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tv   Whistleblower Complaint Against Pres. Trump  CSPAN  September 24, 2019 3:56pm-5:01pm EDT

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tragedy of his own making. i've always believed and still do that america is a truly special and unique nation. better than any other nation in history. we have made the experiment of self-government work. we've always been a beacon to other countries around the world. we know who donald trump is. it's time to let the world know who we are. thank you very much. >> former vice president, joe biden, in wilmington. craig kaplan tweeting this --
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this one says chuck schumer, the democratic leader will speak on the senate floor at about 3:50. we passed that. you can follow that over on our companion network, c-span2. we're getting your thoughts on the potential impeachment of the president and the whistleblower complaint filed with the director of national intelligence. 202-748-2940, the line for democrats. 202-748-2941 for republicans. or all others, 202-748-8922. one more tweet before we go to calls. this is not a partisan matter. the president authorizing the release of the transcript of the phone call with the
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president of ukraine. let's hear from shawn in georgia. go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. yeah, i have a complaint. i mean, two things. number one, i agree with nancy pelosi, watching her today, they are looking for the facts to get the whistleblower information. they waited for the mueller report. they waited for basically to get the facts. for some reason, with all the things that this president has done, it's been swept under the rug by the republicans. i mean, what kind of country do you guys want to see? a president that doesn't respect the law, doesn't respect his political ponets? you see this time and time -- political opponents? you see this time and time again. yet people are supporting this president. i don't understand it. i think at some point we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and say, like joe biden said, who are we? what kind of country do we want to leave for our kids?
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our kids are watching this every single day in the news, something this president has done. he's not a role model for our kids, not a role model for adults. it's a shame. thank you for taking the call. host: independent line. hi, maddie, you are on the air. go ahead with your comment. caller: hi. you know, i'm so disgusted with what they're trying to do to the president of the united no s at taxpayer expense, less. they're wasting time. they are not proposing anything good for the taxpayer. all they're doing is going after one person who has been trying to do his best. now, we were long time democrats. we've switched over and supported trump. and this is and this is really getting bad and we're going to again vote for trump. host: on that, here's what president trump tweeted this afternoon. he says, the democrats are so focused on hurting the
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republican party and the president that they are unable to get anything done because of it. including legislation on gun safety, lowering of prescription drug prices, infrastructure, etc., so bad for our country. we'll go to annapolis next and hear from steve on the republican line. caller: hi. thank you very much for taking the call. i'm really disappointed with donald trump, where he's coming back and he's saying, i'm going to release the transcripts tomorrow. where the speaker, nancy pelosi, is talking about setting the bar now, saying that they were talking about impeachment. donald was stale mating nancy -- stalemating nancy and the senate and congress is trying to question about the mueller report, then the president gives a letter saying you can only answer questions pertaining to the report. everything about what he's done is very disappointing.
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as somebody backing the president, i understand that. i used to be in the military. we had to. but as a civilian now, i voted for both republicans and democrats. i want the best person for the job and right now he doesn't set the bar high enough to be voted back in. host: all right. here's carl on the independent line, calling us from lancaster, pennsylvania. go ahead, carl. caller: thank you so much. my name's carl. i'm from lancaster, pennsylvania. and i just wanted to say that i had issues with both parties recently. ms. pelosi, not getting behind many of her democratic constituents who were looking for an impeachment investigation. and president trump not showing respect and answering questions
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or allowing his white house administration to answer questions that the congress put forward to his personnel. and recently, with this stuff that's happening now with ukraine, the president is offering, offering to have the transcripts of his phone conversations. the the question in fact is whistleblower's investigation. there is an investigation right now going on that doesn't just cover one phone call. it covers at least eight. it covers a president asking nother country to commit a crime. host: good point. there wasn't an additional tweet
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from the president. you talked about the eight. there were certainly several phone calls. the tweet from the president earlier seemed to refer to one, not sure if it refers to all of the conversations with the ukrainian president. caller: well, anyway. it's just that right now he's not offering anything of any real value. he's got to give everything up, everything. because right now, speaker pelosi is 100% behind impeachment. host: kind of a dual track thing going on here. you saw the video moments ago. members making their way, house democratic members making their way to their caucus meeting. the word is that the speaker will indeed call for impeachment proceedings against president trump. we'll know for sure once the meeting's over. she has a briefing scheduled for 5:00 eastern. looks like we'll have that for you here on c-span live or when it gets started.
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as long as it's before the house actually coming back in. the word is that that will be at about 6:20 when they come back for their series of votes. but members are filing in to that meeting room in the basement of the capitol. that meet willing get under way, if it hasn't gotten under way. meanwhile, the president has said in a tweet that he will release transcripts of the phone conversations with the house and senate -- conversations. what the house and senate, particularly democrats, are trying to do is they're trying to get release of the complaint, the whistleblower's complaint to the director of national intelligence office and we want to let you know too that the acting d.n.i., joseph maguire, will be testifying before the house -- excuse me, house select intelligence committee. that's coming up thursday of this week. we'll have that live over on c-span3 coming up at 9:00 a.m. eastern on thursday. as things move along here. we continue taking your phone calls and we'll get the comments of speaker pelosi from earlier
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in just a moment. let's hear from marie on centerville, maryland. on our republican line. caller: yes, i just think that this stinks. i think, where is the republicans who stand by this president? the people voted him in. remember one thing, the democrats can take us out. can't take all of us out. we're all going to stand up and take care of that president. and let the republicans have a voice. thank you. host: that's marie in maryland. we mentioned speaker pelosi earlier this afternoon attending the ideas festival here in washington. she spoke about the potential then of impeachment. she'd make her announcement at hat event. ms. pelosi: by law, when a complaint comes from a whistleblower, the inspector general has 14 days to investigate and then the
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director of national intelligence has seven days to report it to the intelligence committees -- in the law. it says shall. it doesn't say may, should. it says shall. and that's a very fraught with meaning word in legislation. but this administration is blocking the d.n.i. from conveying that to the intelligence committees. the d.n.i. is at the present time breaking the law at the direction of the administration. it's really unfortunate. so to the substance of the -- we don't know -- >> well, we sort of do. the president has, in so many words, said that he's raised these questions with the ukrainians and he's in effect admitted that. he's intervened on the quote-unquote biden issue. ms. pelosi: again, and he has referenced that and if that is the case, that the president of
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the united states would ask a foreign government to assist him in a political way, that would be wrong. >> would it be impeachable? [laughter] ms. pelosi: let me just say that everything we've been doing up preserving about that republic that benjamin franklin said, a republic if we can keep it. that means it's not a monarchy. and we have a system of checks and balances in our constitution . three co-equal branches of government to be a check on each other. and that, that is a republic -- is a democracy. the not a monarchy. the president has said, article ii says i can do whatever i want. that is in violation of the spirit of the constitution. now, our founders wanted to
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provide for, shall we say, some activities that they might not themselves engage in, and they put up guardrails. but they never could suspect that a president of the united states would jump over those guardrails. >> i want to widen out the apper tour and talk about this, the whole of this presidency. let me just stay on this for a minute. if what we're describing is accurate, and if it's not impeachable, if you're not willing to say it's an impeachable offense, what is impeachable to you? ms. pelosi: i'll be making an announcement at 5:00 today. not here, right now. >> you're more than welcome to make it right now. [laughter] [applause] ms. pelosi: it's really sad to ink that a president would perform an impeachable offense. it's hard. it's hard to say we've gotten to
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that place. but what would be an impeachable offense would be that which is roven in an investigation. host: as you may have heard there from speaker pelosi, she will announce her decision on moving forward with impeachment this afternoon, 5:00 eastern. we will have that live for you here on c-span. the house democratic caucus is meeting at this hour, got under way just a couple of minutes ago. according to our capitol hill producer, discussing the way forward on impeachment and news reports say that they will indeed announce that they are moving forward with an impeachment proceeding. largely propelled by the whistleblower from the office of director of national intelligence, the whistleblower's report on conversations between president trump and the president of ukraine. there is also a resolution coming to the house floor about that. sara wire from the "los angeles times" just tweets this. house rules committee tonight taking up the resolution, quote,
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expressing the sense of the house of representatives with respect to the whistleblower complaint. the resolution orders the director of national intelligence to hand over the whistleblower complaint and protect all documents related to it and to inform the whistleblower how to contact congress. it also orders president trump to stop trying to discredit the whistleblower. 202-748-8920 is the number to call for democrats, your thoughts. republicans, 202-748-8921. and for independents and all others, 202-748-8922. let's go to rick who is in caseyville, illinois, independent line. caller: yes, i understand what the republicans and the democrats, you know, they got to get along. [indiscernible] -- seemed like he lies, lies, lies. [indiscernible] -- but you know
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what, they have to get their act together. but i don't blame for them to do what they want to do right now. because i'm for it. because i think donald trump has to quit lying to us. i mean, you know. like i said, i voted for him, you -- but i can't -- [indiscernible] -- anymore. -- in older guy but i just just can't do it no more with this. they have to do something. if they got proof, do it. but another thing is, if they're going to do that, go get a tax and everything. let the people take it from there. if you're a republican, fine, you want donald trump, stay with him. if you're democrat, vote him out. because the senate won't do nothing with it. they'll act like it, but donald trump got them where he wants
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them. hat's all i wanted to say. i'm the first person calling you. i think it's upset, democrats and republicans fighting each other. that ain't our country, man. you can't do that. that's sad. think of the kids coming up. my daughter, my grandkids. my great-grandkids. that's sad. but i hope -- i watch your show a lot. host: you're breaking up a little bit but thanks for calling in. good to hear from you this afternoon. we go to jeremiah in tulsa, oklahoma. by the way, talked about the senate will play -- senate, we'll play comments from senate leadership in just a moment. caller: thank you for taking my call. c-span, you're just a great service to the american society and thank you so much. as a minister and, you know, praying man and african-american, just listening to this, this is just beyond ridiculous. it's not even funny anymore.
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my thoughts, as a minister, you know, the righteousness is observation and sins of reproach in people. we're looking at rule of law. we're looking at, as the man said prior, the example we're setting before our children. and for trump, president trump asking clearly and admitting, it was problematic when he was campaigning, when he said to putin, who was an adversary to our nation, what he said. that didn't sit well with me then. but for this to be out there in a foreign government, and then if the shoe is on the other foot, look at how the -- [indiscernible] -- with hillary clinton and benghazi. you can't -- republicans, you can't have it both ways. as a minister, i can get you all over the place. on wednesday night bible study and sunday. but i'm telling you that jesus things under hose
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gods that are god's. you can't have it both ways. we have to follow the rule of law and you're messing with our democracy. any citizen out there listening, we'd be in court and having to have lawyers and probably tund jail. we need to stop the foolishness and get back to wisdom and righteous innocence this nation before we regret it and wish that we had not gone down this dangerous road. host: we'll go to to our republican line next and hear from paul in chicago. welcome. caller: hello. i heard the gentleman a few calls back. he was talking about he wouldn't vote for trump -- host: we're just letting our folks know that nancy pelosi heading obviously into the meeting with democrats. go ahead, paul, with your comment. caller: i heard the gentleman a few calls back saying that trump lies, that he's not going to vote for him. well, the democrats have the full spectrum of media lying. they got all their affiliates
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lying for the democrats. i voted for democrats for 40-plus years. i'll tell you what, no more. since trump got in, i haven't voted for them. and there ain't not one democrat that i would put in office again. you can see that the deep state apparatus is at work again. just continually pounding that drum. and it's like a never-ending thing. host: all right. we'll let you go there. rita in las vegas, independent line. keith: first of all, i read -- caller: first of all, i read the mueller report. everybody should read it. when i heard there was this whistleblower and something with ukraine, i knew automatically it was something to do with what i had read somewhere along the line about some money to ukraine. knew instantly. i suggest everybody get a copy,
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got to the library, they'll have it, i waited three months to get it. but this has got to stop. if -- i knew something was up. and so, they have to do something and if anybody has questions, i wonder how many -- i haven't heard any of the people that have been waiting for who said they read the mueller report. read it. you wouldn't have any doubt what is happening. and i'm afraid that it's going to get worse if something -- [indiscernible] -- so i'm happy they'll investigate it. find out what happened. and be open about it. don't call it fake news. read yourself, listen, make your wn decision. i was a republican for life, i did not vote for trump and i will not vote for trump again. doubt if i'll do republican because i'm an independent now. thank you. host: that's rita in las vegas.
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we'll continue to take your calls and comments. just an update on that house democratic caucus meeting. the state newspaper in south carolina says that 158 and counting are calling for opening up an impeachment inquiry into trump but not congressman joe cunningham of south carolina. let's hear what mitch mcconnell, the majority leader, had to say in the senate after the party lunches this afternoon. >> if there were to be articles of impeachment regarding president, would you entertain it, would you dismiss it? what would you do? [indiscernible] -- other republicans. mr. mcconnell: what we have here is an allegation related to ukrainian aid by a whistleblower , that's about all we know now. the way to handle it in the senate at this particular point is the acting head of d.n.i.,
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the acting d.n.i. is coming up to the intelligence committee on thursday. the intelligence committee and the senate has a reputation for dealing with things in a responsible way and in a bipartisan way and that's where it all starts in the senate. i'm not going to address all these various hypotheticals that have been aired out about what may or may not happen in the house. i think all of that's quite premature. reporter: not a hypothetical question. what rationale did the administration give you this summer for holding up military tied ukraine? mr. mcconnell: i mentioned yesterday, i was very actively nvolved in advocating the aid. talked to the secretary of defense twice, the secretary of state once. the good news is, it finally
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happened. i have no idea what precipitated the delay, but i was among those a advocating that we needed to stick with our ukrainian friends. reporter: [indiscernible] mr. mcconnell: i was not given an explanation. fortunately it finally happened. and i'm glad about that. the previous administration continued to kind of pull back from ukraine and i think this administration's done a better job actually of standing behind the ukrainians. i'm not sure why the delay, but the good news is, the aid was released. reporter: is it appropriate for any candidate to reach out to a foreign leader asking for help digging up dirt on a political rival? mr. mcconnell: well, we're going it find out what happened. in the senate, through a process, pre-established by the intelligence committee, behind closed doors initially, with the acting director of d.n.i. , think that's the responsible
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at least bipartisan way to proceed with what we think we know at this particular point. host: the senate itself may take up that whistleblower resolution sometime tomorrow. 202-748-8920 for democrats. 202-748-8921 for republicans. fosh for independents and others, 202-748-8922. an update on the count. at least a different perspective on the count of who is supporting impeachment in the house. in the democratic caucus. the editor watt "the washington post" tweets that 162 house democrats support an impeachment inquiry. this from cnn politics, presidential candidate tulsi gabbard on an impeachment inquiry. quote, i think that impeachment would be terribly divisive for our already very divided country. and from reed wilson at "the hill," representative hastings joining the list of democrats calling for an impeachment inquiry. next month marks the 30th
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anniversary from his removal from the federal bench. this is scherr i on our democrats -- sherry on our democrats line. caller: i'm for the impeachment and not just for the whistleblower. it's for the accountability of him having the air force stay at his resort. i'm a military veteran and so is my son and my son actually served in iraq and they were not allowed to stay at a resort like that. host: you're referring to the cruise, the air force cruise that allegedly or reportedly stayed at the president's golf resort? caller: in ireland. host: yeah. scherry, i think we lost you there. apologize about that. in georgia, linda on our republican line. caller: hello. i'm calling, this is all just not very good. everything this president has done they have, you know, just
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divided the country. i will continue to vote for him. i think they need to get their democratic act together. all they want to do is impeach. what else are they doing? nothing. host: thanks, linda. just to remind you the president on the whistleblower report, on the phone conversation that the whistleblower refers to, one of them at least, i am currently at the united nations. twoted the president. host: omaha, nebraska. brenda's on the independent line. go ahead. caller: hi. my name's brenda and i'm hoping that you'll give me the opportunity to really tell you how i feel without being cut off. the reason that i said i'm other is because my senator is senator
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sass who i disease like greatly. and i disease like -- dislike mitt romney. and i have leukemia. so i have the unfortunate every to sit and watch single show. and i will tell you, i voted for trump and i am sick and tired of being called a racist, a deplorable, a sexist. and i'm complicit. the democratic party has become evil, they have become angry, and they have become vindictive. and when you watch the hearings, where has the democrats been for eight years during obama? , iran. s., benghazi
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they're nowhere to be found. and all of a sudden they find religion. they find that we are the evil ones. we're getting beat up. we can't wear our hats out. we can't put a sign out. it is the media and the democrat party that's dividing this country. and my local news finally exposed the democrat party and their tricks and one of them is they practice on how to call into shows and make it sound like they're trump supporters. they are not. and i'm going to tell you the same thing i told them had trump was elected. we're going to win bigger and better than we did the last time. host: all right, that's brenda in nebraska. here are where things stand. the house is in recess until we think about 6:20 eastern.
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two hours from now. the house democratic caucus is meeting now to consider the way forward, likely approving moving forward on impeachment proceedings against president trump. we'll find out for sure from nancy pelosi. the house speaker is scheduled to have a briefing at about 5:00 eastern or after this meeting wraps up. we'll have it live here on c-span when that starts. and of course when the house returns we'll have live coverage of that. ahead of that, though, we wanted to show you the comments of president trump as he 'rive -- a-- as he arrived today for day number two of the u.n. general sameably. this is from earlier today. head of his announcement that he would release the transcript of the phone call with the ukrainian president. president trump. reporter: mr. president! reporter: mr. president! talking simultaneously] [indiscernible] president trump: we had a great meeting yesterday, as you know, with the prime minister. and i think that as far as
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pakistan's concerned, india, they're talking. i'm certainly willing to help. i think they would in a certain way like my help. but they have to both want it. they have very different views and i'm concerned about it. on iran, i think we're doing very well. we'll see what happens with iran. we're a very strong position on iran anderson i think they'd like to do something and i think it would be a smart thing for them if they -- [talking simultaneously] reporter: your reaction to the "the washington post" story bout you -- [indiscernible] -- and your meeting tomorrow with enezuela -- [indiscernible] -- president trump: here's the story. very simply. we're watching venezuela very closely. as far as withholding funds,
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those funds were paid. they were fully paid. but my complaint has always been, and i would withhold again and i'll continue to withhold until such time as europe and other nations contribute to ukraine, because they're not doing it, just the united states, we're putting up the bulk of the money and i'm asking, why is it that? i want europe, and it's always been this, everybody knows, it every single reporter knows it, everybody in the administration knows that what i want, and i insist on it, is that europe has to put up money for ukraine also. why is it only the united states putting up the money? by the way, we paid that money. but i always ask, why aren't other countries in europe especially putting up money for ukraine? talking simultaneously] reporter: congress is moving oward impeachment. it could be as a result of the
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ukraine call. how do you feel about it? president trump: i think it's ridiculous. it's a witch hunt. i'm leading in the polls. they have no idea how they stop me. the only way they can try is through impeachment. this has never happened to a president before. there's never been a thing like this before. it's not -- when you see the call and the read-out of the call, which i assume you'll see at some point, you'll understand. that call was perfect. it couldn't have been nicer, and even the ukrainian government put out a statement that that was a perfect call, there was no pressure put on them whatsoever. but there was pressure put on with respect to joe biden. what joe biden did for his son, that's something they should be looking at. talking simultaneously] reporter: -- [indiscernible] -- president trump: because very important, very important, i want other countries to put up money. i think it's unfair that we put up the money. then people call me and say, oh, let it go. i let it go. but we paid the money. the money was paid.
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but very importantly, germany, france, other countries should put up money. and that's been my complaint from the beginning. talking simultaneously] -- it r: [indiscernible] seems like a lot of advisors -- [indiscernible] -- president trump: we're going to see what happens. but i think iran is coming along well. regardless of what happens, we're in very good shape with respect to iraq. [talking simultaneously] president trump: thank you, everybody. reporter: [indiscernible] host: the president at the united nations earlier today. of course we covered his speech to the general assembly. we'll show that tonight in our primetime. you can find it at the u.s. house back at 6:20 eastern for votes. we're going to hear from house
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speaker nancy pelosi in about a half an hour, we think, at 5:00 eastern. we'll have that live for you and word is that the democratic caucus in the house is approving or will be approving moving forward to impeachment proceedings against president trump. the house will also be considering a resolution calling for the release of the whistleblower's report. this is the office of director of national intelligence whistleblower. that report on the conversations, phone conversations between president trump and the ukrainian president. that resolution, apparently, has just passed in the senate. "politico" tweeting this, that the democratic leader, chuck schumer, asked to pass a nonbinding sense of the senate resolution on transmitting the whistleblower complaint to the intelligence committees. mcconnell does not block it. it passes unanimously.
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host: 5:00 eastern is when we'll hear from speaker pelosi. let's hear from you and continue with your phone calls at 202-748-8920 for democrats. 202-748-8921 for republicans. and all others, that's 202-748-8922. sherry in huntington, west virginia. thanks for waiting and go ahead with your comments. caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. i just want to say that i'm thrilled that someone is finally standing up and doing something about this lawless president. it is past time. we have a system of checks and balances for a reason. and they have not been in use. mostly because those in office are too afraid to stand up for what they believe in, for fear of not being re-elected. it is time that we have statesmen in congress again.
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because our democracy and our constitution is not protected when they're too afraid to move, when they won't pass laws that are needed, that are wanted by the majority of this country, yet they won't move for fear of not being re-elected. this president has been worse than any president since nixon. and yet we have let him get away with breaking laws, with unethical behavior, with breaking norms. i don't feel safe in this country anymore with this man at the helm. it is past time for something to have been done and i'm grateful that someone has finally stood up and said that we will not allow this in our country. host: we'll hear for sure at 5:00 eastern. also just hearing that the republican leader, kevin mccarthy, will also speak to reporters right after that news conference from house speaker pelosi. judith is in allentown, pennsylvania. go ahead. republican line. caller: yes, i would like to
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say, i hope linda in nebraska hears this and gets well. i agree with a lot of what she said. i'm not a deplorable or a racist. ing and i'm sick and tired of my tax money going on this, to try to find something on him. everything they tried to find on him wasn't true. i read a lot of books. i know joe biden's son and john kerry's son was involved with this whole thing with -- that biden's trying to say he didn't do. i read stuff on benghazi. i know what's going on. and i think the democrats should take a look at themselves. who started the k.k.k.? the democrats. i seen stuff on vietnam and to tell you the truth, johnson was crooked. but nobody impeached him. the republicans didn't make a big deal. they worked with him and tried to do what they could. this is totally ridiculous. all they're doing is they're going to get trump re-elected
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and i think that's what they're afraid of. because they got nobody that can beat them. joe biden was their boy. and he is falling fast. and i think that's the problem for them. that's all i got to say. host: all right. we heard from joe biden, the former vice president, this afternoon, in the wake of these allegations by the whistleblower for the office of director of national intelligence. joe biden issuing a statement to reporters, taking no questions, but here we go. here's a look. mr. biden: hello, everyone. thank you for being here. when i announced i was running for president, i said i believed that the core values of this nation are very -- nation, our very democracy was at risk. events in recent days have made that even clearer. not only me, but i think to everyone. we have a president who believes there's no limit to his power. we have a president who believes
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he can do anything and get away with it. we have a president who believes he's above the law. pursuing the leader of another nation to investigate a political opponent to help win his election is not the conduct of an american president. the allegations that blocked hundreds of millions of dollars, he blocked hundreds of millions of dollars in congressionally approved aid to another country, an allegation, unless he agreed to smear a political opponent, is not the conduct of an american president. denying congress the information, which it is constitutionally entitled to, and obstructing its efforts to investigate actions is not the conduct of an american president. it's an abuse of power. it undermines our national security, it violates his oath of office, and it strikes at the heart of the sworn responsibility of the president, a president has to put national
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interests before personal interests. i knew when i decided to run this president would attack me and anyone else who he thought would be a threat to his winning again. well, that's what he does. that's what he's always done. and even though every reputable publication has looked at the charge that has been made against me, they found them baseless and untrue and without merit, that's not about to stop him. i can take the political attacks. they'll come and they'll go and in time they'll soon be forgotten. but if we allow a president to get away with shredding the united states constitution, that will last forever. too many people, too many good, decent people have taken an oath to this nation and given their
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lives over the past 243 years to let that happen. too many people are serving this nation right now and honoring the oath they've taken to let that happen. this isn't a democratic issue or a republican issue. it is a national issue. it is a security issue. it is time for this administration to stop stonewalling and provide the congress with all the facts it needs. including a copy of the formal complaint made by the whistleblower. and it's time for the congress to fully investigate the conducts of this president. the president should stop stonewalling this investigation and all the other investigations into his alleged wrongdoing. using his full constitutional authority, congress in my view should demand the information it has a legal right to receive. the congress does not -- the president does not comply with such a request to the congress,
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he continues to obstruct congress and flount the law. donald trump will leave congress in my view, no choice but to initiate impeachment. that would be a tragedy. but a tragedy of his own making. i've always believed and still do that america is a truly special and unique nation. better than any other nation in history. we have made the experiment of self-government work. we've always been a beacon to other countries around the world . we know who donald trump is. it's time to let the world know who we are. thank you very much. reporter: [indiscernible] host: former vice president joe biden from earlier today calling on congress to investigate the president over this office of
4:39 pm
director of national intelligence whistleblower report on phone calls between president trump and the president of ukraine. the senate has just passed a resolution, a sense of the senate resolution calling for the complaint to be transmitted to the senate intelligence committee, the house is expected o take up a similar resolution tomorrow. our capitol hill producer tweets his -- host: we'll hear more about that from speaker pelosi. she's scheduled to speak at 5:00 eastern after the house democratic caucus meeting. we'll have that live for you here on c-span. we understand that kevin mccarthy, the republican leader, also is speaking to reporters. we'll have that live for you as well. back to your calls, though on this issue. 202-748-8920 for democrats.
4:40 pm
republicans, 202-748-8921. nd all others, 202-748-8922. texas, go ahead. democrats line. caller: hi, everyone. i just wanted to let you fice know that i'm really proud of the democrats for finally standing up for the rule of law. i also wanted to take the time to say that brenda, the woman with cancer, who was on earlier, she is standing in the way of justice when she votes for president trump. he is obviously a corrupt criminal who is blocking the release of this whistleblower complaint because he knows he's guilty. and if you don't see that, then nothing can help you. and i hope you do your country a favor and stop voting. like i said, pelosi's brave to do this and i stand with her and i'll be voting to make sure that brenda loses bigger and better than she ever has before. thank you. host: thank you. fairfield, alabama. gimbings l is on our independent
4:41 pm
line -- guilda is on our independent line. go ahead. caller: good afternoon. i called on the independent line because i am. as a black in america, i vote -- try to vote in my interest. other people mentioned brenda. i just want to say, i wish her well. but when we look at this situation that we're in in america, everybody's talking about republicans, democrats, independents, we are americans. it's like i'm a christian. when something happens in the christian community, they don't just point fingers at the person that did it, they point it to the christian community. and that's the same way it is when people look at what's going on in america. how divided we are. we can't even sit down or pass in a store and have a conversation without somebody losing it. and i think our president has caused this. other people are looking at us, we need to stop the value system of i, me and my.
4:42 pm
and try and get somewhere close to we, us and ours. because america belongs to all of us, not just the president and his family. it belongs to all of us. and other countries are looking at us and i'm sure they're shaking their head because they know no matter how strong we are, a country divided cannot stand. thank you so much. host: all right. we'll hear from carey next. she's in dublin, texas, on the republican line. caller: hello. i'm so glad. i want to laugh every time i hear joe biden say something like, our president has shredded the constitution. i'll tell you who shredded the constitution, and that was barack obama. has anything ever been said bout his intervention into the israeli -- when they were trying to elect netanyahu again a few
4:43 pm
years ago? and he paid his main man to go over there and disturb trouble, using taxpayer money, by the way. nothing was ever said about his intervention into that. that was an international problem right there. nothing's ever said about the $154 billion that was put on pallets, slipped away in the night. where did that money come from? obama never got approval for that. he was the most corrupt, he was a communist muslim dictator is what he tried to be. he decimated our military and i want to thank every republican that's called in today. we've got the best president that we have had in 50 years other than reagan. and i'm telling you, trump is going to be elected again, no matter what these democrats try to do. because they're nothing but
4:44 pm
murderers. when they vote to go ahead and kill babies, the minute after they're born, for the mother to make a decision to kill a live baby, that's murder. well, that's democrats for you. they'll do anything to try to get elected. host: we're getting your calls and comments focusing on the release of the potential -- or the potential release of the report by the whistleblower of the office of director of national intelligence to the congress. the senate has just passed a resolution calling for that report to be issued to the senate select committee on intelligence. the house will take up a similar measure on wednesday. also along with that, the house democrats are meeting at this hour and likely moving toward the beginning of an impeachment proceeding against president trump. we'll know for sure here in about 15 minutes or when house speaker nancy pelosi comes out to speak. that's coming up at 5:00 eastern. we'll have it live for you. kevin mccarthy, the republican leader, is set to answer
4:45 pm
questions and speak to reporters after that as well. we understand 5:30 eastern is the time for that. we'll have all of that live here on c-span. the house itself coming back for votes at 6:20 eastern. david's in fort atkinson, wisconsin, on our democrats line. caller: thanks for taking my call. been a long-time democrat. years ago, ms. clinton was running against barack obama. we didn't vote for her then and now i voted for obama twice. i'm afraid to say i regret that now. talking with another union guy, when i said i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton, he said, just don't vote. he was a democrat. the democrats are seen to have gone from a kennedy democrat of ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, to ask not what
4:46 pm
you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you. i think all you hear is leaks and sources say and whistleblowers and political spin. i will be voting for mr. trump again. i too also suffer from stage four cans. i hope i live long enough to vote -- cancer. i hope i live long enough to vote for mr. trump again. thanks for taking my call. host: to oregons line. this is michael in ashburn, north carolina. go ahead. caller: this is michael from north carolina. i'm a fifth great-grandson of a evolutionary war hero. my ninth great grandmother was pocahontas. i think i'm entitled to being able to speak my mind as far as somebody being in this country for a long time. it's a shame that this country's got where it's at, with democrats, republicans and like the gentleman said, i applaud
4:47 pm
him for being somebody courageous, somebody with stage four cancer and i hope it comes out well for him. but it's sad that this country's got where it's at, we can't get along. but also, you know, it's sad that we got a president that's been ridiculed and treated the way he has. this is the only president we've had that stood up for this country. i mean, we're the land of the free. this is what this country is founded on. host: michael in north carolina. very just saw house speaker pelosi walking by the microphones. probably a good indication that meeting is wrapping up or has wrapped up. we will have speaker pelosi's news conference, her comments at 5:00 eastern when they get started right here on c-span. earlier today, the president issued a statement on twitter regarding the release of the transcript of the phone call that he had with -- a phone call that he had with the ukrainian president, saying that i have
4:48 pm
authorized the release tomorrow of the transcript of my phone conversation with president zelinski of ukraine. walter should be a, who used to run the white house office director of ethics, government ethics department, i should say, saying -- host: we'll hear from speaker pelosi in just over 10 minutes. we'll continue with your calls and comments. oceanside, new york, this is john on our republican line. go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. i've been watching you and i love your show. i just have to say, though, as an american, this is not the
4:49 pm
united states of america anymore. there's no such thing as democrats and republicans. everybody hates each other and it's a shame. because the democrats are just out to get this man for no reason at all. and unless something is done right, it's never going to change. he's going to get re-elected on a landslide. and if they want to go back to putting people in impeachment, they should have got barack obama for letting holder do fast and furious. they should have got hillary for benghazi. they should have got all those democrats. but they can get away with whatever they want. i just want to make a point. there's two laws. there's a democratic law and there's a republican law. the democrats get patted on the back and the republicans, they go to jail. and that's the way it is. this man can cure cancer and they would hate his guts. host: we'll also hear from new york, rochester this time, on our democrats line. ryan, go ahead with your
4:50 pm
comments. caller: hi, how are you doing? thank you for taking my call. glad that you just put up the tweets that were talking about the whistleblower. there is more -- and it's been reported there is more to the whistleblower complaint than just a phone call. the e glad to see when gets the d.n.i. and can get the full version from the whistleblower him or herself. i do believe there's probably more to this than just the call. i believe that right now. president trump will put out as much as he can to the president clinton to say, ok, it's the call, it's the call, here's the transcript. i tend to believe that there's more to it than that. i don't think it would have been put as urgent as it has been if
4:51 pm
that wasn't the case. host: it looks like the congressional committees will be finding out about it. here's our capitol hill producer just tweeting this about what happened a short while ago on he senate floor -- host: here's some of the discussion before that between the democratic leader, chuck schumer, and majority leader mitch mcconnell. mr. schumer: in august, a public servant within the intelligence community found the conduct of the president of the united states alarming enough to file a complaint. they found this whistleblower complaint both credible and urgent. by law, the director of national intelligence must forward such a
4:52 pm
complaint to the congressional intelligence committees within seven days of receiving it. congress has been informed by the inspector general of the intelligence community in writing that the trump administration is preventing that complaint from being sent to the relevant committees in congress. those are the facts, madam president. the situation they describe is unacceptable. we know that the executive branch is blocking the legislative branch, a co-equal branch of our government, from performing its constitutional oversight duties. the fact that the whistleblower complaint concerns our national security, our foreign policy, and potential misconduct by the president makes the situation even more serious. so in the short time i'll ask my colleagues' consent to pass a simple resolution. it essentially says, quote, that the whistleblower complaint received on august 12, 2019, by
4:53 pm
the inspector general of the intelligence community shall be transmitted immediately to the select committee on intelligence of the senate and the permanent select committee on intelligence of the house of representatives, unquote. i cannot imagine any legitimate or straight-faced reason for an objection to this unanimous consent request. the only reason for any senator to object would be to shield the president's conduct from scrutiny by the public and the representatives they elect to represent them. that is, to protect the president from accountability. in a moment, i hope this resolution will pass without a single dissenting senator and it should. the request, despite its noncontroversial nature, speaks to the issues that go back to the founding days of our republican. checks and balances -- republic. checks and balances, the separation of powers, the
4:54 pm
constitutional duty of the president and executive branch to faithfully execute the laws of the united states. the senate today right now should speak with one unified voice to reaffirm those time-honored principles and defend the grand traditions of our democracy. so, madam president, as if in legislative serks i ask unanimous consent -- session, i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of s. resolution 325 introduced by mr. schumer and submitted earlier today. >> the clerk will report. the clerk: senate resolution 325. expressing the sense of the senate that the whistleblower complaint received on august 12, 2019, by the inspector general of the intelligence community should be transmitted immediately to the select committee on intelligence of the
4:55 pm
senate and the permanent select committee on intelligence of the ouse of representatives. >> is there objection to the proceeding to the measure? mr. mcconnell: reserving the right to object. >> majority leader. mr. mcconnell:, colleagues, all of us share a concern for protecting whistleblowers who use appropriate, established channels to raise legitimate concerns. the senate's obligation is to treat such allegations in a responsible and deliberate manner, to avoid racing to judgment based on media leaks, to not fuel media speculation with breathless accusations, there's much we do not know about the complaint lodged with the intelligence community's inspector general. including whether the complaint involved intelligence activities at all. before the democratic leader elected to go to the media yesterday, the chairman and vice chair of the senate select
4:56 pm
committee on intelligence had already been working together in a bipartisan manner, free from politicalization, to get more information from both the acting director of national intelligence and the intelligence community's inspector general. given the progress, the committee was making, i don't believe this made for tv moment was actually necessary. i would have preferred the committee be allowed to do its work in a quiet, methodical manner. it doesn't serve the committee or its goals to litigate its or ness here on the floor for the television cameras. nevertheless, i agree that the d.n.i. should make additional information available to the committee to so it can evaluate the complaint consistent with the statute and other procedures that exist to safeguard classified and sensitive information. i also want to express my appreciation for president trump's announcement that the white house will release
4:57 pm
tomorrow the complete, fully declassified and unredacted transcript of his phone conversation with president zelenski. i hope this will help refocus the conversation away from breathless speculation and back toward the facts. so, stipulating that our objective here is simply to conduct a kind of bipartisan oversight of intelligence matters that the committee has successfully conducted in the past, i have no objection to the senator's request. mr. schumer: madam president. >> without objection, the senate will proceed to the measure. mr. schumer: madam president. just three brief points. first, this resolution is not aimed at the senate intelligence committees. senators burr and warner do do a diligent job in trying to figure out what's going on. it is aimed at a thus far recalcitrant executive branch which has blocked the ability
4:58 pm
for the committees to see the complaint, even though law requires it. d second, it is welcome that we can join together to do our job of oversight. and i want to thank the majority leader for not blocking this request, because i think every one of us in this chamber realizes the importance of oversight and the need to prevent an overreaching executive from going that far. getting the transcript is a good step. but it is the complaint we need. that is the gravaman of this resolution. it is the whistleblower's complaint, not the transcript, that we need and are asking for in this resolution. and so so i further ask that the resolution be agreed to and the motion to be reconsidered be considered, made and laid upon
4:59 pm
the table, with no intervening action or debate. >> is there objection? without objection, so ordered. host: the senate approving that resolution calling for the release of the office director of national intelligence whistleblower report on conversations between president trump and the president of ukraine. it passed by what they call unanimous consent, explaining that, stephen dennis of loomberg tweets -- host: also -- host: we'll hear more from speaker pelosi. she'll brief reporters and make
5:00 pm
a statement here momentarily. 5:00 eastern. we'll have it live here on c-span. in the meantime, we'll continue to take your phone calls. democrats, 202-748-8920. republicans, 202-748-8921. and independents and others, 202-748-8922. . host: republican leader has a briefing planned for 5:30 eastern and will have that live as well. go to greg in mississippi, republican line. go ahead. caller: i like you taking calls from all sides. i voted for trump and previous democrat. host: we are going to hear from speaker pelosi. ms. pelosi: last tuesday, we had the anniversary of the adoption of the constitution on september 17. sadly on that day, the


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