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tv   Campaign 2018 Fmr. VP Biden  CSPAN  October 31, 2018 1:50am-2:44am EDT

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join us for a live campaign 2018 calling -- call in during "washington journal at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. awayth election day a week , former vice president joe biden d a stop this evening in iowa for a get out the vote rally. the event was in support of u.s. house candidate abby finkenauer, and fred hubbell, who is running for governor. ["we take care of our own" being sung]
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>> wow. thank you so much for coming out here tonight, friends. oh my goodness, what a crowd. i also want to start off by saying thank you. thank you to the hundreds of thousands who have been out a halfhe last year and knocking doors, making phone calls, talking to your neighbors because you know what is on the line. tonight, we stand here with one week to go. iowaeek to prove we are an that steps up for our neighbors with pre-existing conditions. >> [applause]
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>> one week to prove we are an iowa who fights for working families. [applause] and one week to make sure that washington hears from all the s they haveiowan forgotten. friends, we cannot take our foot off the pedal. every day matters here and we must continue this fight. these next seven days and beyond . [applause] but tonight, i want to look back a little further than one week. i want to look back to the night
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-- the day, that i decided i was going to do this and step up for my friends and family in the first district. was february of 2017, where i was standing on the floor of that steakhouse seter today's -- state hou after two days of fighting back against the gutting of collective bargaining where they were going after teachers, our correction officers, our bus drivers, all the working families just like mine. thoseere standing there, families, up in that gallery, makeing that government their lives harder and as i am standing there, standing up about to take the vote, i had tears in my eyes because i was
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thinking about all that was going on in our country at the time. about the talks we were starting to hear in washington, d.c. about gutting our health care, making it harder for folks to get the care that they need, repealing daca, not replacing it with anything. at the same time, -- repealing not replacing it with anything. and as i saw the tears in iowans eyes, i vowed in that moment, this is not how we treat people in my state or my country, and i was going to do whatever i could to get it back. [applause] ms. finkenauer: so friends, i decided to run for congress because this is personal. [applause]
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see, i grewer: you up the daughter of a union type hitter, welder. my mom had just retired from the school district. there were four of us in our family. four kids. we were all first-generation college graduates. i am still paying off student loans, not always easy. and i still remember being a 10-year-old, having to have my --'s union rep name ram rise memorized because when that name showed up on caller id, that meant my dad had a job. i remember some of those months and even years where that name wasn't showing up very often and what that meant for my family, so again, not always easy. but that was ok, because we were never told it was going to be easy. what we were told and what we were promised was that if you
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work hard, you can make it. [applause] ms. finkenauer: but unfortunately right now, washington is breaking that promise. they are making it harder for my neighborsy family, my and the folks here in this room and in contrast, i have been here in the state of iowa standing up for working families every chance i have gotten. [applause] ms. finkenauer: and i'll tell you, this fight to stand up for working families has taken me all across this district, and hearing from folks about why this race is personal to them
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soto -- too. from the woman i met two months announced, on oxygen, that with the bill that passed in the u.s. house, put it past , that her doctor told her she was going to have to oxygen,n she used her whether it was during the day or at night because she wasn't going to be able to afford all 24 hours. and she looked at me and said you don't pick when you breathe. why should i have to? guyit is personal to the that i went to grade school with i sawnion ironworker, and him about a couple months after they passed the big tax bill where they decided to cap $1.9 givingn to our deficit,
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83% of those benefits to the top 1% and corporations. how he felt robbie about that, he said i am barely making enough extra to afford this lunch here and those people at the top are getting from -- ferraris. this ihe stories like have heard that made me realize that, look, 2018 isn't coming , rural where you live iowa or the city. are you democrat, republican, no party? it is not coming down to any of that. 2018 in seven days, this is coming down to our values and who are we? [applause] ms. finkenauer: are we people who step up for our neighbors,
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or are we not? and i tell you what. the iowa i grew up in, the country i grew up in, we step up for each other every single time. that is who we are. [applause] ms. finkenauer: and that, my friends, is why i have so much hope your. what i -- here. what i have realized the last couple of weeks here, we are not a state or a country that grows from here and division. we grow from hope. [applause] ms. finkenauer: it's about hope and the idea that you get up in the morning, you work hard, and
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you are not just able to make a living. you are able to have a good life. and by the way, there is a difference. [applause] about hopeuer: it's and the the idea that god forbid you get sick, you do not have to file for bankruptcy and it is about your kidshe idea that can get a good education and do better than you did. hope, my friends is on the line and on the ballot in 2018. it is why again we can not take our foot off the pedal because i tell you what else is on that decencycommon sense and
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in public service. [cheers and applause] i have to tell you who i learned my views on public service on, i did not know anybody and government but i knew my grandfather who was a firefighter. and he was one of the best examples of what public service is supposed to be. a phone when he got call to run into a burning building, he did not call back and ask what color is your skin? how much money do you make? who do you love? what religion are you? how old are you? [cheers and applause]
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you see, he just showed up and he helped people and he did his job. [applause] that is when i have been trying to do the last four years as a state representative and that is who our special guest is tonight has been doing his whole life. [applause] see, i haveer: you the privilege for -- of working for vice president joe biden 2007 and he is tonight -- here tonight because of the values that we share.
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he shares the belief that health care is a right, not a privilege, the belief that medicare and social security are sacred promises we hold to each other and the belief that every kid who grows up in a working-class family like mine has the right to a bright future. [cheers and applause] finkenauer: it is one of my greatest honors as a water of a union pipe fitter welder who is hoping to be your first congresswoman -- [cheers and applause] ms. finkenauer: it is again my
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honor to introduce the guy who grew up in a working-class family in scranton, pennsylvania, my friend, vice president joe biden. >> ♪
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mr. biden: hello, iowa. [cheers and applause] mr. biden hello, cedar rapids. : it's been a long time. folks, my name is joe biden and i am here because my friend abby finkenauer asked me to be here. [applause] mr. biden: she's the best. she's the best. i'll tell you what, i wondered why anyone would vote for me as a 29-year-old kid for the united states senate and when. watching abby, i know why they are going to vote for her. i still don't know why they voted for me. [laughter] mr. biden folks, three times : this past week, the forces of hate and terror have descended on the
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american political scene, going after people for their political beliefs, the color of their skin or their religion. a series of explosive devices were mailed to several of us in the democratic party who held high public office. in addition, the cold-blooded murder of two african-american citizens in a supermarket in kentucky. and the worst anti-semitic hate crime in our nation's history, the massacre of 11 jewish worshipers at a synagogue i know well in pittsburgh, that two of my close friends attend. folks, we need to recognize words matter. [cheers and applause] mr. biden: words matter. we have to recognize that we take responsibility as well. our political opponents are not our enemies, they are our
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opponents. the press is not the enemy of the people. [cheers and applause] mr. biden and before we are : democrats or republicans or independents, we are americans, for real. [applause] mr. biden america is so : much better than this, we are so much better than this. i know sometimes it feels these days like anger and hatred and viciousness are overwhelming us, and it is our leaders who need to set the tone and i'll down the temperature, restore some dignity to our national dialogue but it is also the american people, and each one of us has the power to change the tone of our discourse in our lives. i really mean it. my mom used to say, character is made up of 1000 little things,
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not one big thing. the way we interact with people, the way we treat each other, the way we hold a door or someone, the way we thank the guy that cleaned the sewer during the storm to make sure our basement didn't flood, the 1000 little things. we can overcome this moment together by being the best version of ourselves. and we know we can do it. the version of america that i see travel this country, and as i travel this country, and america that is worthy of being called that shining city on the hill, like the rest of the world looked at us in the past. i have campaigned for a lot of folks this year, and more than anything else i have seen one thing. today, more than ever, the american people are desperately, democrats, republicans and independents, they're looking for people with character. [cheers and applause] mr. biden: no they really are.
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, they are looking for authenticity. they are looking for someone who never belittles the other guy. who treats everyone like my dad did, with dignity and respect. they're looking to people to tell the truth. [cheers and applause] mr. biden: they are. they really are. and i and here because you have two of those people right here, actually three during your candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, and congress. for decades fred and his wife have been at the forefront of everything that is good about iowa. you heard fred and charlotte were taken hostage by hijackers on a plane to pakistan. there is nothing like seeing the possibility of your own demise to make you focus on the future. fred's parents got on the next plane to germany, not knowing whether they were going to meet their son or his casket.
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after 13 long days looking at the barrel of a gun, fred was finally released. like many of you who have been through very difficult times, those of us who hold public office think we are the only ones who went through it, my god. raise your hand if you lost someone to cancer, or someone you love. just look around. we are a tough people. and by the way, parenthetically, i want to thank you all, because so many of you were so decent to my beau, to my son. literally hundreds and hundreds of iowans wrote beautiful letters to me about my boy. and those of you who went through it, you know how much it means. my dad had an expression, you know your success is apparent
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when you look at your child the -- and realize they turned out better than you. my kids have turned out better than me. [applause] mr. biden: so we all get it. you all get it. you can understand how your gubernatorial candidate's experience inspired you, getting a second chance on life to dedicate himself to something bigger. that's the kind of american thinking, knowing there are things that are bigger than just you, and this is one of those things. fred didn't waste time on what is petty and small. he knows this matters, he's got his priorities right, and he will make all the difference as governor. backstage i grabbed him and said, thank you for pointing out
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what will be the things that make a difference in people's lives, the quality of their lives, some sense of certainty. i was reminded the first time i came here, asked to campaign for a guy, dick clark. [applause] you guys were rated number one in the nation in education. number one. we all back east had to take the iowa test. for real. we were given an exam called the iowa test. and folks, health care matters. fixing the medicaid mess in iowa matters. [applause] mr. biden getting people help : for mental illness, overcoming the stigma is seeking help, matters. i pointed out to fred, i carry in my pocket my schedule, but on my schedule, you can't see it
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from here, there is a black box every day on my schedule. i had my staff before 6:00 call the pentagon to tell me exactly how many fallen angels have died in afghanistan and iraq, because every single one of them left behind a community. i hate it when people say roughly 6800. it is 6841. the number of people wounded, 52,727. but here is the deal, a lot of you served like my son did. a lot of you served. but what is not on here, because we don't have an exact number, is roughly 300,000 warriors coming home suffering from post traumatic syndrome and traumatic brain injury.
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we are roughly 73,000 psychiatric nurses short in america. fred has never run for office, but he spent the whole life creating jobs and understanding human nature. barack always gives me by saying all politics is personal. it's a logical extension of human nature. you can see his judgment and his and i am not being salud solicitous when i say his pick of rita as a running mate, a teacher, farmer, terrific state senator. and i want to talk about abby for a second. i understand abby because i came from the same kind of home, i came from the same kind of place, like most of you did, growing up believing there wasn't a thing i couldn't do because that is what my parents told me. not a thing. no, not a joke. my grandfather would say look at
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me, joey, look at me. i used to stutter really badly, do not let it define you, you can be whatever you want to be. her grandfather was a firefighter in dubuque. he didn't run away from trouble, ran in to trouble. and you heard her say her dad worked 16 hour shifts as a union-fitter and welder. her mom was a secretary. you all know the story, it is in iowa story, the story of the vast majority of people you know ricci comes from really good stock -- people you know. she comes from really good stock, but i will tell you what, she is tough, she is honorable, she is serious.
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[applause] and she is very authentic. [applause] take it from me, when you get elected and a very young age you have a lot to prove. [laughter] and she has proved herself over and over again, just in the few years she has been engaged. and we need more women and men of character, like fred and abby, because they really do have character. they are decent, they are honorable. we all know in our gut, there is something different in the -- in this election for real. [applause] mr. biden and it sounds like a : bizarre thing to say, but it is different than politics as usual. unlike any other country in the world, america is an idea. we are unique in the world. we are an idea. and you cannot define an
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american in other terms other than the ideals we share together. you can't define an american based on ethnicity, religion, race, background. you literally can't. try it. it is our commitment to a certain set of ideals that are held in common by all of us. we don't always live up to it, but we have never given up on them. we hold these truths self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator. we have never met it all, but we have never walked away from it. common values like treating people with decency, showing respect to everyone no matter what their background, giving hate no safe harbor. leaving no one behind. as i said about your new governor seem -- soon to be, committing to something bigger than themselves.
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conservative columnist david brooks says there are many folks on the alt right who are attacking these values, and he says they are quote, being dissolved so they can make room for their individual selfishness. folks, i respect my republican opponents. you noticed any time our administration would have a dilemma in the house or senate, i would get sent up to the house and senate. it's because i never once misled them or lied to them in the years i was there, and i respect them. they have a different point of view. i respected, though -- i respect it, though. and they knew that although we disagreed significantly, if we didn't turn this into personal invective, if we didn't turn this into questioning motives, we could get through the most difficult times. that we had to get through. but it seems lately that many of my republican colleagues,
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and there are still have a lot of friends in both parties, that my republican colleagues seem to have lost their nerve. no, no, i'm not trying to be a wise guy. they are spending more time protecting the white house and choosing party over country than any time before. [applause] mr. biden and by the way, it is : not acceptable but it is understandable, because of the gerrymandering that has taken place, and because of unlimited spending. i call someone and say, why did you do such and such, you know better? they say if i do some -- such and such i give you my word, , these are conversations i have. if i do such and such, the koch brothers will come in with $5 million or $10 million in my race and i will lose. i can't do it. and i ask of them, why would you want a job where you have to get up in the morning and do something you didn't believe?
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you could do a lot better doing something else. folks, this is not your father's republican party. a year ago, after the horrific events in charlottesville, wrote an article for atlantic magazine. we are in the battle for the soul of america now. hate is on the march in america. we watch white supremacists and now nazis crawl out from under rocks, carrying torches, chanting the same hateful bile that was chanted on the streets of nuernberg munich, berlin, in , the 1930's. this same exact language, the anti-semitic language. and when that hatred is given space to fester, when it is
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distorted, worldviews fueled online, when the alt-right and folks like steve king, when they declare a moral equivalence between those guys and people opposing them, we have never done that before in america. we have never assigned a moral equivalence among our leaders, to say these white supremacists, these kkk, these neo-nazis, there is good people there too, what the hell is happening to us? this hate will continue to grow. our children are listening and they are watching, and according to a recent study by the american psychological association, stress in america reported by what they call generation z people is the worst mental health of any generation surveyed. our children are listening.
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27% rate their mental health fair or poor. the single greatest fear of people between the ages of 15 and 25 is being shot in a school. that is a fact. silence is complicity. we will not be silent. we will not be complicit. we will not, we must speak out. and urge our republican colleagues to speak out as well. this has to stop. it has to stop. there used to be a basic bargain in america that democrats and republicans ascribed to.
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the bargain built the middle class abby talks about. the bargain was, if you contribute to the wealthy, the enterprise you work with, you share the benefits. that bargain has been broken, folks. the middle class isn't a number, it is a value set. it is about being able to own your own home and not have to rent it, being able to send your kid to a park and know they will come home safely, send them to a high school that if they do well they will go beyond high school, and you will figure out somehow to get the money to get them there. it's about taking home your geriatric mom after your dad dies, and hope your children never have to take care of you. it's about a little peace of mind, a little bit of peace of mind. the middle class is shrinking in america. we are no longer the wealthiest. fewer than 50% say they belong to it. ladies and gentlemen, this is changing. my dad used to say after everything died, and he listened to barack, you would think i
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climbed out of a coal mine with a lunch bucket. [laughter] mr. biden: my dad was a gentleman, a well read man, high school educated man, a white-collar worker. but there were no jobs in scranton in the 1950's. so he took us to our grandfather, and made a longest walk up a short flight is theirs to tell your kids, you can't go back to school, you can't play in the ballclub, daddy doesn't have a job, you have to go live with grandpa. he came home every weekend but moved to delaware and finally got a place and was able to bring us all down. it was a nice place, he finally ended up getting a good job five years later. but he always used to say the following. when anyone would lose a job, someone in our neighborhood, someone at our kitchen table, someone in our family got laid off somewhere along the line, and he said, joe, remember, i
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job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it is about your dignity. it is about respect. it is about your place in the community. and then he would say, joey, it's about being able to look your child in the eye and say, honey, it's going to be ok. think how many people are not able to say that today. it's not just economic justice. the middle class is the reason for our social and political stability the past 100 years. i'm referred to as middle class joe. that's not a compliment. it means i'm not sophisticated. but i will take you what, i know what built this country, ordinary people given half a chance, given half a chance, never let the country down. we have a simple job as democrats this time out.
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i have been to 26 states, i think, 54 candidates, it's a simple job whether i am in north dakota or alabama or here. our job is to restore dignity to the political discourse, and restore the basic bargain in america. and it starts with being able to bargain for your own work. we know how the chamber has declared war on labor's house for the past 20 years. we have seen what your governor here has done and what your legislature has done to organize labor. but did you know that 40% of the workers in america will have to at some point in their career sign a noncompete clause? jimmy johns, you're making a sandwich, you have to sign a noncompete clause that you won't
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walk to the next town and get $.15 more working for mcdonald's or burger king? what is that all about, other than suppressing wages? there is no rationale for it. did anyone ever think that we in the united states of america would decide that you are not entitled to overtime? hourly workers are entitled to overtime, except all the reclassification that is going on. if you work at a supermarket and you direct the person that brings the cart to put the ragu spaghetti on the shelf, they make you a manager. guess what? you don't get overtime. that cost hourly workers last year? $1.6 billion. what is that all about? other than suppressing wages so the wealthy can do better. unfairly. look, folks, education, does anybody think we can't make it in the 21st
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century without something beyond high school education? president obama used to love, if you watch the state of the union messages, he would turn and say, joe is going to do the following. the recovery act was $865 billion, he said joe is going to do the recovery act. sheriff joe. the moonshot. joe is going to be mission control for the moonshot. he would never tell me what he was going to do, but the good thing he did two is -- he did do is he is one of my best friends, personal best friends. [applause] mr. biden: by the way, all those memes are accurate. but he made the first friendship bracelets, not me. all kidding aside, he asked me to do a study five years ago, he gave me presidential power, i
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could hire, fire, he give me the authority to do whatever needed to do be done because we trusted each other. he gave me an assignment to find out what the jobs of the 21st century would be. i spent a year going to outside experts, internal economists and the rest. by 2020 six out of 10 jobs in america will require something more than a high school degree. but look at what republicans are doing, both in the united states congress, at the white house, --r state legislator legislature, and the governors. the ultimate equalizer is an education. [applause] mr. biden: but folks, health care, health care, doing, iwhat they are at least they should be honest. support, the president is
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saying, we republicans, we strongly support making sure that pre-existing conditions are covered. lie. simple, unadulterated lie. they voted against the affordable care act. but they don't even understand, even if they wanted to do it independently, you need everybody to be able to afford to take care of this. 20 republican attorneys general signed an amicus brief to the federal court saying it is unconstitutional to require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. thousands upon thousands of islands have pre-existing conditions. what are they doing, man? millions of americans now understand what the affordable care act really means. it means it saves lives. it brings peace of mind so you
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don't stare at the ceiling at night thinking, if i get sick my wife or my husband and the kids, they lose everything. folks, the only candidates in this race who are actually going to protect pre-existing conditions are fred hubbell and abby finkenauer. [applause] mr. biden: but folks, look, there is a reason why this is such an important election on this point, and listen to me closely, please. i was asked to lead all the democrats in the house to stand on the steps of the capitol, and make the case against repealing the affordable care act. and i said something than that even some democratic colleagues weren't sure about. i said, these guys have another objective. they have never supported medicare.
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they have never supported medicaid. and they have never supported the robust social security program. and look what they did. they created, as abby pointed out, a $1.9 trillion additional national debt that cannot be sustained. and now what are they saying? in order to deal with the national debt democrats created, we have got to cut health care. the house budget committee chairman and the house of representatives, a republican, has already introduced a bill to cut, i think the number is $560 billion from medicare. over half $1 trillion. mitch mcconnell, the leader of the senate, says we now have to go out and reduce significantly social security and medicare and medicaid.
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folks, that is why you need fred and abby in this fight. we are democrats. if you ask yourself, why did you become a democrat in the first place, my guess is that it's because we can't stand the abuse of power. whether it is a man raising his hand to a woman or child, or a corporation taking advantage, or a government oppressing people, we stand for giving all americans a fighting chance. but to do it we have to reset the moral compass of this nation. i'm known as an optimist, but the truth is we are in a better position today in the world, the unique nation in the world, to own the 21st century. none of this is beyond our power. i'm sick and tired of democrats and republicans, woe ismay, do? what are we going to
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we are the world's largest economy, we are the wealthiest nation in the world. energy independent. where the strongest military in human history. have more fine research universities in the world combined. venturehe most agile capitalists in the world. no other nation in the world can match us, when i hear this about xi better than any other leader in the world based on time spent with him, more than 25 hours. he would change places in a heartbeat with america. they do not have enough replacement workers because of their one child policy. by the middle of this next decade, they are going to have more people retired than working . they cannot keep up because there is -- they are xenophobic and will not let anyone else in. they not only need energy, they
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have over half a trillion dollar program to figure out how to turn their rivers in another direction so people have drinking water, which they do not have. you will understand this, the estimates go from 35% to 45% of their land is polluted with cadmium. it cannot produce anything. look on the television or if you have ever visited beijing, to you see anyone walking around without a mask on their face? they i of lung cancer four times the rate we do. in the next decade they will have more cases of cancer overall than the rest of the world combined. folks, competition. l we are.who the hel this is america. nothing is beyond our capacity. we have to bring this country together. the only thing that is strong enough to tear america apart as
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america itself and we have seen it start and we must make it stop. is what this is all about. we have to make it clear as democrats, we choose hope over fear. unity over division. we choose allies over enemies. we choose truth overlies. we choose a bright future over the darkness. if we do that, we can still on the 21st century. this country has to come timeher, so folks, it is to get up, remember who we are, this is america. we can do anything. take it back. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. this is america, nothing is our capacity and that is not hyperbole. god love you all. thank you, thank you, thank you. good to see you all again. thank you.
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[cheers and applause] ♪ mr. biden:, on, guys, get back up here, abby. ladies and gentlemen, these people are not only optimists, they are smart as hell. thank you. congratulations. go get them. thank you all. this is it. come on. ♪
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and watch nextrn month when author brad meltzer will be our guest. on book tv on c-span2. >> in florida's 16th district, arn buchanan is seeking second term against david shapiro. they faced each other in a debate that focused on education, health care, and the deficit. this is half an hour. for congress in the 16th congressional district has been one of the most highly watched contests in that country. president trump won the district by 10 points. voters have not elected a democrat to congress since 1983 but no one motivates democrats like donald trump and the party is hoping this will be the year to flip this district which includes sarasota, manatee, and southern


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