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  President Trump Departs the White House  CSPAN  October 4, 2019 4:01pm-4:31pm EDT

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his political opponent, it strains to suggest that it's anything other than politically motivated. he went on by all appearances, the president's brazen appealed to china and ukraine to investigate joe biden is wrong and appalling. speaking outside of the white house today, president talked about the impeachment inquiry and democratic presidential candidate joe biden. the president begins with comments about the latest job numbers. [indiscernible] the unemployment numbers just came out and know the best of numbers we have had in 50 years. we haven't had numbers like this
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a long time. it wages are up by almost 3%. that's a fantastic increase for everybody out there working. we're very happy about those numbers. the stock market is a substantially up as it was yesterday. our country does well. it europe is not doing well. asia is doing poorly to put it mildly. we continue to do very well with [indiscernible] just came out with 3.5% unemployment that's tremendous the best number in 50 years. i think it's important again i will say wages are up. when i was running, wages were nowhere. they were going down. since we are having two or three jobs and they were making less money than 20 years before. now, wages are up so were very happy about that. one other thing happened -- having to do with poland. poland is a country with great
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people we have a lot of polish americans living in the united states. i just signed i will soon be signing the sign is preliminary applications -- we will beginning giving a full visa waiver to poland. that means that people from poland can easily travel there and people from here can easily go back and forth. people from the u.s. and people from poland can easily go back and forth. between the united states and poland. they've been trying to get this for many decades. for the polish people in honor of the polish people of the united states and and poland. we are very happy with that. [indiscernible] i heard adam schiff got for pinocchio's that's good he should have gotten them years ago. that's a nice question that michigan shake your hand. that's a very nice question.
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pres. trump: i figured that was a trick question. letter as issuing a everybody knows we have been treated very unfairly very ifferent from anybody else you go over not only history but any aspect of life you will see how unfairly we have been treated. we have done a fantastic job. everything to me is about corruption. we want to find out what happened with the 16 and as you know there's a lot going on with that. about biden's campaign but i do care about corruption. his campaign that's up to him. a politics that's up to them i don't care about politics. politics as i think i made clear and yesterday somebody asked me a question and i gave an answer but always in the form of corruption. what i want to do and i think i have an obligation to do and probably a duty to do, corruption we are looking for
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corruption. when you look at what biden's sunday at other people and what they've done and i believe there was trenton -- tremendous corruption with biden but i think there was beyond corruption having to do with the 2016 campaign. and what these lowlifes did to her so many people is the trump campaign which was successful fighting odds the -- despite all of the unfairness. we are looking at corruption. where not looking at politics. were looking at corruption. >> what did you say to about the chinese about the biden's? a long time ago in 2017, you have to tell me when all i can tell you is when i speak to foreign leaders i speak in an appropriate way. they don'tce, mention the call that i had with the president of ukraine. they don't mention that. it has it was so good. the only time they mentioned it
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was one at a -- adam schiff made it up you talk about pinocchio that should get 10 pinocchio's. he made up a story it was a foreign story -- phony story adam schiff. when this came out it was quid pro quo. there was none. also yesterday when the ambassador who i heard was a hundred, he was percent for what we are saying. a hundred percent. if you look, he also said there was no quid pro quo. that's the whole ballgame. now the democrats don't bring that up anymore because they lost. they never thought i was going to release the phone call between the ukrainian president and myself. call, theyased that were jumping around like you wouldn't believe. they didn't know how to respond. that the found out
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call itself was so bad for them, it was a perfect call there was we headed the call out to people and they said while this is incredible. we are very proud of the call. a foreignak to leader, i speak in an appropriate manner. we are also doing trade deals with china and the -- deals with a lot of people. we could probably find that out. >> if they investigate biden? pres. trump: no. i want to do a trade deal with china but only if it's good for our country. as you know, they are very much coming over next week as i understand it. i would like to do a trade deal with china but only if it is a great trade deal for this country. will the house proceed with an impeachment inquiry at this point?
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pres. trump: i hope so the way they're doing it there taking away our rights. even though many of them don't want to vote, they have no choice they have to follow their leadership. into the senate and we will win. the republicans have been very unified. this is been the greatest witchhunt in the history of our community. -- country. with went through two years of ahler and that came out like 10 they came out perfect. then they start this nonsense. this is just as ridiculous. so the democrats unfortunately they have the votes they can vote very easily even though most of them many of them don't believe [indiscernible] that because of what they are doing with pelosi and their real leaders aoc plus three. that the goinge
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to page amanda's price at the polls. we saw the first glimpse of it two weeks ago in a great state north carolina. we saw a great great glimpse of what is going to happen. in north carolina we had two races. one gentleman was down by 17 points three weeks ago and he won easily. was uper man as you know by a very little bit and he won by a massive amount. at in the 20's. maybe higher. i think you got your first glimpse of what's going to happen. the big key is that i have to compare and there but if you look at what happened in north carolina with two races we won both of them and one easily. one was almost tied and the other was a big lead and that would turn and became a landslide. [indiscernible]
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know about: i don't mitch i have a lot of respect for mitch mcconnell. i thought his statement that he thinks this is ridiculous he thinks it's unfair -- unfair. i saw where he read my phone conversation and he thought it was a wonderful conversation and it was. you see the democrats don't talk about that anymore they're trying to go to other things. these people are looking for anything they can get. another grunt to lose the election. we are in election season now. for them to be doing this now, it's never been done. reporter: [indiscernible] we're dealing with north korea the to meet and we will be meeting with them and probably being set up as we speak. we will let you know.
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north korea we would like to do something. on the bike to do something. we have a lot of countries that are in positions right now despite the witchhunt which hurts our country and hurts america. iran wants to do something. korea wants to do something and china but like to do something. reporter: is the justice department investigating joe biden? pres. trump: i don't know you would have to ask -- is the justice department investigating joe biden? you would have to ask attorney general barr. as an observer, what i saw joe biden do with his son, he is pillaging these countries and he is hurting us. how would you like to have as an example joe biden negotiating the china deal if he took over for me after the election? he would give them everything. he would give them everything. how would you like to have that?
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up theen would just roll red carpet he would give them everything. this doesn't pertain to anything but corruption. that has to do with me. i don't care about politics. i don't care about anything. i do care about corruption and to have somebody take out $1.5 billion out of china who is to only unfit, he is unfit to have him get 1.5 billion dollars and now i am hearing the number 50,000 per month. now i am hearing the number $50,000 per month is very low it's a much higher number than biden's son was getting per month. for him it's a total -- it's a totally unqualified person. to be getting hundreds of --usands per month is very is the justice department
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investigating that? i just don't know. do you think the democrats have been votes to impeach? i think they follow the leader. one thing with the democrats one thing i give them a lot of credit for a lot of them don't want it. they call a truck district where i want but i'm going to win big. you look at what happens with my polls they are through the roof. it do you know why? because of this phony witchhunt. if you look at what happened with the fundraiser, we set a record of the republicans because people are sick and tired of it. i got a call the other night from pastors. the biggest protesters -- pastors evangelicals. they said would never seen our religion or any religion so electrified it said they never seen anything like it. churches are joining hundreds of thousands of people. that's because of you and your partners the democrats.
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do you think el paso the house and die in the senate? it will pass in the house and die in the senate? have a 90%: i approval rating in the republican party. i believe the senate and i haven't spoken to that many senators but i believe the senators look at this as a hoax, a witchhunt, a disgrace. it will never happen just like russian collusion delusion should never have happened it was a witchhunt. it should have never happened so i think the senate, i think they feel that the republican party has been treated very very badly. in the house, they have the majority. they all vote with aoc and plus three. nancy pelosi is petrified of them. i think she's afraid she's going to lose her position. nancy pelosi will lose her speakership right after the election when republicans take
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over the house. reporter: talk about the text messages that included [indiscernible] message ip: the text saw was about the last text messages i don't know i don't even know most of these ambassadors. i do another names. fromext message that i saw ambassador [indiscernible] is therehly respected is no quid pro quo. he said that. he said by the way, it almost sound like a general. said by the way, there is no quid pro quo and there isn't. listen to this. there is no pro-quote. that was the text message that i saw and that nullified it. heavy as foreign leaders [indiscernible] pres. trump: you would have to look. and what i will
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always ask for is anything that has to do with corruption. if a foreign countries can help us with corruption and corruption grows -- probes if biden is corrupt and his son is corrupt when his son takes out of billions of dollars and he has no experience he just got fired from the navy when they do that that is no good. question,nish your anything having to do with corruption i actually feel like i have an obligation to do that. [indiscernible] pres. trump: i don't say anything is ok. here's what they say. he feels this color options like i feel there was in the 2016 campaign there was
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tremendous corruption. if we feel there is corruption, we have a right to go to a foreign country just so you know . i was investigated. me and my campaign i won. i was investigated. they think it should have been by u.k.. they begin to have been by australia. they think it could have been by italy. and you get down to it, i was investigated by the obama administration. by the obama administration i was investigated. when these people talk, as far as i'm concerned, what i want to look at and what we want to investigate anything having to do with corruption. [shouting] reporter: do you view
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china as an adversary -- >> we have a very good chance of making a deal with them. we have had good moments and bad moments with china. right now, we're in a very important stage in terms of possibly making a deal. if we make it, it will be the biggest trade deal every made. i view china is someone that we deal with on the world stage. i would like to get along with china if we can. if we can that's great, if we can't that's ok too. a very toughating deal. if the deal isn't going to be 100% for us, them are not going to do it. i will say this. china very much wants to make this deal. china is getting killed. the tariffs are killing china. what's happening is they now
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have 3 million loss of jobs. broken up.s are if you look at their supply chain it's a disaster. goingies -- companies are to other countries including us. what's happening in china is a disaster. does a trade deal in china have anything to do with an investigation into joe biden? i am onlyp: interested in corruption. i don't care about politics. about biden's politics. i never thought biden was going to win to be honest. i picked somebody else a long time ago. we will see what happens. i never thought biden was going to win. i don't care. frankly, if he won i think it the -- i would be very happy he would be an easy opponent. i don't care about politics. i do care about corruption. this whole thing is about
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[indiscernible] this whole thing is about corruption. pres. trump: this is about corruption, this is not about politics. this is about corruption. if you look and you read the constitution and many other things, i have an obligation to look at corruption. i have an actual obligation and a duty. reporter: are you going to cooperate with a house subpoena? pres. trump: i don't know that's up to the lawyers. the lawyers say they never seen anything so unfair they never seen anything so unjust. i have been president for almost three years and up and going through this for almost three years. it is almost become like a part of my day.
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in the meantime, we have the best economy we have ever had. have the best job numbers we have had in 51 years. the best unemployment numbers that we have had in half a century. the best numbers we have ever had. african americans, hispanic americans, asian americans, women, everything. we have the best numbers we have had in many many decades. people understand that. evil are working, they're making money. if you look at one of important number that was just announced, wages up 3%. that's unheard of. reporter: what about other democrats? advice you to look into the biden's? pres. trump: we are investigating corruption.
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we are not investigating campaigns. i don't care about his campaign. i didn't think and i don't think biden is going to win. i don't think. maybe to answer your question, when you say who is going to win , i would rather not make a prediction but i do have a feeling about it. because i have watched biden over the years, biden is not the brightest person. i never thought he was going to win. i never felt he was going to win if you look at his other two campaigns he was a 1% or. he got taken off of the garbage heap by obama. i never thought the biden, i didn't think biden was going to win. i think everybody has a shot. i don't think he would be frankly my toughest opponent. just to finish off, i don't
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think that he will win. i didn't think he was going to win and i don't think he was going to win. elizabeth portman is rising. what you think about facing elizabeth warren? pres. trump: it's fine. we will see. i haven't seen these poll numbers. joe was never going to make it. when i announced i went to number one day one and i stayed there the entire primary season. i never was office center stage. --t's ok because everybody the only one who gave me credit was steve. reporter: [indiscernible] no they were joined to set up a meeting but they wanted sanctions lifted i
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figured that to be kidding. they wanted a meeting with the u.n.. todid talk i didn't speak them personally but our sides talked. he wanted the sanctions lifted or partially lifted and i said no. we're watching venezuela very closely. the people are suffering and we are watching it very closely. we are also giving big aid to venezuela. i am now going to walter reed hospital. we're going to be giving out hearts to -- purple unbelievably brave young people and to some of you are going over i don't know i think some of you are going over so we can talk further over there. once we are there, i would like you to respect the process. we are giving out purple hearts to very brave people. it wounded warriors, people who they're just
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incredible people. i'm going to be back here in probably two hours. [indiscernible shouting] >> we go live now to the white house where in about five minutes, president trump is scheduled to speak at a youngblood leadership summit. we will have the president's comments live here on c-span. until this event gets underway, we will take you to washington journal for discussion on
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political families and conflicts of interest. >> a public citizen has a new report we can prove the presidency, the executive branch ethics laws that require immediate fixes.
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what prompted this report? our point of view, president trump's focus on the reported corruption of joe biden is more than ironic it's completely misplaced because he is running the most unethical and corrupt administration in modern history. as some of the things he is doing are in violation of the law. as some are taking advantage of loopholes in the law. the idea for this report was what happens after trump? what can we do to fix the problems that have now been focused because of this investigation? >> give us a couple of ethics violations that you see that your organization sees that the president and his administration have committed. >> i think the original sin was his refusal and failure to the best his business holdings. that's not just an ethical
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violation it is a constitutional violation because businesses are now accepting funds from foreign governments. it's a violation of the constitution's anticorruption clause. the started on day one of administration and is set the tone for how this administration is functioning area we've also seen throughout the cabinet, people from regulated businesses in charge of the agencies that regulate the former industries area for example, we have a former pharmaceutical representative running the department of health and human services. we have company lobbyists running the department of interior. if you go throughout the administration, that is the norm and it's not just an ethical violation they have done the bidding of their former employers. let's look as we start of the allegations against hunter biden. hunter biden's perfectly legal -- americans should not
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be leveraging their name for payoffs from shady clients about -- a broad. when prominent americans have leveraged their goals, -- the global reputations for financial gain they attract no attention today how many of us who consider ourselves well-versed in u.s. politics and international relations know that alongside her consulting starteddeleine albright in emerging markets hedge fund run by her son-in-law? the socially acceptable corruption part of that. >> yes and that's what i was referring to. as people have moved to washington, people used to come to washington for four years than leave now there is a political class in washington. we are seeing this kind of and she is right is a bipartisan problem.
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it's not an indictment of the republican party or the democratic party is a bipartisan problem and it is pervasive. she is focusing on the activities of hunter biden, the source of the accusation from president trump and i think she's right. there is zero evidence that what he did was illegal but it doesn't mean it's right. the positions he took in the ukraine and china, it's hard to see how he might have been appointed to those positions but for his relationship with joe biden. that's not unusual for political families but it is a good thing. >> we welcome your comments. here are our phone numbers. get your calls shortly. tell us about public citizen. with your main focus?