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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Sen. Cory Booker in Laconia NH Meet Greet...  CSPAN  May 13, 2019 5:25am-6:00am EDT

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why are we taking people that may have $100,000 to their name -- [inaudible] i have been looking at this problem a lot. when i was mayor i learned how to deal with problems now. when i am your president i will be the wayne gretzky of presidents. >> sounds good.
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>> we are going to keep walking this way. [indiscernible] trump.ow i can beat we need leaders who are going to inspire others.
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>> thank you very much. good luck. are these your bodyguards? >> slow response. a good point to make. >> i hope i get a chance to represent you. i hope to see you again. [indiscernible]
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>> nice to meet you. >> thank you. [applause] [indiscernible]
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>> i lived for about 10 years and a housing project. [indiscernible] >> nice to meet you. >> my pleasure. >> so, leslie, are you in charge? [laughter] no, but we already met your wonderful mother. my mom has a saying, behind every successful child is an
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astonished parent. you wouldn't make up your bed, and now you are a senator. [laughter] thank you all for being here. nice to meet you as well. >> thank you for what you did for newark. and for all the cities that are suffering, whatever you did. >> thank you so much. . love your hat back did you go to the naval war college? >> i have been married a lot of our brave soldiers who are doing towner terrorist training. -- counterterrorist training. i been most recently to niger
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and helping folks there. that's incredible. thank you for what you are doing. nice to meet you as well. thank you all for having me here. it's so good to be here. thank you. trevor, how are you? day. mother's trevor, are you an only child? thank you for having me here. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, corey.
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>> she is still alive at 104. >> that is phenomenal. >> your family is pretty famous in new jersey. >> at tried to call him this morning to ask what i should ask. >> have many siblings do you have, trevor? what are their names? >> tuesday and toye. >> i know something about you guys. i know that you have a ridiculously amazing mom who i get a chance be with on mother's day. i just wish you all the best. i hope i get a chance to read -- to me the rest of the family sometime soon.
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take care now, all the best. >> do you need me to come out right now? i got asked this question, what is your number one issue? are a lot of existential issues, everything from climate change to health care. i named a lot of the important issues, but i said the problem i have is i think the number one issue is are we going to solve those problems? we are a culture that's going from a beloved community to tribalism, or-based culture. it is a zero-sum game. i worry that in it a nation where we have so many issues, is going to be hard to solve the big problems unless we start healing our culture.
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one of the big issues i have to tell people all the time is if you are looking for presidential candidate is going to say i want to fight fire with fire, i don't think you actually create the change when you pick people against each other. the way we think about -- we had big change in our country. took down demagogues and hatemongers. think about this. , what theyrmingham did was they showed courageous acts of love and grace and the morald expanded imagination of the country and inspired people to get involved. you asked me one of the things i want to do, as only person in this race that lives in a really tough neighborhood, i live in a community below the poverty line in an inner-city community. i always say to folks, i never
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mistake wealth with work. i've got an incredible community. we've solved a lot of our by uniting people. as president of the united states, that is my goal and ambition. to pull people together for the larger cause of justice and activate more people from the sidelines. too many americans think democracy is a spectator sport. we have more people engaged and involved. i think we would be solving more problems. my question back to everybody question, if we as americans do the same thing we are doing in 2014 and 2012, we are going to get the same result. if you're willing to support me, i'll ask for more from you. this is not a time a savior is going to come in. we are not electing one person who is going to solve all our problems. my hope is if i become president, or people will show
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more kindness, get more involved, and do more. if somehow i become your president, are you willing to do more for your country? then we are going to make real change together. not me, but us together. so thank you all. i think the greatest motor , we've seentrump this type of politics rise in this country. there were catholics and irish, call the know nothing party. we've seen mccarthyism. we've seen the anti-semitic rants of father compline. we've seen people rise to power by appeal into the lesser angels of the community. the biggest weakness has always been -- king said it so eloquently. it's a silence and inaction of the good people.
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it's live, it's love, its unity. we need leaders who can inspire that again. i think we're going to win this election, i really do. we're going to have more people engaged in motivated. in the same way we just took back the house of representatives, going to take that more ground because americans realize the gardens of democracy always have weeds of hate and bigotry in them. we need to pull those weeds and let the goodness flourish. thank you, everybody. [applause] >> i would like to record a message saying thank you.
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>> your mom is your code to me on this video. i just want to say thank you for your support. -- your mom is here coaching me on this video. i wish your mom happy mother's day. she is extraordinary. god bless you. thank you for lifting me up today. all the best. [indiscernible] [laughter] >> thank you very much.
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[indiscernible] >> they need to do a lot more investigating. >> i don't know how you handle that. subpoena the unredacted report. [indiscernible] 18 months from now. i know he didn't get the majority of the vote last time. >> so nice to meet you. >> a wonderful interview.
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[indiscernible] >> thank you for coming out. what great are you in? >> sophomore. >> will you be 18 by november 2020? >> yes. work harder to earn your support. >> who is your favorite teacher
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in high school? >> that would be my math teacher. >> its cory booker. i just want to say i talked to a lot of young people on the campaign trail and as who their favorite teacher is, or what teachers they appreciate. you were the name he brought up so i want to thank you for number two, for inspiring our young people as a math teacher, especially, for you to sprout something in our young people, that says a lot are. who you i want to thank you what you're doing with your life and for kids in our future. i hope to see you down in washington. all the best to you and thank you again for all you do. will you give him that?
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>> thank you very much. >> thank you, nice to meet you. [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] >> we finally passed that law in new jersey.
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that's why i'm one of the original sponsors of the bill. [indiscernible] we have a lot more work to do. [indiscernible]
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>> that's what you do. [laughter] >> when you get back to new jersey, give me a jingle. [indiscernible]
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>> thank you. 's [indiscernible] >> we will fix it for the next time.
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>> first of all, it is great to be in this incredible county. this is the penultimate county to visit as a presidential candidate, and i'm just inspired to be here and be able to connect with a lot of really good people. and frankly some democrats who are trying to push issues that matter to all americans. i would love to answer any questions you all have. >> how big a threat is china to the united states? how do you view china? china's trade practices have been things that have been deeply unfair. the way they are compromising the intellectual property of the united states, the way they have forced the transfer of technology and information to
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trade practices, the way this subsidize, many corporations undercut the countries economic strength. this is a real serious threat to global trade, the practices they are using are not fair, it's not a balance playing field. we need to make sure we take china seriously. this is the president that isn't doing it with any comprehensive strategy. some of the very allies we should be teaming up with, he is using things like national security waivers to put caps on places like canada. that is outrageous. we need to bring together coalition of our allies to make sure he create a coalition that is fair for the american worker, that works for our environment and reflects our values. if americans have a fair playing field, we can outcompete any other country. until we have leadership that provides a good strategy for not winis, we will
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against china. i will provide that kind of leadership. >> you were asked about impeachment. as a member of the senate judiciary committee and running for president, is is something you are hearing more and more about on the trail lately? say that.n't i get more questions about health care, the environment, the need to support public school teachers, policies for dealing with gun violence. the motor report is really serious. as i said inside, you read that report, it is a tale of deceit and lies, of trying to cover things up. it is tantamount to obstruction. -- roberthimself mueller himself gave 10 instances where we could see obstruction. we need to continue the investigation. we need to make sure we have a
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chance to have hearings with robert mueller himself before we come to conclusions. i will continue to press for that. >> 40th think about the discussion of electability, 60% said they would rather choose the candidate they may not agree with if they knew that he could beat trump. >> beating trump is a must. more than justt beating donald trump. let's make sure we have a candidate who can beat donald trump a can do things for this country. focus on the urgent issues of injustice. if we just become about what we are against and not what we are in my neighborhood, the issues back in 2014 before there was a donald trump, from kids having an easier time in in a wayghborhoods,
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that public schools have been under attack in our country. these things are going on before donald trump. but let'sbeat him, get leaders in there that can unite this country and focus on solving problems as well. he is somebody that needs to be taken out of office, but more than that, we need to be him and it an election, but more than that, we need to address issues that have gone on in our country for too many years. >> what antitrust issues to have with amazon and facebook? and to address issues that are serious and urgent. we have seen a trend that is hurting the average consumer, the average worker. it is hollowing out communities. our failure to enforce antitrust from the pharma industry
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to the farm industry, we are seeing all the consolidation and what we have not seen it in a generation in this country, and that is hurting a lot of people. willieve strongly that i have a doj and anti-see that goes after, looks at more recent that itand more than will look at those companies that are violating antitrust laws. companies, insurance essentially they are saying to reduce the cost of health care. what do you think about these new unlikely partnerships in health care specifically? highlook at them with a degree of skepticism. i really do. we have the most expensive system on planet earth. the majority of the money is not
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hitting patient care. we have consumers who are paying on average just for prescription drugs over $1000. imagine someone making $30,000 a year. we have a cost crisis in this country. we need a leader in the white house is going to take these crippling costs seriously and drive them down. one of my biggest drives will be to lower the cost of prescription drugs and have coverage for all americans and get to the point where your income is not going to determine what kind of health care you get in this country. you said -- do you accept those results? >> what we should do in georgia is due an investigation.
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the fact that we do not have a department of justice, with all the reports of voter suppression , with all the reports of border launch ann, investigation to see would happen. i want folks to know what we should be doing in america is not having a retrenchment of voter rights. we should be more aggressively enforcing border rights. i would look to pass a new voting rights law that will restore what the supreme court did, which is butchered the voting rights bill of the past. i will make sure that we passed laws what we saw the house of representatives try to do, to do common sense things to try to make our country more and not less democratic. like having a national holiday , people who worked two jobs have less of an opportunity to vote than those who don't have those economic constraints. we need to make sure we're challenging those states, like
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north carolina, saying your different -- design your voting law with surgical like precision. that areings going on despicable, in my opinion. why are we restricting the rights to vote is supposed to expanding them. we need to encourage more people to vote, to make voting easier, to make our democracy more democratic. barriers,g up more not inhibiting people's right to vote. not doing things that are patently unfair. >> we are off to our next stop. >> thank you, everybody.
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>> can you build it up a little bit? greatt's one of the quotes. absolutely. thank you. [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] >> thank you for coming out. thank you so much. >> you really paid your dues in newark. >> thank you so much. >> you inspire me back coming all this way.
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-- by coming all this way. thank you. >> take care, everybody.
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