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tv   Acting Defense Secy. Shanahan Remarks on Defense Nomination  CSPAN  May 10, 2019 5:50am-5:56am EDT

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$9 million and $12 billion. puerto rico got $91 billion. and now the democrats are trying to hold up the money from georgia, from south carolina, from alabama, to florida. they're trying to hold it up. they're hurting florida. there holding -- i mean, what they're doing to north carolina, to louisiana. they're trying to hold relief aid. because puerto rico, which got $91 billion, have to love their president -- they want to get puerto rico more money, so they're willing to sacrifice georgia, alabama, south carolina, north carolina, florida, louisiana, and other states. the democrats are doing that. they are very divisive people. thank you very much. >> president trump announced he intends to name patrick shanahan as the next secretary of defense. mr. shanahan reacted to the announcement outside the pentagon.
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>> good day, right? one >> in a comments? >> are you excited? >> very excited. >> what is your priority? >> to the job. ,he national defense strategy high priority, but as you can tell, real-world events that happen every day so you have to spin a lot of plates. >> what about iran? >> it is an important issue. secretary pompeo today, look for a statement from him. very well coordinated and crafted statement. i think there's a lot you can read into what he is trying to say. >> or military deployments? . expectations. on
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>> [indiscernible] >> i know with a fired. i think we will hold off on talking about what it is but we will stick to our diplomacy. as you all know, we have not changed our operations or our posture. continue to generate the readiness we need in case diplomacy fails. >> [indiscernible] >> the biggest challenge is balancing it all. for me, it is about practicing select from neglect so we can stay focused on the future. it not ignore a lot of the and merging -- emerging important issues that pop up from day-to-day. >> did it surprise you to be nominated? "c-span's "washington journal
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by every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, wisconsin republican congressman brian style discusses trump administration trade and agriculture policy. the pennsylvania democratic congresswoman susan wild's talks about legislation to strengthen protections for union workers to organize. be sure to watch "washington eastern live at 7:00 this morning. join the discussion. c-span's newest book "the presidents" rick america's best and worst chief executives and provides insight into the lives of the 44 american presidents through stories gathered by interviews with noted presidential historians. explore the life events that shaped our leaders, challenges they face, and the legacies they have left behind. order your copy did they.
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it is now available as a hardcover or e-book. the c-span bus is stopping at middle and high schools across the country to meet and award the winners of our studentcam video competition. we were recently in sacramento, california, with comcast and it was second pressed middle school prize middlecond school winners. >> there needs to be more laws protecting the dbt individuals so we chose this as our topic. there is a was room for improvement. we met with many different interviewees who gave us different opinions on this matter. helped us to see how there's not
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just one definition to being an american, but how individuals with different backgrounds will make up our country. >> to watch all of the winning entries, go to >> senator mark warner of virginia is the vice chair of the senate intelligence committee. he talked with reporters at a breakfast hosted by the christian science monitor for about an hour.


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