something beyond just yourself. that's what built this country. that's who we are. whether you came here for days ago or came here when had 50 years ago, that is who we are. you cannot define an american based on their race, their religion, their ethnicity, you cannot do it. it's the only country in the world based on an idea, the american idea, basic fundamental be since he. and it is being shredded. it is being shredded. the reason we have been able to leave the world is not because
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we are the most powerful nation in the world, as the power of our example. that's why we built the greatest alliances in history, literally the history of the world. that's why we have been secured. that's why we have grown. my god, think of what is going on now. as george will and other conservatives said, these ideals have been shredded, they have been shredded by a president who is all about himself. it's all about donald. it isn't about anything else. and a republican congress. and by the way, i sometimes get criticized because i have good friends on the other side of the aisle, i was able to get things done, i didn't question their motives. john mccain on his deathbed asked me to do his eulogy. we fought like hell but we had the same values, same values.
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well these guys, i'm amazed what has happened to my republican friends. because of gerrymandering and unlimited spending, they are in fact using party over their country. they really are, in ways they know better, they know better. that's why we have got to win, because when we win back the house and the senate, i promise you what you are going to see, and remember i said it, the press will sure to remember to remind me, you are going to see between 15 and 20 republicans in the house starting to vote their conscience when they know it can matter and they know they can win, you are going to see republicans in the senate begin to vote the right way. they don't want to be the only guy out there on that deciding vote, but if they know, they know the consensus in the body is to do the right thing, they will join. and we have to bring this back
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together, guys. there is no way the government can function without consensus. under our system there is nothing that can be done without reaching a consensus. and when you don't reach a consensus, what happens? all the power flows to the presidency. it all flows to the presidency. the house and senate become irrelevant, which they basically have, and that's where you see this incredible abuse of power. barack and i agreed, president obama and i agreed, he's a good friend, man [applause] and all these vice presidential historians are talking about we are closer than any vice president and president in history, but i want to make it clear, all those memes, they are basically true. [laughter]
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he made the first friendship bracelet, not me, i want you to know that. and i seeod friend him a lot. we are still with one another. my grandchildren and his daughters are each other's best friends, they vacation together, go to school together, they've been together for 10 years. folks, what we decided we are going to do is to do what some of you did for us, give us a chance to set up without immediately attacking us. give us a chance to set up our system and get it underway. we decided to do that for trump. we knew he didn't have any organization and decided to let him get started. but i couldn't remain silent after charlottesville. i came out in the civil rights movement. and i wrote an article for the atlantic magazine where i said, and i mean it with every fiber in my being, we are in a battle for the soul of america. the ideal of the united states of america in 2018, 2017, you
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would see a group of people slinking out of fields with torches, chanting the same anti-semitic bile, the same bile that was chanted in the streets of nuremberg in the 1930's, carrying swastikas, accompanied by white supremacists, supported by the david dukes in the ku klux klan, and having other people oppose them, and the president saying there is good people in both groups. my god. no president has ever said anything like that since the civil war. and ladies and gentlemen, referring to refugees as animals, propping up immigrants as the source of all the problems is a chicanery used by every oligarch around the world. you have a problem? blame it on the other, it's that immigrant, that black guy, that
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black woman, that minority, that's the reason for your problem. that's what is happening. it's a conscious effort to divide the country. and it worked in part, but we -- it is deliberate and it worked in part, but we can't let it work again. as i said, i traveled the world a lot because of my role in foreign policy. they look at me and wonder what the hell is going on in america, ripping infants from their mothers arms at the border, what are we doing? what have we become? ladies and gentlemen, the world is watching. the president stands up for the whole world to see, standing us to vladimir putin, who i know well, he is a thug. no, no, no, he is a dictator and
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he is a thug. and he stands there and takes putin's word before he takes the word of our own intelligence community? and then, then you see what happens. it's not just him, it's the folks around him. he embraces kim jong-un of north korea, he talks about exchanging love letters, like that is funny. the rest of the world is watching the united states of america. we have let the world, and they are wondering where the hell are we? what has become of us? and now, mbs in saudi arabia, who i know. my lord, he's making excuses. that old expression, some people bring a gun to a knife fight, well, you don't bring bone saws to fights. what is going on here? it's embarrassing. but it's also dangerous. it's more than malarkey, man, it's more than malarkey. they are undermining our worldwide reputation for
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what decency. and folks, it's not who we are. the american people already know who donald trump is. but here's the question, and i raised it with the culinary union leadership today, and you might not like it. it's not enough for us to show them who they are, we have to show them who we are. what do we stand for? what do we stand for? what does the democratic party stand for today? the public is not all that certain, and it seems to me it used to be, it used to be we had a basic bargain in america. the basic bargain said, and it lasted through the depression, democrats and republicans, and it said if you contribute to the well-being of an enterprise you work for, and they dwell, you got to share the benefit. that was the deal.
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ladies and gentlemen, we are in a situation right now where between the end of world war ii and 1973, productivity rose about 95%. wages rose about 92%. from that. on from 1973 until today productivity rose about 77% and , wages only grew 12%. why? why, why, why? this is the bargain that built the middle class. i have a lot of economists that work for me, and you say middle class and they will say, $52,300. it's not a number, it's a value set. it's about being able to own your own home and not rent it read it's about being able to send your kid to a park and note they're going to come home safe. it's about sending your kid to a high school and if they do well they can go beyond high school if they want to, and you can figure out how to get them
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there, you will find the money. it's about taking your geriatric mom home after your dad died and hoping your children never have to take care of you. it's about peace of mind. it's about being able to look at the ceiling when my dad couldn't , when he goes to bed at night and think, i'm ok. my family will be ok, instead of if i get sick we lose everything. my dad used to have an expression, when we had to move from scranton, pennsylvania. if you listen to barack you would think i climbed out of a coal mine with a lunch bucket in my hand. my dad was a graceful, well read, white-collar worker, a salesperson, my dad didn't go to college, i'm the first in my family, like many of you. but my dad, every time somebody we knew would lose a job, because we had to move in with
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my grandfather in scranton for a year while my dad went to delaware and found work, my dad said whenever he would lose a job, he would say, job is about a lot more than a paycheck. a job is about respect, it's about decency, it's about your place in the community, it's about your sense of yourself. and he would always emphasized, he would say, it's about being able to look your child in the eye and say, it's going to be ok, and mean it. so many people can't look their children in the eye and say, honey, it's going to be ok. for the first time in over 70 years, the american middle class thinks their children aren't going to do as well as they do, the majority. america has a wii's been about possibilities. and it's our job to restore the bargain. at
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its base, that's what this is all about. the first thing is allowing people to negotiate for their self worth and value, whether it is unions are individuals. unions have been eviscerated around the country at every level. the national chamber of congress declared war and label 25 years ago and they have been extremely successful. but you know, when even union members don't know, do you realize that 40% of all the people who go to work in the next 10 have to sign a noncompete agreement? and a significant of them are hourly workers? what could that possibly be about other than depressing wages? thing to say if you work for oracle, you can't go to work for another major tech company, but it's another thing
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to say if you work for jimmy john's, you can't work at mcdonald's. second thing, we've set up a thatm that brock and i -- barack and i tried to break down. the reclassification of hourly workers is management. costs hourly workers $500 million a year out of their pockets. you're stacking spaghetti on the shelf of a supermarket. you say, you direct him, you're therefore you don't get overtime pay. they've used every trick in the we can'take sure that even bargain individually for our own net worth. folks, the fact of the matter is, the second thing you know is there's no possibility of staying and anding in the middle class staying in it without better education than we have. the president of the united a study,ked me to do
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when, you know -- if you ever watched the state of the union, saying, "joe is going to do such and such." the helltold me what he was going to have me do before he did it. funny.ght it was really joe is going to handle the $87 billion recovery program. do the moon to shop. one year, he said, joe is going do a study on jobs of the future. six out of 10 jobs right now something beyond a high school degree to get a job. whether it's a certificate or whether it's -- or it's a community college or a four-year degree. what are we doing about it? folks, preschool and kindergarten, from the neighborhoods around this city and in my hometown, if you come a neighborhood where you are the working poor or working, from a neighborhood that i now live in, which i kid't live in before, the coming out of my neighborhood
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will have heard well over a spoken than words the kid coming out of the other household. how is that fair? yet we know that a significant part of a child's brain is developed by the time they're five years old. why aren't we investing in early education, quality early education? to equalize things? folks, there's no debate about this anymore. but republicans don't get it. health care, i'm not going to talk about it. but the bottom line is this, guys. you know why these guys -- and i it at the time. i stood on the steps of the capitol. and i think jacky was there. said the reason why these guys are going after health care is askedme reason they willie sutton why he robbed banks. he said that's where the money is. for them to do their notcut -- their tax cut is only overwhelmly unfair, which i
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an't get into, but it creates $900it of $100 trillion, billion. an additional deficit. additional. worldeconomist in the knows that cannot be sustained. so they have to cut the deficit. doing -- what are they doing? jacky can tell you, before they session, they called it a mark, using the jargon. to cut 500 -- if i'm billionaken -- and $60 in medicare. not a joke. you saw what happened with mitch mcconnell. we can't sustain the budget deficit. after social security. these guys -- you guys paid for this. but what's happening now -- not a joke -- mark my words, if we don't win the house and the going tohey are
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drastically cut social security. i'm not making it up. it.'ve acknowledged i've known it for the last 10 years. medicare and medicaid. you realize 70% of the people in or in anng home aftercare are women? classf those are middle women, living the middle class life, over 45% of them. every singleell thing they had in order to be able to stay in that home. guess what? thing that keeps them in those homes now, poor and thing., is one medicaid. and they're going after medicaid. guys are notese the good guys right now. this is not your father's republican party. i'll end by saying, look, in all i've just told you, i am more optimistic than i've the future oft america. let me tell you why. folks, if we take back the house i'm so tired of
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democrats walking around like woe is me, things are so bad, are we gonna do -- i've had it up to here. [cheering] than are better positioned any nation in the world to own the 2st century, to own it! have more great research universities in america than the entire rest of the world combined, in every major change that's occurred in the last 25 years have come out of those research universities. we're in a situation in the united states of america. we not only have the strongest in the world, we have the most agile venture capitalists in the world. our workers are in fact three times as productive as workers in china. i hear about china. as much time with xi anybody has. he would trade places in a heartbeat. enought only don't have energy, they don't have enough water. they're talking about trillion aroundprojects to turn the rivers. it's polluted with cadmium. enough foodroduce
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for their people. they have an historic split the westhe ocean and of their country. seenre run -- have you anybody walking around beijing withouty show a picture a mask on? they're dying four times at the rate the united states is. morere going to have cancer patients in the next decade than all the rest of the world combined. almighty! what are we talking about? who are we? if anybodyhand thinks the e.u. is our competition. raise your hand and tell me if there's any place in the world that can be -- i'm not trying to be -- this is a fact. facts!re so, folks, it's time to get up, lift our heads up. are!ber who the hell we this is america! [cheering] >> let's take back the senate! as we will change the world we know it! now! now, now, now! you very much. [cheering] >> god bless you all and may god protect our troops!
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♪[music] >> one last thing. every time i walked out of my in scranton, home pennsylvania, he was a great football player at santa clara, the few irish catholics to get an education back in the century, when it was "no irish need apply." walk out of his
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house, he's yell, joey, keep the faith! my grandmother would yell, no, joey, go spread the faith! [cheering] ♪[music]
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>> with the midterm luckies just away, watch the competition for the control of congress on c-span. yourself. the candidates and the debates from key house and senate races. your primary source for campaign 2018. with 17 days until the election, campaign coverage continues monday with two rallies. obama inesident barack las vegas, participating in the outda democratic party "get the vote" rally, live at 4 p.m. eastern. 7:30, president trump will speak at a rally in houston to support texas senator ted re-election bid. watch both rallies on c-span. source for campaign 2018. now a debate in the u.s. senate race in north dakota between


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