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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones PT 2  CSPAN  October 11, 2019 4:51pm-5:06pm EDT

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this thing finalized. not overly complex and we will go to phase two. thank you very much. i hear a helicopter, i'm going down to louisiana. we have a totally soldout crowd in louisiana and the governor of louisiana is not doing a very good job in louisiana. hopefully he won't get to 50% and you will have a nice new republican governor of louisiana and i hope -- are you joining us, john? >> did you watch last night? did you joan it? a lot of people enjoyed it, john. have a good time everyone. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> these comments taking place a short moment ago.
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the president is leaving for lake charles, louisiana and will hold a campaign rally. e that live at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> some of the stats from last 102 minutes that the president spoke before a crowd of 20,000 people. one of our callers asked about the cost of the rally and some of the concerns. are not paying anything extra. i look at more reporting -- a
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look at more reporting and the rules that apply. there story from yesterday noting that despite the cost, the fcc does not require campaign committees to pay states or cities back for rally related expenses. they can reimburse security nott -- costs but they are required to do so. they interviewed a professor at the university of minnesota saying that candidates pay for venue rentals but city and local taxpayers are shelling out for agencies can expect over time when it comes to these types of rallies. they went back to the rally in june of last year in duluth. that cost $69,000. the trump campaign had trade dutch had paid $112,000 -- had
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paid $112,000. the city was left on the hook for another $93,000. this played out over twitter over the course of this week. this was president trump pushing back on jacob pry -- fry's demands. the president saying that the radical left mayor of minneapolis is doing everything possible to stifle free speech despite a record sellout crowd. president clinton and obama paid almost nothing. the minneapolis police have been incredible is what he tweeted. yesterday from jacob fry as this conflict can for -- continued saying, "my position remains unchanged, taxpayer should not have to bear the brunt of operating costs resulting from the president's visit." a couple of stories focusing on him from a couple of different organizations, first from wcco,
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the report about who is benefiting from the minneapolis mayor,which is the noting that his fame nationally has increased about 500% due to his back and forth with president trump and his treats -- tweets and interest. starmore story from the " tribune." alikerities and civilians weigh in on the absolutely delisted -- delicious jacob frey." that is the headline. host: viewers on the internet commenting from last night. this is from our texting service. arizona, "the strongest thing was the people's support." he is the real deal changing america for the best jobs, stockmarket, defense and so on. if you are not doing better you are missing the boat.
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i am a proud republican american. why would have anyone needed to watch the president last night. it is always the same. gary off of twitter saying "the president did a good job explaining the policy perspectives. the president is right on prosperity and fixing foreign policy and is keeping his promises." from ohio texting us? -- from ohio texting us? "i do not think that president trump -- richardhear from starting in the second hour. richard. hello. caller: i watched the rally as i have watched 99% of his rallies. for the most part it is the same speech all the time, but last night's was a little different. he started up and did go after
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joe biden, and he did go after other people along the way. thinktand one thing, they -- they have been coming after him even before he was elected. the bottom line boils down to one thing, as the gentleman said, this is for that particular community. he is going to be going to all of the states, the best thing to do is to get out there and let the people see him. it is one thing to see someone on tv be a certain way. if you are in the public eye, i am a speaker and i have spoken when i was fully employed at different rallies of people. there is a difference between speaking to two or three in a room land speaking to a couple of thousand, as i have. i cannot imagine getting to to 25,000 or 30,000 people. is he doing a good job? yes.
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in my community i see skyscrapers and commerce moving. the employer that i had, they cannot get anybody to come to work for them because of the competition for employment in america. that is what we want, competition with employment. the only way you will get an employer to start putting money into your back pocket is it because he is making money. so let us come together and make money. host: tucson, arizona. democrats line. you are on, go ahead. i want to ruffle a bit of the democrat party. i am very upset with them. they are so done, and stupid -- dumb or stupid to think that if pence willh trump, be the president and he will
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pardon trump. , he willpardons trump make him vice president. when he becomes vice president, he will then resign, and then trump will be back as president. how stupid is our democratic people? host: how did you come to that conclusion? caller: i was very impressed with his speech last night, and i am so impressed with all of his -- host: from last night, how did you come to that conclusion that you stated about people resigning and being appointed? caller: how did i what? host: how did you reach the conclusion that if the president is impeached, the vice president will be put into place and then resign?
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stupid, normal stupid but can be so the democrat party not to predict together. host: got the point. from michigan, independent line. hello. caller: thank you. and iwatch part of that, am listening to your callers, and it is amazing how different he is speaking, the interpretation of what he said. we are talking about substance and what he did for health care. what did he do for health care? my husband pays astronomical for health care. as far as economy goes, we have tons of jobs but what about the people that are living payday to payday that do not have a 401(k). what about those other people? caller: from the speech --
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host: from the speech last night, what was your interpretation? caller: there was no substance, and then he says a lot of stuff to get the crowd going. he is your typical politician, but there is nothing there. he attacks, deflects, he is your typical politician. there is no difference between him and the democrats. i want to make one other comment is that chaplain who called who says he does bible studies, obviously he has not listening to what is going on the way he attacks people, not a nice man. , new let us hear from joe york, republican line. caller: very good speech. does he read from notes? i do not see notes on the monitor. is it from memory? good when you say it is a
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speech, why specifically? are you there? when you say it is a good speech, why do you say so specifically? caller: he is rebuilding the military. before world war ii, we were not prepared. militaryuilding the and relations. my mother worked for a law form -- law firm at a relations tie up business and it was nonsense. he realized the standard deduction for poor people, so like that. host: connecticut is next, democrats line. hello greg. we are going to put you on hold only because if you would not mind, turned on the television and that will help speed things along. none of the themes from the rally ended up being a musical theme of sorts. >> one of our callers was
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talking about president trump getting the crowd going. one way that his campaign sought to get the crowd going before the president spoke was to play one of the most famous songs from one of minnesota's favorite sons, the artist known as prince who died in 2016. they played his "purple rain" song. here's about 15 seconds. rain, purple rain. , purple rain. ♪ [end video clip] >> it earned pushback from prince's estate, and they put out this tweet. "president trump played prince's purple rain despite confirming a
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year ago that the campaign would not use his music. the prince estate will never give permission to president trump to use prince's song." image, a letter from a lawyer representing the trump campaign where they claim to represent the trump campaign, responding to the estate about the use of the purple rain song from october 2018. the letter says, "to avoid any dispute, we write to confirm that the campaign will not use prince's music and activities going forward." that dispute garnered a lot of attention including from " rolling stone magazine," which wrote an entire story and they note that many artists have asked president trump to stop using their music during his rallies dating back to when he first campaigned as a candidate. aerosmith, and
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others have asked president trump to stop employing their songs over the years. one more us try grey time. ok. we will go to len, las vegas. independent line. go ahead. i have a good point here, i think. the trump-biden issue with the phone call and >> we are going to briefly leave this washington journal segment. president trump spoke to reporters as he left for a campaign rally in louisiana. you're the president's comments now. -- here are the president's comments now.


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