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tv   Senate Minority Leader Schumer News Conference  CSPAN  September 26, 2019 5:41am-5:56am EDT

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rep. pelosi: the house will be in order. announcer: c-span provides unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy evans from washington, d.c. end around the country so you can make up your own mind. 1979, c-span is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. yesterday, senate minority leader chuck schumer held a news conference on a white house memo outlining a call between president trump in the ukrainian president in july. the minority leader said the white house memo justified the decision by house speaker policy to officially launch and impeachment inquiry. an impeachment inquiry.
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sen. schumer: ok. good afternoon, everybody, and i'm sorry for being a little bit late. i'm going to talk about two things, first what happened in the senate, and then what is happening in the house and here in washington, but the two are related. there's a common theme to the events on both sides of the l, and that is dealing with an overreaching executive. here in the senate, we just sent a strong message to president trump that under our constitution, the executive branch and the legislative branch are coequal. after president trump decided to divert $3.6 billion from our families,our military to a wall that he promised again and again would be paid for by
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mexico, congress stood up today and said in a bipartisan voice that the president was just simply wrong. it is our job in congress to limit executive overreach, to defend our core powers, to prevent the president, any president, from ignoring the to align withss the will of the president. that is what separation of powers means. that's what checks and balances are for. that is what today's vote reflected. all too often in the past two years, republican senators' blind ob essence -- blind ob to the president.
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thank you for standing up to the constitution. thank you for showing some sense and some courage. ,hese republican senators said plain and simple, president trump was wrong, and they voted against funding his wall by taking money from the military. the senators that did not vote with us should be ashamed, ashamed that they just gave cover to this president to andple our constitution steal from the military. can we get some quiet down there, please? thank you. todaye bipartisan vote suggests that perhaps my republican colleagues are beginning to rise to the occasion. transcript, and the ensuing events, earlier this
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morning, president trump released a "document" of his call with president zelensky. considering this document was something the white house chose to release, it was far more damaging to the president's case then any of us anticipated. conversation,one the president of the united states made an extraordinary request to the president of trump'sto investigate political opponent and aid president trump's reelection campaign. does anyone think this conversation was in the national interest, or was it in the president's personal, political interest? let me repeat, do any of my republican colleagues think this phone call reflects the president pursuing the national
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interest, or was he pursuing his own political ambitions? every republican, every one of them, needs to answer this question. the document also raises a host of new questions that i expect the house impeachment inquiry will seek to answer. here are some of them. do my colleagues believe it is appropriate after the ukrainian president brings up a request for military aid, for the president to say, "i would like "ou to do us a favor, though, before asking him to investigate a right wing conspiracy theory. president trump mentioned multiple times during the call he wanted president zelensky to speak with attorney general barr and rudy giuliani. what kind of conversations giuliani, andrudy
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president zelensky and other ukrainian officials occurred? did they speak to each other? what did they say? what promises or requests were made? president involve his personal lawyer, mr. giuliani, in what president trump claims was official government business? done to get around in theficial channels state department and elsewhere? there are many other questions, and those are just the ones that come from the document we were given. this white house has a history of doctoring public disclosures to save the president from embarrassment. if they do it for small things, like when they changed the transcript of the white house communications director, saying sinks three foot putts" into saying the president
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there's0 foot putts," no saying what they would do with this one. even though there is a possibility that the administration doctored or left out major sections, this document demonstrates that president trump made it abundantly and redundantly clear to the president of the ukraine that he wanted him to investigate his political opponent. further, that he wanted him to work with attorney general barr to make it happen. let me say that again. this document absolutely validates the wisdom of speaker pelosi's decision to open up a formal impeachment inquiry. president trump and his allies, like leader mcconnell, like leader mccarthy, will say this is about politics. of course, they would do what they usually do.
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accused democrats of trying to relitigate 2016. there is no credible or straightfaced reason to believe that. this is about our national security, the integrity of foreign policy, and democratic elections. this is about abuse of power by an overreaching executive, something the founding fathers feared, and what they feared at the top of the list was that that overreaching executive would be involved with foreign powers to john what happens here in america. there should be a bipartisan concern about these issues. it shouldn't be democrats or republicans. congressmen, saying should look into this. yesterday, every single republican senator said the administration's decision to withhold the whistleblower
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complaint from congress was wrong. we just had a vote where a number of my republican colleagues said the administration was wrong to divert funds from the military to build the wall. seem, withinning to a crescendo of events, that republicans are beginning to stand up to the president when he's wrong. that hasn't happened much in the past. i hope my republican colleagues will see that the strategy of defending the president at all costs is a losing one, and stand up for the rule of law and our democracy. subject., just on the reporter: senator schumer, what do you think the senate needs to do at this point? do you just have to wait for the house to do its work on this impeachment question? how will you respond? sen. schumer: again, there is the senate intelligence
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committee. warner shouldand pursue looking into these facts as well. [indiscernible] russiang the investigation, but now you are on these ukraine allegations. what is categorically different? sen. schumer: the president is directly involved here. it is pretty clear what has happened. as bad as the other stuff was, this is even worse. there are a number of things you are trying to work with publicans and the white house on, including gun control. do you fear that impeachment quell any talks? sen. schumer: we believe we need to do something about guns.
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we believe we need to reduce the costs of prescription drugs. the question is will the president want to work with us, given what happened? we will see. [indiscernible] a cascadeer: i think of issues and facts that are coming forward is enormous. i do think all along, many of our republican collies have expressed personal doubts to us privately, but i think more and more are now going to begin to have to say something publicly. this is just too much. last question. reporter: if articles of impeachment are passed by the house, are you certain there would be a trial in the senate? sen. schumer: look, we are not up to that yet. let the house do a thorough investigation in a bipartisan way, and we will see what happens. thank you, everybody.
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announcer: saturday on book tv, at 7:45 eastern, the black books matter book party in washington, "the author of the black dollar," and april brianne, author of, "under fire ,- and april ryan, author of "under fire." players that those our founding fathers -- those pillars that our founding fathers put in place. my story is your story. announcer: then the father of a student killed at marjory
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inneman douglas high school parkland, florida offers his ,houghts on guns in his book "why meadow died." >> all these leniency programs of these kids, like they had to frisk him before school he was so dangerous, i found out. that he wasn't allowed in with a backpack. that's how dangerous he was. he threatened to shoot the school up and wasn't arrested. he threatened students' lives. never arrested. sen. schumer: then on -- onwords ds," --or >> we are still debating whether a 12th grade education is not enough.
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all of the signs are that it is not enough. but now, unlike predecessors who were able to respond to that, to those basic economic signs, by saying let's educate our young people, we are fighting about it , turning it into questions of identity and snobbery and politics and partisanship, when clearly there's just a sign that we come our young people come , need morepport credentials, need more skills. rep. schiff: watch -- announcer: watch book tv every weekend on c-span2. president trump met with the ukrainian president on the sidelines of the general -- the u.n. general a simile in new york city. they took questions on a phone call that prompted whistleblower complaints against president trump. pres. trump:


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